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  1. Says the Catechism. And as have now stated for the 3rd time, I have my own disorders. Hope this information makes you feel better.
  2. I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense. Like I said I have my own disorders. I won't use the word anymore.
  3. Strange sense of morality you have to insult those who do not believe as you do; to each their own.
  4. Well, I pity atheists so I guess we are even.
  5. Read my response to Sprightly. Thanks for coming out but really who cares? So is Kevin Spacey.
  6. Your first mistake is thinking I judge these people; God is the only judge. I am merely spreading His word as it has been revealed. I am no better than anyone, as I have declared loudly on these forums. I'm happy that people are speaking out, too, but that doesn't change the fundamental fact that they are disordered, just as I have my own disorders. Transgender people are no different; they have a disorder which makes them cast outs from normal society. I, again, do not judge them, so perhaps you are misunderstanding my posts. What does being beaten or killed have to do with their disorder? Does sympathy somehow make it okay? Sorry, I don't change my beliefs, or the truth, based on someone else's mistreatment of a person. For you to to task me with "imagine" scenarios doesn't strengthen your argument, but only weakens it. Finally, yes you have defended religious believers. Good on ya. What does that have to do with the sins that men and women have committed against people? They are sinners in need of redemption, just like you and me. Again, trying to draw attention away from an abnormality. So what? God's laws do not change with the attitudes of society. Once you accept that you will have a better understanding of God Himself. Thanks for voicing your opinions. You are entitled to them, just as I am.
  7. Agreed, thanks.
  8. So do you believe that there is only one God? Or are there numerous gods, in your opinion?
  9. Because you don't agree with it? Or you have no faith?
  10. We can agree to disagree.
  11. Classy thread, Calamari, even for you. Kudos!
  12. Homosexuality is a disorder; those suffering from same sex attraction are called to a life of chastity. If he did in fact sexually abuse a minor he needs to step up if he hasn't already.
  13. Sorry you are disordered, Kevin. Try to get your life together.
  14. I am so sorry, mock. Thank God you are okay. Be careful out there, folks.
  15. Why not just post it and be done with? Any person who uses a middle school guessing game to prove some kind of point = fail.
  16. The crack snipers struck as crazed executioners held knives to the throats of a father and son near Mosul. Both men, from a family of eight, had refused to convert to Islam and were about to be executed when the Isis killers were blasted in their heads. The operation was carried out following the fall of Mosul last July and but has only just been made public, Daily Star Online reported. No comments from me really, just well done!!
  17. Still waiting on the question posed in your initial post. Thanks!
  18. No, you asked the question as follows: Wanna take a guess what incident spurred this policy? Which one? LOL.
  19. No, which one? LIberals against Trump? Death to right wing Republicans? Calamaris hate the right? catholics are ********s? Please, do tell.
  20. It is a crisis! Well done President Trump.
  21. Men are born men, women women. If you are confused seek professional help and keep your penis out of my daughter's bathroom. Thanks!