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  1. Had he survived, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be 159 today. RIP.
  2. I would like Maury Povich to clear up any paternity issues involving these two!
  3. Well, since I know nothing about the golfer dude or his drunk wife, I figure it can go 2 ways: Get a divorce and co parent the kids or try to salvage the marriage by getting some help.
  4. Why not? Do you ask because I used the word whore or gold digger because they are gender-neutral.
  5. Tell the gold digging whore to hit the bricks or show your spouse some love by supporting her and getting her help controlling her alcoholism? Tough call. I'm sure those crazy kids will figure it out!
  6. ~11% higher pop. We'd "kill" for 11% more homicides.
  7. Snoopdogg reports that KW's race reassignment surgery was successful!
  8. Oh no! RIP.
  9. I say let's move on from the petty bickering and celebrate freedom today.
  10. I'm just glad he didn't say, "like, literally, everyone thinks I deserve the Nobel Prize". Definitely premature, at this point. Hopefully we will see real results. I do like Trump's line: "Peace is the prize."
  11. No worries. Actually, they were freed from prison when you posted, and put up in a hotel. Now they are freed from N. Korea. Aside from the background noise, I, and many are thankful these Americans are free again.
  12. The one in 2016 was on President Obama's watch, as President Trump took office Jan 2017. But you are correct: 2/3 were detained in May 2017, under Trump.
  13. Is it possible for a repugnant and obnoxious person who has serious issues speaking the truth to do good things? If, eventually, peace reigns on the Korean peninsula, will you give him credit?