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  1. Hi As far as here in White Marsh, we've seen a ton. But go back several weeks, as the holes appeared here, the weather was cool, which really slowed these guys. So many live examples on our deck, getting devoured by other insects, because the Cicadas almost don't move if it's cool. It seems they were triggered, then slaughtered by cool temp immobility. Like most seasonal insects,(and plants) it's the duration of sunlight that causes events, not the temp.
  2. It's sick, scrolling down the page of names. A more sickening stat (IMO) is the number of non-fatal shootings. How many are saved by heroic, crazy effort in the trauma centers ? The emt's and front line trauma people are the ones really keeping the death toll down. Skill, tech, and taxpayer dollars afford often repeat players and other miscreants the ability to be brought back to life, and many go right back into the grinder.
  3. Hi Marshan Release, release and release, until a notable crime is committed. And sadly, it's only notable because of who the victims brother is. Otherwise, given his record, it's a fairly typical, otherwise unnoticed killing. For justice, it seems the victim must be a baby, an old person, a young white yuppie...until these fools victimize the wrong people, they are catch and release, making life hell for the decent citizens.
  4. Not just people addicted, but all sorts. I love OCNJ because the perception is that you're not ever going to see anything sketchy. Thats been the case for us for 8 years, but here we have losers assaulting lifeguards and cops on the 4th. This is very frustrating, and I hope these guys pay heavily. These idiots were drunk in a dry town. Who thinks of this place for wild drunken 4th beach party? Exactly the reason we don't do OCMD in season, and now that same crap is infiltrating the NJ spot we swear by. Thank whatever, that in both OC's these losers are a tiny fraction of the majority.
  5. I'm pretty sure that any gun owners in my small circle would immediately report a stolen gun, no matter what. The percentage of gun violence, accidental or intentional, Vs the number of guns in America (an incredible 300 million by accepted estimates) shows that the overwhelming majority of gun owners are doing it right. Of course, the majority is rendered irrelevant by the minority fringe that cant play nice. Thats historically true and we see it today, the Muslim (or black people) population is a perfect example. The 10, 15 or 20 percent of morons in your group can make a lot of noise.That noise is a valuable commodity and fills the narrative. And that small percentage can cause a ton of real damage. The video is intense. That level of crazy is not something I'd want to face as part of my job. Thanks to the cops involved.
  6. Of course not, thats not your job. But we do have people whose job demands they look. This is nothing more than agencies enforcing the laws that have been on the books for years, but have been ignored for the most part. And even thats not the complete reality, given the number of deportations under Obama. Somehow, we didn't hear a lot about that...actually, we heard nothing about that. You had to look for it, and libs were amazingly silent, except for hard left groups that couldn't get a voice because it didn't fit the narrative at the time.
  7. We've kicked this can down the road for so long...Simply ignoring our own existing laws. Now, we have an admin (I'm not a fan) that is actually implementing the laws we've been ignoring and of course it's painful. Still, I support the enforcement efforts. IMO, these 30 were illegally here, of they wouldn't have bolted. That seems very obvious, and if these employees put names and ss numbers on any form that implies the business owner was somehow compliant, those are stolen ID's, and I don't believe for a second that the employer didn't know. Hiring illegals is commonplace, and these people know the environment as well as anyone. Again, the laws have been ignored for so long, they might as well have not existed, until now. And where do these 30 people go now? If ICE is looking for them, the business owner has all their info..names, addresses, SS number, etc...They must know that their forged identity allows an out. So back underground, to find an employer that will hire them. But I think these employees have put a bigger target on their backs by making the news. I think we need a better way to integrate illegal residents, and put them on track for full citizenship. Conversely, I have a feeling a lot of these people have zero interest in actually becoming legal citizens. For decades, that has not even been a consideration for millions (somehow 11 million steady since 2000 or so it sort of seems), which can only hinder any sort of assimilation. You get to keep your language and culture, send money home, use someones identity, and it was all good. You see a lot of these people 20 years in, and they still need a translator. Like another poster said, do we have borders or not? If we do, (and we do) deportation of illegal residents is legit, even if painful.
  8. “Old man’s gotta be the old man, fish has gotta be the fish. You gotta be who you are in this world, no matter what,”
  9. We did going north, and it was bad. We got up to 35 mph in some spots! I love driving though, and especially if it's somewhere I've never been, so it was ok. I saw the NYC skyline for the first time. Even from the GWB, thats impressive.
