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  1. Looking at the electoral map, I don't see how Obama wins in 2012. He's not going to win the following states again: Virginia Florida North Carolina Ohio Wisconsin Minnesota Colorado New Mexico Nevada New Hampshire The battleground states will be places like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine, Oregon and Washington.
  2. So? Maher is a moron with a tiny following of like-minded morons.
  3. Short answer: Anyone. Gumby.
  4. Good for them. They're good liberals just like Spanky.
  5. Link: Christie didn't go far enough; Aitken should have been pardoned. At least Aitken gets his freedom back after being forced into a 7-year jail sentence by a judge with horrible judgment.
  6. There's no difference between these people and the global warming nutters.
  7. I guess you've been taken off Normie's list of posters to stalk.
  8. Bottom line is that the city streets are not private, reserved parking.
  9. Anyone who compares the Christian right to the Taliban is totally ignorant as to what the Taliban AND Christianity stand for. It's hard to take anyone with such a partisanly stupid understanding seriously.
  10. Bavaria is traditionally very conservative. I'm not surprised they lost a bit of ground.
  11. Link: Good news for the world economy.
  12. No, they're not childish, but people act childishly when they find out they're on an ignore list. I put the entire Os board on constructive ignore a few months ago and now the only people that whose posts show as "ignored" are a few party hacks on the political boards that aren't worth reading. Generally, if I know what you're going to say before you say it, it won't be long before I actively or passively ignore you.
  13. What bud and BMONJ said.
  14. Since you're special and not average I suggest watching the Os.