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  1. The only reason it got "better" is that its hard to keep the American economy from healing itself, even when those in power (Obama and Congress in this case) either do the wrong things (by accident or design) or nothing. Yes the economy did get "better" but it took over 9 years. Housing starts still suck and Trump isnt going to do anything to change it. Its still a Wall St recovery not a Main St recovery. But Wall St is headed for a correction that will kick the crap of out those gains made soon I think. Im going to cash in some of my gains.
  2. Certainly is better than what we have got so far,
  3. Nah it was only about 1/4 of the country today that does. It was about 1/2 during the souths actual stupid war that they started.
  4. How convenient. My feeling get them all, R, D or I
  5. Did you expect any different from them?
  6. Any how Im off to work on a fantastic art project and will not be back for some time, Have fun I will be.
  7. In fact you admit it but sadly to defend or excuse it by saying other states do it too.
  8. I already did But so you dont whine any more, Gerrymandering is WRONG when Democrats OR Republicans do it. Do you finally comprehend that?
  9. Permission to whine and defend the indefensible is granted. Im going to work.
  10. And you two only whine when I say something about it.
  11. Please keep up by going back a few posts and reading what Ive already posted. Untill then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. LOL Rooting for liberals is as counter productive as rooting for conservatives on SCOTUS.
  13. My side? You obviously dont know me then, When my "side" is wrong I say so, Do you? So far it doesnt look like it. You and O'Malley types (your side) keep on defending cheating because someone else cheated first.
  14. Who cares enough to read his babble in the first place?
  15. Your words mean nothing until you say loud and clear that its wrong for your party to do something that is unAmerican.