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  1. I remember being at an Orioles game many years ago on a Friday night, and Brooks hit a walk-off grand slam. The place went crazy. I don't remember who was the visiting team.
  2. RIP Michael I believe he still held the single season receiving yards record.
  3. The Sports Reporters finally went off the air.
  4. Before I met my wife, she lived in Boston for a year. She told me that she was subjected to quite a few racist people there.
  5. This is nothing to be proud of, but in the early ‘70’s, I was a dumb kid who hung on the back of a bus a few times with some friends. Yes, looking back, I could have gotten killed or seriously hurt if I fell off. I did some other stupid things as a kid. I remember to take a shortcut, we would cross under a freight train while the locomotive was idling. We never knew when the train would start moving.
  6. That sounds like the woman is being subjected to a Hostile Work Environment.
  7. Well, driver-less cars seem to be the future. Will society require that someone with a driver's license be in a driver-less car? Could a little kid be legally allowed to be the only person in one of those cars? What about a blind person?
  8. That is terrible. My prayers go out to the Heap family.
  9. I did not like the flash back scenes with Abraham and Sasha. They made the show drag on.
  10. I will watch it when I get home. I recorded the game.
  11. Grant Green - I Want to Hold Your Hand
  12. As Fred Sanford would say, "You Big Dummy".
  13. They are still the Browns. They will find a way to screw things up.
  14. I was curious about the song “Easy Street” that the Saviors played to torture Daryl. It was sung by the Collapsible Hearts Club featuring Jim Bianco and Petra Haden. I found out that Petra Haden is a triplet daughter of the late jazz bassist Charlie Haden. Easy Street - For your listening pleasure.
  15. Easier decision to not resign him. Elam will not be missed.