  10. Scottsdale was on a wish list, but flying to Az at that time of year wasn't an option. But you're good at any site. The Moheghan Sun place in Ct. is huge, and Barrett Jackson puts on a serious event. We didn't go to bid, but sat in on some of it. We just wanted to see the cars and get a feel on prices. All the cars were in a parking garage, maybe 5 stories, and different cars rolled in and out as each auction category went to the block.The garage was filled and it had to be in the high hundreds if not over a thousand vehicles. Every type, plus bikes and a surprising number of beautiful farm tractors. We do lots of car shows, but the variety here was insane. Each car was of course for sale. My wife really likes late 60's, early 70's US muscle cars. I like it all, but I really want an old truck. Too many of either type to count, but you can get a really nice driver, truck or car, for less than 25 thousand. But the selection here reminded me of the heck do you pick one? The Model A pickup or the 68 RS ? The TV presentation is heavily edited, showing the most expensive, but the majority of cars are in reach if you want it. It's like owning a boat. They had a really cool setup in a parking lot with a fenced, jersey walled oval, maybe 500 yards long, and pros were making fast, tire smoking laps in track ready Chargers, Corvettes and Mustangs. They had a few Hellcats and I had never seen one in person, let alone with full on tire smoke RPM's. They are awesome, and sound incredible. By this time in the trip, we were getting sick of the hotel life. A road trip isn't really a vacation as I'm used to. I like the beach trip where the truck stays parked for a week. We drove home straight thru from Ct. and aside from the early rain, it was a nice 6 hours. We took the advice, and came home over the Tappen Zee, to the Garden State Pky, to 95, avoiding NYC entirely. Thanks for the interesting comments.
  11. Time flies, Matt, too fast. When we crossed paths at a house party, I had just gotten married, that was 30 years ago this July 18th.
  12. We stayed at the Logan Airport Hyatt, just across the harbor from the Boston skyline. Some people choose the airport side to planespot, but we wanted the skyline view. This is very expensive for normal people, the rooms are 500$ a night. At that rate, they still charge 50$ a day for parking. The water taxi from the airport to the city is a 20$ ticket round trip per person. Thing is, at that moment during sunset, on a cool little boat, it's the best return. It helps if you're buzzed and sort of forget about the cost. Cool boat rides aside, Boston is very nice. I was born in Baltimore, and lived here all my life, and I respect the incredible history. But Boston has a very different feel, in that not only are there thousands of people everywhere, up any street, it's also got quiet spots and lots of cool parks on a greenway that goes through the city. No matter where you walk, if feels comfortable. ( disclosure, we're on our 30th anniversary and have planned and saved for this for a while)
  13. Newport Ri is high end. We had a room at the Newport Harbor Marina, and it was awesome. ( again, the room was not as nice as the La Quinta off the interstate, but the location balanced it) It was the weather that killed it. The first night, the spooky fog fit the cool atmosphere of the marina. Same for the next morning. It's New England right? The fog hung for three days. You couldn't see the end of the piers, but the young lady employee insisted that there were hundreds of boats just out there.. Newport, even with the fog, was my favorite place. The old buildings and's like Annapolis on steroids. If you ever go, check out the shipyard. I had never stood under a real deal tall ship in a massive sling, a super yacht was also suspended, and that "boat" had a helicopter on the deck. Newport is where they keep and service the Cup racers, and you have full access. We walked to the entrance, and there was a security guy in a booth. I let him know I just wanted some shots of the suspended tall ship, and we're not going beyond his area. It was very cool when the guard said, go wherver you want. He even suggested we come back the next day, a workday, so we could see the place in action. Not sure how thats acceptable in any way to management, it's a real workplace. But the guy said go, and we went. .A half hour out the next day, on our way to Boston, the weather cleared.
  14. The La Quinta hotel, at the bottom of the exit ramp, was picked as a waypoint, as a stop after going thru NYC, which I knew would be a pain, even having never driven that route. This under 100$ a night hotel had the best room of the trip, while having the worst location. The neighborhood looked like the Apocalypse, but the room has a fridge and microwave, and it's a semi-suite.. IMO, this should be standard, but it's not, in hotels that cost 5 times as much. Thats BS. On to Newport, which I was really looking forward to.
  15. It would be wrong to jump ahead. ( it was very cool, didn't come home with a car)