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  1. Like the O's, I think the Pirates squandered their competitive window. After years of having a low payroll, they found themselves in a position to compete. And instead of going all in, they pinched pennies and made minor additions. I suppose, like the O's, they thought their window would remain open for decades, so they could take their sweet time. Now both teams will spend years circling the drain.
  2. I found this explanation. Unlike the previous QO system, it's now a long series of "if-then" scenarios.
  3. After the news broke that ZB was injured and likely to miss most of the season, I looked into his contract situation. Since he was hurt doing baseball related activities that were authorized by the team, his salary is guaranteed for the year. There is no technicality or backdoor way for the team to avoid paying him. Since he hadn't gone to arbitration yet, the guaranteed salary would have to be equal to to his 2017 salary, at the min. So the team gave him a $600K bump.
  4. That's true. But they had to pay him, since he was injured as a result of team approved baseball activities.
  5. A once dominant closer who will be rehabbing his way through most of the season, only to eventually return to a team that, upon his return, will already be done for the year. Someone please start writing that manuscript, because I gotta see that feel good story, made into a movie.
  6. We all recognize what AM accomplished here. But if we're being honest about it, the guy's track record for recognizing talent in the draft, was terrible. He has far too many top 10 and other busts to be put on a pedestal. And I'm absolutely convinced that, had he stayed, he would have just continued to stock up on draft picks, while leaving the big club to twist in also ran status. He showed no intention of ever competing. He accomplished more in the Seattle, TX and Hardy trades, than he did in all his years of drafting. DD hasn't had the luxury of multiple top 10 picks. His one top 10 pick was Gausman. That whole draft class was blah. Although, Corey Seager was picked 18th overall. I know pitching is more important, but I have to admit, I'd rather have Seager than KG. But that's hindsight. DD chose the best player (imagine if he had selected Appel , AM probably would have). The facts support DD as the better GM. He is responsible for nearly the same number of drafted players, making an impact with the O's, as AM. And he did it with lower picks and fewer years, while also making the big club competitive. Imagine if he hadn't been so willing to give away draft picks for FAs with QO attached. The O's renaissance only lasted for 5 years, but I'm happy for those years. Now we're back to watching the organization blindly stumble around. Who knows, maybe Brady will be a good GM. He already has Pete's ear, and confidence, so at least he'll be able to act on his instincts and decisions. Let's all hope he's a good judge of talent and a shrewd trader.
  7. Good one
  8. Sounds like Houston is balking at the trade table, again. No trade is imminent. They want best in class trade pieces, but don't want to part with their top prospects. Sounds exactly like the Warehouse
  9. I think mini camp is only for pitchers
  10. I hope he can get back to his usual self. I would imagine he'd take a prove yourself deal with the O's, since he's working with the club. If he can be his usual self, that would be a huge break for the O's. Needing 2 starters is better than needing 3. I know, Cap't Obvious statement.
  11. Not bad. It's a bit inflated for his production. But that's the advantage of being a FA in a particularly weak off season.
  12. All indications suggest the O's plan to give Wright a shot at the rotation. It's probably desperation, more than anything. But when you only have 2 starters, you can't afford to shut the door on any options.
  13. Here's a bit of relief. Tyler Wilson signed with a Korean team, and will be on the roster with Hyun Soo Kim. Good luck to him, glad he isn't with the O's.
  14. I can't place the Perriman blame at the feet of Joe.
  15. Yep, it was terrible to see so many passes land square in the numbers, only to be dropped or pass thru the hands of he receivers.
  16. Given his propensity for "trick plays" I can see Harbs sitting in his office thinking, "Cincy is terrible against the run, they're probably going to be looking for us to run the whole game. So they'll be prepared to stop us. I'm going to have Marty throw all night. They'll never expect that, and we'll totally surprise them"
  17. LOL, this caught me off guard
  18. Only for the Browns. The Ravens and Steelers don't seem to have difficulty with it. Over the course of Marv's tenure in Cincy, both teams have gone deep into the playoffs, multiple times. They collectively have 4 SB appearances, resulting in 3 trophies. They also have 4 more AFC championship game appearances between them. And then there's the random other WC and Divisional wins they both have. I'm psyched that he'll be there for 2 more years. Along with the Browns, I say, keep on doin' whatchu doin'
  19. Angelos has always given the impression that he believes OPACY is the greatest place to play, and the honor to do so comes at a cost. That cost is, you must be willing to accept less money. So yes, I absolutely believe he is delusional enough the think that Manny will stay for a fraction of his possible earning potential.
  20. I'll watch the upcoming final season. But I'm going into it with very, very low expectations. S5 felt like they had already jumped the shark.
  21. I watched it, and left feeling unaffected. Here's my problem with the foundation of this new trilogy. At the end of VI, the rebels destroy the death star and Palpatine is killed. Balance is restored to the force, and they set about rebuilding a new galactic senate. Fast forward 30 years, the shattered and scattered remnants of the empire are laying in hiding, trying desperately to stave off total surrender. Oh yeah, except that, despite having no resources, they were somehow able to afford the expense of building yet another death star. This time, it's an actual planet. They try to stage a comeback, and have their 3rd death star destroyed. Fast forward 3 years, and those beat down, empire fragments are now fully restored to power, and they're enjoying absolute dominance over the universe, while Leia is reduced to leading a very tiny band of rebels who represent all that remains of the rebuilt senate. WOW!!! What an unexpected turn of events, It's almost as if the empire is destined to always be in control. And no matter what happens, it will never be beaten. See, that's just bad writing.
  22. This has been my opinion for quite awhile.
  23. Well...whether you're right or wrong, Joe is going to be here awhile.
  24. Thanks Ken. That's why I wanted to share this.
  25. I have long held the opinion that the O's beat writers are forced to toe the company line, never be critical, or else face the wrath of Pete, and have your access to the clubhouse revoked. But I've noticed a shift, it's gradual, but I've seen Schmuck call out the Warehouse for decisions they've made. I see Britt openly criticize the team, and there haven't been consequences. For that matter, she has elevated to also being a regular contributor on MASN. So when I saw this Jon Meoli article, it just made me shake my head. It came out during the holiday week, but I thought I'd share the link, in case some of you missed it. The article discusses the various times that Manny could have possibly been traded, but wasn't. The thing is, and maybe this is just my mistaken take away, he seems to be defending the decision to not move Manny, either in the past, in the present, or through the remainder of his time here.