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  1. What a terrible, boring movie!
  2. 14 straight, he's done, as well as 11, 12 and 13: But 15 is totally impossible.
  3. Or, more likely, people decided not to waste their time.
  4. That made me laugh. Good show, my man, good show!
  5. The problem is, the Sun doesn't offer content that's unique AND/OR worthwhile. It doesn't have a hook or an edge. It's mostly really general AP stuff, regurgitated. And the stuff they do offer that's borderline unique, is done better at other places: The Patches have better (and at least much more timely) local coverage these days and when it comes to the Ravens, the Carrol County Times and Aaron Wilson do it better. Oh, and the Sun's former best Ravens reporter now works covering the AFCN for ESPN... If the Sun wants to tighten up and survive, it needs to push it's good columnists like Van Valkenberg to the front, and focus reporting solely on interesting and unique local content. The Maryland section and the Sports section could save the sun, if done right. But that's a big if. They need to have reporters that actually know their beat and are at city hall, on the streets, and at the Ravens facility and at the local colleges and high schools covering the games, all the time, churning it out, looking for unique, LOCAL news stories. But the 3 feature stories per edition, a few tv lisitings, topped off with a a ton of AP stuff isn't going to cut it. People aren't going to pay for bland, general, AP content they can get free elsewhere.
  6. I know, but you can't make adjustments when you're down yto your last CBs on the roster.
  7. Yeah, I don't think that wasn't a DC or scheme problem. That was Flacco and Smith pickin' on a guy. Flacco looked off Boldin on the second or third TD, who was WIDE open, and threw it to Torrey just because he knew that CB was having a bad day.
  8. Wow. Things must be bad for BS. This and on Saturday they sold out the whole front page and put the lead news on A3.
  9. Flacco certainly looked the best of all the young QBs yesterday. Curtis Painter was abysmal until his 4th Q drive. Bradford was in a daze when the blitzes started coming. Matt Ryan was a fumble machine. Josh Freeman threw more completions to the other team than his own.
  10. And those that can't, teach...
  11. Remember the oooooold Govan's Grill- on the corner of York and Homeland? It's since been razed. But it had GREAT crabcakes...COLD beer!