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  1. So what is this secret stock that is making everyone rich?
  2. Thanks. I've been reading Yahoo Finance for about fifteen years and have been aware of 'cash dividends' and 'stock splits', but not 'stock dividends'. They must be a rare occurrence.
  3. Can you explain how 'pay dividends in ... stock' works?
  4. This says it all. No need for my comment.
  5. "If you got the money to risk go for it." And if you don't got the money you can always, well, day dream or pretend.
  6. Following the speculations/rumors I think a dividend will be announced within the next month or so. But whatever happens, I would be scared to death to have a majority of my funds in AAPL right now.
  7. RRG, I hope your dream continues positive. I'll be rooting for you like I would for a bucking bronco rider who is praying to hold on for another two seconds until the bell rings so he can win the prize money.
  8. At $540 it would take about 1852 shares to make a $1,000,000. $380 X 1852 = $703,760. If you really have that much in one stock you should already be a multimillionaire. If you're not, then you are the biggest day-dreamer or the dumbest investor I've heard of lately.
  9. Why Apple's Best Days May Be Over
  10. Don't be so modest. I checked the date of your prediction (guess?) before I posted. Your goal of '325-350 in the next 18-24 months' occurred in six months, about 12 months ahead of your prediction (guess?). I have no particular interest in any one stock. With your call on AAPL I just thought a few random choices out of your crystal ball would deserve some thought. But since you asked... what do you think of MCD? Right now it's in a slide from its high, but still considerably above the 54.15 I got it for in April 2009.
  11. Umm, any chance that I could rent your crystal ball for a few days?
  12. Not hardly! That's a wide range of guesstimates. With so many having been wrong on the market several different times since 1999, I have trouble taking any of them seriously. Verizon's actions should jump up sales, but I can't see jumping on the bandwagon at AAPL's current price.
  13. I didn't intend for the video to be an opposing viewpoint, but only another viewpoint. Mortiz, or whoever it was, left it open with the question as to how much more rise could be expected, if any, due to it's recent good history. I realize several rate it a BUY.
  14. The past has been good for AAPL. What does the future hold for it? Here's one man's opinion. Never mind. Seems The Street rotates their videos and the one I referred to is gone.
  15. Not since Nov 1995. Link Not much compassion for their stockholders. Wonder what they're doing with all those profits?