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  1. There was a similar incident that occurred several years ago but the ambulance was stolen as Beltway Plaza in Greenbelt and resulted in a fatality. The thief was a white guy from Montgomery County.
  2. Most likely Code 1.
  3. The Baltimore residents turned on Charles quickly after he expressed empathy for police.
  4. Ryan Odom did a great job turning around UMBC basketball in his first year. I hope he sticks around and builds a basketball program that can compete and win consistently year and year. With all the basketall talent in the State of Maryland, I wouldn't mind seeing a second college basketball team competing at the national level. Ideally I'd like to see UMBC play basketball in the Atlantic Ten Conference. UMBC would have rivals like La Salle and St. Joseph's to the north and George Washington, George Mason and VCU to the south. That's some pretty decent college basketball.
  5. For some reason, I can't get into Big Ten basketball. Never did like it.
  6. Maryland gets another four star recruit:
  7. I remember Maryland going up against Clemson during the Bobby Ross era. Those were tough fought games that could've gone either way. Maryland certainly has fallen on hard times. But I think Maryland finally has an administration in place that supports football. Just look at how the Cole Field House is being re-purposed.
  8. Randy Edsall apologizing to UConn for the way he left: After enduring 6 consecutive losing seasons, most UConn fans are ready to accept Edsall apology and move forward.
  9. With both Al Golden and Greg Schiano available, I'm surprised that UConn would bring back Randy Edsall. He left on bad terms, and his teams could never defeat ranked opponents.
  10. I haven't posted here in years. Some good news regarding football for a change. Hope Durkin has turned the program around.
  11. Even though John Graham hasn't done much, I hope he remains on the team.
  12. But it may be all for naught of the P5 breaks away from the conferences and forms a separate league that functions like the NFL, with an 8 school playoff and equal national TV revenue sharing. Boy, Maryland would be a big loser under this scenario, at least in the short term.
  13. With Franklin at Penn State and Ralph at Rutgers, Maryland now has in-conference football rivals that the ACC had never really provided.
  14. Ralph is returning to college football as OC at Rutgers, Maryland's new rival. I tried posting the link but couldn't get it to paste.
  15. Any thoughts of Towson State changing its name to Maryland State and upgrading its athletic programs? Apparently that's the big thing now, at least at some schools that have directional names and are upgrading their football programs. For example, University of Southwestern Louisiana to University of Louisiana Lafayette; or Southwest Missouri State University to Missouri State University.