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  1. All good thoughts.
  2. Twins games burned that jingle into my brain.
  3. I wonder if that asking price (2 MLB ready starters) was Buck and DD's way of consenting to deal Manny, while not hurting the team's chances of competing for the playoffs in 2018. I think this Manny situation is tangled up with the Buck and DD presumably leaving this fall. I'm stuck on the notion that neither man is going to punt on their last season here. I'm convince, if this team is remotely hanging by a WC thread, they'll make a Parra type trade, just to give it all they got. I see a scorched Earth policy unfolding this season.
  4. Circle me Bert!
  5. In my opinion, the O's would be trading from a surplus. I realize Trey alone isn't going to get Archer, but he certainly would be an attractive piece, for a team like TB, since they are always slashing payroll. Archer is only making $6.4 this year, then he jumps to $7.7 then $9 then $11. That's a lot of savings for the Rays.
  6. Should the O's trade Mancini to acquire a good, controllable pitcher, like Archer? He's a ROY contender, and he hasn't even reached arbitration eligibility. He's exactly the kind of player the Rays want. He's blocked from ever becoming the 1bman here, and the O's have OF prospects that look legit and are pretty much ready to come up.
  7. According to Britt, it's Buck who has long admired Rasmus. And as I mentioned elsewhere, Buck did the recruiting the last time the O's tried to sign him, but he chose Houston. Buck went so far as to fly to Alabama to personally talk to Colby, at his home. But that doesn't fit the "Big Dan sucks" narrative, so don't tell anyone that I told you.
  8. One day that whole story is going to be discussed publicly. I will be very interested to read about it.
  9. It's getting to the point where you have to wonder if DD is even the GM any longer. What if every move, after the DD to Toronto situation, has actually been Brady and Buck. And that DD is simply there for public appearances. Brady signs a player, DD holds the press conference. Brady contacts potential FAs, DD does the interviews about potential FAs. Man, I hope that isn't the case. Because, if true, Brady is a terrible GM
  10. He did, but he wants to come back. He had a problem with his hip, and he had surgery. I think he must have been dealing with hip pain, and it made him no longer want to aggravate it. I suppose the pain is gone now, and he thinks he'll be ok. It was speculated that both sides may agree to a minor league deal, and that will allow the O's to see if he's still got it, and he's worthy of a roster spot.
  11. O's are talking to Colby Rasmus. Buck tried to recruit him a couple of years ago, but he decided to go with Houston. Rasmus is Buck's type, big strikeout, low OBP guy with some power.
  12. From what I heard (whatever that's worth), they're both looking for similar deals. With that in mind, I'd lean toward the guy that's battle tested, in the division. Lynn is a good pitcher, but he has that risk of not being as effective, after switching to the AL
  13. Considering Pete's penchant for marketing over winning. He's probably imagining the stadium being packed each game, for the Manny Machado - Farewell to Baltimore Tour.
  14. I always thought Buck was lost, when it came to pitching. When I first started saying that, I got a lot of push back. I wonder how many of those folks still disagreed with me, after watching UJ give up the winning HR in the WC game. Anyone who would hire a pitching coach, whose philosophy is that all pitchers should have the exact same delivery, is a full on idiot. And I have to wonder how a man like Adair was ever hired to coach for a professional baseball team.