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  1. After Gorsuch I thought OK Donny can go now.
  2. I'll give you the moon. And pay for it with other peoples tax money because that will never ever run out.
  3. That figures.
  4. Yes RE"Education" camps should be the starting point, In good Democrat Party Tradition a Trail of Tears to Manzanar would set the tone, for sure.
  5. If you paid them with the new killer opiates, maybe you would only have to pay them once.
  6. Its a big stretch to arrest someone for laughing once at what they might perceive as a whopper.
  7. Somebody spilled the beans that we have a constitution I guess.
  8. Is he dumb enough to waste his time trying to get an amendment through? Hey let him try, that would keep him off twitter even. Or is this just a moist dream by some rabble idiot?
  9. God didnt say a word about abortion, only religious leaders that wanted more followers, by sending out the faithful to go forth and breed like rabbits.
  10. I have said that a million times. They should adopt children until they have no money left over except for housing food and cheap transportation. No boats, cruises, Rolex watches and so on.
  11. You know I didnt mean that you could kill someone in your bedroom. Please dont be that silly
  12. My guess is the backlash would be pretty unpleasant against the morons that tried to enforce it this way. Governments should stay the hell out of peoples bedrooms, bathrooms and doctors offices among many other places. That's what (little c) conservatism means to me.
  13. You mean calling them deplorables wasn't designed to win them over? Darn! I had such big hopes for that ploy