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  1. I don't think there is any reasonable iteration of this team that is worth going all-in with.
  2. The worst thing is that they will probably get back some marginal major leaguer as part of the deal to stay "competitive" this year. I'd rather them detonate trhe whole team and rebuild. It would be much more watchable.
  3. I would be completely unsurprised if the Orioles just let manny walk at the end of the year for draft pick compensation, or if they trade him for a stunningly underwhelming package of prospects.
  4. If they trade Machado they need to trade everyone over 28 with him.
  5. Blow it all up. All of it.
  6. Business as usual. The Orioles are an afterthought.
  7. Time to see what Humphrey is all about. Sad to see this happen to Jimmy. He's been a great Raven.
  8. Flacco has been a great Raven, but I' ready to see someone new under center. He just isn't a quarterback that will ever pilot a truly dangerous offense. Even at their best, the Ravens have been average or slightly above.
  9. That's neither here nor there in my eyes. If someone rips it off of you in the middle of a game for the second consecutive game, they shouldn't be surprised if they get punched.
  10. Talib ripped the gold chain off of crabtree's neck for the second consecutive meeting. He had it coming.
  11. That's true, but they'e allowed to make their feelings known even if they don't have any real control over them. To me it seems like all these problems rest on the head coach and the culture he sets.
  12. I don't think there's any evidence that the line intentionally let Carr get hurt or that they are upset their DC was fired because of his race.
  13. What an absolute shame. He was one of my favorite pitchers of his generation.
  14. If you were Manny, would you stay? Hell no you wouldn't.
  15. Trent Dilfer says it's possible. Granted this Jags defense isn't as good as the 2000 Ravens, but when your defense can make the opposing QB a non-factor, all you need to do is run the ball.