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  1. High School sports is like “Field of Dreams”, build it, and they will come. Once you have great coaches, and great reputations, parents will find a way to get their son into the school. Some parents use a tech magnet, some will rent an apartment/house in the district, some have even transferred guardianship to a friend or family that lives in the district. In most public school leagues, a couple kids can make a big difference in the win loss column. Coaches do not have to “recruit”, reputation and results (and proactive parents) do it for you. When an athlete moves in from out of state, parents want to make sure he is playing at a competitive school. If a player lives in district with an awful athletic program, parents will move. Having a successful program and great coaching let’s many of these programs stay on top. Talent finds them.
  2. You can use the argument that high schools should emulate colleges, but remember, in college they have TV money and sponsorship. Top high schools may get uniforms, and a little swag here and there, but they are not bringing in the millions that the top colleges bring in to pay for other athletic programs. I am old school, I miss the day of the 3 sport athlete. Summer meant pick up games in the school gym after weight lifting. We looking forward to playing with our friends, in front of our neighbors, in our own communities. Now high schools want to be "colleges" and recruit kids. Heck, youth leagues recruit kids, and we wonder why kids feel special and entitled. The dog is wagging the tail here. At least colleges are getting paid.
  3. I have been a head coach for about 20 years, and 95% of times, any issues with the coach or coaches comes down to playing time. More times than not, the kids knew where they were on the depth chart, it was the parents that thought they should be getting more reps. My son was the 12th man on the school's basketball team this year, and needless to say, there were times that he did not play. He started on the varsity football and lacrosse team as a sophomore and junior. On more than one occasion, parents of the 9th, 10th, 11th players wanted to have a discussion of what is wrong with this team. Why the head coach wasn't being "fair". At one point, they were going to contact the AD. I don't think they ever did, and the AD would not have entertained playing time discussions if they did. The team finished 19-4. I wanted to see my son play more, but it was great to see him learn how to work hard, be part of something bigger than himself, and be a great teammate. My wife and I had a few "discussions" on what it means to be part of the team, she questioned if it was worth it to him to put all this time in, and not play during games. By the end, she came to understand it is not about him, but about the team. Great teams have role players, and sports is one of the places you can learn this. Eventually my son wants to teach and coach, the lessons he learned this year were invaluable. He had to grow up, and accept the world as it is, not how he wants it to be. He was part of something bigger than himself, and if he ever coaches, he will have empathy for the kids that do not get to play as much. I believe our jobs as parents/coaches is to be honest with our players and kids. If the hardest thing they have to deal with is playing time, they have a pretty good life.
  4. Mamba, You hit the nail on the head with outside shooting teams struggling in the finals. The space behind the basket at a college arena really affects shooters. I would love to have someone do a comparison of field goal percentages over the season vs. playing in the larger college arenas. Throw in the stress of the game, and it makes the game fun.
  5. I watched Collin Shlee from Oakdale on Wednesday night, he is a very good high school player. Just named Super 22 QB, and could be the Frederick County basketball of the year. I think we will see Oakdal down at the finals.
  6. Most special teams have special players!
  7. Who knows, if the former Curley coach had a year or two to find some kids that fit his offensive philosophy, he may have been able to be successful with his system. Not sure what he ran at Curley this year, but he was spread at Dundalk. Curley has been a double wing, and did the players at Curley fit his style. He was successful at Dundalk, so his x's and o's were probably sound. Recruiting is a skill, and it takes some time to learn how to recruit successfully. If you take a chance on a young coach, hopefully you are willing to give him a chance to grow. I am not sure that happened here.
  8. Most of those coaches still have teaching loads. They may be abbreviated, but they are still teachers. The difference is the stipends, in Carroll County, the stipend is about $4400 for head coach, and $2700 for an assistant. In the south, I have seen stipends as high as $20,000. (this may include summer pay- they pay coaches to open the weight room, prep for the season) There are coaches in this area that make 100,000 plus, but most of the money comes from teaching. Our stipends are much lower.
  9. you are so right... football season 1987. Even older than I remember. That is what happens, your memory goes.
  10. Damn Mamba, you are making me feel old. When I was a young assistant at Hammond in the late 90's, Chauncey was on the first team I coached. It is exciting to see so many howard county kids getting opportunities at the next level. Congrats to all of the young men who have earned an opportunity to play football in college
  11. You would like to think cameras/videos would have cause people to think twice about the things they say and do. Unfortunately, you get caught up in the moment, and maturity helps you understand there are moments after the moment.
  12. That is why they are kids. Their brains are not fully developed yet. Kids know right from wrong, but they do not always make the connection to long term consequences. Depending on what the incident is, I hope it doesn't ruin someone's future. I know I am glad we did not have cell phone cameras/video capturing me at some of my dumbest moments.
  13. Having a coach in the building is the only way this program has a chance. Coach Martin is a young guy with a lot of energy. He is going to have to "sell" the opportunity to build something with the young men at Centennial. Then he is going to have to get buy in from the administration, the community, and support from other coaches in the building. This is not an X's and O's process, this is an energy process. Can you get the Centennial football players to have a positive experience so they want to hype it up in the school? He has to get players. In this day and age, kids would rather be a backup goalie for a winning soccer team, rather than a starting TE for a budding football program. He has to lure a couple of the basketball players to come out and play football. He has to search for every available athlete in the building. My biggest fear with kids having the option of attending River Hill and OM, is that any football player at Centennial just bail and go to one of those other schools. This will make building a program more difficult. I wish him the best of luck!
  14. Didn't the Loyola coach step down during the season? or am I all screwed up? or was that last year?
  15. Can someone tell me if any of the following jobs are filled? What jobs are still open? Sherwood South Carroll Gilman Loyola