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  1. It has long been my belief that a championship is not Peter Angelos' goal. His business plan is to put just enough product on the field to resemble a major league team, and he will continue to earn profit from TV etc. and the franchise will increase in value no matter where they finish. He risks little and gains steadily; not necessarily just cheap, but obsessively cautious. It's not correct to say he doesn't care about winning; he cares very much about he himself personally winning in every negotiation, in getting his own way. Duquette and Showalter are good soldiers for him. DD is adept at shopping in the bargain basement, and Buck is a micromanager who does his best with the hand he's dealt.
  2. I think Buck's history is that he's an effective turnaround guy as noted above, but then he doesn't take it up to the next level. I have to say he's pretty good with polishing a turd, which is the roster this front office provides him.
  3. I like Hays in right. Still searching for a lefty bat, though.
  4. This is a friendly "REMINDER," sign some freekin pitchers. Then get back to me.
  5. Actually, "Uniom" might just be a new word, defined as a government of states run by corporations.
  6. I imagine after the last game Pees was given the chance to retire before being shown the door. This was at least the second consecutive year the team was eliminated due to defensive collapse.
  7. Of course I am no Brady fan, but I thought he used admirable restraint. The individual who spoke the slur is not technically a host, but a regular commentator, and if I were Brady I would refuse to appear as long as that jerk appears. Kids are out of bounds.
  8. Just because you're on the team doesn't mean anyone wants to throw you the ball in a game. As the the XFL, it was a dumb idea before and it still is. Angry old white people are not sufficient base for an imitation pro football league.
  9. I have a lot of family and friends who are Eagles fans, and I absolutely detest the Patriots, so I guess the Eagles are my preference. It's hard though, as I've disliked the Eagles for many years also. I hope they can remember that the game has two halves, and they need to defend until the end. As far as fan bases go, Patriot fans are truly arrogant and obnoxious, but Philadelphia fans of all sports are legendary for being low-life, violent, hateful, booing their own teams, so it's hard to choose based on that factor.
  10. The good news is that he is so consistent. Basically, whatever he says, the opposite is true, like in bizarro world. Whatever he accuses others of doing, you can bet he's doing himself. When he says there was no collusion, you can be sure there was collusion. I get a kick out of when he says, "Believe me!" That's rich. He lies so much he can't keep his stories straight, and the weird thing is he doesn't even care. His minions believe him no matter what kind of whopper he's throwing out there. He just says whatever he thinks will get him through the moment, close the deal. My favorite was during the campaign he described his boast that he grabs women by the ***** because he's a star as "locker room talk," then a month or so ago he claimed he never said it; fake news of course, even though it was on tape. Oh well, the National Enquirer/Fox News crowd has a pretty short attention span. They just say, "but Hillary..." and they're off, not realizing that everything they hate about her, Trump is 10 times worse.
  11. Usually am
  12. I know there's more to it, but it's amusing after they lose scoring 42 points they can the OC.
  13. It's about continuity. I get that; it is comfortable to work with people you're familiar with, who know how it goes in your organization. I'm just not sure that when you seem to be mired in mediocrity that continuity is the best way out of it.
  14. It did look like a lack of effort, and I hear fans accusing Flacco and the team of not caring, a notion I reject. They sure seem to lack focus, especially early in games against bad teams. As stunning as the winning TD was, the game was really lost in the first half. They came out like zombies. Outside of bringing in a psychologist or a guru or something, I think the main thing they need to work on is Flacco hitting receivers in stride and receivers catching the damn ball. Poor throws that slow the runner and drops are drive killers. Hopefully having a healthy pre-season will help this. Perhaps this devastating loss can light a fire. Do I recall correctly that they won the Super Bowl the year after Lee Evans dropped his pass? I don't agree at all that house needs to be cleaned, and the promotion of Roman and hiring of QB coach Urban seem like good moves. Keeping these players healthy is key.
  15. Even with Ozzie's poor record on WRs, I'd still go that way. Just focus primarily on toughness, shiftiness, and hands over raw speed. Pass rush is still lacking, but I'd like to see a bunch of offensive picks, RB and QB among them. A Center, too.