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  1. There in lies the distinct advantage Privates have. Thanks for acknowledging.
  2. You can appeal for a hardship case to get a 5th year.
  3. Care to give me the breakdown of where the kids from the Privates come from? I.e. how many Good Counsel kids from Olney, Dematha from Hyattsville, etc?
  4. As I said, the Crab Bowl could change.
  5. I’d like to see the crab bowl change the format, have All State Public team play an All State Private team. Maybe we can settle this that way.
  6. Any coincidence that River Hill lost their dominance after the “Magnet” program was lost?
  7. Problem 1 is in most States the highest paid State funded employee is the State College football coach. Trickles down from there.
  8. Yes they have, college football has become a big business
  9. Absolutely, football teaches one life skills, most important ones are how to contribute as a team mate and dealing with adversity. Allowing one to quit, is selfish.
  10. You think all alumni are just concerned about athletics and nothing to do with the Arts? I’ver Heard for years how the all these MIAA schools are filled with blue bloods that will set you up for life. Those types attend a heck a lot more events at Art museums and Symphony halls than on the athletic fields.
  11. Until one can prove to me that these same schools have increased their true academic based enrollment or even giving gifted arts students “financial aide” at the same pace as athletics, I’m sticking with they have lost their way.
  12. Damascus is six time defending dual wrestling state champs, pretty impressive model to follow.
  13. I attribute part of Damascus football success to the number of football players that wrestle. Of the nine that qualified for individual state championships, 6 are also football players, including the QB.
  14. I would expect MSJ to win that, if they didn’t that would be quite embarrassing. MSJ has kids from all over the area, including Damascus’s neighbor Gaithersburg on their team, while Damascus is strictly from within its small town boundaries.
  15. Damascus beat Urbana earlier in the year, with the Hawks giving them the toughest competition they’ve had in years.
  16. He had a special QB at Dundalk.
  17. He went to High Point University with the Dillon boys, grandchildren of Richard Childress, so he had an inside track.
  18. I believe it’s probably Wyoming Seminary in Pa.
  19. Middletown never won 50+ consecutive games, if that’s what you meant. Urbana still has that record at 50.
  20. No where near the 16m that he has pledged to SJC.
  21. Plank has been involved for years at SJC. He’s a graduate.
  22. Locksley and crew.
  23. That great New Mexico experiment. How’d that end up?
  24. 3 time Pro bowler, not too shabby.