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  1. The percent of black employees at JPMorgan has declined for a sixth year in a row, Bloomberg reports, citing numbers released on the bank's website. Although the bank's CEO Jamie Dimon said in a letter to shareholders in April 2016 that the bank would "dramatically step up our effort" to hire black people, the percent of black workers at the bank in 2017 was 13.4%, a decline from the 16% figure in 2011. Black diversity has slid at other big banks too. At Citigroup, black workers are now one in 10 when in 2009 they made up one in six employees, Bloomberg reports. Do you think this is an issue or not? If it is a valid problem, what can be done about it?
  2. Can't say I'm surprised but I have enjoyed my time here and will miss you all. God bless you all now and in eternity. Edit: According to my profile I have been a member since Joined May 2, 2003
  3. Evil? wow.
  4. Hst2, with all due respect that is nothing but new age clap trap. There are no real references related to his research that I could find. In addition: Do you think there are any positive aspects of boys growing up without fathers? I wouldn’t label it with the word “positive” , as for positive aspects of boys growing up without fathers. Without focusing on the poor copy editing, this is vague at best. There is nothing here about "toxic masculinity" as you mentioned in your previous post.
  5. I doubt it but if you have some kind of study feel free to post it.
  6. So did anyone actually get a "Baby Daddy" card today? If so post a picture to lighten the mood around here!
  7. Maggie, what do you mean by "metrics?"
  8. Happy fathers day. Miss you dad.
  9. Especially being black in the inner cities, where black on black violence is an epidemic akin to the heroin scourges. I wonder what the life expectancy of a young black man living in the vicinity of North Avenue in Baltimore City is these days? Sad.
  10. An excerpt: Bernie Sanders and a group of top Democrats are calling on the Trump administration to present a plan to Congress to combat “massive levels of deprivation and the immense suffering this deprivation causes”, following an excoriating United Nations report into extreme poverty in America. They stand ready, the signatories say, to work with the Trump administration “to address appalling rates of child poverty, destructive economic policies that benefit the wealthy over the working poor … and lack of access to basic necessities in rural and underserved communities”. As you may know I care about children and it tears me up to think of homeless children in America. I know that finger pointing and accusations will probably ensue but there really no excuse for homelessness in the richest nation on earth.
  11. Yes, the terms fit. What is the opposite of life? Death. Funny to see the pro aborts dance around terminology in order to justify their own illogical beliefs.
  12. Too much red tape involved for these programs to make much of a difference.
  13. My tax adviser told me I will be better off for this tax year with the new tax laws, so I'm not sure what you are talking about. I have already bumped up my contributions to Food for the Poor. I guess your mileage will vary if you are rich.
  14. Yes of course they can help do you think I'm blind? But they are not a cure, but simply a band aid on a malignant tumor. It takes much much more than a "government program."
  15. Yes I agree with you Jimmy.
  16. How the War on Poverty Succeeded (in Four Charts) "Succeeded" hst2? The war on poverty is ongoing and will never come to an end. Plus your article is rather dated. Any new developments in your Democratic circles?
  17. Congratulations to President Trump for a historic meeting. We shall see what comes of it.
  18. Catholic Charities, USA Catholic Relief Services Thousands of Catholic Churches across the nation and the world helping the poor in their communities. The list goes on and on.
  19. There are some good ideas in this article. Some are feasible, some are not.
  20. Seems like neither Democrats or Republicans have any answers. Sad. Carry on with your finger pointing! So predictable.