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  1. Who's deflecting again? If you want to start a thread on gerrymandering, have at it! In the meantime, your party's legislative losses in the last eight years are measured in four digits. Providing a link that boasts of legislative gains measured in single digits, is laughable bro!
  2. More Common Core Math? Your party gained back two seats?? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4063898/As-Obama-accomplished-policy-goals-party-floundered.html
  3. How are those special elections coming along? How much money did the Dems dump into Pajama Boy Ossof's coffer?
  4. I beg to differ. As long as "progressives" continue to believe that lecturing middle class voters on their white privilege and transgender bathroom issues, his base will not shrink at all.
  5. Thanks for proving my point a second time.
  6. Geez Loweez, are you really that unaware of the level of projection you inferred by that statement? The USA Today MUST be believed, and any other news sources must be discarded?
  7. I can't tell by your post if you're being facetious, or maybe the Russian trolls are hiding under your bed.
  8. Everyone knows there was no bomb in the clock. The kid and his "clock" were used as props for a lawsuit that ultimately was thrown out of court for the flimsy claim of "discrimination against Mohammed". Insofar as your claim to a consensus that Im "not taken seriously here", here's a dose of reality for you: You're hurling ad hominem on an obscure message board, from a dying newspaper, at someone you don't know from the man in the moon. Have a good night!
  9. What you and all the other leftists still fail to comprehend, ( ten months after your polls could no longer lie to you, by 10:00 pm on election night), is that Trump, via Twitter, could counter the astounding number of hit pieces a day put out by WAPO, NYT, LAT, and all the rest of the alphabet media by reaching out directly to his base without filtration or distortion.
  10. What kid did Obama invite to the White House? Oh that's right, Ahmed the time bomb clock boy! SMH...
  11. Really dude? You beclown yourself with a post like that.
  12. A couple of years ago, the Amtrak Police found an aluminum ladder, bolt cutters, and two crispy critters below the 11kv wire outside of Penn Station.
  13. Scrap metal reclaimation business monitoring is a joke.