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  1. I'll be there so please bring the luck.
  2. That strategy did not work in Vietnam despite more bombs being dropped than WW2.
  3. You don't actually think the US is interested in freedom for all people do you? Our foreign policy sure as hell doesn't.
  4. 3-7 0-4 vs Indians 2-1 vs Rays 1-2 vs Tigers
  5. He was good for PPR. But last year he had 8 catches.
  6. Part of my fantasy championship team in 2016, but I don't know what happened to him in 2017.
  7. Too liberal = not doing what I want. The Trumpists too. When does the Twitter meltdown against a Supreme Court Justice begin?
  8. If the Orioles would actually invest that money, probably. But as you said it will never happen since Davis is extremely popular with the manager and front office.
  9. At the federal level? No way. NRA has effectively framed any discussion of gun control into full blown confiscation. Look at the way people freak out over any talk to restrict so-called "assault weapons".
  10. My point is that Congress passed that law and somehow the country survived. These days something like that could never be passed.
  11. Finish against Cleveland is nice.
  12. Yeah, definitely like a win and no OT on a work night. Fortunately the penalty 30 seconds in proved to not be a bad omen.
  13. When I saw just Rakim there a couple years ago there were no politicians.
  14. Come on, all the Trumpists are independents. Remember mcorioles?
  15. The Trumpists are obsessed with her and NEED to keep her relevant. She is their ultimate boogeyman and Fox News needs someone to demonize to try to take the stink away from Trump. The Trumpists try to play it off as the left is obsessed with her, but they need her to deflect from the fact that Trump is their guy.