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  1. This was not my line, but it is remarkable how often it is true: "With this administration it is hard to determine where evil intent ends and incompetence begins." Just as the latest example, diplomatic and intelligence policy based on trusting Putin is no more valid if they are actually so stupid as to trust the Russians.
  2. I'm pretty sure the whole reason Trump ran for president in the first place is to improve the Trump brand so he can make more money. So it is important to him not only to "defend" his reputation, but also to keep people talking about him. As far as accuracy or truth, the concepts mean nothing to him.
  3. It is hard for me not to see this as a pretty scummy trick on the part of Orr or his agent. It kind of reminds me of the RB, Blount I think, with the Steelers, where he malingered and didn't practice and acted like a jerk until they let him go, then surprise he ends up perfectly healthy playing for the Patriots, the same season if I recall. I hope that is not what's going on here. Aside from the ethics, it is hard for me to see it as a super big deal; if he doesn't want to be here, time to move on from him. I sincerely hope he can walk away from the game at whatever point under his own power.
  4. BYRNE IDENTITY: INSIDE THE RECRUITMENT OF JEREMY MACLIN It took a Ravens village to bring the star free-agent wide receiver to Baltimore, including General Manager Ozzie Newsome, coaches, players and even a former Raven. Here’s how it all went down. Article re: the recruitment of Maclin. We the fans are justifiably skeptical of how things are going in Ravenland, but it sounds like the team believes in themselves, and that is important.
  5. I suppose some would say that means he doesn't care about winning a championship.
  6. IMO, to suggest Flacco is "more Concerned with having a Big Contract than Actually Winning Championships," is pretty small thinking. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive. To win a championship I think you need a big-time QB, and chances are that individual will have at some point in their career a big, unreasonable looking contract. Has Joe shown since the contract all that we might have hoped? No, not consistently at least, notwithstanding a severe leg injury and some inconsistent team support. Seeing him get it all together for a season or at least a playoff run would put discussion of his contract off the board. This also requires getting it all together from everyone from Head Coach to coordinators, from stars to bottom of the depth chart, at least as much as possible and at the right time. It could happen. It sure would help if a solid OL gels.
  7. I totally disagree that Joe is that mediocre. Not that his overall performance recently proves otherwise, but the guy does have gifts and has shown considerable brilliance in flashes. He's just been inconsistent. His injury, weakness at WR, misuse of the running game, and a patchwork OL are certainly factors. I am not ready to say that he will never put it all together again for a stretch into the playoffs if not for the whole season. It could happen, especially if some other things fall into place yet, like a lineman or two, maybe another receiver, and a running game that keeps the whole load off him.
  8. Out for the season?
  9. That's a blow. He was hot. Hope he heals fast and is not in pain.
  10. That Orioles' infield defense is sick.
  11. If you are from the mid to left politically, you have to be bitter about the Trump agenda. If you are from the mid to right it has to be frustrating that Trump is so unstable and incompetent. I don't see how anybody could feel positive about the White House being in league with the Kremlin. The media cannot help but notice that failure is heaping upon failure in spite of all Trump's twit distractions. There's blood in the water, and the sharks are already starting to turn.
  12. The national security infrastructure has a process by which classified intelligence information is de-classified. I'm sure that process does not include the ignorant, self-absorbed doofus-in-chief blabbing it to the Russians while bragging about what a big shot he is. "Intel? Oh yes, I have the best intel. Really great intel. Bigly. They tell me important secrets every day," says Drumpf. "No kidding," says the Russian KGB operative, I mean foreign minister, "like what?" On the bright side, apparently U.S. intelligence agencies do not tell Trump anything truly sensitive, because clearly the man has not the slightest idea what he's doing. We should be glad he is such a boob; as evil as he and his overlords are, if he had any sense he would be much more dangerous.
  13. The Republican administration will have to be sure the next director is a team player ie: as corrupt as they are. What would happen if they actually got someone with a conscience who investigates and does what is right no matter the political consequences. I personally think Jeff Sessions will look great in an orange jumpsuit.
  14. The last time Ubaldo started against a NL team he had a great game.
  15. Weird-O, I get what you're trying to do, but this unfortunately is an instance where what is going down on the "News" boards is leaking over into baseball. There is a trend in our country that showed its ugly face in Boston last night. I doubt that even five years ago this would have been acceptable to the fans sitting near these people showing such reprehensible anti-social behavior, but today our national leaders encourage and play on this bigotry and hatred, and sports is not immune. I applaud baseball, the Red Sox, Boston, Massachusetts, and whoever else wants to ostracize such aggressive racism. Hopefully if those barbarians are season ticket holders they will be excluded from Fenway Park in the future.