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  1. See my post on the first page where I said I'm for it.
  2. See my post on the first page where I said I'm for it.
  3. Look at all the Trumpists lining up for the tax increase. Fantastic.
  4. They wanted a bigger yard for one thing. Harford road junkies were also becoming a problem.
  5. I figured the usual self righteous post would be the follow up. But hey, telling someone to move to another country because they don't like the gun laws and common mass shootings isn't ridiculous at all.
  6. Are you talking about yourself whining about Baltimore City? Why haven't you moved out of Maryland?
  7. Young children yes. That has happened in China. But 25 high school students will likely put up some defense against a 19 year old with a machete. A machete won't go through a textbook. A .223/5.56 round most certainly will.
  8. So the NRA would be in favor of a national Do Not Sell Guns To This Person list?
  9. Calm down, I wasn't attacking you. That original question was more rhetorical since JD was making the old "knives are just as bad" argument.
  10. I know exactly why AR-15 type weapons are the choice of mass murderers. Not very hard to acquire, can accept high capacity magazines, easy to customize, and fire off a lot of rounds quickly. But that's not the point I was making. I was just pointing out the ridiculousness of comparing a rifle to a machete.
  11. The NRA and their puppets don't want to lose potential sales for the gun industry.
  12. Why do mass murderers choose guns instead of knives?
  13. I'm sure you're itching to start spamming the board with black crime threads, but you need to pretend you're new a little longer. I believe that's the usual formula.