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  1. Because they always want to use someone else s money?
  2. And the 200 million comes from where who? Not the "rich" nor from the "poor" But from the middle class. Screwed again! PS Maryland is talking about the same kind of bail out for the insurance companies, Proving that stupid and greed win every time.
  3. And even if they dont the members wont care
  4. One causes the other
  5. I intend to go as soon as the crowds ease off I understand its pretty well sold out locally. Which brings to mind the thought if it is doing that well it cant be just people of color in line for tickets.
  6. Actually Hilary made so many stupid mistakes herself it wouldn't have mattered if it was 4, 14 or 40 she still would have lost. For reference read a book titled "Shattered".
  7. An interesting qualifier, kinda weak but a bit interesting
  8. Bubba Wallace got second in the Daytona 500 today. Id have loved to see him win. Im pretty sure he will win and soon, he is a good young driver in Richard Petty car.
  9. You dont understand faith. I guess that means you have no faith in anything or anyone? Im not sure what kind of human that would make you, but not one I would want to trust with anything
  10. Evil Yoda read and think about the above (Not that it will do any good)
  11. Because it fits their agenda and their distrust of the system if they lose.
  12. Possibly, maybe, sometimes, now and then, but only when its in their interest, you know like for donations or to get some votes.
  13. That is a truer statement than his.
  14. The incestuous relationship of public service unions and government is a dangerous cancer on liberty. Case in point demanding that people that dont want to pay for a union's political agenda, MUST pay for it.