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  1. How is everyone doing this exhausted Holiday Season? Okay maybe it is just exhausted because I am tired. I hope everyone takes a second to be able to stand just in a moment of silence and look around them in the hub bub of the holidays to know you are awesome! Sometimes we do not say it enough for those who get up each day to work and shake it all off to show some love and spirit to your family. Those tireless Moms, Dad, Grandmas, and Grandpas that stand all out to bring cheer to little ones or to strangers with smiles and laughs. To those who are making Kindness rocks and receiving. To those of different faiths not because you have a faith but because you are a human being deserving of respect and acceptance. While we continued to rush around this holiday season I hope we take a minute to know kindness doesn't always cost a penny sometimes its just in the presentation of humanity. In my faith May God Bless you and continue to guide you. In my humanity may you find that piece of joy this time of year that brings you cheer and comfort in the face of your own reality. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  2. On the way to work last night it felt like someone lifted my car and moved it over two feet going across a bridge. I left work this morning to an obstacle course of trash cans- limbs- lids and various other items- including construction signs and cones. I felt like I was in a video game! Hope everyone had a safe trip to and from work or where ever it is your journey has taken you in the last 14 hours
  3. Petrie Way - Where it use to be Golden ring Found a cheap but well worn ring in the parking lot of this mega store - Between 7/8/17 and 7/10/17. If you lost a ring or can pass this on. Well worn usually means well loved. Please pass this on for them to contact the walmart.
  4. Just the worst thing. I just pray for the officers family and others who were involved in this. You did wrong and then you want to shot innocent people and innocent police for doing their job because you got caught. Now you are likely dead. So freaking sad and furious at the same time. WTH God bless the victims and even the shooters family. SMH
  5. ((Mockingbird)) <-hugs Sorry sometimes this place only has people thrilled to dig their claws into someones meet because they spend the rest of their hours in a job yes man. Not right.... Thank Goodness there are many on here that are not like that. I hope you found what you needed sending hugs.
  6. Some people like big brother up on everything.
  7. I do not like my privacy invaded--- not like that. TO each their own- I opted out.
  8. Just a bit stunned today at JHU with something I had to acknowledge - on their digital check in. - I had to acknowledge that I had no privacy right basically or at least that is what it felt like. They did not have a button that you did not accept it just one to acknowledge it. It is called HIE - a way around privacy of Hippa. Where they freaked out about telling even relatives you wanted to know - now they tell research studies - various institutions- insurance companies. I was a bit alarmed and felt violated with this. How can we have Hippa and then have something we have to OPT out from --- or they will do it? It should be that we OPT IN... not have to be automatic. I thought Hippa gave us Privacy and how can a HIE strip that away as if it was not a real concern?- To opt out you have to call --1-877-952-7477 its called CRISP. Which I did.... No wonder I was getting calls from these Asthma and Allergy research projects for my son. I never knew anything because I was not informed until this visit today! Seems so morally wrong.
  9. I don't get why this is a good thing? Couldn't a third party then buy up tickets for a certain event and then resell them for higher ticket prices?
  10. Very dramatic video that clearly showed justification for use of deadly force. It is however a sad situation where one is led down a road enthusiastically by other peers to defy rules and laws that are clearly set. It is also sad that a chip sits on the shoulders of many that clearly know the right from the wrong and still want to denounce the truth plainly before their eyes. Some choices --- bad ones have no recovery. I feel bad for his family. But I also feel bad for the officers family who publicly will witness just how dangerous being an officer can and is. Pretty shaking up for both families. We got to guide our youth better then this. We need not encourage the behavior as a parent there is no way you can not see it... shoving it under the rug and chalking it up to youth can lead to more serious situations. It could lead down this very road. I worry about my own children. I pray they make the right choices in life. So sad... glad the officer is alright.
  11. I also think this is where the acceptance of child abuse comes from. Dare I say it is accepted however when an eye is turned its not, because it is unaccepted. Not saying this is 100 percent the reason. If you ever notice how much it can run in a family line? Something that may have started out to be a positive and correction lead into acceptance and perpetuated over time. It is only when you take a stand - a difference to the accepted mentality that you find your own humanity. We are all just trying to be.... lately it seems the world is flipping even more upside down. Those who are real criminals are protected. Those who are the victims are cast into a fire of hell. Or maybe I just opened my eyes and learned the reality.
  12. When I was probably in my teens I read a book called the Wave. In the book a high school teacher experiment into basically the mentality that moved Germany with Hitler's grasp. The experiment was not known to the student who were participating. After all who would think that a certain group can become so ugly from something so positive. I think the biggest thing I took from that book is to be my own person and do not follow the group or crowd. Do what is right because it is right and not subjective to a group model. Recently there was an experiment in a doctors office with people standing. The first group with one odd out were to stand every so often. Eventually the person assimilated who was the odd one out. It is hard to break the Mentality of a group. Sometimes drastically big and in depth emotional events has to happen to change that Mentality. You can chisel away at it over time.... but I wonder what takes a group down? Is it interesting that we have so many different social groups in our neighborhoods in Baltimore or that gangs are on their own mentality? What is it tieing such a negative thing together which can be a positive beginning? I also think this about even the police department with the mentality of everyone is a criminal. Rightly so we are all sinners and fall short not only from God... but the millions of laws we have passed. It is hard to be subjective when you are taught everyone is a criminal. I think the rigid branch is breaking. But is it really changing? My husband use to say I was very naive about things. I have learned the hard way that he was right on this. I tend to be naive and forgiving. I tend to be a bit sappy as well. I come from a hard background. I tried to create a better adult life. But things haunt you at times and you have to deal with them... but I don't want to.... I am just worried about the mentality of uncaring and not consideration that seems to be the biggest front to our city. I may get mad and upset about the overwhelming sorrow I feel for some things in my life and how they outplay in this city. But I pray that does not leave a bad taste in my mouth other then the lesson I have learned the last few years. Mainly my husband is right in the fact I am pretty naive and probably a bit to nice. My only hope is that GROUPS be it gangs- police- or social groups learn to be more considerate in their lives and empathetic to humanity even if they have no faith to ground them in peace. Life is a hard struggle for everyone. No one has cornered the market on that. We all walk in shoes you can only see if we take them off and show you. I hope this city breaks its mentality problems so it can begin to heal its humanity.
  13. Yes... my hometown
  14. Very sad.... sending prayers