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  1. I heard a conversation on the radio, the hosts discussed this question: If you were a GM, what players would you take from the Ravens. The list was pretty short.
  2. I mentioned this somewhere else, I heard this upcoming draft will be QB rich. If so, I think they should grab one. Which round/pick is TBD. Perhaps they could get Joe's backup/replacement, without committing their first round pick. Joe isn't ready to put out to pasture. But in 3 years, a back up, with the skills to be a starter, could turn out to be a huge blessing.
  3. I'm really curious about Buck's career plans, beyond next season. We have his comment that he won't be here to see last year's crop of draft picks reach Baltimore. And frankly, I don't want to see him formally move up to the GM position. This version of the O's is all his concept, power, power, and more power. Like Ozzie, he has become a dinosaur who can't see the present or future of the game. I would prefer to see him move on down the line. I say that will full understanding that Buck and DD's replacements aren't likely to do better. I expect them to do considerably worse. Because Pete is likely to return to full meddle mode. Folks will someday come to respect what DD was able to accomplish, while working for him.
  4. Hands of stone was his established reputation, before the draft.
  5. Regarding your first point, and I say this will all due respect to you, because you're a thoughtful poster who brings a lot to the conversation. But I have to ask, do you follow the O's closely? I ask because it's pretty much common knowledge that Buck and DD are, at the least, equals. And it would appear that Buck actually out ranks DD in the hierarchy of the warehouse. Don't let the titles fool you. The O's don't have the traditional front office structure. When the O's were interviewing for their vacant GM position, it was widely reported that the process would be muddied by the fact that the new hire would have to power share with Buck, who was already seen as a manger+. It was speculated that Buck would just take the GM job, then hire his own field manager. But Buck told everyone that he prefers the day to day, hands on duties of managing the team. So, to answer your question, yes, Buck went to Pete and asked to let UJ stay. At least, that's what was reported. Regarding your second point, I'm not offended that you find it hard to believe On the surface, it sounds ridiculous. As you mentioned, how could an owner not comprehend the value of pitching in baseball. Sadly, if you've watched Peter operate for the last 25ish years, you totally understand. Without going into the litany of absurdities that is the Angelos ownership group, I can best sum it up with this. He's suffers from the smartest man in the room syndrome. In 1996 Pat Gillick (the O's GM at the time, went to Pete and said he wanted to punt on the season, and trade away some players to retool. Pete overrode him. Instead of trading away, they traded for Bonilla. The O's went on to take the WC, and advance to the ALCS. Since that day, Pete believed that he knew more about the sport, than any exec. After all, he just disagreed with a very respected GM, a guy who built a two time WS championship team, and was right. Since that day, no other O's GM had the autonomy that most GMs have. After Buck was hired, and gained Pete's trust, he has been the guy in charge. He enjoys more decision making authority than any GM, since Gillick left.
  6. Hear Hear!!!
  7. I couple of comments: 1) DD asked Pete if it was ok to release UJ. Pete said yes. It was Buck who made the decision to keep him. At least, that's how the beat reporters relayed the story. I believe that story, because it would make no sense that a GM would seek permission to cut someone, then not do it. Why get permission for a move you don't intend to make 2) I was the one who mentioned Pete's opinions about pitching. That's from a well documented interview, following the departure of Mike Mussina. If it sounds difficult to believe, then think about it from this perspective. How does a team, in (what was) one of the largest media markets in the country (the Washington/Baltimore corridor) and a baseball territory that runs all the way down into the Carolinas, not have the revenue to compete? Now ask yourself, when was the last time the Orioles signed an impact FA pitcher for market value?
  8. I use to sarcastically joke that the season should play out, as usual. But no matter the standing, NY, Boston, LAD and LAA should automatically advance to the post season. And no matter the outcome of the WC and divisional series, NY and Boston automatically advance to the ALCS. That way MLB can be happy and profitable.
  9. If NY and LA advance to the WS, MLB execs with stain their trousers
  10. NY took down a better team who had them on the ropes. NY can win it.
  11. I don't know anyone who gave Buck a pass on the UJ instead of ZB decision. Not a single person, unless pitbull counts. I believe he's figured out a way to blame DD for it.
  12. Is there any way we can make this year the end of his contract?
  13. I don't consider Miami a legit possibility. They're generally not big spenders. And they already have their superstar big $$$ player.
  14. Ahhh...that explains things
  15. If they don't do this, I'll be floored. It's totally what I expect to see happen.