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  1. Gallup on Trump job performance by race; white 47% approve 49% disapprove; black 5% approve 88% disapprove; Hisp 17% approve 77% disapprove Gallup on Trump job performance: white college graduates 37% approve, 61% disapprove; whites w/no college degree 52% approve, 43% disapprove Gallup on Trump job performance by age: 18-34 approve 22%, disapprove 73%; 35-54 approve 35%, disapprove 59%; 55+ approve 46% disapprove 50% Gallup on Trump job performance, by gender: men 42% approve, 53% disapprove; women 29% approve, 65% disapprove Gallup on Trump job performance, by party: Ds 7% approve 91% disapprove; Inds 26% approve, 61% disapprove; Rs 73% approve 23% disapprove
  2. vunn-er-ah-bull just sounds lazy and it seems to be an accepted way to pronounce that word. almost as lazy and annoying as those folks who refuse to use caps where appropriate. who do they think they are? ee cummings!?
  3. Why is it that a lot of people pronounce the word "vulnerable" with a silent "l"?
  4. Here is a similar poll done by Gallup earlier this year. Sometimes data results go through a review process and can be considered preliminary before being officially published. I think newsman Harwood gave us a sneak peak...
  5. It may be a case where the data is available to subscribers and news media only for a period of time, I'm not sure. I understand. You do what you gotta do, Boss.
  6. Saw this reported by different sources today including John Harwood from CNBC. Haven't tracked down the actual Gallup link for this.
  7. Interesting fact: If you take DOLT away from DONALD TRUMP we are left with NAD RUMP.
  8. Looks like the Jay-Vee team is being forced to end it's reign of terror and finally hang up it's cleats.
  9. I'd say no. I don't think they would have sat idly by while their 18 year old daughter did an internship with the creep.
  10. That really was an effective speech. Even Harvey liked it.
  11. "...that a president who violated the country’s norms and values was as much a threat as one who broke its laws." President Andrew Jackson would have lasted about 2 minutes before impeachment proceedings if that was the bar.
  12. A dumb rooster and a sloooow turtle walk into a bar.
  13. Shocker! Another lame hit piece from the apoplectic, straw-grasping, end-stage TDS-riddled staff at WashPo.
  14. Nevertheless, she persisted.
  15. Oh dear! This is alarming. Why didn't you present this evidence earlier? This is an open and shut case and the very reason Amendment 25 was adopted.
  16. Now unraveling?? This idiot has been unraveling since the beginning. I agree. He has been several bricks shy of a load for his entire public life. Full disclosure. America bought in.
  17. Trump has never come to the game with a full deck from the very beginning. This is the same person presented to us over a year leading up to his election. I see no change in his demeanor. What has changed and what is now clear is that liberals have run through the 5 stages of grief and have proceeded to End-stage TDS.
  18. She is as believable as this guy:
  19. I would suggest that you read the memo again keying in on paragraph (3). Taking the memo in totality as a response to the ongoing controversy, one could easily make the case that in that context, he is "highly encouraging" and will "highly encourage" in the future. We'll see.
  20. Oh! Wow! They got more degrees than a thermometer over there! lol With all that book-larnin, you'd think they would care about journalistic integrity, maybe scare up a named source every now and then for their daily hit pieces.
  21. I understand what you are saying, but if the Commish takes time out of his busy schedule to write a memo to all 32 of his plantation owners, there really is a very fine line between "demand" and "highly encourage".
  22. Home town success story Under Armour wins big at the Masters. Been on a steady march to $100. You buying?
  23. I think Trump is the biggest *hole to come down the pike in a long time. I don't like a lot of what he says and does. But I think he has a few legit points. I will give one example. Here is a statement that I believe to be true: "One can be in favor of a strong southern border and not be a racist." This notion will get zero play in the majority of media outlets. The idea will simply not be entertained.