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  1. Cool story bro! I mean, like, far out! Don’t Bogart that bong, my friend.
  2. No, it’s a whataboutism switcheroo. Nobody’s biting.
  3. How did Obama’s phony line in the sand, and not lifting a finger work out for the victims of Syria’s chemical weapons attacks until last year?
  4. What’s a porn “star”? Wouldn’t she be a porn skank to normal people?
  5. So what is your point, that the term “untruthfulness” as described in the IG Report is not synonymous with the what everyone knows to be a lie? Care to define “ untruthfulness”? It’s a shame, that you leftists consider every aspect of ethics a grey area.
  6. 1) The Inspector General of the FBI 2) The Offce of Professional Responsibility of the FBI. This stuff is not hard to research. You really should limp to the opening of your cave, and take a peek at the world outside your bubble http://abcnews.go.com/US/fbi-officials-recommend-deputy-director-mccabe-fired-source/story?id=53747108
  7. Umm...no. More complete and utter bs, your ilk wallows in. I didn’t vote for Obama or Clinton. It didn’t turn me into a raging lunatic like the liberals have been since Nov. 9’th 2016. Did any conservatives shriek for the abolition of the Electoral College, after those Democratic victories? Nah, conservatives, accepted the results of a duly elected President, something you leftists are incapable of.
  8. “There was a time when the Oval Office” .... you just couldn’t pass up that opportunity, despite the circumstances, could you?
  9. “What we say about Trump are proven facts”. Who are “we”, and in what situations, are your “proven facts” applicable? Details please.
  10. Why did two independent oversight authorities recommend his firing?
  11. No, the first sentence needs no explanation, ( or wiggle room, in the case of dishonesty, which you apparently ascribe to), Are you saying, that lying by omission is acceptable, when the result buttresses your narrative, regardless of whether the truth is revealed?
  12. Actually, the subject of the thread was in reference to the multiple lies, ( perjurious statements), that Andrew McCabe made to Congress, his superiors, and the unlawful leaks he made to the Wall St. Journal, that the Inspector General of the FBI, and the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility independently concluded were in violation of FBI standards and the law. The application of both resulted in his termination. Your pathetic attempt to inject Trump into this, is well, pathetic.
  13. Q: “Lacking Candor is untruthfulness or an attempt to dissemble from the point of view of the investigator”. It’s an “in house” term for one who is lying. You knew this though.... https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/03/candor/556262/