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  1. SFA

    The world of high school free agency.
  2. We’ll just chalk that up with all the Bresee transfer chatter.
  3. Good for you, right priorities.
  4. Hope he gets some PT.
  5. SFA

    How can he go back to Richmond, we were told there weren’t opportunities like SFA in Richmond.
  6. And the Private school free agency saga continues. Getting to be a soap opera.
  7. Best way for the youngsters to learn is to force them to sit out out for year. No one is held accountable for their own actions anymore. What are we teaching these youngsters, it’s alright we’ll just move on and act like nothing happened?
  8. Tragic news. Prayers go out to the family.
  9. If you can’t see the hypocrisy in this, you’re the idiot.
  10. So they flunked out at SJC, and they are accepted into SFA? Why not use those two spots for some underprivileged gifted students?
  11. They must be model citizens.
  12. For those that don’t understand the issue, says it all.
  13. SFA

    I thought the SFA charter was to help the inner city at risk.
  14. SFA

    Cities themselves are 670k and 640k.
  15. SFA

    Bigger pool of kids, cities are relatively the same size?
  16. SFA

    Biff has become a laughing stock in high school football.
  17. SFA

    Wait, aren’t the kids there for an education?
  18. “McDonoghand Gilman are still playing them, and I hear it’s staying that way” , someone else must be positng under you name.
  19. I thought GA said this wouldn’t happen.
  20. SFA

    Hardly the same with the implosion at Urbana. That’s compared to the players that left Gilman.
  21. SFA

    Three peas in a pod.
  22. Funny how we all have our definition of cowards. Mine is having to stack your team with players from near and far and then challenge the local neighbors.
  23. Great to see this. Thanks for posting Nomad
  24. I don’t understand the issue. Some of you guys say that kids want to go to the Privates schools so they can play the best competition. Now we have schools backing out playing the top schools.