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  1. Mamba, I am posting here because you have more information than anyone I know about high school football and basketball. Can you ever remember 4 more competitive championship games in the history of the championships? This was a great weekend for high school football.
  2. Milford Mill was pretty much stonewalling Linganore in the 1st half, what adjustments do you make? Linganore was the team that made halftime adjustments, they were the team that was losing. It is hard to change what you are doing when you are being successful. Not sure what you wanted the defensive coordinator to do, he thought he could man up and cover 1 on 1. They had 2 DB's trip over each other to give up a td. Linganore converted on a 4th and 13 and a 4th and one. If the Millers make either one of those plays, they win. It was a great game, both teams were in a position to win, and Linganore made a couple big plays down the end. It is what championship football should be.
  3. If I understood correctly, at the last board meeting in Howard County, the board recommended students from overcrowded schools (Long Reach, Howard, and Centennial), will be able to transfer to under enrolled schools. (Marriotts Ridge or Glenelg). Carroll County instituted an open enrollment policy this year, if the school has seats you can transfer in. At least 2 of Westminster's starters played at other programs in Carroll County. Their QB lives in the Liberty district, but transferred from Calvert Hall when he became eligible to play at Westminster. So it seems to be a statewide move to allow students to "chose" their high schools. I am sure the board of education wants it to be done for "academic" purposes, but we all know that coaches will figure out to benefit their programs.
  4. I agree that one call makes or breaks a game, but when the only touchdown scored is 12 on 11, it has to be a tough pill for Walkersville to swallow. I am sure they were confused about where to align. That is a huge advantage for the offense.
  5. Sorry. I can’t figure out how to post the picture of the 5 in the backfield and 12 man set.
  6. Count the number of players and reme 9 (QB) was split wide. Also had 5 in the backfield. The flag was thrown, TD was scored, and the flag picked up. Crazy
  7. from what I am hearing in Frederick County, you better not sleep on Oakdale. They played Walkersville tough the first time. It should be a good game.
  8. There is No Transitive property in football.
  9. Francis Scott Key in Carroll County has started out 3-0. 1st time in about 15 years.
  10. I haven't seen Damascus, but I think Walkersville is pretty good at 2A. It could be a good game. They are strong and fast. They remind me of Urbana during their run.
  11. I think it was 1998 when OM went down to Byrd and played in a state championship with a squad of about 20. I guess if you have the right 20, that is all you need. Football is hard, and it is still the ultimate team sport. My dad wanted me to play football because you had to put the team first. I have been coaching for 30 years, and the biggest change is that kids would rather start for an 0-10 team then be a role player for a 10-0 team. I am more important than the team. I have coached an 0-10 team before, and those kids have many fond memories of what it was like to "man up" and battle every week when the odds were against them. They learned how stay the course. I believe they are better people for it.
  12. Does anyone know the outcome of the meeting? Is Centennial having football this year? or is this all speculation?
  13. 2A West- Ouch -2 defending 14-0 state champions 7 teams with 8 or more wins in 2016 6 combined state champions since 2011 26 combine state championships overall Century 8-3 in 2016, 14-6 past two seasons Liberty 9-2 in 2016, 24-9 past 3 seasons South Carroll 4-6 in 2016, 23-12 past 3 seasons Winters Mill 3-7 Middletown 9-3 (2011-2013 2A state champions) Oakdale 9-3, 25-9 over past 3 seasons Walkersville 14-0, 2016 state champions, 2015 runner up, 25-3 over past 2 years Damascus 14-0, 2015 and 2016 3A state champions, 28-0 past 2 years, 41-1 past 3 years Poolesville, 4-6 Seneca Valley 8-2, 2016, 12 time state champion Williamsport 5-5 in 2016