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  1. Both Comey and McCabe testified that this crap was “ salacious and unverified”. Why in the world do you keep pushing this garbage? What purpose does it possibly serve, other than to perpetuate the kabuki theatre narrative?
  2. I own several commemorative, and several collectibles, all locked up in a Liberty gun safe. There is one S&W .357 magnum revolver that’s easily accessIble in the bedroom, ( that no half wit would ever find, unless he swept the room with a metal detector).
  3. Most posters do already.
  4. Just so we’re clear, the 2nd. Amendment is the right that guarantees all the other rights.
  5. I have a feeling that the parents of the 17 slain kids wouldn’t have considered it spying to investigate a man who outrightly proclaimed on YouTube that he wanted to be a professional school shooter. Nice deflection to Muslims though.
  6. News on Friday at 11:00 a.m: ( School shooting in Florida) News on Friday at noon: ( Mueller indicts thirteen Russians) The media was tossed a shiny new quarter in order to deflect attention away from the FBI’s total screw up in the way they mismanaged the Florida shooter investigation. That’s the significance of Friday ‘s indictments.
  7. I did the Viking Danube cruise from Budapest to Bucharest several years ago. Only 168 passengers. Fabulous.
  8. There’s nothing “odd” about it at all. It was a sought after achievement over a couple of generations by your fellow travelers’ objective goals. Your daily posts here, are a textbook example of those goals.
  9. Ok, I’ll waste some extra bandwidth here, which uninformed camp are you a member of?
  10. I think you either hooked school in the sixth grade to avoid your Civics class, or you’re a millennial, who, through no fault of their own, were purposely deprived of even an introductory understanding of how a Presidential election is held, and why it’s conducted the way it is. I’m guessing the former.
  11. Who needs a million agents, when the perp was practically served to them on a silver platter?
  12. Haven’t you made the claim in the past that you’re a Republican?
  13. Who are the verified multiple sources again? Postings of tweets by people who are generally unknown, and either can’t be verified, or corroborated by anyone? The source by NCBF, that local law enforcement debunked totally, or your snopes/ anonymous/ infogram picture, that could have been concocted by your friend who lives in his parents’ basement?
  14. mrsmlh: With all due respect, I could take a picture of myself with my face shrouded in a mask wearing a MAGA hat, post it on social media, claim that it was the killer, and the number of people who would believe it without questioning it would be staggering.
  15. Gee, do you think Vlad will do the right thing and allow extradition?