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  1. Really? Should I post screenshots of your vile remarks concerning a fellow poster who went missing in a hurricane in Puerto Rico?
  2. You take the role of clairvoyant quite often here. You should stick to your role of poisoning the minds of youth, on the taxpayer’s dime.
  3. Of course you would. By the same token, had the situations and parties been reversed, your shrieking would have been the stuff of legend, and totally off the charts!
  4. Where are you having dinner tomorrow night mags? Let me pick a cause celebre, that’s mine and not yours. ( Comprendes hasta ahora)? Then I’ll assemble a mob to harass you and your family out of the restaurant in the middle of their meal. Would you approve of these Stalinist tactics!? Of course not, your hypocrisy is off the charts!
  5. So, you would approve of the next Democrat, who holds that position, to be set on by a mob while eating dinner privately, in a D.C restaurant, because of policy differences?
  6. Good to hear! Your party should run on these issues wholeheartedly in the midterms. Don’t forget to include the economy, (which party adopted the slogan: “It’s the economy stupid”), again?
  7. A whole lot of comment sections in major publications, have gone the way of Facebook, not that I like it.
  8. Your phony links provide absolutely no sources that buttress anything in their phony conclusions, absolutely none. Your second link, Wikipedia? Who made the latest changes to the website, that suits the narrative of the day, you?
  9. Daily Kos? And you loons can’t figure out why you’re on the outside looking in?
  10. “ This was brought forth by another Mueller apologist”. Go to to bed mags, you’re too tired to understand which side of the issue you’re arguing for. Remember my kindness next week, when you have the inclination to hurl invective as a normal part of debate.
  11. “This investigation has gone on for almost 18 months” .... the irony... 20+ indictments? Of course, 13 of them were Russians, (strictly a PR stunt). Mueller’s plan was that no one one would show up in court. That backfired, when one of the indicted Russians wasn’t a person, but a company, that wasn’t in existence at the time of the indictment, hired an American law firm, and actually showed up for trial. Of course, Mueller’s minions were caught totally off guard, and were totally unprepared for trial, because they thought nobody was going to show up, they thought they were going to go through the motions, and then go out to lunch on the taxpayers. It didn’t work out so well. Instead of presenting the case for the U.S., ( they had no case), they asked for a delay, the reason given, was that the defendant “wasn’t properly served”. The judge took exception to that, noting, that the defendants and their representatives, were standing in front of him. Mueller’ s minions, did manage to secure a delay. I have no doubt, that this is the first time you’ve heard of this, because your news sources, are quite happy to lie to you, 24/7, and you dutifully lap it up. It’s all out there on Al Gore’s amazing internet, not that you’d ever look outside the bowl your sources circle.
  12. Well mags, it’s pretty obvious, that you refuse to recognize anything that your lying sources spoon feed you. http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/367541-fbi-launches-new-clinton-foundation-investigation
  13. Your empty bleating sounds quite similar to all the Democrat Senators today in the Senate Judiciary Hearing with IG Horowitz; But Trump! But Trump But Trump! Even though the IG made it clear, in his opening statement, for obvious reasons, that the scope of his investigation was limited to how the FBI and the DOJ, conducted their investigation in the Clinton email “matter”. The Clinton’s tax returns have been made public? Sorry, personal income taxes that show Bill’s underwear as a deduction, doesn’t rise to the level of the worldwide scam that they were operating separately. You know this, you’re just not honest enough to admit it. “My boy” is going down? Your side of the aisle has thrown everything possible in the last 18 months to take down a duly elected President, (sedition). Your party failed. From the phony recounts that were laughed out of court, to threatening the lives of members of the Electoral College, to the phony Russian collusion narrative that evolves on a daily basis. Your side of the aisle has failed miserably. It never occurs to you people, to ponder why your side of the aisle has lost over 1,000 seats legislatively since 2010. I understand your anger. Your party has no message, no leadership, and no money. If your party’s message in the midterms, is reduced to “We hate Trump”, you will be defeated again, soundly.
  14. Mea culpas, if I was referring to the wrong poster, I thought Matt was referring to “The Judgement”.
  15. Shameful and cowardly that he brought up the the fact , that that lunatic was stalking him over a TOS banning on a message board? Matt doesn’t collect a paycheck for cleaning up the clowns that you sympathize with.