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  1. Wanted to add. Milloy's run of well-coached killer Springbrook teams was where I started interest in Maryland HS Football. I remember Shawn Springs as a somewhat scrawny punt returner on a team with lots of other players. PG county teams came over to Mont Co in state playoffs with size and speed but Milloy's teams always seemed to have smart sharp O Lines. Milloy always won. Back then, when he walked onto the field, there was a 'something' where you felt like he was the smartest guy in the 'room'. Milloy retires leaving a long string of well-coached championship teams and I'm grateful to have been a fan. Easily among best coaches in MD football history. Back when a coaching staff still mattered more than recruiting, Milloy and his teams won.
  2. Do you really think that there are 7 other teams in the state of Maryland who could beat this year's Wise team ? I am so done with the ranking-bias that favors privates who fly down to Fla for one mutual self-serving pony show and then play out a local 8 game season porked with beats. Wise plays in PG county which is among the most heavily recruited areas in the county in both foots and hoops. Yes Dematha has long benefited and recruited this same 20 mile sphere. But I'm talking this 2016 year. I ask you again, do you think that there are 7 other teams in Maryland who would beat this Wise team ? Absolutely no, not, never. I'm happy for the Dematha Maryland Max Prep national ranking, but some years, the publicity comes at the expense of some very strong- maybe unbeatable- public school teams in both foots and hoops.
  3. We all have some chips and chirps about playoffs and championships across all sports. The spider geography of Maryland has long favored Balt and Balt Co as being central and most fair for schools and fans traveling to a central site. But that does not mean that it is totally an even playing field for teams traveling from East Shore and So Maryland and the mountains. One thing I would change is to, in the future, rotate the smaller non-revenue smaller fan based sports to sites around the geographic state. Yes it would require extending travel for some schools, but it would also give previously ignored, shutout areas a piece of the long-untasted championship pie. Why can't the Track&Field championships be rotated down to College Park and then out to Salisbury where both schools have great facilities ? Mont Co and PG are among the larger elephants in the room and I'm suprised that they have have allowed the present system to continue. But overall, given the challenges that the MSPSAA faces, I agree that they do a really good job. Lastly, I know that it can probably not be changed but moving the foots games out and away from that empty cavernous cold tomb of Ravens Stadium in December would be my first heated pipe dream (back in the day, sunlight or night, College Park was much better). Sorry for left turn from predictions.
  4. As an outsider (frontrunning Wise fan down here in So Md) just wanted to check in and say I respect and learn tons from all. Enjoy GA's moxie. Am especially grateful for JMT's and Mamba's updates and knowledge. This forum is a regional treasure and gift to all the schools and players. Keep up the great stuff and lets have some good playoffs fun.
  5. First, Demascus higher than Wise reduces the poll to a joke. Second, think about it.. if not this year, then when could a public possibly ever get ranked ahead of of the DM Gilman GC fraud ? If you checked the 'never' box then you would be correct. Privates fund two plane trips in September and then get elevated to national status in a rigged Maxpreps racket (unbeliveably Gonzaga and St. Johns end up ranked ahead of Wise). Granted, this was a senior- heavy, once in a year or two- Wise team that destroyed everything on their schedule. Again, If not this year, then when will a Maryland public ever finish ahead in the Max Preps private school racket ?
  6. Nexus of this thread is really the Gilman and Dematha privates getting all shaky-legged about publics Wise and Upper Malboro Maryland Douglas. Dematha and Gilman are showponey money travel teams. Wise ran through a conference that is among the most recruited nationally (tide water Va a close second). The season has finished (for privates long finished). Wise has won two of the last four Maryland 4As. Northwest is a strong program but this year didn't match with Wise. Wise had tons of experienced athletes this year but it will be different next year. This thread is about Wise vs the money private maxpreps DM Gilman showponeys. I don't think Wise fans or coaching care. Speed kills. My posts get erased. Shrug. Wanted to thank Mamba for good playoff stuff.
  7. As a Wise fan I laugh at these posts. "level off ?" good luck. Duval ? Urbana? Much of the stuff in this thread regarding Wise is mush. Speed kills and is actually a decent year over year 'tell' about athletic power. Wise runs competitively with best track powers on the east coast in the 1,2, and 4. No another Maryland school, private or public, comes close to matching Wise speed over the past 8 years. They often make the finals over 150 X 8 east coast team trial heats and run with Jamaicans in the 4 X 1 finals at the Penn Relays. Trailer Classrooms ? What ? If you are making a socialogical demographic statement about surban development with the 'level off' thought then you know little about Southern Maryland. East of Upper Malboro turns quickly swampy and backs to the Patuxet River and won't perk or support large development. I know a bit about historic shifting powers in Maryland (Springbrook, Gaithersburg, Seneca Valley, Potomac) but Wise is a different geographical school. Maryland has great schools within its traditions (Balt Dunbar) and Wise is going to run and muscle itself into these sports traditions.
