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  1. Or maybe it might just be true. Even Jesse Jackson said he would walk across the street if he saw black thug types approaching .
  2. They obviously think so. These aren't mom and pop stores. These are multi-million dollar companies paying a fortune for effective advertising .
  3. I'm with victim on this one , but you mentioned "irrational fear of a black man. " If such a fear is irrational , why do several companies use the stereotype "big scaring black man" in their ads? I think one is ADT.
  4. I'm with you on this one. Actually the only "good" / legitimate shooting / death I've heard of is Mike Brown robbing a store and going for officers Wilson's gun in Missouri. All the others I can remember, are wrong or at least questionable: I.e. : man choked to death for selling single cigarettes in New York , Freddy Gray, man shot in the back in South Carolina; I think the cop went to jail for that one, he tried to plant evidence , New York man shot over 16 times for holding a lighter .
  5. Good one. "You can also keep your doctor." .
  6. Trump's a New York street fighter that plays hard ball guys . Get use to it .
  7. Trump's a New York street fighter that plays hard ball guys . Get use to it .
  8. I think you forgot that the dems held no hearings on Obama Care and allowed zero GOP input .
  9. They reflect the values at the time and that's good enough . I'm perfectly happy with division. It always has existed one way or the other and always will: Royalist / Round Heads , Protestant / Catholic, Federalist / Anti Federalist, Labor / Capital , Dems / GOP . etc
  10. Raise money and build some. I don't care if you put up a statue to the Mills Brother as long as you leave ours alone .
  11. Since the Confederate States of America never sought to take over the territory of the USA, I'm sure that there would be statues of Grant in the north .
  12. Those tearing our historical statues are exactly like ISIS.
  13. I can't disagree . Ken Starr was a waste of time and money. An evil man threatening to put Monica in prison for 20 years if she didn't "cooperate." Such tactics should be illegal .