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  1. Growing pains in a new F1 era (post 2013) for a make that didn't return to F1 until 2015. But I get it, no excuses for a brand that has those resources. In Indy car, Honda rivals and often dominates the other leader in open wheel racing engines, Chevy. But the Tesla goes 7 miles a second.
  2. Hi Apex, all three rockets landed. Yes, I think I felt something watching the two boosters land. Like I mentioned, to me thats almost unbelievable footage, not to mention the tech and innovation that made it possible. I sold the S2000, got a big truck, but now that roadster looks good. I see what he did there...
  3. Absolutely insane. In a great way, IMO. I got to watch the launch and the entire adventure was some of the best film I've ever seen. Check out this link to live views from the space roadster. Tesla could not do better as a way to sell the brand.
  4. No, as an armed homeowner myself, I absolutely respect protecting the home. But I seriously doubt anyone thats killed an intruder enjoyed it. It's not immoral to consider the action appropriate, which is a little different from applauding it. Again, you don't hide your cards, with "a hunter embarks on his planned killing spree.." You don't like hunting period, and thats cool. I could never kill a wild animal myself. I get your point, and I like the debate. No disrespect intended.
  5. Thats what I mean about the moral aspect. You don't like hunting, but "enjoy" someone being seriously injured. Thats enjoyable because hunting is bad, right? Eric, I don't believe for a second that you know a single hunter as you describe. "latest and greatest high tech kill gear" gives you away. And you're putting that description on this hunter, (how else could you enjoy his injuries) when you have zero idea concerning how or why he hunts.
  6. Hunting is a legal activity, and has been for centuries. You believe hunting for sport is immoral, which is fine, but it says something about your own moral compass, to suggest this guys injuries represent some sort of funny karma. I can see that angle, but if you're taking the moral high road in one direction, it doesn't make sense to also take the low road at the same time.
  7. My comment was based on my limited knowledge, and I'm the opposite of a seasoned hunter. Usually, a bird hit with shot drops like a rock, with very little arc, given the instant loss of lift. If that shot wasn't taken vertically, it was very close to it. Clearly a lot of factors must come together for that to happen. And like you say, stuff happens.
  8. man walks into a library, and says "I'd like a cheeseburger and a coke".. Librarian says, "sir, this is a library!" Man says, "Sorry, (whispering) I'd like a cheeseburger and a coke"
  9. interesting. I don't see how this could happen unless the guy was firing straight up vertically, or really close to straight overhead, which seems pretty dumb in itself.
  10. I think we're capable of better than that, but not at this point. The status que you fear losing (welfare and food stamps) has proven very damaging over generations, in many places. In hard hit poverty neighborhoods those benefits have become a vital supplement because theres a lack of stable two parent married families. Or just two parent families. Or anything involving a few positive male role models and examples of people working for a living. Of course we must have a safety net, because there will always be people that struggle (any of us) and there will always be people that for whatever reason, won't help themselves. But you touch upon the only real way (IMO) to stem the flow, which is to place a disincentive on having kids you can't financially (or emotionally) afford. Those programs (welfare and food stamps) will not be eliminated, if for no other reason, they employ tens of thousands of government or government related jobs. Also, for the pols that want to keep their jobs in the affected jurisdictions, anything but MORE! is political suicide. Minimum wage is for teens and retired people, or anyone looking to supplement their income. Not at all intended to be a "living wage" (your mileage may vary on what that even means) where you can support a family. If the goal is a real living wage, you should market yourself accordingly.
  11. Sad but true. But what an awful distinction to be made about the school...It's got to crush the dedicated among the staff and those students doing their best. Those people will keep doing what they do, but it's not exactly positive reinforcement. These killings really have nothing to do with the school, but more so the dysfunctional culture the students come from. No school, in any district could overcome the terrible reality of what happens during the off hours. Certainly if the school is basically a last resort dumping ground for messed up kids (the one guy was 20) there's going to be a disproportionate amount of issues.
  12. Legal residents living here under the Temporary Protected Status umbrella are not granted US citizenship. I agree, they are part of this country, and I don't see a benefit to deporting them at this point. So, lets legislatively change the law to reflect reality, or at least define "TEMPORARY" so that people coming here under that umbrella understand that it's not a route to permanent legal citizenship. Even you think they are US citizens, so the intent of the law obviously isn't clear to most people. "extending" the program repeatedly, through various administrations and social shifts, is not "Humanitarian". It's political reality, no one wants to address the TEMPORARY elephant in the room because it's a political minefield. So it hangs over the heads of the people who full well know their legal designation. This means they live basically hoping that no one actually addresses their status or the statute itself. No doubt, after 17 years of "temporary" legal status, forcing the legislature to actually do it's job comes as a shock, but I'm sure it can be handled because our elected officials certainly place enforcing the laws as a top priority.
  13. I guess I should have clarified. By honest, in this context I mean what you see is what you get. Unlike say a Clinton, the madness is not as polished or hidden under a glad handing veneer. Are you giving a pass to all the prior admins that ignored this to where we're at today? By any measure, our government is filled with sick and depraved elected officials. It's proven time and time again.
  14. It's not legit at all, if you are unwilling to acknowledge the reality of the legal legislation that applies here. Do you understand what the TPS legislation means? Realize, thats not the same as disagreeing with it. I disagree with this move, same as you, but I support enforcing the laws, or dealing with it legislatively. Thats how it's supposed to work.
  15. The pretend caring from the left is no more helpful. Actually, it's more damaging.