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  1. On Belvedere and Park Heights Avenues, a "pigmentally impaired" yuppie said a suspect held him up at gunpoint demanding $20. According to the victim, the suspect ignored the $500 cash the yuppie had in his wallet, because "The suspect said he only wanted $20 to feed his family*." It finally turned out the "victim" had just purchased a snarling (another term for Oral Sex) for $20 and didn't want his wife to know!!! *Sorry, but suspects are only warm and fuzzy, tender people on THE TV SHOWS, NOT IN REAL LIFE!!
  2. I left about the turn of the decade. If you are wondering how I keep abreast of the disasters within the BPD, I have a number of friends who are just waiting for retirement to get out. Additionally, I can see the news reports about how specialized units tend to go rouge. (I am surprised that anyone is surprised when a team goes rouge, because the department does everything it can to set the teams up to fail....I don't mean by setting them up, I mean that the BPD bends over backwards to worship these teams and sooner than later, it goes to the heads of these younger Officers)
  3. AD... My bad, it was WMAR who reported that "the decoy unit will be made up of young plain clothes Officers newly graduated from the Academy."
  4. AugusteDupin... I have no idea if SET is still in service. My opinion of them is not something to be discussed in mixed company. I do know about the robberies of all races, creeds, colors, etc that is going on. (Before I left, I got to see first hand how some of these were 'downgraded' for statistics purposes). The impression I got from the TV is that the Command Staff is just now realizing the problem and making a solution. TV (I think it was WBFF, but don't quote me) indicated that the team would be younger members, thus my belief that it would be newer Officers.
  5. I also question the use of young Officers as 'bait'. The victims so far have been young families and females and SUDDENLY we are to expect the criminals to go after fit young males? ----------------------------------------------- While we are at it, it has been said that these Officers will blend in. Something I was taught by the local drug dealers was that new Officers who are undercover ALWAYS have a two day old beard. (That is how the dealers could pick out the undercover Officers). So, bottom line, all the Juveniles have to look out for is an out-of-place person who looks like Don Johnson!
  6. AugusteDupin wrote: " The decoy unit.. will be placed in strategic areas of the City..." That is what they said would happen with the SET unit. Turns out they ended up staking out various fast food locations (to have lunch) and working 9 - 1 (sometimes 9 - 2, if it was a busy day)... (Cause we all know that criminals are out in force in the afternoon)!!! ((I can't get the computer to let me reprint a prior post))!
  7. From the article: "“I think the parties are looking for some sort of middle ground where we can all come to some sort of conclusion,” he said. “We try to facilitate that.” WRONG, WRONG, WRONG... The Assistant States Attorneys that I knew NEVER took into account the victims or the Police when they made their INSANE plea bargains. Example: An officer was hit by a vehicle as the driver/suspect tried to drive away from a drug bust. The ASA offered to drop the charge of "Assault with intent to Murder" for a charge of "Common Assault." (The Judge (a retired County Judge) had 'bound' himself to the agreement before he heard it. When he heard the agreed Statement of Facts, he blew up at what he said was a useless ASA). Example: An eighty plus BLIND lady was beaten and robbed of her purse. The ASA agreed to go forward with reducing the crime to "Assault (2nd degree) and "Larceny" (in other words no felony charges). The ASA even agreed to no jail time. When the Judge heard the agreed Statement of Facts, he too was furious at the ASA. I can go on, but you get the idea, at no time did the ASA's ever worry about the victim's concerns
  8. The truth is that the City's Politicians have fueled a distrust and downright hatred of the Public towards the BPD. Until they stop using that distrust to get ahead in politics, nothing will change.
  9. I was under the impression that the BPD was not going to try anymore plainclothes units anymore.. This idea is (of course) going to thrill those people who have no clue what actual Police work is (like Sun reporters, the Mayor, etc). But for those Police who still work the City this will be a nightmare. There are MANY reasons I have this view, here are a few: It has been shown from past history that these units are routinely given the best equipment, leaving the working Patrol units without. (The Patrol Car I had before I retired had over 130,000 miles on it and the rear end fell off one day ..(TRUE STORY when I picked the car up from Lewin Avenue shop, the front end fell off as I pulled away)!!! ...Meanwhile a FLEX team had a brand new car to use when they went back and forth to lunch). Due to the importance that will be bestowed on them by a Commissioner who is desperate that something works, these units will quickly decide they are better than everyone else in the Department and will be glad to show it. (If they follow the specialized units from the past, they will work shifts that have no bearing on the crime rate (but allows for them all the weekends and nights off); they will have every holiday off (again, disregarding the crime rate); etc). To say nothing of the fact that brand new Officers, fresh out of the Academy, have little to no knowledge of interaction with the Citizens or other Police.
  10. A Citizen was on WBFF the other day talking about the City's need to HELP these kids out and do more for them so they won't commit crimes anymore. No mention of a punishment, just a talk about how mean everyone is for not doing more!
  11. Retired: Please don't blame the Honest Police for this! The City and the Police HQ made it clear several years ago that ANY attempt at treating criminals as criminals will be met with swift and sure punishment to the Officer!!! The concept of doing your (Police) job without getting an acknowledgement is one thing, the concept of doing your job and getting fired is another!!!
  12. Moral of my story is that some people (especially county residents who have no actual contact with real life) will believe anything they see if it is on TV. They see that suspects are just misunderstood, they don't invesitgate it, they simply believe it. They see Cops are bad, they believe it. (Kind of like Sun writers).
  13. True (war) story about the BPD... I took a call for a "yuppie" (i.e.: a caucasian male who had no clue) who said an armed man robbed him of $20. I asked for ID and noticed about $500 in cash in his wallet. The victim said that the suspect told him he (the suspect) only needed money for his family for food, so he only took $20. (GOSH)! NOTE: SUSPECTS ONLY HAVE A HEART ON TV, THE OTHER SUSPECTS WILL KILL YOU!!! ((Come to find out the victim had blown $20 on a 'girl' and needed to have a Robbery report number to keep his wife from finding out)).
  14. Works for me, just remember that you can't automatically hit a target without lots of practice.
  15. Ah, but what defines 'questionable?' Let's be honest, if l stand to be sued and/or fired for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, then l'm just going to do the bare minimum.