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  1. Next thing you know that drummer guy will show up on here.
  2. Just a drive by.
  3. You as well
  4. Went to The Keys last month to visit my son. Good trip. Heading to see family and attend a festival in the small town in Illinois where my family is from. Turks and Caicos a few weeks after I get back from Illinois, Back to the Keys in the fall to visit my son and fish.
  5. A welcome memory.
  6. No bonnet. However I am biting that bunny in the ***.
  7. Duane Allman Roy Buchanan Danny Gatton Duke Robilard Roy Clark
  8. Commie
  9. Close to the bike riders hogging the road.
  10. Same old.....
  11. I have never tried binge watching. Most likely never will. But enjoy.
  12. Pecan pie