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  1. You don't know who Bo Diddley is You don't get out much . One of the founders of Rock n'Roll . http://bodiddley.com/
  2. "No one " You're sure wrong that one. Well, apparently thousands of people of wanted see them when they were erected. If you don't like them just don't look . I don't to have to drive on MLK or fly from Marshall airport if I don't want to. You can just do the same . BTW I'm still holding that $10 for the Bo Diddley monument .
  3. Because you're still "shootin'" at us. taking down monuments etc .
  4. He commanded General John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade
  5. West Point graduate Served in the Mexican War Secretary of War Senator from Mississippi President of his country Honored by the Pope Wrote two volume history. How does that stack up to your resume ? .
  6. At least get the name right. Sons of Confederate Veterans
  7. . What are we doing with military in Niger of all places, or Somalia, Iraq, or Afghanistan after 16 years . We've got to stop being policeman of the world then things like this wouldn't happen .
  8. Smokey didn't say anything like that. In 1861 the people in Ft Sumter were from a different country than the people firing at them . They were occupying Confederate territory , were going to be resupplied by a foreign armed military force, and had been asked to honorably leave .
  9. For the 100 th or so time. , It's wasn't his country..