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  1. So then, you think that only police aren't covered under the 2nd Amendment?
  2. On behalf of Maryland's Thin Blue Line, thank you to all those who stood outside today to pay respect to Harford County Sheriff's Deputy 1st Class Mark Logsdon. It was truly humbling while traveling in the procession to see all those that came out or stopped along the procession route. People saluting, hand over their hearts, children and adults waving...very emotional. Thank You for your respect.
  3. Apparently you don't know how to use Google, because Omaha, much like every other city is infested with crime! I guess those 42 murders weren't in the produce section?
  4. That is not completely true. Four were charged with felonies and suspended without pay while the other two who were not are suspended with pay.
  5. Wow, you have no idea what you are talking about. First, how would you know whether they are or aren't members of the FOP? Second, the FOP has nothing to do with whether you are or aren't covered under the LEOBOR. Third, they are suspended without pay because they were charged with a felony. Get a clue!
  6. They did, it's retired PSP Trooper Anthony Deluca.
  7. The Chief of Police involved in scathing Facebook remarks about Marcus Brown!
  8. Ha, now that's funny. Why do people always think that MSP are somehow the wizards of law enforcement?
  9. I always laugh when uneducated people say "Get rid of..." Someone must fill the void and that isn't free
  10. That's the best you have? Lame!
  11. How do you pull people over? Could be that if you're stationary on the shoulder and someone goes by at 84 it takes time to accelerate and close the distance. Could be that the radio was in use and waiting for the channel to clear. Could be that the was activity on the shoulder on I95 after coming off of I395. Could be that you wait for a flat safe area to conduct field sobriety. All possibilities, let's hear your thoughts.