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  1. I wonder if we have a shot at breaking the record for most runs allowed in a season.
  2. They tried their best but in the end they just couldn't keep it going.
  3. Anyone who has a track record of building a pitching staff. It's hard to say without knowing who is available, but I don't need to know who his replacement will be to know he needs replacing.
  4. I've said it a thousand times. DD needs to go.
  5. That's like saying a mechanic is really good except he sucks at assembling engines. It makes him a bad mechanic.
  6. I would trade literally everyone if the value in return is adequate.
  7. They tied the record!
  8. They did it! Now break that sucker!
  9. It is somehow incredibly appropriate for Ubaldo to tie the record.
  10. 19! Can they do it?!
  11. 19 is in the books!
  12. 1 run away from 19 in a row.
  13. If they tie or break this record, it would be just as embarrassing as the 30 run game.
  14. 17 now. They could break the record.