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  1. I haven't logges on for so long! There are still a lot of familiar names here!
  2. If you really want to lose weight you need to change the question from: "How to lose Weight quickly ?" to simply "How to lose Weight ?" Fad diets will never work for more than 3 months. I've learned this lesson myself...and have been practicing it for the past 13 months. From Nov 9, 2012 until Nov 9, 2013 I lost 155 pounds. But I don't believe there is ANY "BEST" diet. There are A LOT of very good "quality" ones and they all follow very similar guideline....the same guidelines that people have known for eons. You know what they are! Stick with those, they work!!
  3. One thing that I find strange is it seems he's always leaving the store without anything in his hands. Why isn't he buying anything ? What is he going into the WalMarts for ?
  4. I hope you have a Peta-byte Hard Drive !
  5. At best Luck will be another Kyle Boller Luck > 20 INTS; < 10 TDs
  6. Skins 30 Luckless Dolts 17
  7. You'd be surprised how many ATMs either don't have cameras or have cameras that don't work properly.
  8. I'm reluctant to go to restaraunts anymore simply because of their "hidden fees".
  9. When I eat at a buffet I tip $1 for each drink that I ask for. I always ask for a soda and a water to start - so that's $2. And I always get at least another soda or water - so that's $3, and sometimes one more of each - for $4.
  10. I think that's why they don't do anything to those that get around paying for the subscription by simply clearing their cookies. If they got rid of those people too this thread would remain on the first page until next January. I have to believe that the Sun has lost A LOT more in ad revenue due to lost traffic then they've made by charging 99 cents a month for a subscription.
  11. But nothing says spring like short shorts !
  12. Kodak, Blockbuster and record+tape stores
  13. Titanic And any of the Focker movies (however I have the perfect title for their next sequel..."Mother Focker") fwiw - boy do I disagree with Caddyshack ! To me it is a "must see" everytime it is on !
  14. You in tonight ?
  15. Glad to see you're alright. Heard there was a bad accident up your way