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  1. Safe or not safe, I'm still going to the game on Monday I be damned if I'm going to be held prisoner in my house. Maybe I'm a bit removed from the Metro situation, I take the lite rail
  2. Oh nooooo'z r.i.p.
  3. I'd be happy with a split
  4. Have a nice day! :)

    Wallpapers K (101).jpg

  5. How do you do likes? I'm not seeing it anywhere
  6. Must be an east coast thing, I don't remember anything like that
  7. Ughh, hope I'm wrong AL East Sux 92-70 Jays - 85-77 Yuckies 82-80 O's - 80-82 Tampa 78-84
  8. OK Pep, I'm curious, how hard can it be to make a rum & coke?
  9. Isn't fatal = dead?
  10. "Some veterans believe that saying “thank you for your service” is almost a way for civilians to massage away some of the guilt at not participating themselves." Interesting, probably could be applied to a lot of the righteous ones on this forum
  11. Well today is Natl Meatball Day for those who celebrate〈=en
  12. In honor of I finally watched the Big Lebowski, I'll have a white russian