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  1. I don't think Flacco should be benched, but it is time to draft his replacement.
  2. Couldn't that pass stat be kind of skewed though? Teams tend to pass most when they are already behind, so it might not tell the whole story. Also, at least 7-10 "passes" a week are headed 3 yards into the hands of Le'Veon Bell. I'm not saying that running more and passing less isn't the recipe for success for them, but maybe it's because his skill is diminishing as well.
  3. He looks bad, and his team is filled with weapons most qbs dream about. On top of that, when asked about his performance, he said "maybe I don't have it anymore." He quickly corrected himself, but it sure sounded like he meant what he said. I think the end may be nearing. He's had a great career, but all those beatings he's taken have to be taking their toll these days.
  4. I'e been banging the "get a dynamic running back" drum for years. They haven't been consistently good since Rice, and the year they were good after him they had Forsett step in. This team goes as their running game goes.
  5. Ozzie must be the only "failed GM" with 2 super bowls and a slew of playoff appearances.
  6. He thinks D.J. Stewart is good? Is he blind?
  7. Can't win if you cant score.
  8. This is what I'm referring to:
  9. Yes. They have identified the substance (it's a buildup of some sort in the brain) that causes alzheimers. They'e done tests that show they can clear it away with ultrasounds at certain frequencies. It's years away from general availability, but they think they're close.
  10. To be fair, the defense was excellent the first 2 games, and even the 2000 team had that outlier game against Jacksonville where they allowed over 30 points. I'm not going to read too much into this game, especially since Jacksonville has been good the first games on defense also. However, the team does have some major issues that need to be addressed. Everyone looked bad.
  11. I honestly can't think of another one that was worse.
  12. I think there is every possibility that he was both a violent jerk, and also made extra unstable by CTE. Dismissing this as lawyer talk is essentially dismissing science.
  13. Ankle injury. Tough break.
  14. The Ravens ran the ball. The Ravens played good defense. The Ravens won a game on the road. It's like they remembered who they were.
  15. I wonder how they'll be punished. Somewhere Tom Brady is shaking his head and writing a "how-to" of cheating the right way.