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  1. It does happen? In Baltimore? He might get 100 years in jail, suspend all but a week! To Baltimore's media that means a harsh sentence of 100 years, but to the average person it means A FLIPPING WEEK!!! Oh, expect numerous articles from the Sun talking about what a horrible childhood the suspect had and why it is society's fault that this crime occurred!
  2. Here is the site if anyone wants to see it... $5 million?
  3. Maryland social services agency misspent nearly $5 million... I think we can all agree that, as a State Agency no one will get into any trouble over this.
  4. Most new Officers in the BPD are taken right into "whiz bang, super duper, specialized units" where they work a few hours, then head off. It seems to be a goal of most Officers now to get into one of these units. Compare that to Patrol Officers, where they get the worst equipment, get continual butt chewings from everyone, and work from the minute they come on duty to the minute they go home (sometimes without a break). He probably figured he would get brownie points for doing this, thus avoiding transfer!
  5. Morning Ken, The thing is did he die while in Police Custody or did he die because he was in Police Custody? Other OUTSIDE agencies have all agreed that he did not die at the hands of the Police. It should be noted that these 6 Officers will not be working in law enforcement ever again either!
  6. Ken, You have known me (from my posts) for years.. It is not Cop hating to expect us to do our jobs properly (and professionally), it is Cop hating when some of (not all of) the public does not believe that we Cop types are entitled to the same rights as anyone else.
  7. I wrote: "Those Officers still have to face a trial board and it is a slam dunk that the Commissioner will destroy them!" Again, it is not about the Commissioner ensuring it does not happen again, it is about trashing Cops to look good for his boss! (And NO, I would not want someone dying in my custody..I can not think of a Cop that would).
  8. A complete investigation was done by SEVERAL DIFFERENT AGENCIES. The results (that the Officers were not guilty) were confirmed. The Commissioner wanting to destroy them has nothing to do with Justice.
  9. I agree with your logic about why the State's Attorney brought the case up. As for the Observer, he had to make the video then jump right out and turn it in (possibly to get credit for trashing another Officer). I am wondering though as to how intense the helicopter's video is, to catch an Officer spitting on a suspect. That is one MEAN CAMERA!
  10. The Cop haters here have nothing to worry about. Those Officers still have to face a trial board and it is a slam dunk that the Commissioner will destroy them!
  11. In this Sunday's Sun (Sep 10) "Kal's view" shows a cartoon of people with their heads in the sand. This is interesting as on Page 4 there is an article entitled: " Baltimore may surpass New York in homicides." In that article, the reporter* says that the "distinction owes more to New York's stunning decline in crime more than Baltimore's relatively stubborn crime rate." Talk about a head in the sand, it is just like a Sun writer to try and take the focus off of Baltimore's crime by focusing on New York. NOTE TO SUN: START FOCUSING ON BALTIMORE'S CRIME RATE and ways on reducing it! Crime is out of control and acknowledging it is needed before it can be reduced. *In all fairness, the Sun's writers probably don't have their heads in the sand...More likely they have their heads too far up the Politicians' bottoms to see reality!!
  12. Not a Pugh hater, but I have some ideas.. 1) Do away with the Consent Decree, require Police to do the right thing without fear of a Judge 'hunting them down.' 2) RAISE the hiring standards. You advertise for the lowest standards, that is what you'll get. REQUIRE THE BEST OF YOUR PEOPLE, AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU THEIR BEST (the problem with that is it requires the City Council to start to do their best too). 3) Stand by your Police, if they do the right thing, acknowledge them. If they do the wrong thing, make an example of them! 4) Instead of letting the media write BS stories about the Police (to sell papers and increase viewership), very politely explain to the Media that while you welcome honest stories, any dishonest stories will result in an Arse Kicking! Just for openers!
  13. (Please take into account I AM AN OLD RETIRED GUY)... No need to plant evidence to make a good case. There is so much out there, it is easy to find (IF YOU ARE A GOOD OFFICER).
  14. Well, we DID (VERY PAST TENSE) investigate crimes. Now, there are so many calls that the Officer responds, takes basic information, calls detectives to respond, gives a complaint number, and rushes off. Detectives USED TO (AGAIN, VERY PAST TENSE) investigate crimes, now they just DOWNGRADE the crime to look good.
  15. Retired, I ABSOLUTELY, 100% INTENSELY agree with you! The ranking Officer on the scene should have noticed A FIRE and handled it accordingly. That being said, there is no doubt in my retired BPD mind that this Officer would have been fired for not obeying the rules set forth by the City! It is tragic, but that is the way that the City operates on a daily basis!