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  1. You want to see a real utility player. One that's an asset to the team, rather than an offensive liability that offers solid, but unspectacular defense. Look at Brock Holt. That's a utility player.
  2. Valencia > Flaherty
  3. I long ago wrote off Wright (I know I'm not alone). And Castillo is an O's player, so they can be patient. The Cortes thing is a bummer though. I was always a fan of Jamie Moyer, because he had to be cerebral in his game, and he was. So the idea of a lefty pitcher who outsmarts his opponents, seems pretty cool. Since Cortes comes with that reputation, I really hope this can work out.
  4. Yes it will. I'm looking forward to meeting you at a Friday night game this season. Maybe the stars will align and it will be a game that Tillman starts, and we can get Crouseman to join us. I'll study up on CPR. You know, in case Tillman does well, and we need to keep him stabilized until the paramedics can make their way to our upper deck seats.
  5. I think we all know that Roch is the inside guy, for the O's. And it's nice to have his instant outlet for news. The problem is, he works for he team, and is the media wing of the warehouse. As such, I view his inside info with a significant level of skepticism. He's not an objective reporter. He shares what they want him to share, and he spins the stories as directed.
  6. Many of us were right there with you, at the trading deadline. But we've all been fans long enough to know that Pete doesn't do fire sales. Even when they seemingly did on in 2000, they brought back insignificant players who were less than who they gave away. I'll exclude Melvin Mora, but that may just be my personal appreciation for the player and the man. Otherwise, Pete's M.O. is clear, no committing to impact FA pitchers at market value. And no taking intentional losses at the turnstiles, in a full rebuild mode. Feel free to complain about it, I know some of us will chime in. But there's what they should do, and there's what they will do. And never the two shall meet. So, since you're probably going to watch them anyway, isn't it nice that they're now on the post season radar?
  7. Well slap my a.z.z and call me Nancy. I would have lost any bet I wagered on this ever happening. I'll echo the sentiments about the physical. So while we're all tempering our excitement, until it's official. It's fair to ponder this. Has it popped into anyone else's noggin that this could just be a PR move? Enter into an agreement, fail his physical, then tell the fans, "We tried". Anyway, if this works out, I think it makes them a competitive team, because it pushes all the other middle of the rotation arm, back a slot. IF IF IF Bundy arrives, you have two #2 arms at the top of your rotation. Gausman and Cashner are #4 guys. Tillman is no longer a pitcher they need to depend on for success. But if he bounces back, all the better. I'm not printing any WC tix, but it is reasonable to think it could happen. That's better than I felt yesterday.
  8. I saw Dunkirk in the theater. The biggest plus for me, was that it wasn't about the US in WW II. It was interesting to get a story about a Brit specific event. I also like how far into the movie we get, before it's revealed that the guy he runs into, on the beach, is French and trying to escape the Nazis. Also, the sense of duty that compels the father to take his boat out and try to save a few lives. He isn't setting out to save a platoon, just a few lives. It's a high risk, low reward proposition. And the way that Nolan was able to churn that sense of duty into a generational debate, as the son pleads with his father to stay out of harms way. With all that said, it was a very slow movie, and you have to really give yourself to it, since it's long on non-spoken tensions. I rented Darkest Hours, and watched the first hour of it. It was getting late, and I thought I'd watch the second half the next night. I didn't realize that I only had a 24 hour viewing period. Thanks Amazon, I know times are hard for you, and giving me an extra couple of hours to see a movie, would have likely collapsed your empire. But I enjoyed what I saw of it. Since Netflix has the Crown, I suspect they'll add it later. I'll go back and watch it, in its entirety.
  9. Your comments are perfectly logical, but sporting events are still the last bastion for advertising. Although, before I cut the cord, I would turn on the O's game, pause it, and come back an hour later, just so I could minimize my time spent watching the same 6 commercials on MASN. But I still agree with the analysts who suggested that next year's FA class is so rich, that teams are just waiting a year to go shopping. Added to that is NY intentionally tightening payroll to reset their luxury tax rate. And Boston and LA both had rosters that were pretty well set. So you have the 3 top spenders sitting out this winter.
