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  1. Great. I don't expect people to shed tears over me in 150 years. I do have to laugh at President of his 5 year country.
  2. He'll be immortalized in the hearts of neo-confederates for eternity despite not really accomplishing much.
  3. Going to be a river of tears for this one.
  4. Never underestimate the power of faux nationalism and xenophobia.
  5. Stupid Yankees.
  6. The free market demands profits be subsidized. Or something.
  7. Are Russian stories no longer fake news? Hard to keep track around here.
  8. Sounds like something a loser would say.
  9. I guess Trump won't be able to fill the swamp with pills now.
  10. He won't. People proudly voted for Trump knowing they may lose their insurance.
  11. Stupid. One of the all time great books.
  12. I don't think he should be benched because there's no better alternative. But he's an average at best QB these days and it's naive to think that it will change.
  13. True, but he's certainly a major part of the lousy offense. And then when he actually does something right, it bounces of the receiver's hands.
  14. Welcome to the next regional civil war.