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  1. I have been asking the question all day on line and no one has answered it yet! People are complaining what players are doing, making silly threats about never watching games etc. but no one wants to address the issue they are protesting. An effective protest gains attention to an issue and creates change (which might be slow).
  2. IMO the Ravens should be 1-2. They tried to give the game away to the Browns.
  3. How would you suggest players protest racial discrimination that draws attention to the issue?
  4. I would rather hear the opinion of Black people on this issue. As a middle age white guy I can say NO ONE has ever called the N word, or racially profiled me. This protest is about discrimination. And when I am in Church I often take a knee.
  5. KK was his boss and his guy. A little guilt by association. Also IMO KK might have known something and encouraged Dance to leave. I like Scott Shellenberger but I wonder if he knew something, ignored it or passed the info on to the State authorities.
  6. This screws up KK run for Governor. Oh what a shame....
  7. As a said months ago a problem has come up... The Maryland State Prosecutor’s Office launched a criminal investigation more than six months ago, issuing a subpoena for school system records, and this month several people associated with the system were interviewed by investigators, sources said.
  8. No but if I was a Muslim I would avoid Dundalk.
  9. Defense is fine. Gave up only 17 pts vs. Lions (7 pts were scored on a punt return). If the offense doesn't get better the defense will be gassed by week 12.
  10. I doubt Pat McDonough or any Trump fan would move into a Muslim anything community.
  11. The Oline. Jerry Reese has done nothing over the last 2 years to fix the problem. McAdoo wants to run the West Coast offense with an Oline that can't protect Eli.
  12. If they want to live in their own community I am OK with that. IE- Little Italy, Greektown, over 55 communities.
  13. A draft bust can kill a team. Ereck Flowers drafted 9th is killing Eli and the Giants, the same year Perriman was drafted. .
  14. If KK thinks he'll get elected by running against Trump, Sessions and Ryan, he'll lose. ASK HRC how running against Trump and not focusing on issues worked for her!
  15. I'll bet Kiser throws another pic.