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  1. This is emotionally exhausting to watch.
  2. I saw that on tv last night. Pretty unbelievable...especially the cotton centerpieces.
  3. Lol...that's a funny statement. I wonder how we acquired our hang up.
  4. I've watched 1 & 2. Very well done, as is all Burns' stuff.
  5. If Baltimore's recent past hasn't had an effect on tourism, then I doubt these two incidents will. But, do you really think that most people check out crime stats before visiting a city?
  6. Probably not out of state tourists because the Inner Harbor "looks so pretty!" Locals that watch the news, possibly. Young and fearless...not at all.
  7. Actually it is random. The first was a bizarre murder of a homeless woman. The second was a stabbing in response to being attacked by a homeless person.
  8. That's not necessarily true. I doubt you would get a Shock Trauma surgeon to agree with that statement. Usually, the more you work, the more you make. I'm not making it about you. I'm making it about your comments
  9. It's been on every news report since they found her body. Yes, these two incidents do prove that the inner harbor has major Issues.
  10. I see you're out doing real work...oh wait, no, you're just sitting at a keyboard. Lol
  11. You don't think much of actors or their craft do you? You sound so bitter.
  12. I had to look that up...never would've guessed! By 5yrs no less! Yep, must be the hair.
  13. Agreed. KK's brief speech was gibberish. He's just a younger, less pointy-earred version of MOM.
  14. Too many different shows on too many different channels, makes for actors we aren't familiar with or care about. I recorded the Emmy's so I could watch later if something interesting happened or just FF to see the clothes. Watched Ken Burns' Vietnam instead.
  15. I didn't watch it. Was there any mention of zombies?
  16. How about that he's a idiot sociopath and a murderer.
  17. I can't figure out Nero's motivation in doing this. Just coming out of his own similar hell, why would he do this to a county cop knowing that seeing it via infrared, things might not be quite what they seem.
  18. He did not use his AK-47. From the OP link: "According to the court document, there was no evidence that Stockley fired his personal weapon. The court found that the possession of the gun might be a matter for departmental discipline but was not relevant to the criminal charges." It sure would be nice if people would actually read the linked articles.
  19. And you know this how? Have you patrolled the streets of Baltimore, made a traffic stop or answered a domestic call at 2am recently?
  20. In the past, it was highly unusual for a cop to be killed in the line of duty. Things have changed. Now, every time they go on duty they fear for their life.
  21. For those posters tired of the Taney talks, here's some fresh fodder. From the 1940's but still on the books.