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  1. I've been going to Pimlico since childhood (over 40 years). Have been able to attend (either as a fan or because I had to work it) over 20 Preaknesses. I have incredibly fond memories of that place. But I have had to admit its time has come to be retired. Not sure where all these attendance numbers come from -- kinda like saying Orioles attendance was 100,000 at the last game, when the stadium's max capacity is around 46,000. Pimlico only "seats" around 15,000 on its best day (and on the few race days that now exist, maybe 1-2% of that number show up). The facility can only hold, at it's MAXIMUM space usage, for Preakness DAY only, approximately 109,000 attendees. Of that: 60,000 is the infield capacity (and 99% of that number do not care at all that there is a race going on); and another 20,000 is crammed into shoulder-to-shoulder, belly-to-butt standing room only areas. Not sure where those extra 40,000 plus attendees are... Not even counting the cost to the City for traffic control, police presence, security, etc., offsetting a big chunk of the tax revenue. The facility is in horrible condition. What you see on Preakness day is a fa├žade -- many if not most of the non-public buildings should be condemned, and there are some areas of the grandstand where I would not jump up and down for fear of dropping down a floor. That space that is Pimlico Racetrack could do so much for Baltimore if it were repurposed. I love the idea of a track for dirt bikes and ATVs. And a new festival location would be a boon to so many organizations and groups. An outdoor venue for local talent. Pimlico can still have a life beyond racing...
  2. Because those officers were told if they are caught off their corners (and therefore NOT out there in plain view for appearance's sake) they would be in serious trouble (at the roll calls police are told "If you are caught off your corner/post I will personally charge you.") Imagine what those officers could do if they were mobile, and able to converge on those dealers you mentioned. Especially working with the officers that are assigned to that distract.
  3. I guess you are right -- Long Beach did have 30 Homicides last year, and 25 the year before. Easily comparable to Baltimore City... And while I did NOT say "relaxing retirement...," I do believe there is a beach there. What I was stressing was that the geographic and citizen dynamic is wholly different frm Baltimore City.
  4. IF patrol were properly staffed (as opposed to the BS printed on paper and spreadsheets -- visit ANY district near you at roll call and you will be APALLED at just how few uniformed officers are out there preventing you from becoming another victim), that dice game never would have happened because it would have been broken up by the post officer. Instead, because shifts are going out at sometimes barely 60% of their minimum, the mayhem on the streets goes on almost unabated. Only when patrol is so understaffed can a dice game with that big a crowd continue to the point that half the group gets shot. For example: just how effective can 8 or 9 patrol officers patrol and entire district (when there should be 15 or more, plus a wagon or two)? Do you really believe that the 20 standing on corners are doing ANYTHING to suppress crimes on the streets? Criminals CAN walk a block or so away from the random officers on the corners and then do whatever they want -- because they know where THOSE officers will be all night. It's kinda tough to predict when a full complement of 15-20+ officers on random motorized patrol is going to be at any given second.
  5. Oakland policies? Reminder: He barely lasted 18 months in Oakland. The majority of his career was in Long Beach. Typically, urban police chiefs retire to beach town departments, not the other way around...
  6. But but but -- don't you see all those officers out standing on the corners where each person was killed? Kinda like putting band aids on a smallpox victim. They should have said "Hundreds of Band Aids were out on the streets over the weekend..." How many of you would keep seeing a doctor who only sticks band aids on your sores if you had smallpox? As if that does ANYTHING. Dozens of uniforms standing on corners (band aids), while patrol (the antivirus) is so short at least one district was BEGGING for a half dozen officers to work overtime Sunday night just to fill the bare minimum of patrol cars needed to cover the district. The reality: The officers stuck on corners WANT to actually DO something, but can't because they have been pulled from their regular jobs (that STILL NEED to be done, by the way) to be stuck on a corner, and have to stand there while they watch their fellow officers try and fail to keep up with all the calls. Then there are the ones busting their butts to just barely keep up with calls who are riding by all the bandaids on the corners accomplishing absolutely nothing. What do you think each has running through their minds? One WANTS to do something but cannot; the other NEEDS that help but isn't getting it; and the citizens of Baltimore pay the price...