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  1. That Orioles' infield defense is sick.
  2. If you are from the mid to left politically, you have to be bitter about the Trump agenda. If you are from the mid to right it has to be frustrating that Trump is so unstable and incompetent. I don't see how anybody could feel positive about the White House being in league with the Kremlin. The media cannot help but notice that failure is heaping upon failure in spite of all Trump's twit distractions. There's blood in the water, and the sharks are already starting to turn.
  3. The national security infrastructure has a process by which classified intelligence information is de-classified. I'm sure that process does not include the ignorant, self-absorbed doofus-in-chief blabbing it to the Russians while bragging about what a big shot he is. "Intel? Oh yes, I have the best intel. Really great intel. Bigly. They tell me important secrets every day," says Drumpf. "No kidding," says the Russian KGB operative, I mean foreign minister, "like what?" On the bright side, apparently U.S. intelligence agencies do not tell Trump anything truly sensitive, because clearly the man has not the slightest idea what he's doing. We should be glad he is such a boob; as evil as he and his overlords are, if he had any sense he would be much more dangerous.
  4. I can see some foreign intelligence agency telling the CIA, we have some important info, but don't tell Trump. And the CIA saying OK, we don't trust him either.
  5. The Republican administration will have to be sure the next director is a team player ie: as corrupt as they are. What would happen if they actually got someone with a conscience who investigates and does what is right no matter the political consequences. I personally think Jeff Sessions will look great in an orange jumpsuit.
  6. The last time Ubaldo started against a NL team he had a great game.
  7. Weird-O, I get what you're trying to do, but this unfortunately is an instance where what is going down on the "News" boards is leaking over into baseball. There is a trend in our country that showed its ugly face in Boston last night. I doubt that even five years ago this would have been acceptable to the fans sitting near these people showing such reprehensible anti-social behavior, but today our national leaders encourage and play on this bigotry and hatred, and sports is not immune. I applaud baseball, the Red Sox, Boston, Massachusetts, and whoever else wants to ostracize such aggressive racism. Hopefully if those barbarians are season ticket holders they will be excluded from Fenway Park in the future.
  8. What I read on Humphrey is he's weak deep, but really effective on the short stuff, which has been eating up the Ravens' defense. Perhaps they have in mind to scheme the deep stuff to Jefferson and/or Carr. Whatever, this secondary is a serious upgrade over last year, especially if Smith is healthy. Also have Young and Webb still. I sure hope it works out with Mangold. He would be perfect for now and for mentoring a young center, who may be among our present linemen, like Urschel or Siragusa. And I bet they will get a WR among FAs, but I would like to see Chris Moore and Keenan Reynolds also get work. And Campanaro.
  9. He needs AtBats, needs to get consistent opportunities.
  10. Speaking of... I'm trying to think what it means that everyone was willing to make excuses for Joe Mixon. I understand, like Ray Rice, there was film of Mixon busting a woman in the face. Anyone willing to stand near Ray Rice, let alone let him play, was treated like an enemy of humanity, making it impossible for him to ever play again. Yet, at least on the NFL Network coverage I was watching, the commentators were all about "It will never happen again." I'm just wondering what has changed.
  11. An impressive win. Flaherty had a heck of a game. Machado owns Boston. The Orioles' defense is so reliable, making great plays routine. The play to catch two runners at second was because Flaherty cut that liner off and hit the cut-off man with a strong throw. Completely killed Boston momentum. That was a fun game.
  12. I do hate, but you are right.
  13. I guess woulda-shouldas are always going to be easier-better, but dang, I would have been so excited with that draft.
  14. For sure on Williams. Other names that could be factors: Campanaro, Moore, and Reynolds. I'm not saying take these guys to the bank, but I hope they get a chance and seize it.
  15. I tend to believe Ozzie's description of what went down in the draft. I don't think it was totally a statement of philosophy as much as just the way things worked out and deals did not take place and they took who they saw as the best player available when they were on the clock. I sure would have appreciated an offensive playmaker or two, but they just did not see the value in who was available. That's just Ravens, always has been, and there is pretty good track record there. They're building for the long haul.