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  1. Trumpists should be along to tell us they're glad he's gone.
  2. Why doesn't Trump encourage foreign leaders to stop doing business with Saudi Arabia since they sponsor terrorism?
  3. I agree. Like how that lib Trump tells people to make things in America while his product lines are made overseas.
  4. Maybe. Or they'll just continue to progress into full blown sociopaths.
  5. Hopefully something horrible happens to these nice kids.
  6. I've encountered people that think public roads in front of their house is their property. Nutcases.
  7. Those are the types that shaped my prejudice.
  8. He is moving to a power friendly park.
  9. Not going to lie, I read and enjoyed The Art of the Deal. But at no time did I think this man should be President.
  10. Maybe I've been missing out by not paying tribute to the Central Powers or Prussia or whatever other military my ancestors may have fought in.
  11. That's pretty good. If my Dad turns on Trump, that's when you know it's getting bad. So far no signs of that.
  12. An excellent question. Do descendants of Union soldiers display such pride?
  13. Have to laugh at the "Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act".
  14. If I see them out in public displaying the flag, that would be my opinion. I'm not from the South, have zero reverence for a loser rebellion and I've developed my opinion based on the people I've see around Baltimore. Sorry.
  15. A problem? No, they can do as they wish and I will have my opinion of the Confederacy and it's supporters.
  16. Sounds like it if they are proud of the Confederacy. Do they wish they lived in an era when slavery was legal?
  17. Do they proudly fly the confederate flag when they aren't acting? Something tells me actors who portray Nazis in WW2 films don't try to keep the spirit alive.
  18. So if you were a black judge, would you happily hold court under the confederate flag?
  19. They certainly were losers. White trash keeps the symbol of a failed rebellion alive today.
  20. The nerve of a black judge not wanting to hold court under the banner of a loser institution that viewed people that look like him as subhumans. One would think everyone would want to avoid the undying symbol of white trash losers.
  21. Before my time. I wish this country would make space exploration a priority again instead of fighting permanent wars.
  22. It amusing how obstructionist the Democrats are after 6 months while ignoring 8 years of Republican anti-Obama agenda. It's also funny how it's the Democrats' fault that Republicans can't even agree among themselves on healthcare. Maybe the Republicans should try to lose their majorities on purpose so they won't have to actually govern.