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  1. A get together would be "interesting".
  2. I live in the dena and the over development of Mountain Road makes it a parking lot during rush hour. Glad they didn't allow a big box store at Brumwells because the roads suck.
  3. After more than two decades of hosting community Talk Forums, The Baltimore Sun is closing the forums effective July 2. The Sun encourages readers to engage on its website and hope you will join us there. For forum members, we are offering unlimited access to all our products at a discounted rate*. We thank you for your continued loyalty and readership and hope you’ll follow us to *Offer good for new subscribers only.
  4. Been here for years and avoided the paywall here too. Now I will have to pay for the SUN online I guess. Wish I was up though Hogan's re-election and the Braves World Series championship this year!
  5. In 1969 Hank Aaron hit 44 HR and struckout only 47 times.
  6. I liked Hunter's comment that the last O's HOME win was when Joseph was catching!
  7. Miami was trying to be the worse in purpose but the O's are.
  8. 1. The Angelos family 2. See # 1 3. See # 2
  9. Right now I am voting for Jim Shea because I personally like Brandon Scott.
  10. He has a lot of ideas $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I like some of them but where is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ coming from.
  11. I agree. Nothing to lose and the O's are losing real good.
  12. He also backed Jessemy over Bernstein in 2010. And Mosby over Bernstein in 2014. And Brown over Gansler in 2014. He loves inferior people.
  13. The Sun went far left in the dem endorsements (Johnny O and Jealous). After I read the Jealous endorsement I came to the conclusion that they will NEVER endorse Hogan.
  14. Dump garbage alert: If the Braves trade for Manny or Britton here is the junk the Braves will be offering: Matt Wisler, Alex Jackson, Aaron Blair, Rio Ruiz