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  1. I think the talent is there but we are just lacking in one key area to go from a good defense to a great defense and that is the pass rush. We just need one more player to get after the quarterback and we will be a top 3 defense in my opinion. I have always defended Pees up to this point. If all of the sudden this defense becomes a great defense next season then I will have to change my view on Pees.
  2. We will see. That has yet to be determined. How many offensive coordinators did we have to go through until we figured out Flacco was the problem? There are some people who still think we need to go through a few more offensive coordinators because Flacco is so inconsistent.
  3. I hope it does work out. I'd love to see this defense get to the point where I thought they would be at last year. I do remember Pees getting a little testy in one of his press conferences which was really surprising.
  4. Shocking, I know. Reading what some of the players are saying, specifically Suggs and Weddle, I may have been wrong about how good Dean Pees was while he was here. Keep in mind, the keyword here is "MAY". The guys were saying Wink is giving the players a lot more responsibility on the field and he will be taking off the handcuffs that Pees used to put on them. The players will have more freedom to roam the field unlike when Pees was here. They sounded pretty excited with this new responsibility. If this new freedom that they have on the field actually works out, I will have to admit I was wrong about Pees. If it doesn't, Ken can go take a long walk off a short pier.... a little preemptive strike there because I'm sure he will have some snarky comment on here.
  5. I don't think it has as much to do with his ability to judge a quarterback as much as it has to do with being biased. I think you know that as much as I do.
  6. lol
  7. I said in another thread that he did not sound very intelligent to me. It is a little worrisome but let's just hope he can overcome that a little bit. If I'm not mistaken, Cam Newton had a very low score as well.
  8. I'm sure they are going to teach him how important it is to slide before getting hit. I listened to him talk and he doesn't seem all that smart to me. I hope he will be able to read defenses
  9. His approach to regular season games has been marked with very inconsistent play. He plays incredible in playoff games and seems to play very consistent. Why is that? I for one think it is motivation. I'm not sure what else it could be, If he isn't motivated this year with a rookie quarterback breathing down his neck then he just may be done.
  10. Locker combo JR. I like that. Btw, you didn’t get it wrong to me. You got it wrong to yourself. All cap letters was just icing on the cake. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game
  11. LMAO!
  12. Lol. True
  13. So true. Its either been the lines fault or the offensive coordinators fault. It never has been Joes fault. I read somewhere that Joes quarterback rating or passer rating is 36th in the league since the Super Bowl. With that said, I expect Flacco to have his best season this year. I think the Lamar Jackson pick is going to motivate him to play like it’s the playoffs all year
  14. That’s right baby! The only thing sweeter would have been if I put it in all caps like you did.
  15. Doesn’t this apply to every single player in the draft from pick 1 all the way down to the last player drafted? The Giants may have gotten a good running back in the first round but it would be a meaningless pick if he’s a bust. I can do that with every pick.