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  1. Awesome
  2. Good one Rob
  3. Ha ha, good one
  4. While it's obvious that this post is intended to incite, it made me curious about the attendance figures for both teams. So for the rest of us, who are here to have legitimate discussions, The O's and M's are nearly even in attendance The M's rank 18th with ~28K fans per game. The O's are 19th with ~27K fans per game. Overall, the M's have drawn ~250K more fans this year. Some of that gap can be explained by the M's having had 7 more home games than the O's. Using the average attendance for individual games, if the O's had played the same number of home games, they would have 216K additional fans added to their season total. If you extrapolate these averages, the M's will outdraw the O's by 34K fans this year. Interestingly enough, both teams were in the same position, with ~the same attendance figures, last year. Beyond that, the O's have been outdrawing the M's for a few years now. Of course, the O's have been aided by a few postseason appearances. That's something Mariners fans haven't experienced in nearly 2 decades.
  5. As the calendar flipped to August, the O's were hovering just below .500, and a couple games out of the second WC spot. The braintrust talked about how much baseball is left to play, and how they're in it. Now it's mid-August. The O's are hovering just below .500, and a couple games out of the second WC spot. Someone with a more positive disposition will point out how in flux that second WC spot has been, over the two week period. Tampa, KC, Seattle, Twins and LAA, are all in the mix. Here's the thing though. All of those team have held that WC spot this month. The O's and TX have maintained a 2-3 game distance, and TX already held up their whiter flag. I guess I'm in a negative mood, because I watched the O's fly west, with a chance to push down two of the teams that they're in the hunt against. They left LA having lost a game, in the standings. Can't do that. Then split the series with an also ran team. Now they're going north to play a team that has no pitching, at all. A team that has lost 4 in a row. If they don't sweep them, it's a terrible road trip. Even if they sweep them, it's a road trip where the O's fell short of what was necessary to make the statement, that they are in this thing. As he O's flew west, every writer and analyst, that I heard speak on the matter, said the ideal results would be 8 - 2. But they have to go 7-3, at the minimum. Anything short of that is a failure. They're 3 - 4, with 3 games to go.
  6. I agree. He's been with a few orgs now, and hasn't had sustained success. He's had some hot streaks, but only one good season. Those mechanics just can't be replicated. It's ridiculous.
  7. I'll start with the obvious. While both pitchers' stats aren't pretty, Gonzo is much better than Miley, and Holland is much better than UJ. Those upgrades will make a difference, even if it's a small one. And anything they do to increase their odds of winning, each night, is a good move. With that said, I'm confused by this story. Miley is DD's guy. And UJ is Buck's guy. So it's shocking to hear of a potential move, that would result in either pitcher being replaced. If they release UJ, he may not sign re-sign with the team, next year.
  8. Johnson has had every opportunity to succeed. He hasn't been able to make it with any org he's been with. The O's repeatedly sign him as a favor to his dad. It would be a feel good story, if the hometown kid could have stuck with the big club, but he isn't a very good pitcher.
  9. They don't have the leeway to lose a series against a team that is neck and neck with them, in the WC hunt. They're a .500ish team. That won't get you to Oct.
  10. Sounds reasonable. The market will help answer that question, this winter. JH's stats look solid. But I'm not rally familiar with him. He had a bad 3 year stretch, prior to last season. And his 2017 number show the reason the O's were able to acquire him so cheaply. I'm skittish that he's just having a good run in a walk year. My initial reaction is to aim higher, but the ownership group doesn't aim higher.
  11. Keep in mind, those players that leave, will need to be replaced. Given the addition of Beckham, it's logical to go forward with the idea that Hardy's $$$ can go right to Manny. But UJ will need to be replaced. And it's probably going to cost more than he's currently making, to get a #3 replacement.
  12. Buck has already said, when ready, Hardy resumes his rightful place at SS. I suppose we'll just have to appreciate what Beckham does, until Buck relegates him to the bench.
  13. I strongly suspect that Manny will become even more lazy, after his big payday.
  14. Same for me. All I have are the stories. But when someone like Palmer says that Blair was a major factor in the number of wins he has, simply because of his D, that carries a lot of weight.
  15. Seriously though, AJ is my favorite current Oriole. Like some others here, he is on my all time fav O's list. A couple of years ago, he replaced Paul Blair in CF on my All-Time Orioles team.