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  1. I notice Brady is reported to get rid of the ball in 2,5 seconds. Is it any wonder he hardly ever gets sacked. Now maybe Flacco should study Brady and see how he does it.
  2. Well watch it rise and weep. It may hit $150 by the end of the year. Now don't say I didn't tell you so.....
  3. Now who has the last laugh. Not you HAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. I love it when people doubt me. Seems like you once again loose.
  6. I have held my tongue for 2 years now. I bought this stock at $38, than again at $18. Now all you naysayers can eat my dust. Today over $110 and according to everything they are doing will eaSILY HIT $150 SOON. sO ALL YOU mY FACE AND TWITTER FANS. KEEP ON LAUGHING AS i SEE THE GREEN.LOL
  7. Can you imagine this guy in front of the House giving this. A hand gesture here. A nod than how great he is. Than a few words of he has it covered and bam, he calls all those that stand in his way stupid. Yes the thought of him as POTUS. Well as in the words of the Pope...let us pray.
  8. I have pulled my hair out over this stock. I wrote on a stock just now that may be worth more. It is risky only because it is a penny stock. GBSN is the symbol but who knows, could be a bust in which case zi don't drink beer for a month or a hit where champaign is in order.lol
  9. Okay all you penny stock enthusiast. This stock was a $9 ipo and has gone as low as .o5 just a month ago. Now it seems to be making some gains anyone have an idea. Now at .09 and looks to be going higher. Read up on it and it does have some interesting qualitied. Just a little gun shy but I think I could make some big money if all hits right.
  10. 3 man rush is ridiculous. I think Harbaugh said it best in a pre season game. When was the last time the Ravens stopped anyone with 2 minutes left. He answered he thought in his 8 years ....NEVER
  11. Yes when it is 3rd and short with less than 2;35 left in game...1 timeout left for Oakland. If you let the clock run you either use up Oaklands last T.O. or the clock goes down to 2 minutes. Next play run and no matter what less than 2 minutes to go. Harbaugh even went over to Testamine and was hot. Yes like last year time to use the clock.
  12. Agrred he shows no life on Defense and I use to love it when the Ravens all stood up on defense not showing anything. Ryan may be a blow hard. Lewis never getting over the hump but really they were the last two DC that had originality
  13. Joe did the same thing against SD last year.Throwing that pass was like reliving the loss to SD last year. Could Joe have just called a run instead of listening to the OC...what a mistake
  14. 0-2 start. A defense that once again shows no schemes and at times rushes 3 DL. The DB's have no chance with no pressure on the QB. Now that is said....Did Joe do the same thing with less than 3 minutes left as he did against SD last year. No matter the OC should take this blame for making that call.
  15. Mind You this is my picks what are yours John Unitas, Joe Montana,Otto Grahm,JOHN Elway,Peyton Manning,Bret Farve, Tom Brady,Roger Staubach, Bart Star,Fran Tarkenton,Sid Luckham,Ken Stabler,AaroN Rogers,YA Title,Norm Van Brocklin,Sonny Jurgensen,Bob Griese,Dan Fouts, Dan Marino,Troy Aikman,Roman Gabriel,Jim Kelly,Terry Bradshaw,Steve Young,Len Dawson,Kurt Warner,Milt Plum,John Brodie,Warren Moon,RanDALL Cunningham,Joe Namath,Drew Breese,Daryl Lamonica, I came up with 33 , How many can you come up with.