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  1. So they took the kid from Richmond because theres no school there like SFA? Why haven’t they picked up another Richmond kid that doesn’t play a sport if they’re so charitable?
  2. It’s become apparent, with Poggi involved it’s not about the high school experience. It’s all ego driven, starts from the top and filters down through the Ranks.
  3. I stand corrected, 5, you don’t have Timmy Ferguson. Preston Murray played more d than Ambush, so I didnt count Ambush. I also forgot about freshman Linthicum. He’s going to be a monster playing next to Bresee.
  4. Yes Junior kicked all the XPs. By the time he’s a senior, he could be a pretty special weapon. That sophomore class has more than Bresee, it’s loaded. At times during the State Championship Dmass had 4 sophomores playing D.
  5. Damascus Sophomore kicker Junior Baeres kicked more than 70 XP’ s for the second consecutive year. At this pace he could break the State career record next year.
  6. Coach, spend more time building a strong feeder system, teach them your schemes, instead of trying to change the system to help you.
  7. Clearly a violation.
  8. I’m with you mamba. My HS football team never made the playoffs, but it’s still some great memories. Too many are worried about little Johnnies feelings. Win your damn games and you’ll have nothing to worry about.
  9. There in lies the problem with theory vs reality.
  10. So do we need more blowouts?
  11. Yep it starts to get watered down.
  12. How do you think they’re drawn up today?
  13. Probably the toughest Region in any classification in the State. Not sure if a fifth class would help you.
  14. You can include Oakdale and Seneca Valley in the region as well.
  15. Such is the age of “me” who cares about everyone else.