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  1. The schedule sets up well because the Ravens are NOT facing Andrew Luck, D. Watson and missed out on Aaron Rodgers. 9-7 is doable.
  2. Shirley is still alive.... And was NOT is mother.
  3. Keith Olbermann‏Verified account @KeithOlbermann 6h6 hours ago More My God my phone case just melted from the volume of texts about three separate rumors of big name sexual harassment/misconduct around media. Pro tip: Nobody take Thanksgiving off.
  4. I am starting to believe the person who shot him was wearing a blue uniform.
  5. I'd like to see former Maryland Senator Babs caught up in this. It would be entertaining!!!
  6. Eli is a Coughlin believer. Jax is a real QB away from the Super Bowl.
  7. Sadly yes. I want Eli to stay. We need a LT and running back. That will fix everything.
  8. And Tom Coughlin is the GM. Don't discount that. IMO is Eli is cut in the off season he'll end up in Jacksonville.
  9. Can't draft Howard, the Ravens had Pitta (that is sarcasm )
  10. But need more than 3 points. At least Perriman can't screw this game up.
  11. Breshad Perriman expected to be inactive for Ravens
  12. I agree but MD got rid of it under MOM a few years ago but maybe under these circumstances would bring it back.
  13. MD needs to bring back the death penalty for killing cops.
  14. The only way to improve the O's starting pitching is to trade Zack or Manny to the Dodgers for their prospects.
  15. I wish the Braves would target Tillman for 2 years.