  10. Although we've seen a tight fisted response to this winter's market, I would still be surprised if Harper and Manny have a hard time getting the deals they want. Donaldson isn't going to see the same love, because he's 32, and will be looking for a contract based on past performance while entering his declining years. I don't know what to say about Kimbrel. He's a good closer, but no one wanted to pony up for Cobb, so I wonder if the market for a very high priced relief pitcher will be limited.
  11. It's a whole lot of If/Than scenarios
  12. Link please? When did he say he was going to find "new pitchers"?
  13. Shoot, in side sessions, he's Greg Maddux
  14. I think you misunderstood my explanation of how they addressed the rotation, with my condoning how they addressed it. They haven't done anything to show me that they plan to compete this year. Cashner is a "who cares" addition. He's a back of the rotation starter, thrown in with all the other back of the rotation starters that make up the O's starting pitching staff (I'll give Bundy the benefit of the doubt, the day he shows that he's anything but what we've seen so far, another back of the rotation arm). If I was the GM, and had the authority to do my job, here's what I would have done. First, sign Cobb. Next trade nothing prospects for Odorizzi, just like Minn. did. Then say, 'while we're at it, we'll take Chris Archer too. Trey Mancini had a real nice rookie season. Who else do you want for Chris?" Now you're ready to take on the division, and have a chance to win it. And here's the beauty of my plan. First of all, it shows the fans that you're worth their time and money. And, if it falls short, you have acquired 3 very good starting pitchers that can be traded next winter. So that fire sale will bring in multiple quality prospects that make the rebuild short and tolerable to a fan base that's tired of rebuilds.
  15. They did address the starting rotation. They resigned Tillman, added Cashner, and picked up a couple rule 5 guys to compete with Wright and other in-house arms to take the 5th spot. Have you not been following the team this winter? Oh, I see what happened. When DD said he was going to address the starting rotation, you allowed yourself to be seduced by the possibility that he would add 2 or 3 impact FA pitchers at market value. Yeah, the O's don't do that. Most of us have known that for years. Now you can say that you know that too. Welcome to Orioles baseball. It sucks. Orioles Baseball...Come for the empty promises. Stay for the opportunity to see players like Felix Pie fall down chasing pop ups around the outfield, only to have the ball hit him in the head while he's tracking it.
  16. The most we'll get is corn on the cob. And we'll have to pay for it our selves.
  17. Alright wise guy, I added the M
  18. Palmer tweeted that Cobb is standing firm on his asking price of 4 years at $17M/per
  19. Agreed. He's superfluous.
  20. In the scenario you described, there isn't any reason not to bring him up now. But you're not accounting for some important factors. For example, ST starts can be deceiving, because he probably isn't facing A teams. He may be, I don't know either way, but minor league invitees usually end up bunched together on the B squad, facing B squads who also include other team's minor league invitees and fringe FAs who are on the bubble. Or, he may be pitching with the Orioles regulars behind him. But it's a home game, and traveling teams are usually the B squad. As for why he should be sent to AA. The best answer is, because he hasn't pitched above A ball yet. And those games are the lower A ball levels. He hasn't even been to Frederick yet. It's not too often that low A level pitchers have great success in the majors.
  21. Wright and Ynoa don't make the O's a contender. They're likely to be key reasons why they don't contend. The reason Harvey is unique, is because he has next to no experience in the minors. I don't think they should bring him up this year, unless he just absolutely dominates, and shows that he has nothing left to gain by being in the minors. But when was the last time an Orioles pitching prospect did that? So I absolutely disagree with anyone who thinks, "they're going to stink anyway, why not just bring him up now?"
  22. Let me pose this question about Harvey. If the O's make him a starting pitcher this season, does it make them a playoff contender? If the answer is a clear Yes, then bring him north If the answer is, well...maybe...I mean...he has to be better than...who knows, he might..., then the answer is allow a 23 yr old kid who still hasn't started 40 games as a professional, to get his sea legs. I can't see any advantage to thrusting an untested young man into MLB to pitch for a team that looks like the most they can hope to accomplish, is to challenge for a .500 record. If the O's shock the baseball world, and prove to be a playoff team, then maybe bring him up. Just remember, that's what they did with Gausman. They jumped the gun, because he looked polished and ready to be in the big leagues. To date, he's an uneven pitcher who swings wildly between brilliant and lost on the mound. He's got a losing record and an ERA in the mid-4's and a WHIP that makes batter smile. He's a #4-5 pitcher on a real team.