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  1. Or seemingly simple facts for you. Why do you continuously insult people simply because they disagree with you? Ken is simple minded because he brought you a fact? Why is that?
  2. 338 passing yards and you guys expect 200 yard games by three different receivers. It just doesn't add up mathematically.
  3. You are comparing apples to oranges. That's like saying Flacco sucks because he has 338 yds passing through 8 qtrs and there are qbs that have more than that in 4 qtrs. Thid isn't a top flight offense. We aren't going to have multiple receivers who put up 1300 yds a season. If we do then that means the defense isn't doing their job.
  4. Wallace is done? Are you kidding me? After two games and Flacco throwing for a total of 338 yards combined in two games, you have seen enough to determine Wallace is done?
  5. I just read an entire article dedicated about how good Jensen has played. I also think he has been playing well. Do you even watch these games?
  6. Why isn't anybody complaining about the 4 man rush? It was the 4 man rush that gave the Browns first touchdown. It was also the 4 man rush that gave up the huge play in the 3rd qtr that set the Browns up for a field goal. How many points did the browns score on 3 man rushes?
  7. The 2000 defense wasn't that good. They played against a lot of bad teams with very bad quarterbacks.
  8. It was pre-yanda injury. I thought the coaching staff did an excellent job overcoming all the injuries so far but this one hurts. I hope we can make a trade because we have a team that can contend with any team out there this year. The offense is doing better than anybody here expected, whether they want to admit it or not, and the defense is playing at a Super Bowl level.
  9. I'll bring this one up after they win the division.
  10. I don't care what you guys say. This defense is awesome. Our offensive line is looking good.
  11. The defense played great during the preseason and they played great during game one in the regular season. When I say it carried over to the regular season all I'm saying is just that. They played great during preseason and now played great in game one of regular season. I understand preseason means nothing on this board unless it's negative. If it's negative during the preseason then it means everything. The Ravens are going to win the division. Nobody wants to hear that here and I realize that. It's "cool" to say they are going 8-8 at best. This defense is going to shut down everyone's favorite team on here and that's the Steelers. Sounds crazy? We will see. This will also prove that if a team can win the division or at least make the playoffs, coaching means absolutely nothing in the NFL.Ravens have a terrible head coach, an inept defensive coordinator, a GM who doesn't understand 21st century football who drafted Tim Williams over Kareem Huny and a clueless offensive coordinator.
  12. True but the Texans had a number one defense last year and our defense played better against the Bengals than the Texans did. We finished with the number one defense in preseason and it carried over to game one in the regular season. There will be people who will say that it was the Bengals so it doesn't mean anything and we just got lucky. When we dominate the Browns it will only be because it was against a rookie QB and "IF" they had a better offense and a better defense we would have lost. I may be overly excited about the defense. I'll admit that but I feel very confident this defense will be special.
  13. The Ravens defense dominated the game. I have to believe you are the only one who feels the Ravens got lucky to win. When you say the score was not indicative of how close the game was, I agree but for the exact opposite reason you believe. I think it easily could have been more lopsided if the Ravens chose to be more aggressive but they were more interested in burning the clock. Of course,!this is the " what if" game which you like to play and can't be proven. If Mosley doesn't intercept that play in the end zone and the DB had fell down at the beginning of the play, that's a very easy touchdown. If Terrance West fumbles the ball and a DB picks it up and takes it to the house, then that's 14 easy points right there and it's a totally different ball game. Then to make matters worse, if they run a kickoff return for a td then it's 21-20 and we are losing.. Does anybody else think the defense dominated the game? Why are we complaining about the defense when they played excellent?
  14. What's clear is you are trying to paint a picture that the Ravens got lucky and the defense really didn't play all that well. I got news for you. The Ravens dominated the entire game from start to finish. I do agree with you that the score was not indicative of what happened in this game. It was much worse for the Bengals than the score indicated. If there were 5 quarters then the Ravens would have won 30-0. You said it yourself,ocf, that the biggest offensive play the Bengals had was only 6 yards. That's domination whether you like it or not. It's got to bother you that the defense was so dominant which is why you put out pist after post about how the defense wasn't really that good and we were lucky to come out with a victory. There are only two people who will agree with you about the defense really isn't that good and that is jamesdean and bleedingoramgeandblack. Other than that, I think the rest of us saw that this defense simply dominated the game.
  15. I see the Ravens just created some cap space by restructuring Brandon Williams contract. I know most of you would like to see a trade for an offensive lineman but I thought they looked pretty good. Adrian Peterson can't be happy in New Orlrans with such very little action he got vs his old team. He would immediately become our feature back. My guess is AP. Could there be another reason a team would create cap space during the season other than a trade?