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  1. No way. It was a total hypothetical question, just to see what everyone thought. In the most far out of possibilities, only a handful of teams could swing that deal. And it would all be based on the premise that Manny would sign an extension. The Yankees of old would have made that deal, but not today's Yankees. The Dodgers are wealthy enough to cover it. They could just chalk up the Davis $$$ as the cost of doing business. But any team that could do that, and felt like they could extend Manny, would just wait until Nov to dazzle him.
  2. Here's a fun question to discuss, just to ponder, since it's not going to happen. How would you feel if the O's made a deal where they essentially give Manny away, but the other team has to take Davis and the whole of his remaining contract (deferred money and all). Would you consider that a win? Or would it be a bad trade off to go the "addition by subtraction" route, rather than a straight gain of young controllable players? As I see it, removing Chrissy frees up a whole lot of money, and that's in addition to the other money coming off the books. With a solid 2019 rotation, the O's could retool very quickly. And they still have the potential top 10 draft pick for this lost season.
  3. We agree. I was saying that it seemed as though the other 29 teams realized that, prior to the Davis contract. And that's why he sat in waiting. If memory serves, only Detroit showed any interest in Davis, and it wasn't anywhere near the money he got from the O's. Your past results comment is another great point. Davis was entering his age 30 season, when he signed that contract. Going 7 years, for a 30 yr old slugger, was a bad idea on its own. And that's without even adding the ridiculous AAV into the equation. Seeing what we're seeing now, can you imagine how bad he's going to look when he's 36 & 37 yrs old, and still earning $23M/yr
  4. What is going on with Cobb.
  5. Those players contributed, and had a positive impact on the team's success. My comment was that they contributed to the team's success.
  6. Did the well run dry? Isn't it an amazing coincidence that the FO suddenly forgot how to assess and acquire talented players, either through trades or free agency, right at the point at which DD is said to have had his authority discretely stripped?
  7. Watching Chrissy's strike out was funny. It was a great pitch that hit the mitt, without having to be framed. When the umpire called strike 3, Chrissy stood there with the expression that said he felt like the umpire made a bad call. Except it wasn't a bad call. And more than that, high profile batters who can barely make contact, don't get close calls.
  8. It seems like that was the winter that MLB teams collectively realized that one dimensional sluggers just don't add enough to the line up, to justify their asking price. The Royals had just won the WS by using speed, and situational hitting. Peter Angelos, forever behind the baseball learning curve, had not yet arrived at that conclusion.
  9. DD also got lucky with Hammel, Chen, Gonzalez, Saunders, Norris, Feldman, Brach, Miller, Valencia (his first time here), Delmon, De Aza, and Paredes. All these guys, almost all of whom were unknowns and castoffs, contributed to the O's being competitive between 2012-2014. Yep, that DD is one lucky guy. But, you know what they say. In baseball, it's better to be lucky than good.
  10. If the brain trust truly committed to blowing it up, he'd wave that in a minute. But they would probably have to give him some say as to where he's sent. Or just trade him in November.
  11. That was a nice shot. For whatever reason, he stopped trying to be that hitter.
  12. LOL, there's sooo much room to make fun of their ridiculous Miggy - Chrissy comparison
  13. Here's how that commercial sounds in my head. Miguel Cabrera - Going to Cooperstown. Chris Davis - Going down. Hall of fame vs. Whiffing in shame. Watch as the Orioles take on the Tigers...
  14. Without reading the article, the first thing that came to mind was this. The BP was already worn thin before that game started. If I remember correctly, the 2 rule 5 guys were pretty much the only arms he had at that point. He may develop into a serviceable reliever. But he just wasn't MLB ready yet. A mid-80's fastball can't miss its spots, because MLB hitters don't usually miss mid-80's fastballs.