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  1. This is how evil and crazy you people have gotten, attacking one of America's great song writers . https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/pittsburgh-replace-racist-statue-monument-black-woman-180968524/?utm_source=smithsoniandaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20180320-daily-responsive&spMailingID=33548398&spUserID=NzQwNDYzMTkyMTQS1&spJobID=1242481582&spReportId=MTI0MjQ4MTU4MgS2
  2. Our President fights back. Sorry you don't like it. BTW the FBI CIA and DOJ are in the Executive Branch headed by the President.
  3. No They've been paid by billions in welfare, affirmative action, minority set aside, and black history month, Who is paying us for the burning of Atlanta, Columbia the Valley , thousand of looted homes, black and white, the murder and displacement of women and children , black and white . We want no money , just to have us and our monuments and symbols left alone.
  4. There's no problem . The despot's heel is still on our shore .
  5. You know what they say about Southerners . "They're like Chinamen , they eat rice and worship their ancestors. You know they say about yankees. They don't even know who their ancestors are .
  6. I don't know how many time it has to be repeated , but many of the Confederate monuments were erected by the veterans and their daughters and grand daughter between 1890 and 1920 because there was no money in the South after the war to do it . It had nothing do with white supremacy . Statues of Lee were erected because thousands of his man from Army of Northern Virginia were still alive and they wanted to honor this great and much loved man .
  7. I was in Gettysburg for about 5 second in the march on for Pickett's Charge .
  8. I've scene "Gods and Generals" many times . Great movie. Sorry, not sure I would recognize you . I believe we only met once or twice at Gettysburg or at the Lee/Jackson ceremony . .
  9. He is in the scene with Lee and his Corps and Division commanders planning the July 2 nd assault . His famous line is "Mississippi 's ready ."
  10. I attended the 50 th wedding of he to his wife the "Berkley Democrat." Pikesville Gerry was there. He portrayed his ancestor Confederate General William Barksdale in the Turner movie "Gettysburg." and was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans . For years, portraying General Barksdale, he would read Generals Lee's Farewell Address at the Annual Lee and Jackson Birthday Ceremony at the Wyman Park Lee and Jackson Monument. This , of course, was before the vengeful black haters in this city illegally had it torn down .
  11. I apologize . I did a quick review . I guess I was talking about this and other similar threads in general .
  12. Attacking the Confederate States of America and their leaders , statues , songs , school names in their memory etc. insults my 19 Confederate ancestors.
  13. I don't think so . Not friends with dudes that insult my family . Oh, I forgot, I say please and thank you , yes sir and yes mam, and don't lace my speech with profanity and F bombs . Come of not being a dude .
  14. At least I have no tattoos, nose rings, speak fairly correct English, and wear a coat and tie social event. Oh, I forgot, I say please and thank you , yes sir and yes mam, and don't lace my speech with profanity and F bombs . Come of not being a dude .