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  1. refugee influx remains the political problem
  2. My cousin's husband Poly(74) let me know. . You don't receive PMs here. Mitch Burrill Poly 77 AE1 died last week. Message me at Fbook
  3. someone left the NBA league, so I pushed back the autopick draft to Oct 5. Need a tenth member quickly. PM me contact info if interested
  4. transition JJ to the coaching staff- have him work with Beckham on fielding.
  5. Geez, I'm matched up against Bleeding in two college fantasy leagues this weekend, too.
  6. N.Y. Yankees Texas Cleveland Miami Houston Washington Philadelphia San Francisco L.A. Angels Colorado Baltimore Detroit Milwaukee Kansas City Cincinnati
  7. Been here about 18 years -started with my 1999 GOP run for Baltimore City council
  8. That's interesting but, perhaps they're more affected by the refugee influx. AFD became the first far-right party to enter parliament in more than half a century
  9. "will only sell to..." is clear. Shades and Spring attempted rationalization is shady.
  10. Minnesota Toronto Washington Boston Pittsburgh Baltimore Philadelphia Milwaukee Kansas City Texas Arizona Cleveland L.A. Dodgers Colorado Houston
  11. N.Y. Yankees Cincinnati Milwaukee Tampa Bay Detroit Cleveland Philadelphia Atlanta Minnesota Houston Chi. Cubs Colorado Texas Arizona Washington
  12. Nearly certain this is my first playoff appearance
  13. Have one slot left H2H total points automated draft Sept 18. If you're a novice to fantasy hockey this may be a good start. PM through Sunspot or email an email address to vaporbust4@gmail.com for an invitation.
  14. Toronto Cincy Washington Miami Boston Chi. Sox Kansas City St. Louis Chi. Cubs N.Y. Yankees Houston Arizona Seattle L.A. Dodgers Baltimore