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  1. If the best case scenario is that Tillman maybe makes his debut in May, then I think the O's can and should try to get by with their in-house candidates. But if Tillman's shoulder isn't going to be "right" all season, then maybe they should consider other options. Doug Fister and Colby Lewis, to me, seem too risky. At this point, Ubaldo, Miley and the #5 spot are all question marks...and we have to hope Bundy stays healthy for a full season as a starter. So it might make sense -- if we're in contention in, say, May or early June and Tillman isn't 100% -- to make a deal for a more solid #2 starter type. Maybe a Hellickson from Philadelphia?
  2. Thanks. It's easy to be fooled by spring training performances (that's why I was careful not to suggest that Lee will be a breakout star in 2017.) But it was good to see a young O's pitcher look so polished when most of the national "experts" say our farm system consists of Chance Sisco and nothing else.
  3. I just got back from seeing the O's in Florida -- here are a few things that stood out to me while I was there: Last week I had the chance to head to Florida for some Spring Training baseball. As part of my trip I saw five games – in five different ballparks – in four days. Three of those games were Orioles games – a 12-5 win over the Red Sox on March 1…an 8-1 split squad loss to the Yankees on March 2…and a 5-2 loss to the Pirates on March 3. Aside from the perfect weather and cold beer, there were a number of interesting Oriole-related nuggets from the trip. To be clear…these are not things I “learned,” as it’s impossible to learn much in such a small sample size. But there were some observations I was able to make…and here they are in no particular order: 1. Chris Lee looked great against the Pirates. In three innings of work, Lee gave up only one hit – a double to Starling Marte – and allowed just one run when Marte scored on Manny Machado’s error. But aside from that, Lee allowed nothing else – striking out two and enticing seven ground ball outs against Pittsburgh. Aside from the results, Lee looked like a pitcher in control – working quickly, pounding the strike zone and projecting the confidence of a seasoned Major Leaguer rather than a pitcher who has never pitched above Double-A. 2. Chance Sisco is doing a lot of observing. I only saw the Orioles’ next potential long-term answer at catcher hit once during my trip – he flew out to left against Pittsburgh’s Jared Lakind – but I did notice that he spent most of his time at games in Sarasota and Bradenton on the Orioles’ bench, rather than in the bullpen. The rest of the observations are on this blog post: