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  1. They needn't worry, they went to Gilman. I have been told numerable times that kids go to Gilman for the lifelong hookups.
  2. While a Wise Damascus matchup sounds intriguing, a team with an enrollment of twice the other typically has an advantage.
  3. Learning from the best, Vamp!
  4. You said Plank had already invested "plenty" into SFA. It will never compare to what he's done at SJC.
  5. So how do you compare what he has done at SJC vs SFA?
  6. Have you seen the facilities at SJC that he is personally responsible for? At best SFA will be a step child if anything.
  7. Says the guy that claimed the Gilman OC from Georgia was going to show us an offense like we've never seen, because he won a state championship in Ga.
  8. Plank is a St John's grad and is pouring a ton of money into them. Not sure why guys keep thinking he's going to adopt SFA.
  9. Interesting fact about Damascus, is the number of Alum on the coaching staff, including HC Wallich, DC Bucky Clipper, OL Billy Burns, WR/DB Greg Frazier, QB Connor Frazier, and D Asst Joe Strichfield.
  10. Great write ups Mamba.
  11. Chris was one of the best high school football players I have ever seen. WAPO All Met as middle linebacker his Junior year, and All Met QB his senior year. Talk about a football player.
  12. QOs coaches name is John Kelly played on those late 90s Seneca Valley teams with his brother Chris. Doc Bonner is a Gonzaga transfer.
  13. If I were pissing down your leg, you would know it, I'm an old guy with a bladder problem. 😏
  14. Believe it or not, I don't see the world in Black and white. Some elect to do that, that's their choice. I have already said, Wise is well coached team, need to take that chip off your shoulder and relax sometime. Like you, I am a big Public advocate, not a fan of the mercenary Privates, that claim they're in it for the kids. It's all about winning for them, at all costs.
  15. You contradict your previous statement about falsely accusing Wise's open enrollment. So like others in PGCO they take advantage of it. Good for them. As I said no knock on the team or coaching. Playing within the rules of PGCO, good for them. Very successful program and solid coaching.