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  1. Pink how else are parents to get involved if not by voicing their opinions openly with other parents on a school website which is informational. That informative sight connects us parents together.
  2. Hoot it is terrible! I wish there was more then one system in place in schools so students who learn different can still have the same opportunity. The problem is trying to fit all squares in circle holes and it does not work. Especially with children in learning disabilities due to organizational issues, dyslexia, etc
  3. Pinkflamingo back to personal attacks on people for actually having an opinion I see. Never change. Yes I spoke up. Yes I should speak up! I see you speak up all the time--- like right now. Don't like my rants you could always block them. After all you are not adding anything legible to the conversation other then personal agenda to another individual try to talk about the actual subject of common core and form some real opinion on why you actually like it or why you do not.
  4. My son has adhd so he is not organized. When you have a way to do math that takes 5 steps instead of 1- or 2 its not to complicated to understand the end result with a child or children who have the same problem. Common core is completely idiotic for a broad range of students. Learning is not the same for everyone and they should leave common core for COMMON SENSE teaching.
  5. They do not offer tutoring just homework help. I do try to help and have bought books off amazon in that regard. Other then that I am a widow and do what I can. I was in advance math I understand common core. Common core is not something that helps all students at all. It divides them and causes them to fail early instead of later that is the only difference you refer to. I do not see how creating an atmosphere of failure in grade school helps in advancement later. Math builds on itself! If a child is not getting it on this level they will not get it later if you keep pushing them up grade levels. The city offers no tutoring unless you can not speak english then they offer classes to help you understand english.
  6. I will be down at north avenue- if they even try to pass him off one more year
  7. My son is in 5th grade he failed Math in 3rd- He failed math in 4th both times I asked to hold him back. They refused because you see math builds upon itself if the foundation is not good the rest will not be good. So now he has a 21 in Math and they want to pass him again. I said no! His school said he will pass because to fail he has to have 4 bad grades. The only subject his issue is - Math.
  8. School Vice Principle banned me from their sight stating that what I said about common core was political and they do not allow political. Common core is everything political! It got passed political- because teachers were not involved. HELLO! You can pay 100,000 to send students to a POLITICAL PROTEST that YOU AGREE WITH! However something that is hurting our students academically each and every day we are not allowed to speak about? We are not to raise opposition about? We are not allowed to have an opinion about?
  9. My kid will not be there that day in protest- enjoy your picnic
  10. Common core has to be one of the most ridiculous math programs known to mankind. Money has been issued to shove it down the throats of our kids. If they put the correct answer, but do not use an area model or tape chart they are wrong. That is right if 7+7=14 but you just place that you are wrong. So you can see how that confuses a child. But yet they still want to shove it down the parents throat and now they are celebrating state testing. Armistead Gardens is having a PARCC testing Picnic to try and sugar coat parcc state testing. How about we celebrate when our kids can actually do math!? Just a thought?
  11. How is everyone doing this exhausted Holiday Season? Okay maybe it is just exhausted because I am tired. I hope everyone takes a second to be able to stand just in a moment of silence and look around them in the hub bub of the holidays to know you are awesome! Sometimes we do not say it enough for those who get up each day to work and shake it all off to show some love and spirit to your family. Those tireless Moms, Dad, Grandmas, and Grandpas that stand all out to bring cheer to little ones or to strangers with smiles and laughs. To those who are making Kindness rocks and receiving. To those of different faiths not because you have a faith but because you are a human being deserving of respect and acceptance. While we continued to rush around this holiday season I hope we take a minute to know kindness doesn't always cost a penny sometimes its just in the presentation of humanity. In my faith May God Bless you and continue to guide you. In my humanity may you find that piece of joy this time of year that brings you cheer and comfort in the face of your own reality. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  12. On the way to work last night it felt like someone lifted my car and moved it over two feet going across a bridge. I left work this morning to an obstacle course of trash cans- limbs- lids and various other items- including construction signs and cones. I felt like I was in a video game! Hope everyone had a safe trip to and from work or where ever it is your journey has taken you in the last 14 hours
  13. Petrie Way - Where it use to be Golden ring Found a cheap but well worn ring in the parking lot of this mega store - Between 7/8/17 and 7/10/17. If you lost a ring or can pass this on. Well worn usually means well loved. Please pass this on for them to contact the walmart.
  14. Just the worst thing. I just pray for the officers family and others who were involved in this. You did wrong and then you want to shot innocent people and innocent police for doing their job because you got caught. Now you are likely dead. So freaking sad and furious at the same time. WTH God bless the victims and even the shooters family. SMH