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  1. When Ubaldo is officially gone for Good, the celebration from my house will be visible from outer space.
  2. To be fair most of his awfulness last year was at the start when he was adjusting to a new league. He ended with an ops around .750 as I recall (though that's without checking), which is not awful.
  3. I'm pretty sure that was someone else. Dickerson was had for a song.
  4. I'm confused how this is relevant to what you were saying. Or what I was saying.
  5. I think the contract is in his head. I think the contract is in his head.
  6. Corey Dickerson looks like an MVP candidate. .347/.397/.635 Still glad the O's didn't trade for him?
  7. New York Yankees Cincinnati Toronto New York Mets Philadelphia Washington Kansas City Houston San Francisco Chicago Cubs Boston Seattle Los Angeles Arizona Texas
  8. God he sucks.
  9. Yet another reason why Adam Jones is my favorite-ever Oriole.
  10. This team as constructed is not very good. They better figure out a way to plug some of the holes soon, or this ship is going to sink.
  11. Mercifully over.
  12. This is like watching a cartoon.
  13. This pitching staff is a joke.
  14. Toronto Cleveland Miami Washington Bos NYM Chisox Baltimore Chicago Cubs Texas Colorado Detroit San Francisco Arizona Houston Monday: Cleveland
  15. They have shown a willingness to manufacture runs which is nice.