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  1. I was surprised but not shocked; I'm guessing they want to mix things up to keep it interesting. I'll tune in but my son is a bigger Whovian than I am; I still miss the old ones and I liked David Tennant quite a bit.
  2. Thanks Sprightly. Despite my harshness at times I post these because I do care about people; probably doesn't come across that way.
  3. New article published:
  4. I agree with you on the Confederate flag. Glad you came around!
  5. I don't understand white guilt. As New Order once recorded, "Guilt is a useless emotion."
  6. Have you read "The Courage to be Catholic?" Or "Goodbye, Good men?"
  7. I assumed nothing, sir. I was referring to catholic priests who participate in gay sex orgies, which is a gravely sinful and scandalous. That's what the article is about. Also, please refer to your Catechism regarding sexual disorders. Personally, I have no personal problems with a homosexual priest who lives a life of celibacy; that's a call for the Seminaries to make. I don't wish to read about Catholic priests participating in gay sex orgies. If this story is true, it's a sad story which will bring divine justice, sooner or later.
  8. Sins which could send them to hell for eternity, if not confessed with true repentance. middle: Healthy and normal men should be priests, not men with disorders. Homosexuality which is acted upon is a grave offense against God, and a disorder.
  9. Homosexuals should probably not be ordained to the priesthood; not sure why they let so many in.
  10. "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." Sorry but I won't respond to such a silly question. No offense to you, friend.
  11. Same here. I was a Prod until I converted to Catholicism 15 years ago.
  12. Yes, I realize that. I am a Catholic so I'm referring to my own cultural and spiritual sensitivities and experiences.