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  1. It's interesting that you're using YG as the benchmark example of DD's evaluation skills, not Hammel, not Chen, Not Miggy, but YG. If you're including a 2 year contract worth $22M total (of which the O's only paid $11), as a big contract, then I suggest that you do some research on MLB contracts. Because $11M/yr doesn't fit that definition. It's also interesting that you're criticizing DD for giving a a 33 yr old relief pitcher a 4 year deal, after four years of fantastic health, reliability and performance, while at the same time, criticizing DD for not giving a 4 year deal to a 34 year old OFer that showed a significant drop off in production, in the second half of his walk year. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.
  2. I had forgotten about YG's drop in K's and velo. So thanks for mentioning those details. If I recall correctly, Slide mentioned that, at the time of the signing. And the lost draft pick made everyone mad. DD's legacy in Baltimore will be his piecemeal rotations. But when you work for an ownership group that is on record as saying they don't value pitching, I kind of have to give him props for accomplishing what he was able to. It can't be easy working for Pete.
  3. I totally agree that YG was a desperation signing. And I'm not saying that I liked the decision to sign him. But at the time, he was paid below the going rate, for a pitcher with his skills. And while all your points are valid, they don't address his durability, and why he suddenly couldn't stay healthy. Also, since DD was able to trade him for a serviceable OFer, the cost and negative impact to the team, were minimal. I don't think the YG deal fits the parameters to be included on a running list of DD's expensive busts.
  4. The Orioles only paid Gallardo $11 in total. $9 for the 2016 season, and $2 they sent to Seattle. That's below the going rate for a #3 starter, which is what he was projected to be, at the time he signed. The season before he came to Baltimore, his stats were in line with his career numbers. He was signed because he was a durable, middle of the rotation pitcher. are you asserting that DD should have known better than to sign him? If so, what are you basing that opinion on? Prior to the O'Day extension, he had four years of reliability. He had closer stuff and mentality, but he was willing to be the set up man. He was/is one of Buck's generals. The extension paid him market value, with the only risk being, that he wouldn't be as good in the 4th year. A year that was necessary to keep him from going to DC. So again, are you asserting that DD should have known better than to sign him? If so, what are you basing that opinion on?
  5. I've heard radio people talk about Buck's age, and how he's probably going to ride off into the sunset. It got me thinking, so I looked it up. I routinely hear the comment that Buck is among the top 5 managers. I know that list includes Bochy (62), Madden (63) and Francona (58). I assume Dusty (68) is on it. Buck just turned 61. I think he's got some baseball left in him. And he wants to lock down that potential HOF resume, by adding a trophy to it. I doubt he'll sign on for a rebuild. But if they keep Manny, they would be retooling, which isn't a bad approach.
  6. This isn't a total explanation, but it's a part of it. The collapse started on May 12th, against KC. They entered that series with a 22-11 record. 12 of those 22 wins came against TOR, CIN and CHI. All three are horrible teams. Two more came against DC, who they always play well against. The rest were against NY, BOS & TB. They pretty much played .500 against those three teams. All of this is to say that they really had a soft schedule in the first six weeks of the season. In all of those wins, they were generally scoring just enough to pick up the poor pitching. Since then, they spent the next six weeks losing most games by a run or two. Since June 9th, the pitching has just imploded.
  7. Thanks for sharing, that's all interesting to hear
  8. Just watching his scouting report video on Hays, he's a very capable COFer with a plus arm. He can be a very good RFer. His swing is compact, and projects as a strong doubles type hitter. HR power may show up.
  9. I think we're pretty much on the same page. Regarding Manny, I think they waited too long to get a deal done that will include any sort of discount. Manny sees what we see, a team that may be about to go into a major disruptive period. It may be beneficial to extend Buck first, that way Manny knows who will be managing. The impression I get, is that Manny likes playing for Buck. Manny will need to step up and be the team captain. I can't see a scenario where they keep him, and AJ. It hurts my heart to think of an O's team without AJ. But he'll be 32 when his contract ends. That means the O's would be paying for his declining years. And I doubt AJ will sell short on his final FA contract. Especially after giving the O's a home town discount the last time. AJ will rank among my short list of all time favorite Oriole players. Too bad we all can't stay young forever
  10. Being one game out of the WC spot is misleading. Because they're actually trailing 3 teams for that spot. And there are four more teams that are just one game behind the O's. All but one of those teams has a losing record. OAK is only 5.5 games out. That looks promising on paper. Raise your hand if you think OAK is a contender? The league is balanced with mediocrity, and the O's a securely in that category. Now lets look at those teams. MIN - They have a farm system that can be used to trade for an impact player or two TB - Not sure about their farm system. They will probably need to make it with what they've got LAA - They have the money to make acquisitions, but my understanding is that their farm system isn't very strong TX - They have money and prospects to make moves. SEA - They'll tank, don't worry about them KC - They have prospects and a strong need to maximize their last chance at another ring. They have big FAs looming on their roster TOR - They have talent and money O's - No talent, no money Unfortunately, the O's are in the worst of conditions. The only real trade chips they have, are on their ML roster. Guys like Mancini and Schoop. They'll need to trade from a strength, to improve a weakness. Otherwise, the best they can do is another Parra trade, low risk, low reward. Like I mentioned earlier, in principle, I'm ok with a rebuild. I'm also ok with standing pat and seeing where things go. I would prefer that to the other options, because I don't want to see stupid, rental trades. I'd rather they sit tight, and load up next year. But I mean really add impact pieces. Shoot the works.
  11. This isn't a good comparison. For starters, NY is 8 games above .500 and .5 games out of first place. Also, it's almost guaranteed that a team (even very good teams) will have two significant losing streaks each season. Significant usually means 6 games or more. NY is in the mist of their first losing streak. The O's have already had two, and they still have 3+ months of baseball to go. I suppose one could look on the sunny side, and say they've already gotten the ugly out of their system for the season. But it doesn't feel that way today.
  12. The team has several "win now" type players. But they're lacking in starting pitching (and temporally lacking BP depth). Now that summer is here, you'll see this team rip to cover off the ball. But it's all a mirage. Just like 2015, they're a .500 team that is, at best, good enough to eek into the post season. But they aren't a legitimate WS contender. Now, many people will argue that being on the post season bubble is worth sticking to your guns. I get that argument. But the problem is, they are going to make another stupid Parra trade. Maybe even multiple Parra trades. And then there's the variable that you're painfully aware of. When the weather turns cold, so do the O's bats. They simply aren't a team that can beat the best pitching in the league. And that's what they're going to face in the post season. If they can add a good, controllable player, the kind of player that you want to see stick around for a few years, then make that move. But Parra trades do nothing but thin out an already depleted farm system
  13. In principle, I have no problem with that. But I don't think it's going to happen. I don't have a list of all DD's trades. But my impression is that he's good at dealing, as long as he isn't dealing in desperation. If he was going to start a rebuild, he wouldn't be desperate, and I think he could stock up some players. But He and Buck have a "type" and I fear he would leave us with a bunch of David Washington types, then catch a flight out of town, next Oct.
  14. If O'Day and ZB return, and are their usual selves, that will be a big boost. Because it set up the BP to cover 3-4 innings. But the starters aren't going to suddenly become good. UJ and Miley are terrible. Who knows what's up with KG and Tilly.
  15. I was shocked to read his compliment of the O's.