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  1. Obviously we need to cut taxes further.
  2. CPAC is a conference for the ultra-ignorant to be manipulated through fear by the ultra-wealthy.
  3. It's ok, the NRA spread that fear for a solid 8 years in order to sell a whole lot of guns. They've had to change tactics since Trump won. I believe chief gun nut said the socialists are coming for the guns now.
  4. Win what? Selling a lot of guns? That's all the NRA is about.
  5. For some reason I think it's still legal to order mags on the internet larger than 10 even as a resident of this state. Or maybe purchase in another state. I know there has to be a couple experts on MD gun law here?
  6. Ok, maybe you're not quite a gun nut.
  7. In MD, they passed the law a few years back where 10 rounds was the max for magazines sold going forward. If you previously had a 15 round one, it's grandfathered in.
  8. Head scumbag of the NRA told CPAC that the Democrats and Socialists are coming for the guns. I wonder if Hillary or Obama will be leading the confiscation?
  9. Quick, go buy more guns before they are outlawed!
  10. He's real close to bringing peace to Israel and Palestine.
  11. Your suggestions are fine, it was your hypothetical that was hyperbole. My suggestion would be to make all gun purchases like Maryland's handgun requirements. When it was passed, I was against it because it's a giant pain. But my opinions have changed and I don't see it as a big deal anymore.
  12. Nice hyperbole. Meanwhile most mass murderers choose guns because they are so easily accessible. And the NRA's goal is to make them easily accessible. Not very hard to understand. And I'm sure the NRA is against both of your "gun control" proposals as are the politicians that they own. But yep, no connection.
  13. They have a different opinion of the resourcefulness of teenagers when it's a flash mob.
  14. I have no problem talking about that. Social media has made it worse.
  15. How are they being exploited? Because their classmates were murdered and they're sick of the lax laws that make gun purchases so easy? If teenagers expressing their emotions about guns and organizations that exist to sell guns makes you upset, you're probably a gun nut.
  16. It's sad how upset the gun nuts get that teenagers don't worship guns in the same way they do.
  17. The NRA's goal is to make gun laws as lax as possible in order to sell as many guns as possible. Should that be ignored because the FBI failed to stop someone who already LEGALLY bought a bunch of guns?
  18. Terrible decision. Maybe if he kills again they'll reconsider the diagnosis.
  19. Teenagers marching sure do make the gun nuts angry.
  20. No one says Big Dan is off the hook, but getting on base isn't exactly the approach of Buck the manager.
  21. Buck doesn't like on base guys. Kim regularly lost playing time to Reimold.
  22. Shameful.
  23. Social media has made it worse, especially with the way kids feel the need to photo and video everything and share with the world.
  24. Buck would love to have him in the middle of the lineup with Davis and Trumbo.