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  1. The thing I remember, was that Pete loved that Nick was also from Greek descent. But aside from a young Nick being a homegrown favorite, on an otherwise terrible team, I don't remember hearing about any sort of relationship between the two. But that doesn't mean there wasn't one.
  2. The 4th year was the sticking point. And their reasoning never made sense to me. The guy is headed for back surgery, and you're OK with giving him a 3 yr deal, but not a 4th year, because you're afraid that his back will give out? Apparently they thought the negative side-effects of the surgery would lay dormant for 3 years, then pop up in year 4.
  3. I laugh whenever I think of that commercial. Buck was once a good baseball man. Now he's grandpa to all his players. He lets them pick their place in the line up, and pick their positions. But alas, he' isn't going anywhere, unless he wants to.
  4. I like how you referenced that old saying. After all, it's still relevant to the O's.
  5. Stalker
  6. I had the same opinion of him, but it sounds like that spending was more of the owner's doing, than Ned. He has some good trades on his resume too. But working for the Angelos group is a whole other animal.
  7. LOL, when my wife got home last night, I mentioned the board was shutting down. She immediately made the same joke, that Angelos found us and is bring suit against the Sun for letting us criticize his team.
  8. I just saw Chris's invite to join his board, I opened the site, and saw a good story on Ned. It touched on the McCourt days, and shares your opinion that Ned was dealing with a bad situation. Like you said, if the team is still sticking with daddy Angelos's philosophy on running the team, we're in for a long ride over rocky terrain.
  9. I think all 5 of these things are necessary for a good discussion stew
  10. Man, I totally forgot about SSLO
  11. Thanks Chris, I just took a look at your site. I didn't dig too deeply, but it looks good. Even if we end up building a new forum, I think I'll still join you guys.
  12. I was thinking about you at the U2 show last night.
  13. And that's why his future is so intriguing to me. If he moves on and builds another winning club, based on good pitching, and OBP type guys, I think it will remove any shadow of the doubt, that this version of the Baltimore Orioles, is all Buck Showalter and "his guys".
  14. From what I heard, he's already in a special adviser role with the Dodgers. If that's true, he's not interviewing for the same type of job in Baltimore. If he was interviewed, and it sounds like he was, it's for a more involved role. I just don't see an established exec, with a track record of success, agreeing to a job where he's answering to the the owner, his sons, the roving strength and conditioning coach, and the field manager. DD was completely out of baseball, and had essentially been forgotten. He probably had to take this job, to get his foot in the league's door. Ned doesn't have that problem.
  15. In all seriousness, I think he will quickly be hired. You know how difficult it is for execs to succeed under Angelos. The fact that he has done as well as he has, has not gone unnoticed by the industry. True or not, it has been a widely reported story, that DD was stripped of his authority, after the Toronto situation. Obviously, I don't know fact from fiction. But if it's true, everything that happened after 2014 will be placed at the feet of Brady, Buck and the owners.