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  1. Death by the diet or Death by a nagging wife. Both with no prosecution.
  2. Nursing homes. Physically impaired: Pharmacutical products, operations gone wrong, old age, accidence, birth defects, military injuries, Mentally incompetent are the source. Insurance payments, government, private payment *Medicare confiscates on access of homes and bank accounts on the single persons including elder and has restriction on what a married spouse can retain. Gov. of Florida who ran HCA hospital on his financial disclosure for governor put Nursing home stock in trust of his wife. Doctors / Psychiatrists with Nursing home stock will enhance their earnings inspite of any oath Carlyle Group (Bush) has/ had investments in Maryland Nursing homes.
  3. Everyone has to be a Rocket Scientist in the eyes of the Mental health and Pharmacutical Industry and if they aren't then they need to be classified in the 101 "made to order mental illnesses" requiring mind drugs.
  4. He has an estimated worth of 70 million dollars
  5. 5:56am still breathing.
  6. One hour and 34 minutes into May 21 and all is well. Took a walk around the property and the crickets are chirping. My dog is happy to see me as always and I released him from his out door cage and let him walk with me. Nothing to report out of the normal. I will check back later in the day for a head count of those still around. Make sure you check in.
  7. Too late.. I already have the Wills..only problem is that the sinners litigate in the court and surely there will be no one around for me to probate their Wills. Oh well, I guess your statement "When everyone is gone and god's not looking, we need to pick up some sweet stereo equipment and maybe some new furniture for the mansion we're going to squat in." is truth and is going to happen.
  8. This is going to be a bad month with the Mayan date around the corner of the May 21 date. Do you think some religious scholar erred in the dates of Japan and the Mississippi River floods and the Ice storms in the North East ?
  9. Nursing homes for Dementia and Alzheimer patients brought on by the Statin and mind drugs will be a lucrative investment
  10. I remember something similar to this in 1965
  11. Not a Scientologist (SH)
  12. Are you talking about human psychology based on hearsay and action as determined by a person sporting a falsehood in profession vs a medical model, evidence based medicine or a falsehood by test of chemical imbalance or MRI?
  13. Renounced homosexuality should be considered becauseof induced homosexuality that could be the product of psycho-drugging or psychothreapy and not exclusively the freedom of choice of the person.
  14. The Muslim taxi drivers refuse to transport any alcohol or intoxicated people in their cabs. I assume they would turn down a person if Pork was purchased at the grocery and their cab flagged for the ride home. Whats next based on defined morals or religious beliefs as interpreted by the shop owner or transportation worker.