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  1. No argument here but you guys have to understand that Ozzie does not draft for need. He never has and never will. If that makes him a bad GM then he is a bad GM. With all of the offensive players taken with the first 15 picks, you are getting tremendous value by taking a defensive player with the 16th pick. You and I or even Kiper may have had Humphrey going in the second round but Ozzie had him ranked a lot higher than that. I read somewhere that Ozzie was pleasantly surprised that Humphrey was still there with the 16th pick
  2. Ken, we have already established it is your opinion three times now. I don't know what makes you think I am so upset or so serious. I'm just making an argument that totally contradicts what you are saying. I don't know what your point is with Elam. Was Elam a bust? Sure but if you don't think good GMs pick busts then you are sadly mistaken. Will Humphrey be a bust? He might be but let's give him a few plays during training camp before we declare Ozzie is no longer a good GM or as you put it "has lost his touch" I do agree that the offense needs playmakers but Ozzie is not the type to reach for need. I think Humphrey was rated higher on his board than zhoward
  3. This post actually makes my point about Ozzie never reaching for a pick of need. We all know what the most pressing need is and that's WR but Wormley was the higher rated player.
  4. Good post but I don't think he is going to be a project. Ozzie and his team put countless hours on every player they think is draft worthy and even players who are not draft worthy for that matter. The Ravens could save millions of dollars and just go by what Mel Kiper or what Mayock has as the best player available and then just choose that player. If you and I knew that Jonathan Allen or Reuben Foster was rated a lot higher on Kiper's draft board than Humphrey, you can rest assured Ozzie knew that. Ozzie just thinks his team is better than Kiper. I have to believe Humphrey was rated a lot better than any other player at that time by the Ravens and that is why they picked him. I'm just guessing this is the case though. I don't ever think Ozzie would reach for a project player who can't cover the deep ball when there were other players who were rated so much higher on Kiper's board. For all I know, maybe the owner told him who to pick.
  5. I know it's your opinion but I just don't see how you can complain about the guy before he even plays a down. Even if you go by what somebody wrote, you got to believe that the Ravens scouts have a lot more information to go by than some sports writer. I remember when the Ravens picked Jamal Lewis. There was one guy on TV that said that was the worst pick of the draft and that if Jamal would have stayed in college, he wouldn't have even started in college much less be s starter for an NFL team. All I'm saying is maybe we should give the guy a chance before we deem him a bust or as you suggest "...can't cover the deep ball...". I realize you didn't use the word bust but you insinuated that he cannot cover the deep ball which, in my mind, would be a bust. To draft a CB who can't cover the deep ball in the first round is a bust all day long in my book. I apologize if I came across in "battle mode". I just could not understand why anybody would not give the guy a chance before we say he is not worthy.
  6. Typical silliness. The man hasn't played a down yet and you got Humphrey as a bust. You did throw in the word "supposedly" to give you an out. That gave your post a nice touch.
  7. I agree with you but we have upgraded our secondary with quality veterans already. We have better depth in our secondary even if all of our draft picks are busts. I do think our first three picks will contribute in a major way in year one though
  8. I truly believe we will have the number one defense next year. I think we were number 7 last year and now with all the upgrades on defense, I think we should be number one. We just may have the best safety duo in the league with plenty of upgrades to our secondary. I can't see us losing games in the 4th this year. Offensively, I believe Ozzie when he says we are not done building this team. I think we going to get some really good veterans on offense to help us out. Maybe a Vincent Jackson or a Eric Decker type receiver would really be nice
  9. I'm not sure
  10. Oh I thought he was an edge rusher lol. That shows how much I know about college football
  11. Ravens fans please welcome Jonathan Allen to the Baltimore Ravens
  12. Allen has to be the pick for us. He is best available and fills a huge need
  13. We already have the number one defense against the run though but it's always best player available
  14. Dang!!!!
  15. Dang we have a chance to get the best CB in the draft