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  1. I think we're capable of better than that, but not at this point. The status que you fear losing (welfare and food stamps) has proven very damaging over generations, in many places. In hard hit poverty neighborhoods those benefits have become a vital supplement because theres a lack of stable two parent married families. Or just two parent families. Or anything involving a few positive male role models and examples of people working for a living. Of course we must have a safety net, because there will always be people that struggle (any of us) and there will always be people that for whatever reason, won't help themselves. But you touch upon the only real way (IMO) to stem the flow, which is to place a disincentive on having kids you can't financially (or emotionally) afford. Those programs (welfare and food stamps) will not be eliminated, if for no other reason, they employ tens of thousands of government or government related jobs. Also, for the pols that want to keep their jobs in the affected jurisdictions, anything but MORE! is political suicide. Minimum wage is for teens and retired people, or anyone looking to supplement their income. Not at all intended to be a "living wage" (your mileage may vary on what that even means) where you can support a family. If the goal is a real living wage, you should market yourself accordingly.
  2. Sad but true. But what an awful distinction to be made about the school...It's got to crush the dedicated among the staff and those students doing their best. Those people will keep doing what they do, but it's not exactly positive reinforcement. These killings really have nothing to do with the school, but more so the dysfunctional culture the students come from. No school, in any district could overcome the terrible reality of what happens during the off hours. Certainly if the school is basically a last resort dumping ground for messed up kids (the one guy was 20) there's going to be a disproportionate amount of issues.
  3. Legal residents living here under the Temporary Protected Status umbrella are not granted US citizenship. I agree, they are part of this country, and I don't see a benefit to deporting them at this point. So, lets legislatively change the law to reflect reality, or at least define "TEMPORARY" so that people coming here under that umbrella understand that it's not a route to permanent legal citizenship. Even you think they are US citizens, so the intent of the law obviously isn't clear to most people. "extending" the program repeatedly, through various administrations and social shifts, is not "Humanitarian". It's political reality, no one wants to address the TEMPORARY elephant in the room because it's a political minefield. So it hangs over the heads of the people who full well know their legal designation. This means they live basically hoping that no one actually addresses their status or the statute itself. No doubt, after 17 years of "temporary" legal status, forcing the legislature to actually do it's job comes as a shock, but I'm sure it can be handled because our elected officials certainly place enforcing the laws as a top priority.
  4. I guess I should have clarified. By honest, in this context I mean what you see is what you get. Unlike say a Clinton, the madness is not as polished or hidden under a glad handing veneer. Are you giving a pass to all the prior admins that ignored this to where we're at today? By any measure, our government is filled with sick and depraved elected officials. It's proven time and time again.
  5. It's not legit at all, if you are unwilling to acknowledge the reality of the legal legislation that applies here. Do you understand what the TPS legislation means? Realize, thats not the same as disagreeing with it. I disagree with this move, same as you, but I support enforcing the laws, or dealing with it legislatively. Thats how it's supposed to work.
  6. The pretend caring from the left is no more helpful. Actually, it's more damaging.
  7. Hi WKD Thats an old lament here. No doubt you guys have expressed a similar sentiment. It's odd, because everyone is upset that an actual piece of legislation and law, legally on the books, is being enforced. Is anyone arguing that laws on the books should be ignored if they're uncomfortable or politically risky? As I said, I don't agree with it. Why hasn't this been addressed? It's possible, that in his own bumbling way, Trump has ensured that it will be addressed. Or will our legislators fold again?
  8. Oh we're doomed on that front. The populates now want Oprah. Very caring, right? I think this sort of thing is a frightening foreshadow of whats to come. I love the internet, all that, but the last ten, 5 years have ushered in an accelerated era and we are defining deviancy down at an unprecedented rate. I fear that the sane, caring candidate we might wish for is obsolete, and would be crushed by whatever sugar rush strikes the masses at a given moment. I don't see a change in that course, but only an acceleration. Yikes!
