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  1. Once, just once it would be nice to drive through Maryland without getting into a traffic back up caused by a construction zone Southbound on I95 today there was a crew working (and I use that term laughingly) on the Gunpowder River Bridge. There was a five mile back up because of this! Just before the Harbor tunnel was another back up (about 2 miles long) due to construction crews doing something! (You have to use the tunnel to go to Glen Burnie as the Curtis Creek Bridge is screwed up too). Please excuse the rant, I do understand that the Maryland Government can not hire competent people to either build or fix the roads, but this is just insane!
  2. Ken, If you remember, when the new Commissioner came in, I made a comment saying what a 'high speed, low drag' individual he is. (Okay, you got me, cause I also pointed out that there would be those people against him and it does seem like the Mayor, City Council and Media are doing all they can to keep him from making the City better).
  3. Anyone else remember when I-83 needed repairs? (Then) Mayor Schaeffer went out of his way to make the traffic smooth despite needed repairs. and YES, I do understand that maintenance will be needed, but I would think that repairs would NOT be needed to NEWLY DONE construction.
  4. Oh, by the way... One fine day I was coming down I-95 when I saw a sign saying the right lane was closed ahead. After dealing with the back up I went about 2 miles further was another back up for construction that closed the left lane! Talk about cluster-screw-ups! Yoda: The guy that decided to screw up traffic like that may not have had me in mind, but I can bet he did it on purpose to screw with the public (You can't have that degree of incompetence without trying)!
  5. Even retired, I still feel like I have places to be. When you're sitting in an intense back up for 20-30 minutes you tend to lose your calm demeanor. (Oh, by the way... When you're in the back up, you do think that they had you in mind when they screwed up the traffic)!
  6. I-95 is full of 18 wheelers most of the time. I agree with you that they don't care about the driving public, but maybe someone in a high level posh government job should.
  7. Pink: First, you could (and I know this has not occurred to Maryland) BUILD THE ROAD RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!* Second, if you need to make repairs, why not do them in the evening You won't inconvenience as many drivers AND you can pay higher wages to the repair crews. Third, (and yes, it is possible that one part was complete and the crews were waiting to start the new part of the job), but 4 out the 5 of the crew were standing around watching each other. *Shortly after the "Lexus Lanes" (express route on I95 above the Beltway) were finished, I MEAN WITHIN WEEKS OF COMPLETION, there was construction being done to fix the foul ups. What is wrong with expecting a job to be done right?
  8. As they tarnished and TRASHED the reputation of the honest Cops, I would hope the Judge nails them to the wall in sentencing. (NO PBJ, NO STERN WARNINGS)!!!
  9. I thought it was reported that the BPD had increased in service training from 40 hours to 80 hours? (No doubt actual crime fighting was not a part of the increased curriculum, probably just more of the old Commissioner's "hug-a-thug" program)!
  10. Oh, by the way... It has always sickened me that I could die in Baltimore City and that my death would be downgraded to something like an "injured person" call (Don't laugh I have heard of it being done). But even worse is the thought that after I passed away, someone could trash my reputation for their own benefit. (Honestly, Detective Suiter MIGHT have also been corrupt, but I am not taking the word of the defendant to prove that)!
  11. It may have been suicide, it may not have been. I question (and yes, I was a BPD Cop) why the Department has not solved this one way or the other!! It is pathetic that one of their own is dead and they can't figure it out!
  12. Hey, Kenneth, it is me (the whiny retired Cop-guy)... Believe it or not, I AGREE WITH YOU!! A bad Cop makes the whole department look bad and makes it harder for the honest Cops to do their jobs!!!
