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  1. Death by the diet or Death by a nagging wife. Both with no prosecution.
  2. Republican (ALEC) have been busy with the Lasey Act since 2000. US LACEY ACT Pasted from <>
  3. IMO: This is part of the Republican ALEC trend to criminalize everything. Part of the Privatizing of the Private Prison System. Efforts to Rewrite Americans' Rights; Changes that Imprison More People for Longer and Make More Money This page documents how bills pushed by ALEC corporations result in taxpayers subsidizing the profits of the private prison industry by putting more people in for-profit prisons and keeping them in jail for longer. The bills also would put more guns on streets and interfere with local law enforcement decisions about how best to interact with immigrant communities. Through ALEC, corporations have both a VOICE and a VOTE on specific state laws through these model bills. Do you?,_Prisons,_Crime,_and_Immigration ------------------ Cross The Border, Lose Your Bentley; The Lacey Act Applies To Automobiles, Too
  4. The Lacey Act for Timber products was written under the (Republican) Bush Presidency (2008). The intent was to suppress free trade and increase US profits. British think tank Lacey Act As Applied: Case Studies Chatham House Lacey Act Requires/Allows Importer/Foreign Gov't to Prove/Certify Legality. Lacey Act Is Used By Competitors To Unfairly Interfere With Shipments ________________ US LACEY ACT The Lacey Act is a piece of US legislation which was introduced in 1900 to prevent transportation of illegally captured wildlife across state lines. It has been amended several times, most recently in June 2008 when US Congress agreed to extend the Act to timber products. This made the US the first country to legislate against the handling of timber which is illegal according to the laws of the country the timber originated from. The European Union has been exploring the possibility of adopting similar legislation, for details of this please see our EU FLEGT: Due Diligence page. Singling Out Wood Products from the Developing World Since 2008, Lacey’s primary target has been stopping the developing world’s wood product trade under the guise of combating illegal logging. With illegal logging estimated to be just 5–10 percent of global wood production, Lacey’s proposed enforcement is excessive and obstructs legal trade. U.S. companies in the forestry sector intent on undermining their foreign competitors have supported misguided trade controls like Lacey and have criticized their developing world competitors. A recent report by the environmentalist group “Avoided Deforestation Partners” highlights the extent to which the U.S. agricultural sector hopes to benefit from the environmentalist agenda against developing countries. The key is using the Lacey Act to deny these would-be exporters the right to compete directly with U.S. producers. The report’s executive summary promises that “U.S. agriculture and forest products industries stand to benefit financially from conservation of tropical forests through climate policy. Ending deforestation through incentives in [the] United States and international climate action would boost U.S. agricultural revenue by an estimated $190 [billion] to $270 billion between 2012 and 2030.”[5]
  5. In the above article the wood is identified as coming from India. International treaties shows laws to protect the forest of Madagascar because of it's unique ecosystems. These are two different places. I think there is more to this story..What do you think? . Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot in which over 80% of its plant and animal species are found nowhere else on Earth. These are dispersed across a variety of ecoregions, broadly divided into eastern and south-central rain forest, western dry forests, southern desert and spiny forest. The island's diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife are severely threatened by human settlement and traditional slash-and-burn practices (tavy) which have denuded Madagascar of as much as 90% of its original forest cover. Under the administration of former President Marc Ravalomanana, the government of Madagascar partnered with the international community to implement large-scale conservation measures tied to ecotourism as part of the national development strategy. However, under Rajoelina's caretaker government there has been a dramatic increase in illegal logging of precious woods and the poaching and sale of threatened species such as lemurs in Madagascar's many national parks, several of which are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  6. So what is your intent considering your level of maladaptive brain activity?
  7. I take the raid as being an enviromental problem as to where the wood was harvested and the designation of the wood shipment being wrong? Quote: In the latest raid, agents seized business computers after observing a shipment of ebony and rosewood from India delivered to a Gibson storage facility, according to Reuters; Gibson said agents seized wood from its factory, too. The agents were watching Gibson after they detained a shipment of sawn ebony logs from India in June; the accompanying paperwork fraudulently identified the shipment as Indian ebony fingerboards but did not name Gibson, according to Reuters. With the initial raid on Gibson in November 2009, agents seized guitars and ebony fingerboard blanks from Madagascar, according to Gibson. In recent years, Gibson has taken steps to ensure more of its products are sourced from sustainable forests. Three of Gibson's manufacturing facilities have been issued FSC Chain-of-Custody certificates, according to the Rainforest Alliance, and Gibson manufactures the Les Paul SmartWood and Raw Power guitars, which are sold as FSC-Pure with a certificate of authenticity from Gibson. The FSC certificates cover products made from hard maple, mahogany, muira piranga and swamp ash. According to Juszkiewicz, the wood seized Wednesday was FSC-certified. Pasted from <
  8. Whats your problem? I am getting tired of your statements.
  9. My understanding is that Gibson was illigally importing the wood.
  10. Nursing homes. Physically impaired: Pharmacutical products, operations gone wrong, old age, accidence, birth defects, military injuries, Mentally incompetent are the source. Insurance payments, government, private payment *Medicare confiscates on access of homes and bank accounts on the single persons including elder and has restriction on what a married spouse can retain. Gov. of Florida who ran HCA hospital on his financial disclosure for governor put Nursing home stock in trust of his wife. Doctors / Psychiatrists with Nursing home stock will enhance their earnings inspite of any oath Carlyle Group (Bush) has/ had investments in Maryland Nursing homes.
  11. Everyone has to be a Rocket Scientist in the eyes of the Mental health and Pharmacutical Industry and if they aren't then they need to be classified in the 101 "made to order mental illnesses" requiring mind drugs.
  12. He has an estimated worth of 70 million dollars
  13. 5:56am still breathing.
  14. One hour and 34 minutes into May 21 and all is well. Took a walk around the property and the crickets are chirping. My dog is happy to see me as always and I released him from his out door cage and let him walk with me. Nothing to report out of the normal. I will check back later in the day for a head count of those still around. Make sure you check in.
  15. Too late.. I already have the Wills..only problem is that the sinners litigate in the court and surely there will be no one around for me to probate their Wills. Oh well, I guess your statement "When everyone is gone and god's not looking, we need to pick up some sweet stereo equipment and maybe some new furniture for the mansion we're going to squat in." is truth and is going to happen.