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  1. hst2 acts like this is the first shut down in American history.
  2. Okay, so now that we have that cleared up, what's next?
  3. Trump is the devil!!
  4. Of course I do; sex outside of marriage and pornography are both immoral and sinful.
  5. Too bad would have been a nice addition for Baltimore.
  6. So what? It takes two to tango.
  7. Probably the same as the Democrats.
  8. Makes sense. I hope if it happens people are not out of work for too long.
  9. Actually I'm a contractor on an intelligence contract but I would still go to work and get paid as my company is funded through the end of the year. I guess it depends on the contracting company.
  10. I wonder if those out of work as a result of a shutdown are eligible for unemployment? Especially if it drags on.
  11. Same here, Fatboy. Glad the president's cognitive abilities are in tact.
  12. Why do you think he wants a shut down?
  13. I'm so sad; I was a big Cranberries fan and loved her solo work as well. I know she had some troubles in recent years but this was very saddening; RIP Dolores.
  14. I don't think recipients should have to undergo drug testing....