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  1. And that's the way I prefer it, as I definately don't have as much time on my hands as you do. I'm more of a 'check in, see what's going on and get out poster." You're more of a 'shoot now, think about it later,and re-phrase/edit poster', on just about everything on the forum. A TravisMoon/Old19Fan type. I think I'm gonna start calling you OldColtsFan, or OldFan. Hey, look at it this way, if it wasn't for us "geniuses" to keep you in check, you'd have the run of the mill all to yourself.
  2. Not as much as you! By a wide margin. You're all over the map!
  3. He's a piece of work, isn't he? And quite a dancer, which is what he does all day. About the only thing overrated I see on this topic is OCF.
  4. Hmmm, nice response. Running out of "blahs....", huh? Sometimes I wonder if you aren't Old19Fan reincarnated. Ya think? OK, I'm done here, enjoy your day, O overrated one!
  5. Another ridiculous comment! As you are the self-imposed voice of this Ravens forum, I knew you would do what you do best: worming your way out of yet another 'foot in mouth' moment. The guy is a first ballot Hall-of-Famer, has led his team to the playoffs in 12 of 14 seasons (actually 12 of 13 if you don't count the 2008 injured season), Has never had a sub .500 season, and has never thrown more than 14 interceptions in any season. The one constant during these 14 years, although the Pats have gone thru numerous WR's and RB's, is Tom Brady, who had adjusted to what the defense gives him, and simply takes it, whether short throws or long bombs (Moss). I'm not even going to mention the numerous SB titles and MVP's. The numbers don't lie! To say he's overrated because others say he's the best ever, is, how can I say it, childlike! He definitely deserves to be up there. Time will tell if he's considered the best ever, and that will come years after he retires when everything has sunk in. Overrated and Tom Brady should never be used in the same sentence on anything. The guy has paid his dues, and then some.
  6. The most ridiculous quote I've ever read! You're slippin' badly.
  7. A debate?? Blah...blah...blah... Somewhere, there is a Patriot ballboy with an air inflation needle sticking out of his nose!
  8. Thank God he didn't say "rocket scientist"!
  9. Ahhh, DeflateGate! How did I miss that one?
  10. It also has 2 teams that have players that cannot participate because of the Super Bowl, numerous nagging injuries to players that cop out of it and some that have no reasons. Maybe the Pro Bowl players that are there should call it the Festivus Bowl. (for the rest of us)
  11. Baby or no baby, I don't blame him for not wanting to play in this fake bowl. Let's see now, we have Irvin vs Carter, 14-foot wide goal posts, and 33-yard Xtra points. I guess you still can't blitz. Did I miss anything?
  12. No one should blame Gary Kubiak for leaving Ravens January, 19, 2015Jan 19 12:20 AM ET By Jamison Hensley | Exactly one week after Gary Kubiak released a statement that he was remaining the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator, he agreed to become the head coach of the Denver Broncos. Everyone should be ticked off at Kubiak for breaking his word to the Ravens, right? Not really. When Kubiak announced he was staying, he was withdrawing his name from the head coaching searches for the New York Jets, Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers. He obviously didn't know his good friend and Broncos general manager John Elway was going to part ways with his head coach one day later. Kubiak's biggest mistake was bad timing. His dream job -- perhaps the only one he would leave the Ravens for -- opened up after he made a nice gesture of publicly telling other teams how committed he was to the Ravens. Kubiak spent 20 years in Denver as a player and a coach. He worked closely with Elway as his backup, offensive coordinator and even roommate on road games. Kubiak came to the Ravens from Houston, but Denver is his football home. It would be surprising if anyone in the Ravens organization expressed any animosity toward Kubiak. Even though he was with the Ravens for one season, he wasn't seen as someone who would intentionally mislead the team. He was a straight-shooter, not a self-promoter. His only objective was to improve the Ravens offense, which he successfully did. This is why Kubiak declined any head coaching interviews while the Ravens were in the playoffs. Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith expressed the same sentiment with a post on Twitter: "How can you be mad at a guy who did his job and was rewarded with a dream opportunity that WASN'T available when he said he was staying?" Kubiak should be applauded for what he accomplished in his brief stint as the team's play-caller. For one of the few times in the Ravens' 19-year existence, there is excitement surrounding the Ravens' offense. Kubiak got quarterback Joe Flacco and the running game back on track. The Ravens finished with their highest offensive ranking (No. 12) in 17 years. He gave the Ravens their blueprint in how to get the offense clicking. The Ravens have to be disappointed that Kubiak's stay was all too brief. It's only conjecture now how Flacco and the rest of the offense would've progressed with Kubiak running the offense for a second season. When the Ravens play at Denver in 2015, it won't be a revenge game. The Ravens will simply be upset at losing a strong coach like Kubiak to an AFC team that has similar Super Bowl aspirations. Two Ravens assistants follow Gary Kubiak to Broncos January, 18, 2015 Jan 18 11:00 PM ET By Jamison Hensley |
  13. No, I wouldn't! I would've hated that TD! Simply because it gave Brady too much time to come back and score again. As I stated in my original post (Here's the way I look at it.....), there was too much time left and we should've continued with the short passes and runs to bring the clock down. Imagine that, not wanting a TD to take the lead! It was the wrong call dictated by the 'flow of the game', in which we already showed we couldn't stop Brady even with a 14-point lead, twice. (Yeah, blah-blah-blah OCF) Why everyone keeps harping on Torry Smith doesn't matter, it's the play itself that was called. Besides, he isn't even close to a Dez Bryant type, so why expect more? There's 3 things that could've happened on that play and 2 of them are bad (TD & interception). The good one was an incompletion. I know it's ingrained in everyone's mind to accept the TD, but not this time. You're trying to win the game, you're moving the ball with success on short passes and runs, while running the clock down. You're on the NE 36-yard line with a 2nd and 5. You definately don't want NE to get the ball back with too much time remaining. You will get your shot at the end zone later, all you needed was patience. They decided to flip the scene and go for it all. It just doesn't make sense to me. PS---I hope my "blah...blah...blah" made your day OCF. Some day you will see this exact sceniaro succeed and proclaim "what a novel idea!"
  14. Geesh, are you really that dense? It's like talking to a wall.