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  1. You've got a beagle? Aw man, I'm jealous. I am currently between beagles. Grew up with beagles. Awesome dogs. I just love em to bits...
  2. The Juice is loose!
  3. Jeez. Wadda we gotta do around here? Spell it out for ya? SUBJECT: Outdoor temperature: Thirty-five degrees Celsius and a Labrador retriever mixed-breed canine POST: Indoor air conditioning and an indestructible pet toy (Kong) with peanut butter and subject canine. Priceless
  4. Many times an unnamed candidate polls well because it is an idealized, fantasy candidate. As soon as you attach a name to it, numbers go down. Guv has done and continues to do the hard work it takes to get reelected. Still needs to take nothing for granted and run a flawless, mistake-free campaign getting the positive message out to win again.
  5. A few years back, I lost a lifelong friend to glioblastoma. It's a terrible diagnosis to receive. Sen McCain has served his country well. He has much to be proud of. It's his personality to go out fighting. I wish him peace.
  6. Wow. Keep throwing Dems against the wall. Maybe something will stick. No doubt there'll be moore cumming(s).
  7. In MD, he could run for a 3rd term as long it's not consecutive. He doesn't talk of higher aspirations, but I'm sure he has them in the back of his mind...
  8. When Gov Hogan went the extra step of making his 2016 Presidential election vote public, I originally thought he made a mistake. He could have kept it private, but instead, he admitted that he did not vote party line with Trump, but instead voted for his father. That and statements such as "I'm not a big fan" took him from neutral to anti-Trump. I see Hogan as a maverick within the party who works his butt off for all Marylanders. Here's to another 4!
  9. Latest JULY 2017 poll. Baker and Hogan, two canny dealmakers who have largely eschewed the national political scene and have been unsupportive of President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace significant parts of Obamacare, continue to enjoy the support of a large share of voters in traditionally Democratic states ahead of their 2018 re-election bids. Seventy-one percent of Massachusetts voters said they approve of Baker while 68 percent of Marylanders back Hogan.
  10. Miffed, I don't think adequately describes Ms Scaggs' vexation. She is peeved verging on disgruntled. Apparently Ms Whittaker's work on Broadchurch has been less than stellar (according to Ms Scaggs).
  11. Ms Scaggs is a Whovian. She was pissed, I mean not pissed in the English sense, but she was really mad, but no, not mad in the English sense either. Let's just say the choice raised a bit of a kerfuffle at our house and she was a bit perturbed. She really wanted that ugly, dorky guy Kris Marshall.
  12. Charlton Heston was the worst, going on about damn dirty apes. Then later, as the face of the NRA, pushed the proliferation of guns which decimated AA communities in the inner cities. He was no friend of the the black man, lemmetellya...
  13. Jimmuh's gonna go hard til the good Lawd calls him.
  14. Update: Jimmy Carter is back to building houses today. Tough old guy.
  15. Does someone need to warn the women of NJ? Do you think POTUS may have a misunderstanding of what USWomensOpen means? I'd hate for there to be an embarrassing incident.