  9. Hi Sat What part of that didn't our legislators understand? They kicked it like the spineless hacks they are. A little unfair to put it on the family from the third world. In their place, would you have made a fuss after six years because times up and you should be sent back to that hole? This is the fault of the people we've elected, not the Salvadorians. What is the actual benefit to the US if we deport this specific group? Boot the lawbreakers, but obviously we've got a ton of established families and people. How is deporting them keeping us safe, or stronger, or better off financially?
  10. Hi Hst. Hope you had a nice Holiday and have a nice,quiet new year. Whats actually disrespectful, is how previous admins have kicked this can to this point. Whats not debatable: the original (stated) intent of the legislation. That the T in TPS stands for temporary. (I cant agree if you think 17 years defines "temporary".) This legislation was continually extended long after the infrastructure destroyed by the 2001 earthquakes was rebuilt. Thats because addressing it, like guns, or abortion, is complicated and never as one sided as our TWO options present. These things are a political minefield, the pols know it, and kick it away. Then theres Trump, who simply doesn't care and blunders full on into the minefield. Again, his admin is applying the law, as is on the books, approved (though ignored) since Bush. I don't like the man, but I do like the very unconventional style that spits in the face of what we've known when it comes to politicians. Is there any doubt that we're seeing the honest, actual person? If only that craziness could be harnessed, into a pol that equally doesn't care how the current wind blows as protection, but is a lot more tempered and thoughtful.
  11. knock knock.. Whos there? Interrupting cow.. Interrupting cow wh.. MOOO! (it's all in the timing)
  12. I don't take the Sun seriously because of our philosophical differences, and Marylander of the year is impossibly objective. Too many cool people extending themselves to help others to pick a single. I know there are people in Accident Maryland that are doing their best to help poor, the just as there are in the city. Is "the Maryland Taxpayer" eligible for this honor?
  13. Well, full disclosure, I grew up with a car crazy dad, and me, my older sister and brother, all had cars prior to having a license. We were a four car rowhouse family in 1979. That was very rare, and it's not based on having money, my dad was seriously into cars, and at that time you actually worked on your car, because you could..It was affordable. My first car I got at 14 was crashed a 1970 Fiat Spyder I bought for 100$ from of selling flowers in buckets on the corner. At the time, my sister drove a 71 Triumph Spitfire (first car I ran out of gas, a week in) and dad had an AMX and prior, an Austin Heally Sprite. Every one of these cars had been stripped down and redone. (my dad was a legit 50's car type, full ducktail and old hotrods in his day. Served his time in the military as an engineer. There is literally nothing the man cant do, or figure out how to do.) So I was screwed from the beginning and thank god my girlfriend (future wife) found it all very cool. At the time, I had no idea ground up restorations of cars would do anything for me long term, but as we get older and more financially credible, It's going to play a part. Wife wants a muscle car, I want a English sports car. She will pay, so either way I'm good, but we're still a few years away from that. Sorry for the ramble and off topic content.
  14. And what a waste of money for that top side beltway?? I don't even drive there! I'm kidding, but my point is that what I'm suggesting would be proactive, as opposed to letting it become a full on mess before addressing it, like the triple bridge situation. I see whats happening at Tradepoint, and what I'm suggesting will ultimately happen. A lot of that peninsula is undeveloped, but only for the moment. Developers rightly have held back on the area. IMO, the top side is a lost cause. Years of construction and widening will only mean a wider, just as congested section of beltway. Your beltway drive sucks. Lets spend the next 10 years seriously making it suck, under the guise of improvement. When it's done, the increase in development will negate the widening. Just to consider..when the beltway was designed and built, we were pretty much a one car per household situation. Today, a townhouse development demands you consider a min. of two cars per dwelling, and with single family homes it's 3 or 4.
  15. Thats interesting. I can just remember prior to the bridge being built, having grown up in Essex, and that the stretch of 695 fronting Sparrows Point was a two level highway, westbound (towards the bridge from Essex) up top, and eastbound underneath. I remember a second roadway built later that paralleled while the upper deck road was demolished. Are you saying that a bridge crossing was considered in the area where 702 ends in the Back River Neck area? I could see skipping the whole Northpoint part and coming across thru Edgemere..