  13. File this under "See, I told you so." From the Sun article: Baltimore Mayor to bring in crime fighting strategist with high-tech policing model* Instead of putting money into needed equipment (or perhaps raises to encourage Officers to join the City, or to encourage Officers to stay) the Mayor is hiring, Sean Malinowski, described in the article as: Part statistician, part crime fighter. (Bet cha he ain't cheap either)! The New Boss isn't even confirmed yet and the Mayor is already 'cutting him off at the knees" by bringing her own "PowerPoint Warrior," to save the day (more likely to save her reputation). Wanna bet that this guy answers only to the Mayor? Wanna bet that this guy can do no wrong in the Mayor's eyes? (As a member of the west coast elite, you can bet the Sun will worship the ground he walks on too)! *
  14. Ken, Most people (especially City residents) don't believe that we Police types want the City to succeed, but we do. Commissioner D is a man who can bring the City back in terms of taking the crime rate down AND demanding integrity from his Officers. The Mayor just needs to let him do his job! By bringing in a West Coast 'professor type' to the BPD, the Mayor is already telling the Commissioner that she doesn't have full faith in him. (Nothing like inspiring your Officers to succeed, hey)? Further, by bringing in a West Coast 'professor type' to the BPD, the Mayor is telling the Rank and File Cops that she is open to every moronic idea from the land of NUTS !
  15. As long as we are talking about another 'whiz bang, computer stat' solution by a West Coast snob.... Anyone remember "Comstat?" It REALLY was a good program, designed to show Commanders where the 'hot spots' (high crime areas) were and allow them to focus Officers and equipment on those areas. The problem was that it QUICKLY shifted into a "BLAME THE DISTRICT COMMANDER" program where Commanders were trashed if a 'hot spot' was found to exist in their Districts. Commanders went from wanting to show problem areas (thus fixing them) to hiding problem areas for fear of ridicule. Does anyone expect this new program to become anything other than another way to trash the remaining dedicated Cops?
  16. Isn't this exactly what the Mayor and City Council want from their Officers though? They don't want Officers who can think on their feet, make (the correct) decisions, and react accordingly. They want Officers who follow what they are told, to include cleaning the trash up and performing social work.
  17. Sir, In my post "Some Suggestions for the New Police Commissioner," I wrote: "Don't trust the media, they are in it for their own reasons and NOT for the safety and security of the City" WELL GOSH!!!. In Sunday's paper is an article... "Appointment of new Baltimore police commissioner revives questions about shootings he was involved in 23 years ago *" .... Back in the day, James Carvell (in defending the Clinton's), wrote: Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find. I bring that up because I can see the Sunpaper's going out of its way, dragging crack vials through the City streets to see what kind of stories they can get on the new Commissioner. *
  18. Seems to be Baltimore City's policy.
  19. You're welcome. I may have mentioned it, but I worked with this guy and he is GOOD! It disturbs me to see a third rate paper (if that high) disrespecting him!
  20. The Commissioner is a better man than I! I am sickened that an incident THAT WAS ALREADY CLEARED UP is brought up again just for fun and profit! (Worse, if the Commissioner was a complete moron, the paper would support him with all they could).
  21. E.Y. I put this in various pointers (cause that is the wonderful guy I am).. 1) I thought the matter WAS investigated ALMOST 30 YEARS AGO! That is why I am upset (not that they don't need to investigate the Police, but that they don't need to reinvestigate the Police). 2) An innocent man does not fear the light. But we are not talking about the 'light,' we are talking about a group of agenda driven reporters who have the integrity of mouse droppings 3)The Department does have a problem and I can tell you that the honest Officers are fleeing! The Department needs a good solid leader to get it on the right path. 4) Commissioner D DOES HAVE the highest caliber of leadership and I honesty feel he can fix the BPD. My question remains: Will the Sunpapers allow him to do his job, or will they continue to run the City into the ground to sell a paper?
  22. Bottom line.. This Commissioner is a good, honest man...Please get off his case and let him do his job!!!
  23. Oh yeah, From the article: "Samuel Walker, a professor emeritus of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Nebraska, Omaha, said vetting a potential commissioner’s past is critical for any city — but especially Baltimore." Couldn't the Sun find a local professor to discuss the problems? How much does an 'intellectual from the mid west know about the crime rate in the City? (That is a rhetorical question, an out of town intellectual buffoon knows about as much as a Sun reporter who hides under his desk all day making up stories about how the City should be).
  24. No, the Police are being terrorized by Baltimore's Media. A good number of the citizens I worked for (Specifically, those on my Police Post) were very happy with the service given them, they just were afraid to admit it to a media that wouldn't believe it.
  25. EY, No sir, Lawman 27 would prefer the media investigate and report on incidents with the same professionalism that they demand from the Police. The City Council President referred to the shooting as justified when it happened, so why bring it up now, unless the Sun is trying to screw over the Police Commissioner?