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  1. Sun/UB Poll: Baker, Jealous emerge from crowded Democratic field for governor * Does anyone believe any poll the Sun takes? Better question: Do you know anyone who has taken part in a Sun poll? *
  2. I think that was a lose-lose situation for any Police agency. If they had gone right in, and if one (or more) of the victims were hurt then the Police would have been blamed for that incident.
  3. "Time to strap on a gun, pin on a Badge, and become... A LAWMAN!!!" (Where do you think I got my name from)?
  4. Some bunch of shrinks got together and did a study in which they found that the speed of the punishment was a larger factor than the actual punishment when it comes to deterring repeat offenders. (I don't remember any more info on the study or I would link to it). Go into any Baltimore City Courtroom and watch how easily a case can be postponed. (In one case a car theft suspect got SEVEN postponements and finally the victim gave up coming to court (at that point the defense demanded the case be thrown out due to lack of a victim)). This is one incident where I can not blame Ms Mosby though. The City's Judges have to stop giving out repeated postponements as if they were 'tic-tac" candies! (I also can not fathom why Circuit Court cases take 6 months or more to come to trial).
  5. Regarding the Sun's Article: Pride cometh before the flooding in Ocean City* Thank you Mr Harris for standing up to the environmentalists and doing what is right for your voters!! No one needs a bunch of windmills (paid for with tax money which will never come back to the taxpayers). No one needs a 'renewable energy source' that will never actually pay for itself. *
  6. Do you remember the election between Kurt Schmoke and C. DuBurns? The Sun worshipped Kurt Schmoke as their own savior. (After all, Mr DuBurns only had 'street smarts,' but Mr Schmoke had gone to (gasp) college)! Things were very good for Mr DuBurns until out of nowhere, the Sun started poll after poll showing how poorly he was doing. Suddenly, funding for Mr DuBurns dried up and Mr Schmoke was elected, allowing the City to become overwhelmed in violence. My opinion only is that if the Sun had stayed out of it, Mr DuBurns would have won that election.
  7. I honestly believe that the Sun goes to the pollsters, tells them the results they want to publish and GOSH, those are the results! I have a problem cause it is anything but honest and the best and brightest candidates are the losers
  8. Scarier still is that I was an honest Cop.
  9. I get it, you turn on the turbines to blow the storm out to sea before it can rain on OC! (It is thinking like that which ENRICHED the climate change gurus).
  10. It is a chance to trash the BPD, of course they reported on it
  11. My bad, Officers (especially City Cops) try very hard to display their professionalism. It is bad enough that the BPD creates these "new and improved, amazingly wonderful" specialized teams at the expense of Patrol, but it is really tragic when those units SCREW UP and make all Cops look bad.
  12. Guido.. He tarnished the Badge! There are many Officers out there who try their best to do their jobs with integrity and honor, and this jack-wad made us all look bad! He deserves every minute of the sentence!
  13. I noticed in one part of the article that it says: "But what’s most troubling of all is that Ocean City and, indeed, much of Representative Harris’ district, lie in the path of rising sea levels, a major side effect of climate change." Didn't anyone at the Sun get the memo that climate change is not real? (Unless you count the last two volcanoes which put more debris in the air than humans have in the last 1,000 years).
  14. A group (gang) of young thugs running down people, playing 'chicken' with cars, giving the finger to Cops (cause they know Cops in the City are strictly forbidden from enforcing the law)! Sounds like a decaying City to me....
  15. The young Officer has barely been laid to rest and we are forced to read the usual Pablum from the Sun's Cop hating writers? Come flipping on here, give us a minute. Let the Officer's family have a moment to recover before you guys start your rants about what an incredible guy the MURDERER is! An Officer (someone who does her best to protect the public from people, well from people like the suspect) was murdered in cold blood and you guys have to dig up some writer whose contact with reality is less* than yours? My only hope in this is that the Judge will have an attack of common sense and require the MURDERER to be moved in with the writer of this article. (Lila Meadows). I can imagine that said writer wants no part of having to deal with a real life meeting with an actual criminal! *(The writer is a clinical fellow at the University of Baltimore’s Juvenile Justice Project. In other words, they have absolutely no idea what reality is except what they watch on TV)
  16. I know, but this page does connect with reality and (from looking at it) that is the last thing the Sun's writers and reporters want contact with. Think about it, if the Sun employees read these posts, they might think that citizens don't want crime, that citizens don't like corrupt politicians, that citizens don't want high taxes... That goes against everything they're taught as Sun writers/reporters.
  17. It would have been nice if the Sun had published a piece called "Officer Amy Caprio's life mattered." I can imagine FOP 4 writing an article with that title too. But I don't think the Sun wants to alienate the Politicians, Lawyers, and other 'bottom dwellers' that make up their base.
  18. Slightly off topic, but I dated a girl in college who not only understood Einstein's theories, but she could explain them (in German). That being said, she used chewing gum for birth control (get it)?
  19. The timing is horrific enough, but attempting to make the suspect into a victim himself does trash the Cops.
  20. I would not wish harm on anyone, but imagine this scenario: This lady goes outside and gets beaten down by a gang of juveniles. She calls out for help... Who do you think responds? THAT'S RIGHT, the Cops she thinks are beneath her are the ones to rush to her aid. The Mayor and/or City Council doesn't respond, the Sun's editorial board doesn't respond, her college professors and fellow "fellows" don't respond...NOPE, just those lowly Cops!! I am not threatening anyone, but I will tell you that the Officers who have integrity and honor are not going to take the daily abuse much longer. While these Officers are not the type to invoke trouble, they are the type who will leave and go to places that appreciate their Law Officers.
  21. G, I am AGREEING with you She is an intellectual Kumquat compared to him. (But I have no doubt that in HER mind, she is his co-equal).
  22. That was my bad sir, I didn't mean to say that I think she is as smart as Prof. Hawkins, I meant to say that SHE (in her own mind) MAY THINK she is at his level. ( A problem with these 'intellectuals' is that what they lack in common sense, they make up for in their view of themselves).
  23. Oh, by the way... What will it teach this child when he goes to court and sees Politicians, the Media, and other 'bottom dwellers' taking his side against the Police?
  24. Assuming the brain of a youth is not yet fully developed, he or she can still be taught right from wrong at a young age. (I am not advocating child abuse, but)... If the kid's mother had kicked his butt the first time he stole something, he might think twice about doing it again. (He never would have graduated to car theft if his parents had some rules in the house (Of course, having rules in the house goes against everything Social Services says)). In this case, not only is he not punished, but he has the media excusing him for his crimes!!!
  25. Marshan Man (I think that is how he spells it) says that I do tend to vent and for that I am sorry.. BUT, this is an Officer's life!!! that the writer would write something so cold TO SIDE WITH THE KILLER and that the Sun would gladly publish it is sickening. ---I should note that if the writer were to walk and become a victim of crime, the very Police she degrades would be the first ones to her rescue. Someday soon, the Officers will get tired of a job where they are continually trashed and then the public will be on there own to deal with these HONEST, LOVIBLE, (BUT MISGUIDED) KIDS!!!