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  1. It's sad that Ireland will fall away, in a significant way, from it's Catholic roots and legalize the mass destruction of babies in the womb. They will regret it just like the United States and all countries who legalize murder in the pursuit of sexual "liberation." I pray that they will not pursue this path of destruction.
  2. I know Morgan is one of my all time favorites. Not many good guys out there anymore.
  3. You could be right, as I don't know the full details of his SF-86 and I didn't adjudicate his clearance. However, again it is not our decision.
  4. It is up to the adjudicator, not the court of public opinion, on whether he gets the clearance.
  5. That's why law enforcement profiles, I guess. Because 9 times out of 10, they are right.
  6. Sorry to hear this. Prayers for a fast recovery.
  7. Great, Democrats to the rescue! Save the economy!
  8. Okay perhaps post some ideas and I will look at them. Thanks for your thoughtfulness so far.
  9. Okay thanks for the notification.
  10. Let's try a total gun ban and see how that works. The only guns allowed will be in private gun clubs for target shooting only. No private ownership unless you are in law enforcement. Any objections?
  11. Obama was in office for 8 years; how did that help things? Didn't he vote to raise the debt ceiling? I could be wrong but let me know.
  12. Gender does not change, despite what the world thinks. There are boys and girls, and nothing else but confusion. Therefore, the Boy Scouts should not accept girls because girls are not boys. I would think this is most elementary, but I guess there is a lot of confusion out there about two genders. LOL.