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  1. Because other than US and Canada, they reside in Europe?
  2. He was fresh from a hand shake competition loss to the French President and felt the need to reassert his dominance.
  3. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg was serving ice cream and Trump called "firsties"!
  4. Representative Steny Hoyer (D-MD) was appalled and embarrassed.
  5. another nothing burger...
  6. Blending in w/the locals...
  7. LOL Fat shaming the POTUS AND reenforcing Patriarchal gender roles. Two Papal microaggressions for the price of one!
  8. So Frankie sez to Melanoma: Whaddaya feedin' diss guy?
  9. It's broke nationwide, and it needs fixing.
  10. I give a flying fig simply from the perspective of we must do better. We must learn from our mistakes. We can't go on with business as usual...
  11. We need to do much better than the head-in-the-sand, ISIS is a JV team, lead from behind BS that was 44's legacy...
  12. Well, yeah... From the last big go-round^^
  13. ISIS officially claims responsibility.