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  1. Overpopulation and the deforestation and consumption of resources needed to sustain the populatiion is mother earth's cancer
  2. My vote on the horn blowers goes to.. the Wolves
  3. Give it up, for these people who believe the 1 and only reason for secession and the war was slavery, everyone from the righteos North fought to end slavery and every individual from the evil South fought to keep slavery (they'd never fight just to protect their homes/farms, aunts, cousins from an invading army)
  4. Was there something going on Monday night near greenmount/old york rd and 42nd? About 8pm there were helicopters circling w/ bullhorns commanding "Go home, leave the area or you may be arrested". It went on for 30 min or so.
  5. I didnt hear anything that this event was planned/existed. Then again, the only black media I watch is MSNBC. Sounds like it went off peacefully. Cool
  6. it wasnt too long ago that if people were gay, belived in the wrong religion.. or even afew years before that believed the earth was round were deemed insane
  7. and it would be set so low by the Mad Mothers against Guns that someone who had lost their job would have their guns taken away because suicide by gun is a huge problem and they might wanna shoot themselves. A woman on MSNBC actually said that after Sandy Hook.. that losing your job might be a reason to take someone's guns away.. aint that a kick in the nutz I say that if someone loses their job.. they are probably short of cash to go to the range and shoot.. and a better thing would be to supply a box or 2 of ammo and make a fun day at the range for the guy
  8. He lies all the time. He says its his job to protect people... no its not.. from the oath of office.. his job is uphold and protect the Constitution.. Trying to subvert and go around the Constitution w/ "I have a pen and a phone" tactics of Executive orders do neither
  9. It was brought up on MSNBC today that you dont need to be a member of Congress to be Speaker... and that if Ryan wanted to stay on the Ways and Means committee... that maybe Newt Gingrich could come back as Speaker. That sounds odd to me
  10. I never liked the Beatles music... terrible lyric writers.. "love, love me do" Really? Really? And they seemed serious about it not sarcastic about it the way the Ramones are with their "Gabba Gabba Hey" or "Pinhead" lyrics. People who didnt even play their instruments "The Monkees" > "The Beatles"
  11. Interesting side note.. Darby Crash, the iconic singer/songwriter of the punk band "The Germs" committed suicide by intentional heroin overdose thinking he'd become legendary after all the media attention.... but his luck... Lennon was shot the morning he was found so got no media coverage at all. Doh!
  12. Actually, common sense dictates otherwise. 50 years ago we didnt have all these shootings. Its a fact that we've added more and more gun laws and we've gotten more and more mass shootings. Lets roll back these laws to before the horrendous 1968 Gun Control Act and enjoy fewer school shootings
  13. Keep fighting the good fight Randy.. watch your back
  14. I'm glad the russians are involved. Saves the USA $ and lives, takes the USA out of the terrorist's crosshairs for abit.. the next shoe bomber or Boston Marathon bombers might go to Moskow instead of the USA... and Putin can speak their own language back to them.. violence.. "wanna set people on fire alive?.. wanna throw people off buildings? .. chop off heads and stone people?.. we'll play that game" Remember when the Chechen Muslim Terrorists took the movie theater complex hostage? Russia gassed them all.. most hostages lived, some died.. but those terrorists wont be taking anyone hostage ever again. Come to think about it... how often do you hear about terrorists going after Russia?