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  1. Apparently she has been killed by her boyfriend. Here is the link - very sad.
  2. Recently............
  3. I miss the activity on Open Mike.
  4. Anyone know if the victim is improving or not?
  5. I think it is a stain on the 2 men who could not behave.
  6. Can we get an Amen? lol
  7. Wow - I am surprised at you. More condemnation of the victim then the perps.
  8. Why do you keep blaming the victim?
  9. Carter Scott - what a cutie.
  10. Even if the victim got in someone's face === there is NO excuse for what happened next. The same with my son.
  11. Read what I have posted earlier which will explain why I do not agree with you.
  12. Marshan Man the world will now come to an end ---- I agree with you!
  13. He is fine. Was back to work 2 days later.
  14. Not really - there were other witnesses.
  15. markh, you have criticized the victim.