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  1. What's wrong with the Ravens?
  2. Uh what?
  3. With all due respect, Clinton is a big fat crybaby and needs to shut up and go away forever. Enjoy your retirement and your grandchildren.
  4. Did you see it? It received high marks from viewers. Check it out if you can!
  5. No worries, banner. Thank you my friend!
  6. This happens because of sin and evil; we need Christ in our country and world, now more than ever. Pray that souls will not go astray and fall into hell for eternity through their own actions.
  7. I think Columbus was a Catholic so in that respect I like him but I don't care about the holiday. I work for a Government intelligence contract and we are closed but because of all the work we have unlimited OT so I am working 4 hours so I get paid for 12 hours. Thanks Columbus!
  8. Looking good!
  9. I called him a hypocrite; I guess you missed it.
  10. How does what work? Abortion ends the life of women, unborn women. Pretty basic. Planned Parenthood is the biggest murderer of unborn women in American.
  11. I don't think I wrote that.
  12. Thanks; I also agree that the Democrats are waging a war on women, especially unborn women. Sad really.
  13. Opens Friday; my son and I are going to see it on Sunday.
  14. Are you insulting me? If so, move along and find some new poster to attack. Doesn't reflect well on you.
  15. You indicated that this is part of their platform but they haven't used it for decades. I guess I'm wondering why you can't find any new dirt. It's not like the Democrats are saints either.
  16. When was the last time they made this statement?
  17. When did the Republicans state this?
  18. Yeah he's a hypocrite.
  19. Yes, mass shootings occurred on Barry's watch too; do tell! Fail for both of them.
  20. I know that's what you want, but it's not going to happen. Trump is a failure at addressing mental health issues just like Obama was. Big fat zeros for both of them.
  21. Let's ban guns then all our problems will go away forever.
  22. What is the Calamari method to avoiding this? I would love to hear some common sense approaches. Thanks!
  23. Only God knows that. However, the fate of all men will be known at the Last Judgement.