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  1. Too old. Knowing what the problems are also doesn't make you a good manager.
  2. Keep it up, Cobber! We need you while Tillman is on the shelf!
  3. The O's would have the NUMBER 1 PICK. And it's only going to get better when Manny is dealt! What a magical time to be an Orioles fan!
  4. The Texans confirmed it with the press. Watt didn't make any announcement and hasn't discussed it that I've seen.
  5. I think this cements him as my favorite overall NFL player. Period.
  6. Great story. Glad he's a Raven.
  7. This is just a momentary bump. I believe in this team!
  8. We're fortunate that the Reds have been on a 5 game skid. I still have faith we can get that first pick!
  9. I still have faith! This is just a momentary slide in what will be an otherwise magical season!
  10. Are you joking? This is the most exciting season they've had in years! This dumpster fire is going to burn so thoroughly that they'll have no choice but to build something new again!
  11. I truly hope this is not the last Tillman Day in the Slidemaster household, but if it is, I have sincerely enjoyed each and every last one. Fare thee well, Tillman, if this be the end of your journey! Our number 1 draft pick thanks you!
  12. Not even an OUT recorded before the game is in the books!
  14. Buck became dead to me after the Britton game.
  15. They actually have a shot. This team has an ACTUAL SHOT at the top overall pick! They're so much worse than even I thought was possible, but they now LEAD THE MAJOR LEAGUES IN LOSSES! O's: 8-26 Reds: 8-25 Chisox: 9-23 They're actually doing it! This is going to be the most exciting race to the finish for the O's in years!