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  1. You mean like 7 years of voting to repeal Obamacare with no interest in fixing it? Or failing completely to repeal and replace when their party is in complete power? Democrats have a long way to go to get to that level of incompetence.
  2. Makes sense since Trump wants to throw another ~$50 billion in welfare to military contractors.
  3. I always joke about Artscape falling on the hottest weekend of the year, but it never fails.
  4. Let's see what old Wade does tonight.
  5. Sorcery is no joke in that toilet of a country.
  6. Either way, we won't be arming future enemies. Or at least a few less.
  7. Do the feds go after groups like MS-13 through the "war on terror"?
  8. That's always been Trump's style. If the politicians didn't do what he wanted in New York, he'd hold a press conference and make them look bad. But as President, the strategy makes him look incompetent.
  9. When did Fox News get rid of "Fox and Friends" or Hannity?
  10. I wonder what the weight range would be for how it detects a "child"? My work bag with a laptop and charger causes the passenger side airbag to turn off.
  11. Baltimore entire life.
  12. I always liked it as a kid, but that was because half the players I only saw on baseball cards and a good amount of the others were rarities too. Games on regular tv were the only access until I got older.
  13. Credit to O'Malley for uniting voters. United in disliking him.
  14. A .238 avg is pretty boring.