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  1. That's classic collusion. Oh well, he went to his grave knowing he smashed the plantation system that baseball use to operate under.
  2. Good point. I had let that slip my mind. But Manny does have a problem focusing on the game, when there's nothing on the line, or when (I assume) he feels like the individual game is already lost. It's odd that he loses focus and interest so easily. He's forever talking about how his passion for the game was instilled in him, by his deceased grandfather. He's really not paying proper respect to his GF's legacy when he's starting unprovoked fights, falling asleep on the base path or his somewhat frequent lack of hustle episodes.
  3. I think there just isn't much to report. It's only the start of day 2, but for the most part DD has only talked about the things the team isn't going to do. 1) They aren't offering more than a 2 year deal to any FA starting pitcher 2) They aren't going to take on a salary dump from any other team (AKA, not trading for any established, impact players who are owned money over multiple years)
  4. I don't see why they think they'd be a place Manny would want to go to. Maybe their future looks bright, but Philly is a franchise with long stretches of being very forgettable.
  5. Buck and DD have gone full "scorched Earth" mode. No reason for them to hold onto prospects, when neither one will be here in Nov 2018. They'll trade any minor league player to add a piece to the 2018 roster. That's why all this Manny talk holds seems like folly. I know full well that they aren't going to trade him, unless they get back players who will have an impact on next year's roster.
  6. Yep, yet another piecemeal rotation built out of low risk, low reward cast offs and non-tenders. The Yard will be packed every night.
  7. I'm not very confident in Walker. His star seems to have already begun to dim. The Mariners basically gave him away. Prior to that deal, he was untouchable. They turned down better packages than AZ gave them. Then he was suddenly shipped off. Something's going on there.
  8. Cole would be a nice addition. As a top of the rotation starter, I'd be much more comfortable with the idea that he could handle the division. But with 3 years of team control left on his contract, he's going to command a big return to Pitt. The O's just don't have the chips, and wouldn't trade them, if they did. This thread is killing my spirit, on every level, all I see is an inept organization
  9. Although Pete is unlikely to trade Manny within the division, Boston always seems to have blue chip prospects to burn. The curious thing about this Manny situation is this, he has never shown any hints about where he'd like to go to. He grew up a Marlins fan, and he loves his hometown. But they aren't moving Stanton, just to replace him with an equal or greater contract. Everyone always assumes NY, but this isn't George's Yankees. Personally, I no longer default to the NY assumption.
  10. You're correct, he's earning $17M/yr, $42M is deferred from 2023-2037. But that's still a lot of money each year. Unnecessarily spent money at that. All that aside, at the basic level, you're right, there's no reason the O's can't sign Manny to a market value contract, even with the other money that's committed .
  11. There's one reason that comes to mind, it's from the Cardinals playbook. They traded for Macguire, just before he became a FA. Their reasoning was, if we get a chance to show him the Cardinals experience, he'll want to stay. Without that experience, we'll be just another team making him an offer. Granted, it's not an apples to apples comparison.
  12. Once again that idiotic Davis contract is handcuffing the O's. But Buck wanted his neighbor, and Buck always gets his way. Remove that Davis contract, and the other money that's come off the books, as well as the money that's coming off the books after the 2018 season, and keeping Manny wouldn't be any problem at all. I really don't expect to pay any attention to this team. Like Bleeding man, I'll go to some random games, buying $60 face value seats for $15. But I'm not investing any emotion. I'm pretty much done with the O's.
  13. Aside from the usual concerns that accompany a career NLc pitcher coming to the ALe, he's right in the O's wheelhouse. He isn't going to inspire any O's fans to jump for joy. But he seems like an upgrade.
  14. Me too. For all the risk and potential for him to flame out in the AL east, starting pitching is still a bigger need for the O's.
  15. Cobb isn't coming here, the Cubs want him. They have the money, they can offer a legit chance at a ring, and they have his former manager. Cobb to Baltimore would be a huge shocker.