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  1. So you support a pedophile because liberals are hypocrites?
  2. One would think that was the case.
  3. I figured the new incarnation posted this until I saw Matt did.
  4. Look at that backtrack. You posted your stats in response to MM's posted about City residents being MD taxpayers like everyone else. And now you're mad that someone pointed out additional statistics related to MD taxpayers which was the original point.
  5. So another owner rolls into Miami to bleed them dry.
  6. It never ends.
  7. Defense has been sketchy, but it appears to be getting better.
  8. They do get upset when their beloved counties don't look so rosy.
  9. Meanwhile the current Secretary of Energy wants to subsidize coal and nuclear power because they can't compete in the market with natural gas and renewables. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/25/opinion/rick-perry-coal-antimarket.html
  10. Safe to say that the passing defense has some issues with Jimmy Smith out.
  11. It's interesting that the local RWNJs are fired up about a tweet considering all the pure garbage Trump tweets.
  12. Browns being Browns
  13. The Trumpists had no problem with Trump's comments about McCain.
  14. That's the Joe Walsh I thought of.