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  1. Cowboy, She has gotten a few Bad Cops out, but mostly the bad Cops were removed by the Feds NOT BY HER OFFICE.! The problem is that in her zeal to trash the Cops, she has made the City an undesirable place to work as a Police Officer. The result is that only less qualified applicants apply to the City, thus you are forced to take what you get.
  2. Oh, Ken, by the way.. If you check you will see that the City Council does not allow their "School Resource Officers" (or School Cops, whatever) to be armed. This is not the fault of the honest Officers, but of a City Council that has no clue.
  3. I'm serious and I don't know why Politicians don't see it. Bad guys will seek out "soft" targets to attack. As for disgruntled, I am completely gruntled thank you! (I do miss the Department, the Officers there would run into gunfire to help (but the Department would be the ones shooting at the Officers).
  4. Okay, so a kid decides to shoot up a school... Should he go to a St Mary's County school, where he will the good guys will shoot back and defend their charges? OR (work with me here)... Should he go to (for example) a Baltimore City School, where (after 19 or 20 killings) he will be captured by a soft, but well meaning Police force who will take him for milk and cookies? Let's be serious here for a second, a bad guy wants the softest target he can find.
  5. Since the people who want to change Maryland's anthem (a song no one actually knows) are the same people who want to change the National Anthem, might I suggest that (in their honor) we change both songs/ How about the Cheap Trick song: "Surrender?" Seems to fit these days!
  6. I didn't remember the song til I read your lyrics! They brought it right back to me!
  7. The Sun needs resources? What kind of resources do they need? You simply LIE THROUGH YOUR TEETH and tell how bad the Cops are and how wonderful the criminals are. How hard it that? I can't understand the Mayor saying the media is evil, after all they cover for her every chance they get! If it weren't for them hiding the truth, she'd be out of a job! Other topic: How can the crime be up when the Cops have adopted the City Council's "Hug-a-thug" philosophy?
  8. While we're at it, could the Councilman define "more of the same?" More of the same what? More throwing honest Officers under the bus to cover for incompetent or corrupt Officers? More substandard equipment for the Police? More of the tried (and failed) "Hug a thug" programs? These are things that a Councilman should have some control over, so why didn't he fix it already?
  9. Of course, a Councilman who represents what has become one of most crime-ridden areas of the City knows all about Policing?
  10. Ken, If you remember, when the new Commissioner came in, I made a comment saying what a 'high speed, low drag' individual he is. (Okay, you got me, cause I also pointed out that there would be those people against him and it does seem like the Mayor, City Council and Media are doing all they can to keep him from making the City better).
  11. Anyone else remember when I-83 needed repairs? (Then) Mayor Schaeffer went out of his way to make the traffic smooth despite needed repairs. and YES, I do understand that maintenance will be needed, but I would think that repairs would NOT be needed to NEWLY DONE construction.
  12. Oh, by the way... One fine day I was coming down I-95 when I saw a sign saying the right lane was closed ahead. After dealing with the back up I went about 2 miles further was another back up for construction that closed the left lane! Talk about cluster-screw-ups! Yoda: The guy that decided to screw up traffic like that may not have had me in mind, but I can bet he did it on purpose to screw with the public (You can't have that degree of incompetence without trying)!
  13. Even retired, I still feel like I have places to be. When you're sitting in an intense back up for 20-30 minutes you tend to lose your calm demeanor. (Oh, by the way... When you're in the back up, you do think that they had you in mind when they screwed up the traffic)!
  14. I-95 is full of 18 wheelers most of the time. I agree with you that they don't care about the driving public, but maybe someone in a high level posh government job should.
  15. Pink: First, you could (and I know this has not occurred to Maryland) BUILD THE ROAD RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!* Second, if you need to make repairs, why not do them in the evening You won't inconvenience as many drivers AND you can pay higher wages to the repair crews. Third, (and yes, it is possible that one part was complete and the crews were waiting to start the new part of the job), but 4 out the 5 of the crew were standing around watching each other. *Shortly after the "Lexus Lanes" (express route on I95 above the Beltway) were finished, I MEAN WITHIN WEEKS OF COMPLETION, there was construction being done to fix the foul ups. What is wrong with expecting a job to be done right?