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  1. I haven't logges on for so long! There are still a lot of familiar names here!
  2. If you really want to lose weight you need to change the question from: "How to lose Weight quickly ?" to simply "How to lose Weight ?" Fad diets will never work for more than 3 months. I've learned this lesson myself...and have been practicing it for the past 13 months. From Nov 9, 2012 until Nov 9, 2013 I lost 155 pounds. But I don't believe there is ANY "BEST" diet. There are A LOT of very good "quality" ones and they all follow very similar guideline....the same guidelines that people have known for eons. You know what they are! Stick with those, they work!!
  3. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate it! Yeah, it's been hard work but more importantly I feel I was fortunate, and lucky, that my life crossed paths with these 3 instructors just doing what they do everyday, and turned the hard work into something I now look forward to doing everyday. More importrantly I truly look forward to seeing each of these instructors every day. Now it's no longer "hard work and dedication" - I've tried that one a hundred times and never got it to work permanently - now it's simply seeing great friends everyday --- I guess if I can make an analogy, it's more like getting together and playing on a softball team or basketball team and playing hard just for the sport of it...because it's fun --- the sweating and hard work is all just a part of having the fun and enjoying the time with your friends. I think I finally found out it was more importan for me to find the right instructors (friends) to work with, rather than the right gym, exercise or workout. This I can do forever ! You know the old say, "do something you love doing and you never have to "work" a day in your life", well I've found that if you "do something you love doing you never have to "work out" a day in your life"! I did find a way to express to each of them how much I appreciate what they've meant to me these past months. I also told them any changes that they see in me is merely cosmetic...and it pales in comparison to how I feel...24 hours a day 7 days a week. I was afraid they were going to see my gesture as being corny (that does seem a bit silly to me now)....but in fact, they all really did appreciate me coming to them.
  4. 50 year old man weighed 424.4 pounds blood pressure 180/140 (fasting) glucose reading 224 I could barely walk more than a block, or run (if you could even call it that) more than 10 steps. Going up more than 10 steps felt like a major workout and going down steps was often worse due to pain in my knees, ankles and feet. That was in November I can't help but wonder, "how serious was I"? I feel very fortunate today (sometimes even a little emotional) that I joined a gym and came across 3 special class instuctors that took an interest in getting to know me and help me. And boy, did they help me! Today: I weigh under 300 pounds (and I'm still losing weight) my blood pressure is 125/80 my glucose is under 100 and I look forward to seeing these 3 instructors and working out with them 6 days a week - sometimes up to 10 classes a week. I do Cycle/Spinning classes 4 days a week, as well as a Boot Camp class each week (i can't keep up very well but I try to hang in there.) I've also signed up for a 5K Training program and will run my 3rd 5K in 6 months on Thanksgiving morning. I don't know how I can ever let them (the instructors) know how much this means to me. I sometimes wonder how close I was to having a debilitaing stroke or heart attack. Or am I making this out to be more than it really is?
  5. Now they'll raise the hotel tax on all hotels to make up for what this one lost
  6. Maryland State Police arrest driver in fatal City Hall crash Read more: Authorities said Johnson was charged on a warrant with manslaughter by automobile, homicide by motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, driving under the influence of drugs, driving under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of heroin, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and numerous traffic violations.
  7. No. And if the state police give him a ticket for ANYTHING the driver's lawyer will have him quickly pay the ticket at which point the case is closed any no further charges can be applied. Some people are just too focused on their own emotions. The want to see the guy charged as quickly as possible, even if that means h's not found quickly. But the best course is to investigate thoroughly and apply the most serious charges possible that can get the best opportunity for a conviction. Trust me, the Driver only WISHES that he were charged right away That the best scenario for him to get off with either lesser charges, improper charges that he won't be convicted of or, get off scott free ! Again, this IS NOT good for the Driver.
  8. What this usually means is that the Driver is facing more serious charges - charges that will be filed by state prosecuters. The state trooper can only file traffic charges. Is that what you want? Do you want him just to be charged with reckless driving or eluding? If these charges are filed more charges couldn't be added later. If you want the perp to fry, let the prosecutors do their investingation and file the most serious charges for which they can get a conviction for. As a Driver IT IS NEVER a good thing (for you) when state troopers aren't writing you the a ticket.
  9. .,0,5655113.story So he doesn't know anything about half of those tickets ? Let's say it's 21. So he does know about the other 20 ??
  10. You wouldn't gotten a ticket for going 62 in a 55 zone
  11. One thing that I find strange is it seems he's always leaving the store without anything in his hands. Why isn't he buying anything ? What is he going into the WalMarts for ?
  12. A human who drives faster than 42 mph in a 30 zone doesn't seem, to me, to have the ability to think very well
  13. Ssllloooowwwww ddddddooooooowwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!
  14. I hope you have a Peta-byte Hard Drive !