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  1. Never underestimate the power of faux nationalism and xenophobia.
  2. Stupid Yankees.
  3. The free market demands profits be subsidized. Or something.
  4. Are Russian stories no longer fake news? Hard to keep track around here.
  5. Sounds like something a loser would say.
  6. I guess Trump won't be able to fill the swamp with pills now.
  7. He won't. People proudly voted for Trump knowing they may lose their insurance.
  8. Stupid. One of the all time great books.
  9. I don't think he should be benched because there's no better alternative. But he's an average at best QB these days and it's naive to think that it will change.
  10. True, but he's certainly a major part of the lousy offense. And then when he actually does something right, it bounces of the receiver's hands.
  11. Welcome to the next regional civil war.
  12. Rodgers was injured? I didn't know. It's not like Fox had a "Breaking News" thing flash up every 20 seconds during the Ravens game.
  13. It's ok because he's rich.
  14. Maybe the city could do something with all the vacants it owns.
  15. Yup.
  16. Apparently the Trump administration wants to start subsidizing coal and nuclear so it can compete with cleaner, cheaper sources. So I guess the incentives are to live in the past.
  17. So I'm guessing this is the first step to getting that long desired war with Iran?
  18. In January of 2017, unemployment numbers became real and the market bubble suddenly stopped being a bubble. Good old Trumpists.
  19. Not surprising considering the OP was whining about an "anti-gun" church the other day.
  20. I'd expect a more terrific monument.
  21. So Trump presented his infrastructure plan? I must have missed that.
  22. They also have much larger populations. Is "look we're better than pseudo-third world countries" a good policy for this country?
  23. Orioles at least made it to an ALCS. How many division round losses is this for the Nats now?
  24. Poor rich folks are constantly the victim of "administrative errors".