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  1. The Trumpists don't care, illegals are being arrested. Besides, Trump will probably just say it's the Democrats' fault and the idiots will cheer.
  2. No upgrade to Fourteen?
  3. Article comments are usually pretty terrible.
  4. Keep the faith with the O's. Maybe.
  5. I thought they were different people.
  6. There was thread in locals years ago about poster getting harassed by an old woman at some department store. Cousin Sam?
  7. He was on the other site initially when the paywall went up. Not sure if he's still there.
  8. I looked over there not too long ago and people were still making excuses for Chris Davis. Tells me all I need to know.
  9. Indeed.
  10. Can you give me advice on how to lamely troll a message board?
  11. Poor little guy, at least you won't have to come with a new name for this board anymore.
  12. Something like a recognizable name. Clinton.com or microsoft.com or baltimoresun.com.
  13. DNS records translate a numerical IP address into something like @clinton.com.
  14. It probably will. Dehumanizing illegals is like a shot in the arm for his base and the Republican clowns will do anything to get the Trumpists' votes.
  15. Trump knows how to exploit the fear that his supporters have overwhelming amount of. He can lie all he wants as long as he pretends he's going to protect them from illegals, muslims, minorities, liberals, women, people taking their guns, etc.
  16. Keep the shift. If hitters don't want to change their Chris Davis type approach, others will step up and take their earnings. Except on the Orioles.
  17. No US definitely kills some interest. Plus I still haven't recovered from Liverpool's Champions League final loss.
  18. 1-3 in any order: Buck Brady Davis
  19. Better look to independents because you won't find many competent conservatives in the Republican party.
  20. As I continually say, treat them as a terrorist organization and unleash the feds.
  21. Yes. If someone wants to wear a MAGA hat or whatever, good for them. I might laugh at them, but I see no problem.
  22. A ban on certain voter clothing is just stupid.