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  1. Cut trump a break, maybe they were serving two scoops of ice cream.
  2. Trump's anti media ranting have led to this and will get a journalist kill.
  3. Free speech, the right to boycott go hand in hand.
  4. My Braves have a better chance of getting to the playoffs than the O's.
  5. if a navy official did this he would be arrested for TREASON. Trump has set the bar so low a speck of dirt couldn't get under a pregnant ant.
  6. Loved how he said the movie Octo*****. Loved him in the TV series with Tony Curtis.
  7. And most Medicaid people probably voted trump. Screw them.
  8. Maybe his own experience of getting arrest for beating his wife changed him.
  9. We need a good laugh with this president...
  10. And Albert Speer said Eva Braun was a charming hostess...
  11. Marking a potentially dramatic turnaround in rocky U.S.-Mexico relations, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday offered to pay for President Trump’s impeachment instead of a $21.6 billion border wall separating the two nations. “We would pay for the ‘whole enchilada,’” Peña Nieto told reporters on the steps of the National Palace in Mexico City. “Impeachment is far cheaper than a border wall, and frankly, no one will want an expensive border wall after Trump’s gone, anyway.”
  12. A scary pic.
  13. I would accept Mueller's findings but I think Trump will fire him first.