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  1. So,... What is the Democrats' message for the 2018 midterms, other than an uncontrollable visceral hatred for Trump? There simply is none. Democrats, true to form, will believe the lying polls they convinced each other were accurate right up until 10:00 pm on Nov. 8th., as well as the four Congressional runoffs since, where the media had every Democratic candidate up by a considerable number of points, right up until they lost.
  2. The prolific liars would be Costa's employer CNN, who apologized, retracted, and fired three reporters last month for writing fake news.
  3. They never had to put up with bombastic diaper crappers like Jim Acosta
  4. Proposals are for campaigns. Where's the legislation from Schumer and Pelosi? There hasn't been any, because it's much easier to point fingers than it is to lift a finger.
  5. This link doesn't provide any proposed current legislation, nothing but excerpts from Hillary's failed campaign speeches. As your president, I want to build on the progress we’ve made. I’ll do more to bring down health care costs for families, ease burdens on small businesses, and make sure consumers have the choices they deserve. And frankly, it is finally time for us to deal with the skyrocketing out-of-pocket health costs, and particularly runaway prescription drug prices. Hillary, September 21, 2015
  6. What hypocrisy. http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/where-is-the-democrats-plan-to-fix-obamacare/
  7. I'd fat shame you, but I'll leave the personal remarks to you and your fellow travelers.
  8. Scott Brown? Her current challenger is Indian/American, under any other circumstances, you'd be screeching about the mistreatment of brown people. Do try to keep up. http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/341745-sen-warren-challenger-i-think-only-a-real-indian-can-defeat-a-fake-indian
  9. Just the claim of minority status is laughable, Let alone her lying reśume to Penn and Harvard. What purpose did that serve? Just a coincidence right ? I think I'll make the best effort I can to will myself to ovulate. Then I'll apply to Harvard as a female associate professor. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/warren-concedes-she-told-harvard-and-penn-about-native-american-ancestry/
  10. Agreed, and then submit that video to the HR staff at Harvard. Oops, too late, they've already been duped.
  11. Thanks for proving my point...again.
  12. I've never seen a level of belligerence displayed by you and some others on this forum, but I guess it serves your hyper-partisan purposes. Our family here in Maryland recently came to discover a first cousin in California who'd been given up for adoption seventy one years ago, after both families had used the Ancestry DNA test. You can deny its accuracy all you want, but you'll only look like a bigger fool than usual.
  13. http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/03/sen-warrens-challenger-sends-her-dna-test/ Again, she's been offered a chance to submit to a free DNA test by her Senate challenger, and AGAIN, she has refused. Why??
  14. http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/03/sen-warrens-challenger-sends-her-dna-test/ Her Senate challenger offered her a free DNA test. She refused. Why?