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  1. Bundy would probably bring a bigger haul than Manny at this point. The O's are gonna suck for at least a couple of years, so if it were me i would seriously consider letting him go for some top prospects.
  2. I thought we had a competitive balance round pick in the high 30's?
  3. How the hell do the O's not pick Liberatore? He has a chance to be the next Chris Sale.
  4. It looks like he did it twice within the span of about three weeks. And Eddie did it eight times while with the O's.
  5. Brian Roberts?
  6. Sigh...Phillies lost to Miami, in part on a bad news bearish play where two infielders ran into each other and dropped a pop-up in the eighth inning, so with that I'm out again in the first round of the play-offs. Three years in a row same thing. Thanks for another fun year, Rob.
  7. Mets Cincy Indians Philly O's Nats K.C. Cubs Texas Toronto Giants Dodgers Rockies Seattle Bostom
  8. Pathetic. Lets two hittable pitches go by him and then swings at garbage like that. Horrible. oops...meant to put this in the game thread.
  9. It's nice to have speedy outfielders.
  10. Great game by Kevin tonight.
  11. I'd rather have seen Trumbo come to the plate than Manny take a chance there on tagging.
  12. Yeah, he absolutely crushed it. Wow.
  13. I just got home from work to see the O's up 5-0 already. Nice turn around from that disaster last night.
  14. Ha. I had to take a chance with these games to try and catch bleedingorangeandblack for the bye but as I should have expected I lost all four games. Well done, bleeding, and congrats on a great year.
  15. Nice DP there.