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  1. Punching a pregnant woman in the face and stealing her car is not “weird kids doing weird stuff” nor is it comparable to streaking and eating live goldfish. What a bs post Guido.
  2. ....and beans make Melania fart.
  3. Plus a “Q” and an apostrophe thrown in somewhere.
  4. I would like to hear his explanation for his blanket apologies.
  5. You must need glasses. Or, just maybe stop lying and trolling.
  6. I think MM’s linked article explains why he did was obviously at the direction of one of Pugh’s new “advisors.” I’ve questioned the media as to why they haven’t covered this. Hopefully, we’ll get some exposure for this video and answers from DeSousa. I’d really like to hear his attempt at an explanation.
  7. He was also a very talented musician that played many different instruments. This is quite a loss to the music world. Very sad news.
  8. The City is definitely not getting it’s monies worth. That article is dated 2/27...everything she’s done since then has been an epic fail. It seems, rather than govern as she should, she just wants to pay for smoke and mirrors. smh
  9. MM did you watch the video? I’m curious to hear your opinion as to why DeSousa did that.
  10. NBC News: Avicii, Swedish DJ and producer, found dead at 28 - This is terribly sad. He was such an incredible talent.
  11. “She said they loved to read, and they were healthy, strong and physically active. She said they seemed younger than their years, but not immature.” Right there she says they were healthy. “seeming” younger is not a medical diagnosis. It’s just an opinion. It sounds like Jennifer was trying the “pity us” route...almost like Munchausen Syndrome.
  12. Unprofessional, at the very least. smh
  13. Aren’t you as appalled by this as I am? Pugh apparently said nothing...she just follows him around like a puppy. Of course, she hasn’t said much publicly since her abysmal appearance on Laura Ingraham.