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  1. How does one school amass that much elite talent and depth? Were not talking DeMatha, this is a public school. Must be in that district's water. Bottle it!
  2. HoCo is better at census tracking. They knock on doors. In MoCo im not so sure. If these players are real illegals it might explain it as MoCo is a sanctuary county, right?
  3. I did notice that you already inserted D in the championship game? As you get older your memory gets shorter.
  4. MoCo much better at speed cameras than census.
  5. Oh, ok. So if your HS isnt very good you can go to another one?
  6. Old timer has weighed in on the blown call. How bout the 2 players D picked up in the off season?
  7. Nationals v Cubs. Weiters is hit in the head with the bat. Rule is clear. Dead ball. Weiters and Baker question the ruling. They do not go to NY for a clarification. 6 umpires on the field did not know the rule. 2 runs score after the blown call and Nationals lose by one. Joe Yankee admits 2 weeks later that they blew the call. Thats a MLB playoff game w professional umpires and a dozen cameras. Were talking HS football here. Calls are blown every game. W had 48 minutes to score a touchdown to make that call moot but they couldn't. D advances. Get over it.
  8. Jets v Patriots? Super slo-mo? No replay in HS. Bad calls are part of every HS football game. Sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don't but over course of 48 minutes they usually even out. It is what is.
  9. One bad call did not determine the outcome of that game. Im sure when D looks at the film they will find calls that were missed that helped W. Who's to say D wouldnt have scored from 17 yds out on the next play. Walkersville had 4 quarters to score a TD and didnt. Calls are blown in the NFL with replay. Officiating in HS is bad. Its part of the game.
  10. Phantom Calls brother, Blown Call. The brothers are High School football legends. Wouldnt be the same without them.
  11. Phantom calls aside, Glenelg was the better 25 degree football team.
  12. It doesnt appear that Bamba has this game in his database but I do. You might be surprised to hear that I do not recall that particular phantom call but I do remember one in every game I have ever watched RH lose? Phantom calls are just a part of HS officiating. I do remember a great HS football game. WL rode their horse. Even as time was running out they continued to run him off tackle as coach knew that was his best chance of winning. He finally broke free and was on his way to paydirt when he was tripped up by the RH safety. A great HS football player and a very good professional football player.
  13. We like to see intra-county match ups. Too bad RH drew G again. Like kissing your sister.
  14. Not sure it RH or H dodged the bullet but I am sure that the Kilimanjarians are the best 7 loss team in the state.
  15. Yes. HoCo football trending down.