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  1. I'm wondering how I got over 14,000 negative "likes". What's up with that?
  2. Facebook
  3. Did some one say "old"?
  4. There is, according to early reports, a stop sign at the crossing. The video clearly shows that the truck driver made no attempt to stop.
  5. A friend of mine has had some panels installed on his roof for domestic water heating. I did some research on the subject at the time (about two years ago). The solar companies help you with the application process. BGE does not make it hard, they get alternative energy credit for having people feed their grid. In fact, BGE pays for the electricity you produce. There are houses with either photovoltaic, solar thermal, or both all over western Howard County.
  6. I think that plexiglass came from polymethyl methacrylate being too hard to spell. (I had to make up for my biomath error by dragging out the only thing I remember from organic chemistry.)
  7. OK, I take it back. I forgot about the 9 month incubation period (pretty dumb for a father of two). My apologies to johnpolitics. Seadog, the Contrite
  8. Lets see now, they were married in May 2011. That was at least 18 months ago. The baby is 16 months old. By the principles of higher mathematics, that proves that johnpolitics is a [personal attack deleted].