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  1. Shaping up to be BIG.
  2. Law Hammercy!
  3. If Trump keeps humping Putin's leg like that, those two are just going to have to get a room.
  4. The EVILgelicals are just doing what the Dems taught them: Separate the Man from the Sin. And of course their defense can also be: Love the sinner; hate the sin.
  5. Yeah. I'm referring to other initial reports I read.
  6. Maybe if it turns out to be a student, POTUS will stick to his "guns" and raise the age like he said he would...
  7. Sanitized language is annoying. "Event is contained" "Incident" "The incident is under investigation" I know it's early, but it would be nice if the officials honestly call it what it is: A shooting.
  9. Flying rats are people too!
  10. I reckon Virginny oughtta take a hard look at their motto SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS...
  11. Seat is vacant following the resignation of Tim Murphy (R) Rick Saccone (R) v. Conor Lamb (D) Was a dead heat. Recent polling shows Lamb leading. Could this be the beginnings of a ripple that becomes the BLUE WAVE? The one that will sweep POTUS from power? Tune in tomorrow night.
  12. True story about a US Senator who gets drunk, crashes his car off a bridge and leaves a girl to die in the submerged vehicle. Using his high level connections and family name, he proceeds to get away with it and continue his career without missing a beat.
  13. Lol
  14. Lamb +627 with ~500 ballots left. Looks like a (D) win.
  15. Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm Mmm Mmm! Photojournalist Askia Muhammad released a photo this week showing former President Barack Obama and the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from Obama's years as a state senator -- and the photographer revealed Thursday that the Congressional Black Caucus had pressured him for more than a decade to keep it hidden. Muhammad told the Trice Edney News Wire last week that he believed that the image “absolutely would have made a difference” in the 2008 presidential campaign had it been made public.
  16. Had he survived, Einstein would be 139 today...
  17. After feeling pressure to distance themselves from Louie F, three Democrat US Congressmen denounced him. Louie and NOI were not pleased and wrote an open letter criticizing them.
  18. Historians love finding this stuff. They are the ones who build a President's "legacy". I doubt this picture will be featured in the Obama Presidential library in Chicago.
  19. Historians, I suppose.
  20. That's the more relevant question at this point now that Barack Obama has served out 2 terms as POTUS and this is water under the bridge. Why does the Congressional Black Caucus invite known racists to meetings? Why can't they quit Louie F?
  21. You may have noticed Farrakahn is a controversial figure. He is unapologetically anti-Semitic and racist. It's newsworthy because Obama is pictured with him, and also the fact that it was covered up for over a decade because it was thought to be harmful to Obama's election/reelection chances.
  22. He likes shootin his AR-15 (but he is for reasonable gun control) He is pro-life, but is for funding Planned Parenthood. Served in the Marines. Dems could make some inroads nationally if they learned from PA-18.