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  1. I actually think Yanda's injury is good reason to put even more emphasis on running the ball. Run blocking is easier than pass blocking.
  2. He certainly had the right guys in place and they certainly did the right things. When the front and the back dominate it is easy for the DC to look brilliant. Got plenty of turnovers, too. That and the effective running game made it so the defense did not have to be on the field so long as well. This looks like it could be a scary defense.
  3. TV caught a lovely image near the end of the game: A.J. Green hanging his head after Jimmy Smith ate his lunch. That was a defensive statement. Ladarius Webb had a good game. Suggs was a terror. Front and back dominated. They refused to be scored on. Very satisfying to see. I do have to say the Cats were victimized by a horrible PI call that thwarted them.
  4. All off season we were all crying to make OL a priority, and somehow it didn't happen. I do love building a monster defense, but I feel like this offensive line is operating on a "Good luck fellas; go gettem," held together by chewing gum and duct tape. It could work, especially over the course of the season as they get coordinated together, but as usual it requires everything to go right, and that is not typical in the NFL.
  5. NEWS AND NOTES 8/23: JOE FLACCO STAYING INVOLVED BEHIND THE SCENES, RETURN PLAN IN PLACE Just because you have a plan doesn't mean the plan happens, but the team seems to feel like they're on track for his orderly return in time to perform in the opener. "The Ravens announced that Flacco is on track to play in the regular-season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 10, but Head Coach John Harbaugh said Flacco won’t practice this week. The Ravens have maintained that Flacco will practice in the preseason, so it’s likely that he’ll be on the practice field next week. If he returns at the start of next week, that will give him two weeks to quickly get up to speed with his receiving corps before facing the Bengals."
  6. I had never heard of it until a week or two ago. My understanding is that it is "Antifascist." The Breitbartoids act like they're demons incarnate. If someone is antifascist, obviously most people would think that is a good thing. In general, if you ramp up a lot of hate and violence on the right, you have to expect it will arise on the left as well.
  7. Did you see what he said in the huddle on the goal line (I can't find the quote now), to the effect of, "Who wants to spike the ball when I go in?" I liked that. The kid's a gamer.
  8. I can't blame the guy for trying all possibilities. He was honest with the Ravens and they dealt cautiously and fairly with him. Glad he is walking away.
  9. Is there any possibility that Keenan Reynolds can play QB? I wouldn't want to mess up the track he's on, especially as PR possibility, but he has played the position, though in an utterly different system. Just wondering.
  10. This season is shaping up as an uphill battle.
  11. Kaepernick is a litmus test for racists.
  12. This was not my line, but it is remarkable how often it is true: "With this administration it is hard to determine where evil intent ends and incompetence begins." Just as the latest example, diplomatic and intelligence policy based on trusting Putin is no more valid if they are actually so stupid as to trust the Russians.
  13. I'm pretty sure the whole reason Trump ran for president in the first place is to improve the Trump brand so he can make more money. So it is important to him not only to "defend" his reputation, but also to keep people talking about him. As far as accuracy or truth, the concepts mean nothing to him.
  14. It is hard for me not to see this as a pretty scummy trick on the part of Orr or his agent. It kind of reminds me of the RB, Blount I think, with the Steelers, where he malingered and didn't practice and acted like a jerk until they let him go, then surprise he ends up perfectly healthy playing for the Patriots, the same season if I recall. I hope that is not what's going on here. Aside from the ethics, it is hard for me to see it as a super big deal; if he doesn't want to be here, time to move on from him. I sincerely hope he can walk away from the game at whatever point under his own power.
  15. BYRNE IDENTITY: INSIDE THE RECRUITMENT OF JEREMY MACLIN It took a Ravens village to bring the star free-agent wide receiver to Baltimore, including General Manager Ozzie Newsome, coaches, players and even a former Raven. Here’s how it all went down. Article re: the recruitment of Maclin. We the fans are justifiably skeptical of how things are going in Ravenland, but it sounds like the team believes in themselves, and that is important.