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  1. It's ironic considering the OP's worship of the confederacy and all they stood for.
  2. Mussolini will protect his people from the evil socialists.
  3. Either continue what was done prior to "zero tolerance" or send the whole family back across the border.
  4. You definitely got your information from Trump. Meanwhile, the Republicans alone can't even agree on an immigration bill among themselves. But hey it's the Democrats fault. I bet you believed Trump when he said 3 million illegal votes were cast for Hillary.
  5. Doesn't the law already state comply or die? That's how the "justice system" interprets it in most cases.
  6. Seems fair. The US will taking on even more debt with the big tax cuts given to corporations, so I guess they'll have to rebuild this country. Since this is Detroit, OCP comes to mind.
  7. I don't think they're voting on anything now that tweety bird weighed in.
  8. I'll agree with the Koch boys that Trump's tariffs are idiotic. That's about as far as I'll go.
  9. The Koch Brothers have a few extra billion to play with thanks to the tax cuts Trump helped secure.
  10. Clearly these morons haven't paid any attention to the people Trump appoints.
  11. Personally I'd rather see a possible failure than a continual proven failure. Last year anyone would have been better than Ubaldo, but Buck kept sending him out. Rasmus did at least have a home run. Will he return to the K machine he was earlier in the season?
  12. He did brag on the campaign about making money while folks were losing their homes.