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  1. True dat!
  2. I don't know, I mean, the waitress brings them over to your car window on rollerskates, they're pretty darn tasty!
  3. Tater tots instead of fries. Need I say more?
  4. great news. I hope they fry his dumb ***.
  5. Dunno. It may be good, because they would just sit around and not do anything. Kinda like what Horrible-Place was originally meant for. Sit around, eat a little, maybe do a little shopping, spend some money, etc. Not to go out on wildings and look for fights and generally menace people.
  6. Hey, folks: get ready for more fun and frivolity from the indigenous peoples that inhabit Baltimore City this weekend. Easter Sunday is the traditional mobbing of Horrible-Place. I wonder how many other unsuspecting tourists will be caught up in the spontaneous celebrations that erupt each and every Easter Sunday downtown? Perhaps we can watch some of them get beat up and robbed on youtube as well? Praise the Lord.
  7. But, hey, on the other hand: they are opening up a new J. Crew retail store in Harbor East. Maybe he can pick up another green shirt there to replace the one they ripped up when he comes up to testify at their trials.
  8. It is the same thing that happens to taxpaying citizens who live in Baltimore City inside the court system during the day when it is open for business.This just happened to a guy outside of the Baltimore City court system when it was closed for the night.
  9. I get it; not enough time to respond, etc., etc. The whole damned system of government responsibilty to protect children failed these kids. The father should have been in jail. "Goes camping" at midnight, large wet spot on the rug with a fan drying it off, children drawing pictures of their mother in the trunk of a car. What the hell more do the authorities need to hold someone and squeeze them about the whereabouts of their missing wife? It just pisses me off.
  10. 1.) Keep the children in the car until she checked out the house. 2.) Met in a neutral setting. 3.) Taken out her glock, shot the hinges off the door and shot the father in the head before he could hit the children with an axe. (wishful thinking on my part) The point is, done her job. Knocking on a door and pleading and then, calling your supervisor doesn't cut it. They were reporting last night that the two boys had drawn pictures of their mom in the trunk of a car at school. There was enough circumstantial evidence to hold this guy. Once the child porn was found on his father's (and HIS computer) he should have lost custody completely.
  11. Speaking of not having a clue. 1.) There were many red flags that said this guy did, indeed, have a clue. 2.) He had enough time to hack at their heads with an axes before the house went up. She could have done more. In fact, the wife's family is saying now that the boys were away from their father, they have begun to talk about what happened that night when she went missing. He killed them to shut them up.
  12. Gotta agree with Kande. Pure evil. But, just as culpable is a judicial system that coddles creeps like this. He should still be in jail until he tells them where his wife is. period. He should not have "supervised" visits with his children., and the Social Service Child Welfare idiot shouldn't have gone to "call her supervisor" (now that is a heroic deed!) when he grabbed the kids and pulled them inside. He was a scrawny little thing and she should have never allowed him to get at those kids. They reported last night that he had custody of the kids up until they found child porn images on both his and his father's computer! Just another example of the touchy-feely judicial system that coddles criminals.
  13. I am still waiting on that kosher spiral sliced ham for Christmas.
  14. Strange bunch, the Amish. I knew a guy who grew up outside of York, PA and swore that when they were in middle / high school there was a family in the neighborhood that quietly took in teenaged Amish (or Menonite) boys and girls and they had a few months of wild (and I mean, WILD) living in the sinful real world before returning to their families and getting married and chosing to life that way for the rest of his life, or thye could chose to live in the sinful outside world. Not many did chose the later, he said.
  15. your first 15 clicks are free in hell. Then, you have to pay and pay and pay.