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  1. back to 10
  2. someone dropped out on me two days prior to the automated draft- I'm scrambling for a 10th. PM an email address if interested
  3. league filled
  4. babyL -Boys &Girls album is outstanding. I like a few cuts on Beta Noir
  5. Yes, Manny it's looking like the NIT
  6. thx baby L. .Hey Coach (bleedingorange) I,m not seeing you as enrolled. Only three slots left.
  7. Mildly surprising b10 Nebraska is tied with Michigan at 4-4 and Penn St is behind them
  8. in case anybody is looking for a weekly league PM me an email address. I'm sticking with an automated draft cuz of logistical time zone issues.you'll need a free CBS Sports ID League Name: April 2018 Already League Type: Private League Description: somewhat serious Created by: Buster McNamara Draft Date: March 14, 2018 Draft Style: Automated Draft Set Lineups: Weekly Scoring System: H2H Player Pool: Both AL/NL Member Count: 5 of 10 needed to draft
  9. Turgeon'' s coaching ability is approaching a grade of a D. How about the Johnnies (St Johns basement Big East dwellers knocking off Puke
  10. Just wondering what happened to the presumption of innocence, not just about Moore but for the Hollywood folks , etc.
  11. refugee influx remains the political problem
  12. My cousin's husband Poly(74) let me know. . You don't receive PMs here. Mitch Burrill Poly 77 AE1 died last week. Message me at Fbook
  13. someone left the NBA league, so I pushed back the autopick draft to Oct 5. Need a tenth member quickly. PM me contact info if interested
  14. transition JJ to the coaching staff- have him work with Beckham on fielding.