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  1. What a great show. I am somewhat biased since I've read the comic book and loved it. I loved the things they changed. I wish this first season was longer than 6 episodes. I'm not sure what he whispered to Rick. What you guys are saying makes sense, but maybe it is something totally different to throw us all off.
  2. I totally agree! I was shocked at all the events from the finale. I didn't see all that coming. Great show! And how it ended with Gemma reading that note and then showing Tara read Jax's dads note. Wow! It sets up the next season well.
  3. I 2nd that. 4.7 million viewers for the 2nd episode and they have confirmed a 2nd season as well. If anyone has read the comic, it gets crazy! Let's see how much they change around. Either way it is a great show.
  4. I loved it! It was a great premiere. For those who don't know, it is adapted from a comic book with the same title. The comic is very character driven and deals with the human emotion of living in this new world with zombies. It is very good. I think this show will do well. I'll be loving Sunday evenings for once.
  5. Damn!! I totally forgot that it started last night!!!! I am def. can get down with Sons of Anarchy, actually most of FX tv series are really well done.