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  1. Dumping a 2019 salary to clear room for the next free agent class. Atlanta is close to Miami...
  2. Clearly they need more practice...
  3. The only way you get good at driving in the snow is by driving in the snow.
  4. PAY HIM! With all that MASN $$$ they can afford a future HOF. Angelos is being CHEAP!
  5. Jesus people! Its snow, not the end of Western Civilization. Went of to dinner, BB&B and the store. Man up and drive in the snow!
  6. The backlash for trading Manny will be awful. Will fans even attend the O's fanfest?
  7. Several Teams Have Reportedly Made Offers For Manny Machado By Steve Adams | December 13, 2017 at 6:30pm CDT WEDNESDAY, 6:30pm: Several teams have made formal trade offers for Machado, Jon Heyman of FanRag tweets. The Yankees’ chances of landing him are near zero, a source told Joel Sherman of the New York Post. It seems the Yankees would want to include Jacoby Ellsbury in a a Machado deal to help them stay under the competitive-balance tax threshold, but Sherman doubts he’d waive his no-trade clause to go to Baltimore (Twitter link). 4:33pm:The Orioles are “making good progress” toward a Machado trade, Brittany Ghiroli of reports, though Dan Connolly of writes that a deal doesn’t appear imminent. There are more than five teams in the running for Machado, Ghiroli adds. The Orioles met with a “couple” of those teams Wednesday, per Encina. Notably, Duquette hasn’t dismissed trading Machado to another AL East team, Roch Kubatko of relays (all Twitter links here).
  8. It is the only presents he can afford.
  9. Should the Orioles decide to trade superstar third baseman Manny Machado prior to 2018, his contract year, they could find a taker in Philadelphia. The Phillies are among “the more interested parties” in Machado, Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.comreports. The Orioles have studied the Phillies’ farm system in the event of a deal, and they now “covet” right-hander Sixto Sanchez (Baseball America’s 61st-best prospect), per Kubatko. Second base prospect Scott Kingery and major league shortstop Freddy Galvis could also be involved in a potential trade, Kubatko writes. But a swap would require a 72-hour window for the Phillies to extend the 25-year-old Machado, according to Kubatko, and hammering out an agreement could be a tall order given that he’s so close to hitting the open market. Well for O's fans it would be a short drive to see him...
  10. The NYT web site is getting results in faster. Jones strong countries haven't reported much yet.
  11. PAY HIM! Try trading Davis and Trumbo first (giving teams some $$$). It will kill summer attendance. It will cause a big increase in colon cancer in Baltimore because the O's, Jim Hunter etc. will be blowing so much smoke up the fans butts on why the trade was wonderful!
  12. I'm still pissed about Dale Murphy getting screwed.
  13. I did another post a few minutes ago and the O's are taking offers. God forbid if they would try to sign him! As a Braves fan I'll give the O's Swanson, SP Teheran, another pitcher and Nick M if I can get a deal signed with Manny.
  14. Have a short parade along North Avenue where the day of service can be done. Also keep the schools open and teach the students about NON-violence so they don't become future thugs.
  15. If they trade MANNY their attendance will drop, like a rock!
  16. LOOKS LIKE THE O'S WANT TO TRADE MANNY! While it’s been reported that the Orioles are at least willing to listen to offers on Manny Machado, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic takes things a step further, reporting that the O’s have asked interested parties to make them offers for the star infielder (subscription required and highly recommended). The term “infielder” is of particular note, as Rosenthal also writes that Machado’s desire is to return to shortstop in 2018 whether he’s in Baltimore or with a new club. Machado, 25, has long stood out as an on-paper trade candidate given his proximity to free agency and the Orioles’ lack of starting pitching. The O’s, who have been looking to add as many as three starters to their rotation this winter, will be hard-pressed to contend for an AL East title in 2018 (even more so in the wake of the Yankees’ acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton). With Machado set to hit the open market next winter in position to land a record-setting contract — assuming a healthy year, anything south of Stanton’s $325MM guarantee would seem to be a nonstarter — it’s difficult to envision him remaining in Baltimore. For the time being, MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz projects a $17.3MM salary for Machado next year after his final trip through the arbitration process. The Orioles, per Rosenthal, are aiming to acquire two controllable young starters in any trade for Machado. That’s a lofty ask for a lot of teams, but a win-now club with an ample supply of touted but unproven pitching could look at that as an acceptable price to pay for a player that has been worth better than five wins per season, on average, over the past half decade (despite missing 80 games due to injury in 2014). Notably, Rosenthal adds that owner Peter Angelos does not want to trade with the division-rival Yankees. Machado didn’t have his best season in 2017, as he got off to a shockingly pedestrian start to the year. Through the season’s first three months, Machado was batting just .216/.289/.423 with an elevated (by his standards) 20.6 percent strikeout rate. Over the final three months, though, the Machado of old resurfaced, as he mashed at a .295/.329/.513 pace with a vastly improved 13.1 percent punchout rate. Machado has two Gold Gloves and a Platinum Glove to his name at third base and has long graded out as an elite defender there, but there’s little doubt that he could still handle shortstop at an above-average level as well. He logged nearly 400 innings there in 2016, for instance, and drew generally positive marks from Ultimate Zone Rating (+1.9) and Defensive Runs Saved (+3). From a broader perspective, Machado is one of several players entering his final year of team control in Baltimore. Zach Britton, Adam Jones and Brad Brach are all free agents following the 2018 season, while Jonathan Schoop is controlled for just one year beyond that. Depending on how aggressively the O’s are willing to sell off parts, they could quickly restock their farm with an ample supply of talent by marketing more than one of their soon-to-be free agents, though doing so would also mean largely punting on the 2018 campaign at the very least.
  17. A pretty crappy suicide bomber, he didn't even DIE!
  18. The O's front office has the theme of, "chicks dug the long ball". (Davis, Trumbo)
  19. That 3rd and 3 call was stupider than Flacco's interception. Even if the Ravens stumble into the playoffs they have one and done written all over them.
  20. If SCOUTS declares it unconstitutional then the MD GA might have to fix the problem during the 90 day session in 2018.
  21. Bad clock management by Pittsburgh. Just get it close for Tucker.
  22. Agreed. Game is over.
  23. 3 rd and 3 and you throw??? WTF!
  24. I just figured who Joe reminds me of, Vinny Testaverde.
  25. Jeter will make Miami fans miss Loria. Stanton hit a lot of home runs in the pitching tough NL, in the AL East he'll hit 25 just against the O's.