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  1. I am a happy Braves fan.
  2. Should of got 18 months. His 700 hours should be at BCPS!
  3. Currently hitting .353 for the Braves!
  4. President Bone Spurs in Annapolis. I am sure it will big the biggest crowd ever and he'll use the speech to talk about the graduates and not himself...
  5. Syd acquired garbage and the teams that traded with him were unloading their junk.
  6. Frankly I wonder if the O's have taken him to an eye Doctor.
  7. Remember the last re-build took 14 years. (1998-2011)
  8. Thanks for the info
  9. She didn't admit it until she was confronted by WBAL management after the police Union found out. Miller is no different than Hannity because neither has ethics.
  10. Just like WBAL's Jayne Miller w/ Janet Bledsoe with the States Attorney's office after the 2015 riots.
  11. Cohen was know as a "fixer". What was he fixing for Hannity????
  12. Sean banging a porn star too?
  13. He should of called Bush about using that phrase.
  14. See some republicans are pro choice.
  15. Great closer. He just lost it. If the Braves had Rivera in the 1990's they would have won more titles.