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  1. I don't read much into NE's loss last night. Miami's MO is to occasionally beat the Patriots while failing at everything else.
  2. True. I'd like to see Philly make a run although Eagles fans would take obnoxious to stratospheric levels if they won a championship.
  3. Browns are 1-28 over the past two seasons...
  4. That's two up and coming QBs out for the season. Certainly not good for ratings.
  5. Trying to figure out how this thread turned to the current discussion. Is the reasoning that since other countries in the ME treat Jews as second class citizens it's ok for Israel to treat the Palestinians as second class citizens? If so, is this really a country we should consider an "ally" and give billions in aid to? Iran certainly isn't an ally.
  6. And that's the problem with what baseball has become. Only the giant payroll teams can keep their superstars.
  7. This is one of the funniest posts ever. Seriously, you've been banned how many times? And yet come back calling out others. You really don't think you're fooling anyone when you come back with a new name do you? Talk about pathetic.
  8. I don't know how he can lose. He's like a savior to Trumpists and Alabama is full of them.
  9. Poor guy's point didn't quite work out as well as he'd like, but he's determined.
  10. Trump's various populous ideas, at least on the economic front, appear to pure bs to get votes. No surprise. He doesn't seem to have a problem raising deficits, but then again most "conservatives" in power don't either as long as it benefits those at the top.
  11. "If it's a lie than we fight on that lie."
  12. While I have no idea where this will actually go, I do support broader investment in space exploration.
  13. Very watered down. The Trumpists will probably still turn on her though.
  14. So you support a pedophile because liberals are hypocrites?
  15. One would think that was the case.
  16. I figured the new incarnation posted this until I saw Matt did.
  17. Look at that backtrack. You posted your stats in response to MM's posted about City residents being MD taxpayers like everyone else. And now you're mad that someone pointed out additional statistics related to MD taxpayers which was the original point.
  18. So another owner rolls into Miami to bleed them dry.
  19. It never ends.
  20. Defense has been sketchy, but it appears to be getting better.
  21. They do get upset when their beloved counties don't look so rosy.
  22. Meanwhile the current Secretary of Energy wants to subsidize coal and nuclear power because they can't compete in the market with natural gas and renewables. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/25/opinion/rick-perry-coal-antimarket.html
  23. Safe to say that the passing defense has some issues with Jimmy Smith out.