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  1. I don't hate you I'm just darn glad to be what I am, an American. And yes I agree we will end this now. Long live the Prince and Princess!
  2. My namesake left Britain before he could be forced into the British army, then later fought the Brits in our revolution doing his bit to kick loony and corrupt King Georges' army out. Perhaps some were felons but with the unfairness of your laws and trials back then,were they really, fairly called felons. Ill vote no on that one. Your society and laws then were still a work in progress, but Im glad we could help show you the path to follow to the equality and greatness you now enjoy. PS You dont realize the unfairness of debtors prison? And using the victims of poverty to be shipped off to another country and used as indentured servants (slaves). That is not something to brag about or use to cast aspersions on another persons ancestors.
  3. Very true And unlike most things its free if you arent involved.
  4. I wish them well but that's all I care about. I personally am glad my ancestors got the heck out of Britain (and Germany on Moms side)
  5. Anyone that blindly trusts an insurance company OR the government with his heath. Is a fool of the first order.
  6. As you said it was a rare case.
  7. That is where the present "system" is failing us. If of course you want to call it a system. Too many bad cops are recycled and retreaded endlessly.
  8. Maybe something will happen to that officer that will correct his future actions Maybe
  9. How could that be. Dems still outnumber Repubs by 2 to 1. So your "math" doesnt work
  10. Some estimates Enough said
  11. To me it is sad that people say it, think that its a good idea, use it to scare voters or believe its really possible.
  12. There always is a rumor, scare story, drug and/or alcohol fueled babbling, that the Prez at that time wants to be, or others saying he should be made Prez for life. Turn down the heat under your water children it aint gonna happen. Use something else to scare the your infantile voter base, This one has gray hair on its gray hair.
  13. Dems outnumber Repubs in MD 2 to 1 so a lot of Dems must have voted for Wallace.
  14. Finally Hillary got something right most Dems have definite socialist leanings and She is a capitalist in that she wants to skirt the law to make money with government help.