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  1. I did see a photo of Dan with the Old Commissioner. I thought it might be photo-shopped, but considering all the Cops around the scene with the Commissioner, I figured Dan felt safe. Still, in my humble opinion, if you are going to make suggestions about how to do Police work, you should have some remote knowledge of same. I really am looking forward to this Commissioner making a difference (I pray the City leaders let him).
  2. Madam Mayor, It appears that the latest Commissioner (Davis) has one heck of a platinum parachute for his retirement. This is a slap in the face to the honest Officers in the CIty, not to mention the taxpaying Citizens in the City... Might I suggest that you simply VOID his contract? Mayors in the past have simply VOIDED the contracts of City Officers for fun and laughter*, why not just take back what he did not earn? * Mayor Schmoke declared a signed contract void in the 90's thus screwing over good Police and the Courts accepted that. The City's Officers went from a 20 year retirement to a 25 year retirement at the whim of a Mayor (and in violation of a signed contract), so why not treat the last Commissioner with the same lack of respect!!!
  3. Sir, I have had the honor of working with you in the Northwest and I know of your integrity. Here are a few suggestions to improve the City (I am sure other posts will be added)! 1) SET THE EXAMPLE OF A GOOD COP, and BE THAT EXAMPLE! (You always were, just keep it up) 2) DEMAND HONOR AND INTEGRITY from your Officers. Accept nothing short of that from any Officer under your Command! 3) Don't make a hundred new 'Statistic Enforcement Teams." (When Patrol is at 2/3rd's strength, running from call to call and these teams are playing pool in the stations, something is wrong)! 4) Don't tell the press how much you support the Patrol units, then privately trash them to support BS Statistics generation units!!! 5) Don't believe the media. They are not experts! (Sorry Dan, you can not become an expert in Policing while cowering in fear under your desk watching "Oprah" reruns)! 6) Don't trust the media, they are in it for their own reasons and NOT for the safety and security of the City.
  4. I would disagree with your statement.. Baltimore needs a COMPETENT POLICE CHIEF to reflect the needs of the population of the City! I have had the honor of working the Streets with Comm. DeSousa and I can say he is just such an Officer!
  5. So the leader of a Corrupt BPD unit pleads out! As a (retired) Lawman whose profession was trashed by the crimes of this 'moron,' let me say that I hope he does real time. I don't mean Baltimore City time (as in: " A Stern Warning" or "Probation"), but real time in a real jail. His lawyer admitted that he didn't know where this came from, the Military or the Police Dept. EX-FRIGGIN-CUSE me, but it sounds like the lawyer is just trying to blame professions of honor instead of putting the blame where it belongs: His scum-sucking, trash-heap of a corrupt Cop!!!
  6. I did not say she was not a victim, I still remember the photos of her showing her injuries. I do also accept the fact that she (might) want to help this criminal. (I say "might" because she is a politician and she may have ulterior motives). BUT MY POINT is that the guy killed in Fells Point was also an honest victim and his family was dissed by the City's Politicians, making it look as if the only people that count in the City are the Criminals.
  7. It is all over social media that the Mayor went out of her way to "diss" the family of the recent Fells Point Homicide victim. Now seeing this WORSHIP of the City's criminals by the City's Elite, I think it all makes sense (in plain English: Baltimore Politicians have an intense dislike for their constituents)! ((YES, I know it is a report about how a juvenile is being helped away from a life of crime, but don't you think it is a slap in the face to the honest victims in the City? As a Sunpaper's article, you know it is bent to telling us what wonderful kids these are, so you can bet there is tear jerking bias there)). AND OH, BY THE WAY... Aren't we up to a homicide a day for the new year)!
  8. E/T: Hold on there a minute. When I was with the BPD we weren't bad Cops and we didn't tolerate bad Cops. If (for example), a suspect was pushing my buttons to get me into a fight, a fellow Officer would see the situation and step between us to keep an incident from happening. The result, NO ASSUALT and NO BAD PRESS. 2 problems with that now-a-days though: First, I have been told that Officers don't stop other Officers from getting into bad situations anymore. In fact, the newbie Officers encourage it, then write on it to charge each other. (I have not seen it, but enough current Officers have told me about it for me to feel it is true). Second, you used to (past tense) hire Officers of honor and integrity (of all races, creeds, colors, genders, etc). This was (past tense) you needed Officers (1) who other Officers could count on and (2) who the Citizens of the City could count on. Now, it seems the City is hiring the lowest common denominator in an effort to get Cops who are just 'glorified secretaries' who have a gun.
  9. Hi Ivan, I am the retired BPD Officer who left (fled) the city and now complains about it, so I kind of fit the persona you are referring to. Look, I would have love to have stayed, the Officers I worked with were beyond reproach, the Citizens on my post were the nicest you can imagine. The problem was that the department was miserable (and from what I have heard, it is only getting worse) If I may say, that is probably the situation with the Civilians on these posts. They did not leave Baltimore because they wanted to, they just gave up hoping that something positive could be done.
  10. Excuse me, but the residents are not burying their heads in the sand! They are holding (gasp) candlelight vigils to promote non-violence!
  11. DH: It is not her attitude that is the problem, she seems like a dedicated lady. But is giving her an award for 'good feelings' really doing anything? Now, if she were to go into City Hall with an ax and start beating up the furniture until the Politicians got off their butts and did something, NOW THAT would be worth an award!
  12. From the Sun: "Erricka Bridgeford’s made the Sun's Citizen of the Year for a brilliant concept — a ceasefire weekend. (What if Baltimore could go three days without anyone killing anyone else? What if we could stop the violence for 72 hours just by thinking about it, talking about it, marching about it, praying about it)." I think her concept was a good one, but as the Sun writes: "Neither achieved their stated goal — both weekends saw killings" So what exactly was the result? Murders continue at breakneck speeds in the City. Is it really a good idea to celebrate a concept that doesn't actually do anything? Just my incredible opinion, but how about doing something about the crime rate that will bring results?
  13. Not whining, just venting... It is hard enough for the few remaining HONEST Police to do their jobs, but articles like this make the job even worse. I was just encouraging input.
  14. Moral of the post: Why has the trust wavered? Is it the fault of the honest Officers who really did try? Or maybe, is it the fault of the City's Politicians who know they can gain votes by: .....fostering an "us" (citizens) against "them" (police) mentality? .....assuming all Police are wrong and running the honest Officers out as fast as they can? .....hiring the lowest common denominators they can, then watching as those Officers bring the credibility of the BPD down?
  15. J. Howard Henderson, said the community must rally behind the police. But then he adds: “Who killed Detective Suiter? He killed himself,” (I think this is reference to the death of Freddie Gray). What a nasty, horrific thing to say to a hurting Police Department! An Officer, a Detective who was loved by the community has died and these are his comments? Way to motivate the Police! (If he is referencing the death of Mr Gray to the death of the Officer, let us remember that Mr Gray was a drag on society, praying on the needy, while the Detective was a bit higher on the professional scale) Back to Rosenstein, who says: " “You can’t do good policing in high-crime jurisdictions without generating complaints,” ..... “The question is, are they legitimate complaints or not? If not, it’s important for police to know they have the support of the political leadership.” I would think the question should be, why does the BPD just assume every complaint, no matter how factually inaccurate, is true? Why does the BPD go out of its way to solicit complaints?