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  1. Isnt there a law that forbids the Klan wearing hoods that cover faces, If so it should be used against Antifa. Terrorists are after all are terrorists
  2. He isnt even a fiscal conservative either, hence I didnt vote for him. Which is also the reason I couldnt vote for Hilary. Not that it makes any difference in MD, The only thing that surprises me is that Trump is 10 times the jerk that I thought he would be.
  3. They wont listen and it might have us stuck with Trump again.
  4. Making bigger enemies of Trump voters will be soooo helpful come next election. It is the libs forte and it worked so well for Hilary
  5. You are correct on both parts of you post, it is a horrid local decision but I doubt a whole state could be that stupid. But then again College Park is in Maryland and Maryland may prove the exception.
  6. Who stole it from the Indians.
  7. One reason (and there are lots) she lost, that people were scared to tell her when her poll numbers (of which she didn't have enough of) started to go south. Messages from people in areas where that was happening did not get though to her. She is known for "killing the messenger" and being vindictive. Read Shattered.
  8. Wow and here I thought worrying about who marries who was so last decade. So many important things going on and this is dredged up?
  9. And some private school "edumacators" are born stupid elitists and never learn anything else.
  10. Maybe just maybe body cams and cell phone video will force police departments to fire vermin cops like this.
  11. LOL It really sucks when God or Mother Nature (your choice) pees in your corn flakes