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  1. I'm still here. Going stronger than ever at the things which interest me most. Conner remains active elsewhere. His health has taken some of the oomph put of him but, he's a fighter. We have several new additions to the family and spend time chasing them around. Our charity work has been more of a challenge than ever due to the economy but, we are proud of what we have helped accomplish. We have fond memories of some posters. You know who you are.
  2. Batemans in Parkville "rounded up" our bill w/o informing us. We left a tip and haven't been back.
  3. Still miss that show. RIP Mr.Chew.
  4. Parkville Bateman's started rounding up the bill before presenting it to us. We won't be back. Our tips were very good- so it's the staff's loss.
  5. Such sad appearances on the board.
  6. The irony is that there are ads on here for companies from which I do buy. However, I'm already their customer and buy through their websites.
  7. Last night we were at the Candlelight Inn for our friends' anniversary. There was a good size crowd spread throughout the building but we were in a smaller room and managed to be semi private the whole time. Everyone else took advantage of the extended Restaurant week specials ($30/ 3 courses) and they really enjoyed them. I was the hold out- asking just for the duck special and it was great. We shared a bottle of wine. No pressure to leave just very good service, so we sat and talked to catch up. Another pleasant dinner and good memories. Thanks,Candlelight.
  8. We were at the Diamondback Inn, having driven through a terrible rain to get there. One friend met us immediately and I asked if they might like another place. No, she wanted to try this one. We were first into the dining room area and our waitress was very knowlegeable and attentive. Waiting for our fourth member we ordered drinks and my Ellicott City Ice Tea had good flavor. My husband had the Orange Crush and friends choose with Mountain Dudes. Everyone like the drinks, none of which were too strong for driving later. We ended up with two sheperd's pies, a testudo and an ahi tuna appeztixer (huge) as an entree. The sheperd's pies were wonderful. Not too large but a good size and the meat melted in your mouth, good texture in the potatoes. Extra good DISH on a damp night. Our friend with the tuna was very pleased, even though the portion was so large she took about half home. The one with the Testudo was disappointed only because she thought a a Caribbean style dish would be spicer. Otherwise, she liked the flavor and textures. We ended with coffee and that decaf had a good, bold flavor. Under a hundred for all of us and we were all happy, The dining room was not fully packed but it was a lively spot. We had a really good time and I am glad. We won't seem them for ages and we all have a good memory to hang on to.
  9. I had already shown my husband Tersiquel's menu. He didn't like that. Lapalapa didn't suit him, either, but I think a gift card would be great for Christmas for our vegan nephew and his wife. My husband is finnicky about food in the best of times but, right now he's had some problems with stress and reflux. So, it comes down to whatever he thinks he can eat the most easily. We have to forego the Crab Shanty for that reason, as well.
  10. I agree! We've had several lovely times at the CandleLight Inn and, actually, we are going there for a couple's 30ieth anniversary, weekend after next. We just needed something a bit more casual for the dinner with other friends. One of them likes chain restaurant atmospheres but, I had to nix BareBones because of my husband's many food issues. Thank you everyone for all the suggestions. I'll see what the others want to do.
  11. Thank you. I'll check the menu and see if my husband will be happy with it. ( He's so picky about certain things. )
  12. So now one has been there and no one has any other place to recommend? I find that rather shocking.
  13. next week. Reviews on a couple places are bad. So is the Diamondback Tavern a good place for a group of friends to gather? Will we be happy with the food and wine there?
  14. At least, Weber's is back !
  15. UH, yes they did and people knew about it. Had he not been a guilt ridden Catholic, he'd have divorced his wife and married Katherine. The most dignified romance in Hollywood was a delightful exchange, and somehow it captured the spirit of the two people and their long relationship - Hepburn's ebullient enthusiasm, Tracy's earthy realism. Their love affair had been going on for more than a quarter of a century, and yet the press seemed to look the other way. ........ "When Tracy, already troubled by a weakened heart, went to Berlin to shoot Stanley Kramer's Judgment at Nuremberg, Hepburn went along as nursemaid. A friend who worked for Kramer said that during the shooting, the limo would pick up Kramer and Tracy in front of the hotel every morning then drive around to the service entrance at the rear. Hepburn would dash into the limo and they would all drive off to the location. At the end of the day the limo would stop at the service entrance and Hepburn would dash into the hotel; the limo would proceed to the front entrance, and Kramer and Tracy would emerge............ There have been Hollywood romances, love affairs conducted in public for as long as they lasted, but not, I think, in the long history of the town has there been anything to equal the passion, the perseverance and the dignity of Katharine Hepburn's love for Spencer Tracy