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  1. Do you think they can win a Super Bowl if they make the playoffs?
  2. I don’t care if they make the playoffs or not. This team is not good enough this year to make a run for the Super Bowl. I’m sure someone will try to make a big deal about that but it’s the simple truth. Does anybody believe we can make it to the Super Bowl this year? Without all the injuries I believed we could have.
  3. He has been a lot better in the past. That’s for sure. The big question is whether he just isn’t good anymore or if it is the offensive line that is just making him play terrible. This is two years in a row that Flacco has played bad. Nobody will know for sure until 09/18/2018
  4. No. I would never want a player on my team who wears ugly socks. I don’t care how good he is.
  5. That would be extremely tough to do. I say no. They said during the broadcast that the Ravens were the 3rd best tackling team in the league. This is another example of someone just making stuff up in their head so they can complain. JamesDean complained all the time about how bad this team is at tackling. 3rd best is pretty good.
  6. It was pretty clear to me last year where Bisciotti thinks the problem lies and that is with Flacco. He basically called Flacco out. Is there anybody who disagrees with that? With that said, if the quarterback sucks, then your whole offense sucks.
  7. Keep it up Ken and I will bring OCF back
  8. Yeah but I always thought if you didn’t see it then it shouldn’t be called. The whole situation was terrible
  9. Regarding the replay, if they cannot tell if the ball was touched or not during the replay, how could they tell it was touched to make the original call? I mean if they never actually saw a raven touch the ball, why would they call a touchback
  10. It sounds like you are thinking it’s Flaccos back that may be the problem. I am 100% certain that you don’t believe that’s the problem because I know you believe that the problem is Marty and not Flacco. You have said that many times. I’m just saying that you should choose your words better because someone easily could read this post and believe that you think the reason that Flacco sucks is because his back is bothering him
  11. Nice touchdown by Marty! The offense came out of the second half on fire. Let’s hipe it continues on their next possession
  12. Ok but I still disagree. I just can't buy into the fact that MM just doesn't know how or is just unwilling to make this offense more dynamic. It would have to be one of the two if you think that this offense could be more dynamic. I think it has to a lot with injuries which in turn has a lot to do with protections and a lot to do with Flacco himself.
  13. I recall many people complaining about Cadlwell. "he is just using Cam's playbook." etc. I remember Flacco played poorly under Caldwell in the regular season. I certainly didn't hear how great Caldwell was during the playoffs. Does anybody remember anybody on this board talking about how great Caldwells game plans were in the playoffs?
  14. Agree 100% except for the last couple of years. Maclin and Wallace are not as bad as Flacco is making them look. There have been a ton of injuries on offense, including the offensive line which very well could be making Flacco look worse than he is actually playing but even when he has time, he just looks off to me. Almost as if he just just doesn't have it anymore. I think next year will be the year we will see if the problem is Flacco or not. Well, at least a few of us will be able to tell if the problem is Flacco or not. If Flacco plays bad again next year, most people on the board will just blame the offensive coordinator again. Flacco, to me, just doesn't seem like he is into it anymore. He doesn't talk to anybody on the sideline. Nobody seems to go to him and talk to him. It's like everybody knows he doesn't want to talk to anybody. He just looks done to me. We will find out next year though. Now that I said that, he will probably have a great game Sunday/.