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  1. Two cats have a swimming race aross the English Channel, one is English, the other French. The English cat is called "One two three", the French cat is called "Un deux trois". Which cat wins? The English cat. Why? Because Un deux trois cat sank…
  2. If you believe the TDS afflicted, they would probably have you believe that Trump's FEMA targets aid to Caucasians first...
  3. Glad you are OK! Long story short: As with anything, US Govt response to the hurricane in PR was turned into a political tool to bash POTUS with. Houston and FL hurricane response was great. But when it comes to PR, not so much because most people there have brown skin.
  4. Howard Co schools closing 1.5 hrs early today based on rumors of possible .5-1.0 inches of SNOW.
  5. DJ Jazzy Jeff could not be reached for comment.
  6. Had she survived, Frances Bavier would be 115 years old today. Happy Birthday, Aunt Bee!
  7. Speaking of chuckles and pi(e), my inner math nerd kinda dug this one:
  8. In her dogged efforts to blow the lid off the biggest scandal since Comet Ping Pong Pizzagate, April succeeded in making... a fool of herself.
  9. Breaking! Huckleberry Pecan Pie-Gate continues to unfold.
  10. Don't forget: March 11, 2018. Spring ahead 1 hour.
  11. Hari kari. Case closed.
  12. Alabama to Roy Moore:
  13. When I moved to southern Howard Co in 1996, my US Rep was Roscoe Bartlett. He got rooked out of District 6 by gerrymandering and my rep became Congressman Elijah Cummings. After a while the gerrymandering shifted into high gear and this District 3 abomination was created (see below), of which I am a resident. Congressman John Sarbanes is now my rep.
  14. "will not be able to win" Timestamp 6:22 AM - Dec 13, 2017 Hahahahah! He's a regular Nostradamus...
  15. The operative phrase is (and would do anything for them). Open to interpretation really. Warren is the first to actually make this sexual. I think Warren owes Gillibrand an apology for calling her a ****.
  16. Sheesh, just when you think you got the guy figured out, he goes and says something classy. Alright, who's ghost-tweeting for Cheetoh?
  17. She has an awesome first name. She is from a musical family and her name is a musical term (Italian for with sweetness).
  18. The point is get out, exercise your franchise. People fought for the right to vote, so vote!
  19. So, this one is chocked full of venom. POTUS never fails to top himself in going low. But, we should be used to it by now. Maybe I was exhausted by the time I got to the last word "USED!" What do others interpret that to mean?
  20. A former US sergeant who defected to North Korea and became Pyongyang's prisoner for nearly 40 years has died. Charles Jenkins, 77, lived in Japan where he had settled with his family after his 2004 release. He was among four US soldiers who defected in the 1960s and later became North Korean film stars, but was the only one who was released.
  21. WASHINGTON — New York Police Department says it is responding to an explosion near Times Square. ABC News reports that it is on the west side of Manhattan at the Port Authority bus terminal. Police and the bomb squad are on the scene at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue..
  22. Bond. Muhammad Bond.