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  1. More black NAACP revenge and evil .
  2. That's how the evil destruction of the gorgeous art works that was the Baltimore Confederate monuments started. with the lying so "contextual" signs by Mayor Blake. BTW they even destroyed a monument to the Women of the Confederacy . I knew the daughter of the man that dedicated that monument. She was there at 6 years old . circa 1913 . These are evil vengeful people .
  3. Another example of the evil of these people. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/dekalb-county/governor-candidate-calls-for-removal-of-confederate-carving-at-stone-mountain/592409692
  4. The Confederate government did not have the food , medical supplies, etc. to provide for the union prisoners at Andersonville whereas the federals intentionally starved and brutalized Confederate prisoners at Point Lookout , Elmira, Camp Douglas, Pea Patch Island, etc. Black troops shot randomly in the prisoner tents at Point Lookout just for fun . There are 4000+ dead buried there . The Confederacy offered to exchange the Andersonville prisoners, Grant , Stanton and Lincoln wouldn't do . Sherman could have taken Andersville . He chose to burn Atlanta and attack civilians to the sea instead. Captain Wirz was martyred on false testimony and because he refused to implicate President Davis to save his own life.
  5. A silly argument . There is no valid comparison between German Nazis and American Confederates. The U S government supplies grave markers for Confederate Americans. George Patton's 3 rd Army killed hundreds of thousands of Nazis. Two of his ancestors were killed fighting for the Confederate States of America . Audie Murphy , the most decorated American of WW II was from Texas , a former Confederate State. The U. S government erected a monument to Confederates at Point Lookout Maryland where it murdered over 4000 Confederate prisoners.
  6. Not sure to what monuments you are referring, but 1961 to 1965 was the Centennial of the War of Northern Aggression . The only monuments I know of are circa 1964 Texas monuments on many NPS federal battlefields and the Louisiana and Mississippi monuments at Gettysburg. I think Arkansas, Florida and Tennessee at Gettysburg are fairly recent also . They are all on Federal land .
  7. It was Durham
  8. No generation has the right to tear down the monuments of an earlier generation .
  9. Many of the Confederate Monuments were vandalized numerous times before they were removed. In Tennessee , the Forrest monument was removed illegally . There is a states law prohibiting such removal , plus they illegally desecrated a grave site . In Baltimore all the Confederate monuments were protected by a legally binding Historical Trust Easement which Pugh and her evil gang ignored .
  10. This is disgraceful . We told you it was not just about Confederate Monuments. You should have listened. . Now the monuments honoring all our brothers , fathers ,, grandfathers and uncles who served are under attack. Thank you to the worthless Nikki Haley for getting this evil ball of hatred rolling . https://www.brownwoodnews.com/questions-arise-from-toppled-veterans-monuments/
  11. The media could care less about McCain When he was a "maverick" they loved him When he was the GOP candidate , they hated him Now they love him again
  12. There's a castle in Scotland my family owned circa 1150 A D . I want it back . Think I'll have any luck ? The US hostages have nothing to do with Israel. Alliances are what causes wars. Read "Guns of August". With the Israeli we may have 5 million "friends" that with AIPAC play us like a drum, and have in turn made 500 million enemies . Not a very good trade . Sec. of State George Marshall warned us . "Friends" that send Pollard to spy on us and kill 30+ U S sailors on the USS Liberty . No thanks
  13. Also, I understand that there is an agreement or treaty that we will provide the Israelis unlimited, gasoline , jet fuel, etc. even if we don't enough for ourselves .
  14. When the Israeli occupiers have U S provided F15's, cluster bombs , guidance systems , every type of armament and military supplies and technology there is, the Palestinians fight with back what they have .