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  1. Well, everyone say everything they have always wanted to say but didn't. I am sure I will have something to say on July 1st
  2. I really miss her! Way back when she mailed me two tikis that I still have and love
  3. I'll go 78-84 Wait, did I already do this? I forget
  4. I'm in
  5. when I run into a situation like this I usually stick the crockpot in the fridge, take it out the next day and start reheating it more often than not it usually turns out tasting better also
  6. I have been also, thank you!!! ☃ ❄️
  7. Brian Ferry has some real good solo stuff too
  8. This sucks because I really like exercising down that way. Guess I have to rethink my route
  9. Compared to a lot of the problems in the world and nation, this seems like something I wouldn't be worried about.
  10. I thought I read somewhere about White they IR'd him basically so they could stash him
  11. Demo - Wichita lineman, a haunting but beautiful timeless song. R.I.P.
  12. I live in a "safe part" of the city, yes crime does happen here but I wouldn't say it's epidemic. I go out and exercise, walk etc and have never felt threatened, I guess the worse thing is the occasional person asking for spare change
  13. I am trying to figure out when going to an O's game became some heroic achievement