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  1. Simple machines
  2. This story is so sickening it makes me want to vomit. I am responding to this thread as one of my cats is sleeping in my lap. I cannot imagine how inhumane some savages are.
  3. The Ravens did a great job in sucking yesterday.
  4. I have watched TWD from the beginning. Can someone answer this question? If they are located in Alexandria (Virginia), then why does it seem that there are always leaves on the trees? It doesn't appear that it ever gets cold. Have the seasons gotten messed up somehow?
  5. Marshan Man - I get my cat food online at chewy.com. They have good prices & free shipping.
  6. My mother's latest water bill is over $600. The majority of the amount was from the sewer portion. She lives alone, and there is no way that the bill for one month should be anywhere near that amount. Has anyone been able to figure out why the city water bills are so crazy?
  7. One game does not make a season. On 10/21/2012, the Texans beat the crap out of the Ravens 43 -13. If I remember, that season ended up on a somewhat happy note. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/201210210htx.htm
  8. The way the Ravens played yesterday, it looked like they took a knee the entire game.
  9. I agree. In 2015, I was in a van going from the Oakland airport to San Francisco, and as we were going over the bridge, I saw various motorcycles traveling between the lanes. It must be legal out there.
  10. I always play this version or Horace Silver's original version on Father's Day.
  11. I grew up near Mondawmin. I visited my mom today. After I left her house, I stopped by the Mondawmin Friday's. It was my first time there. I sat at the rectangular shaped bar - it was really big. I had a couple of drinks and an appetizer. I would stop by again in the future.
  12. I remember being at an Orioles game many years ago on a Friday night, and Brooks hit a walk-off grand slam. The place went crazy. I don't remember who was the visiting team.
  13. RIP Michael I believe he still held the single season receiving yards record.
  14. The Sports Reporters finally went off the air.