  8. At the close of the season, I have a last few thoughts. First thanks Mamba for all the great stuff ; the info made it richer and added to the fun. Second, I think the discussions regarding merging privates and publics in some structured way are worth pursuing - after all we all live in the same state and it could only strengthen us all to unite and merge with a strategy media-wise that benefits us all. Wouldn't happen every year, but this particular year I think Wise would have run toe to toe - maybe an inch or two ahead of the seasons DM, GC, or Gilman had. Privates seasosn end earlier, but we should have a state mechanism that allows for some type of post-season mix. Third, I would break up the playoffs in M&T stadium and return the 4A games back to College Park which is geographically centered to 4A schools- sorry Howard. Yes it is cheaper to do a TV production in one single site over three days but these two are professional media stadiums and could accommodate productions at a reasonable rate, especially for daytime Saturday games. Fourth, I would establish a shifting schedule for the the 1 and 2A teams that would include periodically -not every year- moving their playoffs out to Eastern Shore (Salisbury ?) to make the travel more fair to those schools. I think MPSSA does a good job with minor/olympic sport champoinships. Lastly, this forum has been fun over this past season and I remind myself to not sleep on what a great newspaper the Sun has been over the past 150 years and though maybe print papers are slowing down, sharp knowledgeable Sun sports writers have tapped keys in Baltimore for decades. In a way, the Sun gives us a stadium in which to play our own games and I hope they know that we are thankful. Regarding 'great' teams, it always gets freaky when we want rankings regarding different years and different regional areas and different conferences. During these playoffs I enjoyed Mamba's stuff as well as others. Wise was a senior-laden killer team with great athelets and strong coaching and traditions . Next year will be different, same as the 'next years' that happened for River Hill's teams, Douglas last year, Northwest, Old Mill, Middletown, Pautext and that is what makes this stuff so fun.
  9. Good stuff Mamba, I didn't know that about Parrish. Wise v. Howard will be worth the price of admission.
  10. Wow, lot of late money coming in on Northwest and Howard. I can understand it. But I'm coming back with Wise and Broadneck. Wise is home with a killer defense. Wise staff knows about one point/close points in the champoinship games (2009 Old Mill 17- Wise 16, 2012 Wise 12- Quince 7). Obviously Northwest owns a strong recent tradition. Defense wins and I'm in on chalk with Wise. Broadneck will travel but already traveled and slayed the traditional recent quintessential playoff slayer in Old Mill. Lots to say about the counties but generally 4A schools are south of the 'Dixon line and if Howard emerges, then my hat will be off my humble head. All said, this will be tons of fun.
  11. Not sure about all the seedings talk. For me it gets back to the basic structural unfairness of mixing publics with privates for many of the reasons cited earlier in this thread ; Malloy left Springbrook and Sherwood for GC because it was easier pickings and he wanted to play 'bigger time' ball. Nobody can blame him. I mention Malloy because his gravitation to GC is a perfect example of the inequality between the publics and privates in Maryland. Proposing that the privates need only play a few games within public conferences, similar to the terrible arrangement the ACC bought with Notre Dame, will be just as brain-dead as the ACC's decision. This is not just a football decision; sports across all seasons will be be involved. The playoffs advancing through these final weeks are total proof of why the present MPSSAA system works darn well. Just my own opinion but I'm fine with the present system and am glad that privates are not included.
  12. That E's proposals could never be adopted shouldn't detract from its merrits. I just don't see many merrits. Overall it seems to be a proposal to include privates into the present public system late season when private travel money has declined. I don't see Dematha searching for a way to play Wise early in the season in a game that could unhinge their travel ratings and payoffs. As much as I complain about 'county' teams having to do a conference playoff (playing a team twice) in order to get into the real playoff schedule, I like it far more than this wild unfair mix of privates into a stable public school system. Beyond that, E's map is a Baltimore laugh. Wonderful that the plan plays off traditional south Maryland powers against each other (Dematha, North Point, Wise?) while leaving other 'county' conferences intact. Makes me smile. Despite the unfairness to the publics, I doubt the privates want any part of this plan. However, I do think that there should be a Maryland state structure whereby across all sports and seasons, there might be a final short tournament of champions that includes public and private. Other states do this, more in the olympic sports than heavies like football but even basketball can work (with silent mouse steps we might be able to softly cross corporate shoe toes). This final tournament could be self-paying out of ever-increasing broadcast revenues. I think E's proposal is good for all of us because of the mix and conversation which can only help Maryland schools and athletes (every other state is discussing the same issue).
  13. Upcoming 4A Quarterfinals Nov 20 weekend will be nuts. These games are why we pay the admission price. I'm interested in all four games, especially the Old Mill v. Broadneck and QO NWest games. Tons to say about why Maryland teams have to play a playoff game against a team they already played during the season (yes it is money), but that is for another time. In this final eight, all are traditional Maryland playoff muscle teams (maybe Broadneck is a deserving newcomer to the group). Wonderful football time of the year.
  14. Enjoyed reading this thread. Most of the usual 4A characters are present. My early thought is that Wise sould be laying points throughout, but my jokers this year might be delt off the south side of the deck starting with traditional state upset playoff power Old Mill. Take nothing away from Mont Co QO, NW strongs, just think the needle points south this year. Interested in all of these teams and games. This will be fun. Thanks for the good stuff mamba.
  15. Wow. I'm sad about an obviously knowledgeable HS sports fan (GA) getting hostile and territorial. Want to say a thing about Maryland and Southern Maryland. We identify with the state of Maryland tons more than identifying with DC/VA. Not that it matters to this discussion, but you would be surprised at how many Ravens fans there are down here. Our teams play Maryland teams for championships. We pay attention to Maryland teams. I started out following Malloy's great Springbrook teams (yes Mont Co is in Maryland) and that interest crossed hoops and the olympic sports and I learned that there are sharp loyal fans in every town. My experience is that the most friendly are the ones who 'know' the most. Small crabby ,"get off my lawn" fans often know less.