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  1. What a great show. I am somewhat biased since I've read the comic book and loved it. I loved the things they changed. I wish this first season was longer than 6 episodes. I'm not sure what he whispered to Rick. What you guys are saying makes sense, but maybe it is something totally different to throw us all off.
  2. I 2nd that. 4.7 million viewers for the 2nd episode and they have confirmed a 2nd season as well. If anyone has read the comic, it gets crazy! Let's see how much they change around. Either way it is a great show.
  3. I loved it! It was a great premiere. For those who don't know, it is adapted from a comic book with the same title. The comic is very character driven and deals with the human emotion of living in this new world with zombies. It is very good. I think this show will do well. I'll be loving Sunday evenings for once.