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  1. Maybe while in prison he can teach so inmates and get more teaching experience. Wonder if he'll bring anyone else down??? KK?
  2. It is looking more like the cops are covering up something! It is unclear what, if anything, the seized cameras captured on the day of Suiter’s shooting — which shocked the city and led to the street, and other parts of Harlem Park, being cordoned off for a week. Police have acknowledged having some surveillance footage from the area, but Smith would not say whether that footage was from Akpala’s cameras — two of which are visible, facing the street, on the facade of the corner building where the store is located.
  3. It is mainly non white in a dense large geographic area.
  4. If that is the case IMO Gary wants Case as HIS QB in 2019.
  5. Kubiak could care less because he is not the Broncos coach, since 2017....
  6. Mom- Clean your room or I'll take you to an O's game. Kid- I'l clean it right now! Considering all the empty seat this year and after Manny leaves why not, MASN can show pictures of the filled seats in LF!
  7. Be ready for a lot of empty seats at OPCY in 2018!
  8. Landry, 25, has 400 receptions, 22 touchdowns and three Pro Bowl appearances since he entered the league in 2014. At 5-foot-11 and with a career average of 10.1 yards per catch, Landry is labeled as an inside receiver, which doesn't typically doesn't command the same payout as true outside wideouts, but several coaches from the NFL combine said Landry is capable of playing inside and out.
  9. President Trump "will accept the invitation to meet with Kim Jong Un at a place and time to be determined." A leader of a world leading democracy meeting with a ruthless dictator who kills his own people. What could go wrong?
  10. Linking the Ravens to Mayfield or any other quarterback isn't completely off base. There's some logic to it, in fact. The Ravens in 2019 can move on from Flacco, who hasn't played up to a contract that ranks among the richest in the NFL. Flacco ranks No. 36 in passer rating since being named Super Bowl MVP, throwing 98 touchdowns and 74 interceptions over the past five seasons. If Baltimore was thinking about moving on from Flacco, 33, the selection of Mayfield makes sense. Mayfield was one of the most decorated quarterbacks in college football history, winning the Heisman Trophy in a landslide. Taking a quarterback this year would allow him to sit for a year behind Flacco before having to play.
  11. Because she has a non disclosure agreement.
  12. A majority-minority district is a district in which a racial minority group or groups comprise a majority of the district's total population. As of 2015,the United States was home to 122 congressional majority-minority districts. This represented approximately 28 percent of the nation's 435 House districts. Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act mandates that no "standard, practice, or procedure shall be imposed or applied by any State or political subdivision to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color." In the context of redistricting, federal law provides that majority-minority districts can be created in order to prevent the dilution of minorities' voting strength in compliance with the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  13. 1965 Voting Rights Act.
  14. Federal Law
  15. Hart got off easy in MLB's Braves investigation.
  17. Dorothy, Dorothy!
  18. The tricky thing is you have to draw 2 majority minority districts.
  19. Can he pitch?
  20. The really good news is I doubt Amazon will consider moving to Georgia now. A win for Maryland!
  21. After two days of reflection and conversations with the Patriots, New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has decided not to accept the Indianapolis Colts' head coaching job, league sources told ESPN. In the past 48 hours, Patriots owner Robert Kraft began talking with McDaniels and ultimately wound up sweetening his contract, helping to entice him to remain in New England rather than leave for Indianapolis, which announced it would be holding a news conference Wednesday to introduce its new head coach. But McDaniels did not have a signed contract with the Colts, according to a source. Belichick's successor.
  22. His behavior didn't cause her death.
  23. Spring Training games are meaningless. Greg Maddux always had a high ERA on propose to set up hitters for the regular season. Dodgers and Astros were at .500 in spring 2017.
  24. So is drugging a raping women.
  25. Karma Bill, karma.