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  1. The only pitcher I can ever remember coming up from A ball and doing well was the late Jose Fernandez, and he was a generational talent the likes of which we may not see for a very long time. Hunter Harvey ain't Jose Fernandez.
  2. 50 dollar buy-in, all points based (similar to fantasy football). Long running league with several forum members on it. Pm if you'e interested!
  3. While a kind gesture, the kinder move might have been to not allow anyone under 18 to attend due to the carnage that will be taking place on the field each night.
  4. I'm actually excited that they're going to be so bad. It's the first step towards getting better again.
  5. I hope they can do it. He would completely change the look of the offense, and would be a prime target to sign to an extension. Considering the circumstances, what would it take? A 3rd? A 4th?
  6. I'll play again. I think I can not forget to pick this year.
  7. Yep. On that we agree.
  8. Enjoy the next decade+ of futility. I have better things to do if they don't care.
  9. When the Yanks get Machado I will officially be done with the Orioles for a while.
  10. I have zero sympathy for the players or agents. The agents caused skyrocketing inflation of player salaries in the late 90s and early 2000s, and baseball contracts are both longer and pricier than any other major sport. Owners are not obligated to acquiesce to the absurd demands of players that will almost certainly not live up to the contract they want. Heaven forbid that player salaries return to some level of sanity. These tweets are the agents trying to bully the owners into offering stupid contracts, and I personally hope the owners don' budge an inch.
  11. I hope Jones gets traded to a team where he can win.
  12. I would root for literally anyone over the Patriots. I would buy all the Steelers gear I could find and wave a terrible towel if it meant the Patriots lost.
  13. I have to wonder if the Ravens' bad track record with WRs is related to Joe being an average qb.
  14. Justin Forsett was absolutely a stud the year he went off. It didn't last, but for that year they had a stud, yes.
  15. Saquon Barkley will go at 4 to the browns. It makes too much sense for him not to. I am a big proponent of stud running backs. The Ravens have never been successful without one.