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  1. Man, that breaking ball to Davis was sick. CD should have been swinging at that fastball just before it though.
  2. I agree. DD isn't starting the rebuild of a team he'll be leaving after next year.
  3. Another thing that's odd, is how this team never seems to fire on all cylinders. The starting pitchers will give 9 quality starts in a row. Simultaneously, the bats will go ice cold. Then the bats start to pound, and the pitchers throw batting practice. It seems like they've done that for the previous two seasons. It's really odd.
  4. Buck Showalter - "I like our guys"
  5. I mentioned this in the UJ thread. Apparently Pete and Co. gave DD permission to release him after the ASG break, last season. So I was wrong about Pete being a stickler because of the sunk money.
  6. I agree. Vacation with UJ in the winter. Move near him, and have family dinner parties. Go to the movies together, shoot pool. But don't keep looping the anchor chain around the neck of the team, just because he's a great guy to hang out with.
  7. About an hour ago, I heard Roch on the radio. He said DD approached Pete, and was given the ok to release UJ. This was around the ASG break, when UJ's era was a robust 7.50-ish. Apparently, Buck asked for the stay of execution. We've heard Buck repeatedly say how great of a teammate/clubhouse presence UJ is. He praises UJ for taking it deeply personal when he lets his teammates down. Buck has made the conscious decision to protect one of his guys, at the direct expense of the win-loss record. I know this won't change anything, and Buck will be given his usual free pass.
  8. Oh, no doubt.
  9. The thing is, he wasn't signed to a contract that was above what his stats said he was capable of offering the O's (at the time of the signing). He got #3 money, and he was a qualified #3 pitcher. And as a bonus, he showed that he was occasionally capable of putting together a string of starts where he imitated a top of the rotation pitcher. It looked like a good contract. But, for whatever reason, he just crashed and burned.
  10. Unfortunately, the wins aren't coming as frequently as they were in April. Even more unfortunate, is that they've lost one more game than they've won, so far in May. The 3rd best record in the AL is good. But that's down from once having the best record in the AL, and briefly holding the best record in MLB. In and of itself, these things aren't worth sounding the alarm. But, if I'm not mistaken, the O's have a tendency to fall victim to the June swoon. Maybe they just got that out of the way early this season.
  11. I read that the O's owe him $8 for the remainder of the year. Considering that they cut Gonzo to save $5M, I would be surprised to see ownership willingly eating $8M without trying to get something for it. Sadly, I think they'll stay the course and try to salvage something out of their money.
  12. All good points.
  13. I understand that. But it's faulty logic to say, "We couldn't have done it without him" or "He played a noteworthy role in the team's trip to the WC game". It's just not true. Because his first 4.5 month of the season, are the reason the O's were only able to squeak into the WC game as the visiting team. He set the team back so far, they wen't from a potential division contender, to barely making the WC game. And more than that, he proceeded to single handedly lose that game. A short string of quality starts, down the stretch, simply doesn't compensate for or reconcile all the damage he did from April into August. I certainly understand the idea of being grateful that he was at least able to do that for the team. But the idea that he played a role in salvaging their season, which is the sentiment of the quotes above, can't be supported.
  14. There's just no way to support this statement.
  15. At least Bundy went six...I guess