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  1. Saturday: Toronto Boston Minnesota Tampa Bay NYM Washington KC Milwaukee Colorado Atlanta Houston Chicago Cubs Baltimore LAD Seattle Sunday: Toronto Colorado Cleveland Detroit Washington Philadelphia KansasCity Milwaukee St. Louis Houston Baltimore LAA Arizona LAD Boston
  2. Jones, Schoop, and Britton.
  3. Every prospect faces long odds to get to the big leagues. You still gotta have em to build a team.
  4. JoeCool cheated? At a game like this? Wow. I'd have liked to see that conversation when he got caught. Milwaukee NYY St.Louis Atlanta Pittsburgh Detroit Boston Minnesota Houston KC ChiCubs Colorado Oakland Arizona LAD
  5. CTE is not found in non-football players or boxers, to my knowledge.
  6. Worst pitcher in baseball.
  7. I wish he had. This team isn't winning the WS.
  8. There will be no parades in Baltimore while an Angelos owns the team. Not baseball ones, anyway.
  9. I almost burst into flame.
  10. This team is hot garbage.
  11. NYY Toronto Minnesota KC Pitt Boston Washington LAD Texas ChiCubs Houston Milwaukee Colorado LAA Oakland
  12. Not a rookie in the O's system.
  13. Then they are both utterly delusional.
  14. I agree that Buck is partly to blame but Buck can only start who is on the roster. Duquette gave him an awful one.
  15. Duquette wrecked the season, and now the next few seasons. He's leaving the team a dumpster fire as he laughs his way out the door.