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  1. Call in Colin Kaepernick. He has time to get to the bottom of this.
  2. A 14 G 0? G's grip on the Confederate flag looks to be tenuous.
  3. Could MH be the next C? Not many spare parts on the sideline.
  4. RH doesnt play H this year? That doesnt make any sense. The stronger teams should always play each other. Throw the weaker teams a bone. If they dont know who the stronger teams are going to be before the season starts all the have to do is ask labamba.
  5. A Wendy's triple? This cant keep up. I dont even think they make a burger w 4 patties.
  6. Get rid of the used tire pit they call a football field.
  7. Hmmm. Followed up on a la bamba 40 burger w a 50 burger. Thats a McDouble w cheese.
  8. September 18, 2017 Re: RH v GP Dear DW, I'm sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. GP backed out when they saw RH hang a 40 burger on the Killamanjarians. They heard about the smoke machine. Sincerely, Smudge
  9. Ok. So in week 8 they lost to H. In week 9 they lost to R and then in the playoffs they lost to a no name team. You funny.
  10. Bad apple? Really. Im sure he calls GA a bad apple too. GA's been called a lot worse on here and he still posts. Give it a rest, Colin.
  11. RH hung a LaBamba 40 burger on the Kilimanjarian's? Dang. I heard coach was using the Hawk tunnel smoke machine at practice this week. Looks like he figured out how to tackle it.
  12. You are grasping for straws if you look at the 'Tyler Martin Game' as anything other than an aberation. That kid never had a game like that before or after that one but he did have one hell of a game. Actually, more like one hell of a half. It was only after they flushed the game plan down the toilet at half time down 28-14 and on the ropes. He needed every one of those 31 receptions to squeak by a pretty good RH football team. That team was two referee ball spots away from returning to Ravens Stadium.
  13. Yep. When the Campanaros sold their home in the Centenial district to move to RH it was bought by Asians. When they sold their home in RH it was bought by Asians. When the Martins sold their home it was bought by an Asian doctor. When the Johnsons sold their condo it was bought by Asians. When the Hostetlers sell their home guess who's gonna buy it. It takes its toll. You dont have to look any further than Centennial for proof. We know Asians are athletic cause Bruce Lee could have kicked any of our arses but how many Asian All County football players have there been in the last 10 years? I cant remember one from RH.
  14. My guess is that quality football players in the Centennial district have already made other arrangements to play highschool football. That could be one of the reasons for the low turnout. Plenty of money in that area.
  15. AO - New format giving old dog some problems. Its kind of like when you had your own message board. Just checking in. When does Gilman play on ESPN? Who are they going to destroy on national television?