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  1. They all working OT to solve the Suiter murder/suicide.
  2. A great chance to "bury the hatchet" into someone.
  3. NL pitching will kill him. Braves won't trade for him.
  4. Angelos is too tight to spend the MASN $$$$. In 2019 attendance will fall like a rock.
  5. Many of President Donald Trump’s critics have raised concerns in recent weeks about his alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. If the revelations are true, Trump’s infidelity is a serious matter between him, his God and his spouse. Quickly, so-called white evangelicals rushed to defend the president, urging the nation to “forgive” and move on. “All these things were years ago,” Jerry Falwell, Jr. told CNN. Another stalwart of Trump’s faith advisors, Tony Perkins, told Politico he and others are willing to give the president a "mulligan" on issues of personal morality because he champions an evangelical agenda.
  6. True but the difference is religious leaders called out Clinton but Falwell Jr. etc. are granting Trump mulligans.
  7. Remember tobacco lawsuits. The government proved the tobacco companies knew of the dangers of their product. IMO the NRA loves these killings because it increases gun sales.
  8. Product liability. If you want to own and sell guns that is OK with me. Allowing people to sue manufactures and sellers does not infringe on 2nd Amendment rights.
  9. Remember 1998-2010 and all those losing seasons.
  10. Allow people to sue manufactures and sellers. If Honda makes a bad car and I get into an accident I sue Honda.
  11. As a teacher HELL NO.
  12. Now the city wants outsides to tell us what we already think... Acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa has decided to bring in an outside consultant to review last year’s unsolved killing of Det. Sean Suiter, police officials confirmed Thursday Police initially said he was killed in a brief but violent struggle with an unknown assailant but subsequently acknowledged that detectives were looking into competing theories as well. One of those theories is that Suiter committed suicide. De Sousa mentioned there being two conflicting theories around the detective’s death, and said he hopes the independent review of the case “tells us what happened” to the detective. “I hope it dispels one or the other” and “just tells us the truth,” he said. “A lot of people don’t like to hear the truth, but whatever the truth is, I think we need, and we have a responsibility, to share that to the community,” De Sousa said.
  13. Two county Executives with awful public schools re-elected against weak opposition, a civil rights leader further left than Bernie Sanders. That is the B team. A team would be Dutch, Doug Gansler, Heather Mizuer, Peter Franchot.
  14. I'll hold off on the playoff tickets... Bundy, ,Gausman and Cashner is no Palmer, McNally and Cuellar.
  15. The problem for dems is the candidates are the B team.