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  1. Last night on Seth Meyers they did a montage of all the times Trump misread the teleprompter. Sorry...but it was hilarious.
  2. But, he basically stole $20k from the BPD to fund his extra-marital affairs. If he hadn’t been so stupid, he might have had a longer tenure as commish. Emphasis on might.
  3. Mixture of pain meds and other stuff
  4. (I just knew it wasn’t because he’s Jewish!)
  5. Is he still on loan? I thought he’s permanent now.
  6. I was thinking that too. Or maybe his wife is even happier. Either way, I hope she’s looking at vacation getaways as we speak.
  7. Exactly
  8. Congrats! Mark your calendar
  9. From the CP link: “We was protecting stores from looting and stuff like that and had cops throw smoke bombs at us and had cops throwing rocks back at us. Now we wasn’t doing anything but protecting the businesses and making sure no one going into those stores. A lot of products taken out of those stores, we actually took back. And we put them behind us and we formed a line around the stores and the property and stuff.” I don’t remember seeing anyone protecting any business or taking products back inside.
  10. No, you were slamming her family. Just be honest about it.
  11. This thread is a perfect example of “whataboutism.”
  12. Seems you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth.
  13. Trump sums up his workout routine: 'I walk, I this, I that' - ABC News He has "always been more of a believer in diet because I'm strong, you know? I hit the [golf] ball far. I mean, I'm strong, physically," Trump told Reuters. Lmao. What a strange, strange man, our President. Sometimes I feel like the universe has tilted.
  14. Took the words off my keyboard. It was the “should” part that did it.