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  1. I never even had "K" education. I started right out in 1st grade. Not many kids in 1950's Dundalk went to kindergarten.
  2. In today's print edition of the Sun, front page, top-right column. I find it telling that a story about the new budget not containing any new taxes or fees rates the number one position in the paper.
  3. Well, Iceland IS noted for it's beautiful women.
  4. Believed to be the first ever.
  5. But very learned posters on this forum keep saying that home invasions rarely, if ever, happen. It seems like this is the 5th or 6th that I have seen in the Baltimore area this year. I'm confused.
  6. I never said it disproved anything. It is related to the scientific study of temperatures on the planet Earth. I said in my post that I know it wasn't global. I do not think that is too hard to understand.
  7. Yep, you're right. The tag above says "Lowest Temp Measured" I was looking at "lowest temp in 2013". I know that analyzing data takes a long time, But 3 years seems a bit long.
  8. No, the coldest measurement was made July 31, 2013. Look at the NASA link more closely. See upper left corner of the first graphic. Not that I don't believe that some of the facts are being concealed. When I first became interested in global warming, about 1991, the NOAA web site climate information page had a chart showing global average temperature by year. It showed a steady decrease starting in 1982. That chart was removed from the site during the Clinton/Gore administration.
  9. Because they recently got a satellite with instruments that can do the measurement.
  10. I didn't say he was. I asked if he would admit it if he were.
  11. Link to NASA article: Of course I know that this isn't global, but it's still related.
  12. I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong. Are you?
  13. McCain was not the one who paraphrased "Barbara Ann". That song has been around since Jimmy Carter's time.