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  1. NBC News: Trump's Manhattan Skyline Sketch Earns Nearly $30,000 - Does anyone else just see a bunch of hands with the middle finger raised?
  2. Saw that on the news. Great story about a good dog.
  3. Really? You really think so? Wow, the art experts and auction house and the bidders... all victims of a fraud. Maybe they should have contacted you first.
  4. A real attractive guy. Love the tats. Armed robbery suspect caught after escaping from Saint Agnes Hospital
  5. From the above link: "While leaving the stadium, Bauer began to argue with Smith and Nappi, who are Raiders fans, prosecutors said. The altercation turned violent, and Smith pushed Bauer. Nappi, prosecutors said, punched Bauer in the face."
  6. Why "shameless?"
  7. Well, that's certainly apples and oranges. Look, I'm angry that this guy only got home detention. But I was just throwing out a possible reason for, what seems, a too lenient sentence. I doubt it's because he's "wealthy and connected" since they're really cracking down on BUIs and this case would be a great example. Who knows. alienrace, you mentioned "I'm on a boat m*#*f*%er"...that was what Windy's husband posted on FB from the boat just before the accident. It was a horrible horrible accident because everyone onboard was drunk. If the women were on the bow, and he wasn't on plane, he probably couldn't even see the bridge "dolphins." Don't drink and boat. Even more so, at night.
  8. Oh brother Woman who threatened Muslims offers hugs
  9. No it wasn't a joke. There's a major difference in the boat you owned and the one involved in the accident. Yes, I'd wear one on a 16' alum fishing boat. On my 30', nah
  10. That's disgusting. I don't know what process brought the Somalis to Fargo, of all places, but there must be another place that's more hospitable. That woman deserved to lose her job.
  11. In all fairness, no one wears life vests on a 34' boat. Ours haven't even seen daylight beyond the CG inspections. Guido, I think you're bs'ing about owning a boat. Your comment doesn't hold water.
  12. More like he employs 40+ people who will lose their jobs if he's not able to run his business...thus the home detention. The state makes out better if his business stays up and running. But tell that to Windy and Kimberly's families. Smh
  13. I think the beef was the problem. I guess they just forgot they were in MD, not Cabo.
  14. This is beyond sad. This is criminal.
  15. Not at all. And, white people will never be the minority in OC
  16. That's unbelievable. Home detention. Disgusting. He was driving drunk, at night, allowing passengers to ride on the bow. Home detention. Omg.
  17. Welcome That's really creepy. Maybe it's one of those phone camera hacks!
  18. If you were in a group setting (bar, restaurant, party) and someone used the expression "cray, cray" would you want to enter into a conversation with them? Or, would you just smile and walk away? I'd walk away, thinking they are obviously too childish to engage.
  19. It seems you are the one who purports to know what I "know."
  20. Here alien, I'm giving you this one. Run with it. Six arrested after fight, pistol-whipping in Ocean City Monday
  21. Alienrace seems to be upset because nothing happened. Now who's being confrontational?
  22. You're making much ado about something that (didn't) happen.
  23. What "racial takeover?" There was nothing said about race. It was college kids. My son and his fiancé were down there for the weekend (they didn't know about "college week") and they said it was pretty much a usual weekend. Restaurants were crowded, but thats par for the course.
  24. I saw that on FB this morning. Terrible! I didn't see anything on the news about it though. Every night there are carjackings. Nine times out of ten they joy ride then bail out. It doesn't get told on the news because it will affect tourism. Plain and simple.