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  1. from one of those little boys?? Lmao
  2. Just the ones here illegally committing crimes
  3. Have you ever been to the Wall in DC? There are just no words to describe many lost. and now to see and hear the descriptions of those futile battles and how all those boys died... All of us here at home protesting the war were right after all. You would think things would be different now, that lessons would've been learned. Smh
  4. Incredible. Just f*ing incredible. The US could do nothing right. Everything we were told, everything we was a thousand times worse. So many lives destroyed. I literally feel sick at the end of each episode.
  5. I'm getting sick of seeing those types of names associated with horrific crimes. Go ahead, slam me for saying it. I don't care. It's happening more and more. Do we have the contracts drawn up yet for that wall?
  6. Actually, you don't know how you would react until it happens to you...until the issue is so important to you and your family.
  7. If any of you were in the position Kimmel is in, as a parent of a seriously ill newborn, would you not use your ability and means to affect change? Or would you remain quiet?
  8. The two victims in the thread-specific incidents were homeless people. Not to lessen their human value, but their luck of the draw was considerably better for ending up a victim of crime.
  9. This is emotionally exhausting to watch.
  10. I saw that on tv last night. Pretty unbelievable...especially the cotton centerpieces.
  11. Lol...that's a funny statement. I wonder how we acquired our hang up.