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  1. Baltimore has already paid the cost. How many conventions will select Baltimore in the years to come? Back in the 60s there was a saying "Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM." Today's saying is "No company manager ever got fired for avoiding Baltimore as a convention city." Most Americans don't think Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland CA, Canton NJ, and Gary IN make good convention sites. Baltimore has established its reputation in this group.
  2. He's black, or if you prefer, a person of color. He apparently drives a Bentley. Who would have thought it? Just another day in Baltimore city.
  3. In your mind you are always right, maggie. Yikes, Oiy Vey, Dear Jesus, and everything else.
  4. The object today is to solve the problem in a group, and to have all 4 or 5 members of the group agree on a single answer. You must be a math teacher. I forgot the answer, but x=8 sounds about right. Kudos! ============ I'm glad we got off the previous post. I'm not a prude, but I found it classless. I'm encouraged to submit a new post about Goldbach's Last Conjecture. It is arguably the most intractable problem today in analytical number theory. The conjecture was stated in a single sentence in 1742 by an amateur German mathematician and has remained unsolved for over 270 years. A prize of $1M was offered in 2000 for a solution. There were no entries. Google it to get a head start.
  5. He is innocent, but it is a mostly black jury, so my vote is: More Not Guilty than Guilty Verdicts (The blacks will vote for guilty on something. Be glad you don't live in South Africa.) I hope he appeals.
  6. Immigrants will be a drag on wages. The corporate masters are licking their chops to offer them low paying jobs. We have enough problems with no or marginal employment in the US. Let's take care of our native-born first. Those people were never outreaching to minorities in their own countries; I don't feel any obligation to them. They are currently killing Christians and other minorities; the muslim countries have long since purged all Jews who have lived there for centuries. We don't need them.
  7. Like the jury did in the O.J. Simpson trial?
  8. So you don't think religion pays a role in abortion law? Catholic bishops go wacko over the mention of the ACA paying for contraception for persons in their employ. Rare? For the first few days the embryo is a cluster of cells, with no sentience. Do you think it has a "soul?" You are still wrapped in RC religious mumbo-jumbo. RCs get to pick and choose?
  9. If you don't care that 20 people have more wealth than 152 M in the US, that says a lot about you. A democracy will not survive under those conditions.
  10. A couple of people from PP died because of her lie. I condemn her for that. But you are an R.C., so you don't know which way to twist on abortion.
  11. Castro is a free swinger, strikes out a lot. Is also known to make bone-head plays. The Cubs are building for a WS appearance. If they thought Castro was integral to the plan, they would not have traded him. The Cubs have the money. They also have the FO smarts.
  12. Let's see who wins the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Hillary is carrying a lot of baggage. Many think she is untrustworthy. She and Bill have taken millions from Wall Street; some say $50 M. Do you think the Wall Street banksters are a bunch of dummies? If a vacancy on the Supreme Court comes up, Wall Street will tell her who to choose. Bernie Sanders is the most honest guy running. He has always taken the part of the working and middle class. Who is better for America, Bernie or Hillary? (Forget the Repubs, they can't win.) Is there any difference between Hillary and Jeb or Kasich? I don't think so. If you want change, it's Bernie Sanders in 2016.