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  1. The fantasy that good paying manufacturing jobs (for low skilled people) are coming back needs to be put to rest. This country needs to make training a modern workforce the number 1 priority. Why more Americans don't go into IT is mind boggling. Pays well and there is certainly a need. Yet a good percentage of resumes I see are people that are foreign born.
  2. Now if it was a NASCAR race, the tables would be turned.
  3. Why is the Senate wasting the AG's time like this? Somewhere there's a teenager with a dimebag that needs to be locked up.
  4. They will if he's good. I continue to laugh at how fans and teams don't care at all if you beat up women (unless caught on tape like RR), but don't you dare knee in protest. Priorities in this country.
  5. Oh wait, you were probably serious.
  6. Maybe it's just the unarmed black men that are doomed?
  7. Great. I don't expect people to shed tears over me in 150 years. I do have to laugh at President of his 5 year country.
  8. He'll be immortalized in the hearts of neo-confederates for eternity despite not really accomplishing much.
  9. Going to be a river of tears for this one.
  10. Never underestimate the power of faux nationalism and xenophobia.
  11. Stupid Yankees.
  12. The free market demands profits be subsidized. Or something.
  13. Are Russian stories no longer fake news? Hard to keep track around here.
  14. Sounds like something a loser would say.
  15. I guess Trump won't be able to fill the swamp with pills now.