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  1. I give up. I’ll go ahead and admit defeat on this one.
  2. I don't think you realize it but your point about Bill Walsh just proves my point, not yours. The reason, in my opinion, they get by with "smurfs" is because of Brady. We all can agree he can make poor receivers look good. Also, Brady doesn't get paid what he is worth which makes it easier to manage the salary cap. I think Flacco makes about 6 or 7 million dollars more than Brady (just a guess). With all that said, I don't like Belicheck and my judgement is probably clouded but my argument is valid.
  3. I just don't know how to explain Belicheck being a below.500 coach until Brady came along. All of the sudden, like magic, Belicheck became a great coach the instant Brady started playing. I just think you could have replaced Belicheck with Billick and Billick would have became one of the best coaches of all time or replaced him with just about any coach in the league and they would have been a great coach.
  4. This is exactly the way I feel 100%. There is not a whole lot of people who think the same way we do though.
  5. That simply is not true. He was 5-11 his first season there without Brady. Belicheck became great the instant Brady started playing.
  6. Can a coach be great without great players?
  7. The facts are Belicheck was a below .500 coach with the browns and a below .500 coach with the patriots (one year). Belicheck became a great coach the same day Brady started his first game. If Brady did not come along, I wonder if the patriots would have won the Super Bowl that year. I wonder if the patriots would have won any without Brady. On the flip side, I wonder if the Patriots would have won some Super Bowls if Belicheck was not there and Brady was there. It’s all fantasy but just something to think about
  8. Belicheck also had a losing record with the Patriots before Brady started. I think Brady made Belicheck. Now that Belicheck is a legend, it's much easier to get the players to buy in to whatever you want them to do. I look at it like all the defensive coordinators we had from 2000-2010 or so. Were they all great coordinators? I doubt it but they sure looked the part. Why? Because of the great players on defense. I'm not sure Marvin Lewis is as great a coordinator as we all make him out to be. Look at all the players he had to work with...Siragusa, Ray, Rod Woodson, Chris Mccalister, Jamie Sharper, Michael Mccrary, Boulware etc. yet we think Lewis is one of the best defensive minds in the league. A great player or players will make a coach great. Now look at Parcells. That is a great coach in my opinion. He has taken every team he ever coached to the playoffs within 2 years. He made Testaverde into a great QB with the Jets. He could turn any team into contenders. I will admit though that probably 85% of football fans will think I am wrong about Belicheck. I am probably wrong about him but my hatred towards that organization won't let me say otherwise
  9. You are right. My bad. Let's keep it with the Ravens. It doesn't matter if the Ravens have the best kicker in NFL history or just an average kicker in a lot of these 4th and goal situations (or 4th and short). If it's a 4th and goal at the 1 yard line, the Ravens could have the 15th best kicker in the league and I think there is a very good chance that the kicker could make that field goal. That is not what teams are worried about when making the decision to go for it. They don't think "Well we are at the 2 yard line, do you guys think our kicker could make this kick? If not, we should go for it." That is not part of the equation here. They are trying to get an edge. I realize again you don't understand my argument here and that's fine. I understand it and hopefully others do as well.
  10. I think you are missing the point, Ken. Coaches aren't worried about if their kicker can make the field goal on a 4th and goal situation or a 4th and short inside the 20. The Eagles weren't worried if their kicker could make the kick on their 4th and goal decision. Yes, the Eagles kicker is not the best field goal kicker in the history of the NFL but I would give you 20-1 odds that the kicker could make that kick. So having the best kicker is irrelevant on 4th and short inside the ten or 20 yard line.
  11. Someone who doesn't know any better would read this and say 'Wow. Pees sucks!" but there is so much more details that are left out here. Lets start with the Patriots. The Ravens blew two 14 point leads. This is correct. I would be willing to bet though that the Ravens had a record setting number of injuries to their cornerbacks that year. You can say "Injuries are part of the game." or "every team has injuries" but the Ravens unfortunately could not plan for the amount of injuries they had that year. No team could. We were literally picking up players that no other team wanted on a Monday and they were playing that Sunday. Pees did a great job that year for what he had to work with. Some of these other games I do not remember but I do remember the Raiders game in 2106. I thought it was a perfect defense that Pees called that led to the Raiders go ahead touchdown. There was a safety back there to prevent the touchdown. He bit on a fake and got caught out of position. I'm sorry but I put that on the player there. There was no reason to bite on that fake. I do not doubt for one second that 90% of this board disagrees here but I've learned over time that does not mean I am wrong.
  12. How about cutting a 7 point lead to zero rather than cutting it down by only 4? Obviously Harbaugh disagrees with you but he doesn’t know as much about football as you. What about Pederson? Is he just an idiot too who doesn’t understand football like you do? What about Belicheck? Is he another one who doesn’t understand the game like you do?
  13. If trying to tie the game in the 3rd is not a good time then when is a good time?
  14. Yeah he was unsuccessful several times last season but he was the exact opposite of what you said. He was successful most times not unsuccessful.
  15. LMAO! That was too good for you. Who did you steal that from?