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  1. Locker room talk as opposed to actual sexual assault. You people are unbelievable.
  2. Yeah, no violation unless her breasts were naked, right? So what was he doing? Practicing the piano? That’s some real pretzel logic you’re injecting there.
  3. Nice try indeed. I never defended Moore. Care to address the timing of the the story by WAPO as I queried? Nah, you couldn’t, because that would require you to actually address the subject, as opposed to changing the subject, embellished by the usual dose of ad hominem.
  4. Withheld information? You mean like springing the Roy Moore accusations at exactly the right time in the ever reliable Washington Post, when it’s both too late to either be litigated or replace the candidate?
  5. The score is an ever expanding number of admissions, to two denials.
  6. Now comes Charlie Rose, ( lawyer speak), and his clumsy attempt at a statement to counter the accusations of eight women, who he allegedly abused in various manners. Just another name added to the now burgeoning pandemic of Democrats or their left wing media operatives accused of sexual abuse. http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-charlie-rose-cbs-harassment-20171120-story.html
  7. “ as nauseum. You all have a obsession” ......just stop, please.
  8. Of course you would yawn. It’s the perfect example of your value to any debated subject.
  9. First you say you like Franken, “ but this behavior needs to be called out”. What does “called out” mean? Does that mean he takes a measure of responsibility insofar as owning up to unlawful behavior? Should he step down? Be prosecuted? ( You still like him though). Bless your heart, ( to coin a phase)....
  10. It’s not just the picture, it’s the other story where Franken insisted numerous times backstage, that they rehearse a kiss, ( which he conveniently wrote Tweedon into the script, and then insisted on a “rehearsal”, numerous times). When his insistence to “rehearse the kiss” was rebuffed numerous times, he forcibly kissed her, and stuck his tongue in her mouth. So spare us the the phony straw man about how learning from your mistakes made you a better person, The fact that you can’t differentiate between a “mistake”, and criminal behavior is not surprising.
  11. I’ll pose the same question to you, that I posed to one of your fellow travelers, ( who shrieked and freaked, and told me to shut up). If Al Franken was a Republican, and you were shown the same photo of him and your daughter in that scenario, would you really stoop to splitting those hairs as to proximity?
  12. Are you employed by the Archdiocese of Baltimore?