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  1. I'll never get it. I guess if the girl had an abortion in secret, they could keep their "image" and everyone would be happy. I've heard my Mom complaining about the Archdiocese pulling the same type of crap with shaming a teacher. And then they wonder why their attendance continues to shrink.
  2. Good Christians always cast the first stone.
  3. As I said before, they know the US will never stop spending hundreds of billions on military and bases, nor end the alliance. Basically Trump is trying to bluff while the rest of the world can clearly see the US' cards.
  4. Spam is most certainly welcome here. Gurgles used to just post every topic he would see on his websites as a new thread.
  5. I think the biggest problems arose with the 24 hour news cycle and internet/social media. Everyone tries to break the story first without following the proper process of journalism. They also churn out as much as possible for what they think their audience wants to hear. All the news companies are guilty of this. I think where Trump deserves blame is how his campaign and now presidency has made it acceptable to consider anything you disagree with to be "fake news" regardless of it being true and following a journalistic process.
  6. You should be a writer for Breitbart.
  7. Do you always attack people when they say something you don't like? I'm going to guess that's a big no.
  8. My past 4 Fords have been made in this country. Also, I'm going to venture a guess that they employ a much larger number of Americans than VW or other German companies.
  9. Young enough to hit the national arena.
  10. It's not Germany's fault Americans buy their cars. Personally, I would never buy a non-American brand.
  11. I agree, but the NATO members know the US isn't going to abandon the treaty over funding which is why they are lax on meeting their obligations.
  12. How old is the Gov?
  13. You win.
  14. I guess. Funny thing is, NATO countries understand the US will gladly bankrupt itself for cool military toys and bases all around the world. Exhibit A is Trump looking to increase military spending by $50 billion.