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  1. No, afraid not . Stock market up to 24000+ He stands up to the lib media, dems and establishment Republicans Approved oil pipeline and drilling Got us out of the Climate Change hoax treaty. Is cutting my taxes His is wife is gorgeous That's good enough for me.
  2. I'm a Trump supporter , but this embarrasses even me.
  3. I'm all for getting rid of : diversity Also: right wing , racist, progressive , alt right, people of color , white privilege all used like "communist " was in the 50's to end debate .
  4. I never heard of her. Does Kelly have the authority to fire one of Trump's people ?.
  5. More police cowardly bullies .
  6. How much damage did these Trump haters do before they were fired or reassigned and how many of them are still there. Robenstien never answered the question of who paid for the so called dossier which is the whole basis for the Russian witch hunt .
  7. So do I , but I'think the IRS has tables that claim to tell what you received in cash, right or wrong and you're stuck with paying on that estimated amount .
  8. You done have to deal with our monuments at all. Just leave them alone
  9. I was no real fan of Roy Moore, but the libs on MSNBC are really gloating this morning . They even made fun of how he rode a horse.
  10. What the heck is two and half weeks when so many other things are going on .
  11. These crazed libs just can't accept the election of Donald Trump. They will stoop to any level to discredit President Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda . First it was Russia. Well, that's falling apart as the Trump haters on Mueller's staff are exposed. Now we have a bunch of vindictive babes from years ago getting their 15 minutes of fame. Forget it. You lost.
  12. Like the President said last night . Check your 401 K since January. I'm up 12% Thank you Mr President