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  1. This article speaks to the points you’ve made NBC News: Charles Manson: Will the myth ever die? -
  2. Way off topic guys. No one cares about OSHA stats.
  3. We all know what Prohibition was. 🙄 But please think about what you’re proposing and just give us the basics of how the US will get into the production and sale of heroin, cocaine & crack and meth. Just choose one even...and briefly outline how that would work? Would we import it from other countries or start from scratch and grow/cook it here in the US? Also, upon the opening of legal, taxed drug shoppes, would the street gangs just shrivel up and go away? Legalized drug shoppes would be the be-all and end-all to all the woes of the inner cities? Really?
  4. Ahhh, I see. Well, as someone stated before, the demand is far beyond the supply of cops necessary. Maybe the shooters could take a break for awhile so the police can catch up?
  5. Again...Det Suiter was actually on that street trying to gather information to solve a murder (remember...he was a homicide cop) So the BPD was, in fact, working on a case, putting in the effort for the “victimized regular residents.” Stop saying they don’t put effort into solving murders...that’s what he was trying to do!
  6. Not to the extent legalizing all drugs would.
  7. This isn’t about alcohol. This is about deadly drugs that destroy people and families. Legalizing these kinds of drugs will result in a real life “walking dead.”
  8. As we saw with pot, it’s not just a matter of waving a magic wand and saying “It shall all be legal.” It takes time, studies, more time, more studies. Then of course, there’s the controversy over not enough black or white manufacturers and distributors...and on and on and on. We’ll all be dead and dust by the time all drugs are legal. Smh
  9. Legalizing meth and crack?
  10. We can go around and around...and around with this. Kinda like the proverbial revolving doors at the courts. Det Suiter was trying to solve a murder when he himself was murdered. That he was there, on that street, shows that No, the other murders Are Not Acceptable! Do you not understand that??
  11. Neighborhood Cleared: Police continue to search for suspects in officer's death When asked about the growing reward, the Commissioner said, "Why did the reward go up? Because a police officer was killed...Society says the murder of a police officer is unacceptable."
  12. I’m not gonna play this game with you today Ken. Go find someone else.
  13. Is the ACLU too stupid to understand that residents coming and going were patted down to make sure they’re not harboring the shooter and bringing in weapons to him to taking evidence out?? 🙄