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  1. We sure can't complain they didn't pay attention to the offense. I would have liked to see maybe some more pass rush, but you can't have it all. It looks like they're thinking of a lot of tight end offense. Who knows how it plays out, but I can't recall having this measure of pass catching talent with FAs Crabtree, etc. plus the new guys. I personally believe Flacco is still a good QB who has had some bad years due to various circumstances. Between his new tools and a talented kid behind him, I guess we'll see what Joe's got.
  2. That sucks
  3. What if the offense is stalling out on an important drive, and suddenly Flacco runs off the field, Jackson sets up under center and they fire off some kind of wildcat play? It could happen.
  4. The discussion I heard on TV was that making use of Jackson talents would require a big change in offensive philosophy. I'm sure not attached to the current offensive philosophy (like 3 yard passes on 3rd and 7), but I wonder if the staff is ready, willing, and able to make that change? How would it take place? Specifically, Jackson will be breaking in behind a very different kind of QB. It will be interesting to see how things mesh during the transition.
  5. I actually think the shine was pretty much gone from that apple even before the kneeling thing. If it wasn't for the racism angle his name probably would not even come up. If he wants to play ball, Canada is his best bet.
  6. I for one would really like to see Tillman turn it around and have a good season. It could happen. If not, nothing really lost. Unless they continue to rely on him even after it's obvious he doesn't have anything, ie: can't get hitters out. Which is a concern.
  7. This idea of arming the teachers is not going to happen. It is just another bunch of bull**** thrown out by Trump and the gun lobby to distract from the obvious actual problem - the easy availability of high-powered semi-automatic weapons with large capacity magazines. Everyone with a lick of common sense knows this is the issue, but this Republican administration is owned by people who want to sell more guns.
  8. It has long been my belief that a championship is not Peter Angelos' goal. His business plan is to put just enough product on the field to resemble a major league team, and he will continue to earn profit from TV etc. and the franchise will increase in value no matter where they finish. He risks little and gains steadily; not necessarily just cheap, but obsessively cautious. It's not correct to say he doesn't care about winning; he cares very much about he himself personally winning in every negotiation, in getting his own way. Duquette and Showalter are good soldiers for him. DD is adept at shopping in the bargain basement, and Buck is a micromanager who does his best with the hand he's dealt.
  9. I think Buck's history is that he's an effective turnaround guy as noted above, but then he doesn't take it up to the next level. I have to say he's pretty good with polishing a turd, which is the roster this front office provides him.
  10. I like Hays in right. Still searching for a lefty bat, though.
  11. This is a friendly "REMINDER," sign some freekin pitchers. Then get back to me.
  12. Actually, "Uniom" might just be a new word, defined as a government of states run by corporations.
  13. I imagine after the last game Pees was given the chance to retire before being shown the door. This was at least the second consecutive year the team was eliminated due to defensive collapse.
  14. Of course I am no Brady fan, but I thought he used admirable restraint. The individual who spoke the slur is not technically a host, but a regular commentator, and if I were Brady I would refuse to appear as long as that jerk appears. Kids are out of bounds.
  15. Just because you're on the team doesn't mean anyone wants to throw you the ball in a game. As the the XFL, it was a dumb idea before and it still is. Angry old white people are not sufficient base for an imitation pro football league.