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  1. Good thing for him he didn't go to the joint. They would have ripped his new one a new one.
  2. Two cats have a swimming race aross the English Channel, one is English, the other French. The English cat is called "One two three", the French cat is called "Un deux trois". Which cat wins? The English cat. Why? Because Un deux trois cat sank…
  3. Wilmington, NC needs to apologize.
  4. I was happy to live with a not-so-subtle double entendre, but you had to go and hit me over the head with it like a...well you know...
  5. In heaven with Harambe, finally.
  6. I remember those. Olestra or some such shyte...
  7. Only if RC was sent to juvie. I've seen RC. He could pass for 55 at the youngest...
  8. (Source: Maryland Governor - Hogan vs. Baker Gonzales Research Hogan 48, Baker 37 Hogan +11 Maryland Governor - Hogan vs. Jealous Gonzales Research Hogan 51, Jealous 34 Hogan +17 Maryland Governor - Hogan vs. Madaleno Gonzales Research Hogan 50, Madaleno 36 Hogan +14
  9. I kind of half paid attention to a TV commercial Domino's had about this. Is each pothole that they fill topped with a Domino's logo?
  10. Miss Piggy would grab him in the biscuits!
  11. In zero gravity, bone spurs are not an issue. If the Space Force institutes a draft, bone spurs will not be an allowable deferment criterion. Space Cadet Bone Spurs will be forced to perform.
  12. A-Doo, A-Doo!
  14. We've all been talking about the Kool-ade drinkers on either side since forever and we all know were that reference comes from...
  15. No worries. I just noticed a lot of cult talk. Probably looking for an excuse to post the song. I saw them at Hammerjacks a quarter century ago!
  16. Sen. Orrin Hatch gave a passionate speech Wednesday encouraging compassion for the gay community, especially young adults struggling with suicidal thoughts as the Utah Republican also called on Congress to pass a nationwide crisis hotline.
  17. Dangit, you got me. I forgot you are king of thread exhumation!
  18. Bitter quitter.
  19. Stormy is going to jump out of his cake and serenade him ala Marilyn Monroe. He's actually 72 today.
  20. Trump also had met with Corporal Radar O'Reilly and has agreed to lead a multinational effort to search the depths of the Sea of Japan for Colonel Blake's body.
  21. Did the Dem random talking points generator spit out the word "cult" yesterday? That's all I hear now. Reminded me of this song:
  22. Also, people who say our military budget is too big are now VERY concerned about our military readiness because of a pause in war games. Also, people who fly the US flag upside down and generally don't revere the stars and stripes are suddenly very offended that the US flag is displayed adjacent to N. Korea's.
  23. What's left of them. It's been a Fourth of July-liberal head exploding-extravaganza for 500+ days now!
  24. Trump has said "peace is the prize", so I don't think he gives a rat's patooty... but, oh, hey, looky here: