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  1. Sorry bud, the only other coach the young man may follow would be Mencarini. He is very close to him. Since he’s not in the running, your loss.
  2. Sorry to burst your bubble fellas he’s staying put, directly from the family. No rumors for me. Just go to the source. Small town remember.
  3. Calling BS on the GC 2.0 being like 3.0 public. I know many families have pulled their kids from GC to go back to Damascus.
  4. As I said Small town, the last Damascus kid that played at Gilman lives in my neighborhood. A transfer from Landon, which some blue bloods insist Gilman doesn’t take. As I said, I’ll ask the young man.
  5. Isn’t Locksly’s tie really to Biff, not Gilman?
  6. Small town, remember? I’ll just ask him point blank next time I see him. I know him pretty well. He’ll be honest with me. People forget, he’s got roots in this small town. Mom grew up here, grandparents still live here.
  7. There’s only one coach that the Top recruit would follow, and he’s currently on a college staff. If he’s not the prospective Gilman coach, then he’s staying put. Believe me.
  8. I certainly hope you’re not thinking about who I think you are for a coach. Is he currently on a College staff?
  9. Even a sack would have been the better ply given the situation. You don’t stop the clock plain and simple. What don’t you understand about that?
  10. Typically, but not in that situation. It’s called down and situation awareness, something Joe seems to forget. I can guarantee that Brady, Breese, Rogers, and more would not have thrown the incomplete pass.
  11. A smart seasoned QB knows that with playoff ramifications you sprint out of the pocket and run towards the sideline and slide, keep the clock running. Joe just isn’t quick enough thinking in those situations.
  12. Heard from a very reliable source that Ambrose is a pompous ***. Treats the players poorly.
  13. Wait, what happened to all the talk that Plank was coming into SFA as the White Night?
  14. I’ve got to say that the crew that did the Damascus Gwynn Park game was one of the best I’ve seen in High School in a while. They were on top of every play. Go back and look at the game as I did, and they were really good.