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  1. It's such an old argument, I think we all get it by now, even as we point out the absurd standard. Bottom line, it's never ok for white people to say the N word in a public setting. That even means when you're at a show and the performer uses the N word many times. People I consider "normal" can easily process this while also recognizing it's a little odd. Those same white fans will no doubt use the full lyric when in the car or in another safe setting, and with no ill will given the context.
  2. Hey Marshan You have a point, still, if I didn't like Hogan and wanted him replaced, I wouldn't be really comfortable (at this point) with his opponents chances of defeating him. I personally do think he's doing a great job, and obviously so do a lot of other people, given his popularity in the polls. I realize that "popularity" doesn't translate to actually doing a good job for a lot of people, but you can't really separate one from the other. IMO, with that high popularity, I think theres a risk that people who support him might not feel as driven to go to the polls...Thats the weak point for his opponents to take advantage of. Listening to the debates, it sounded as if a few of them were running for Mayor of Baltimore, or channeling Barry Sanders. They seem to have figured out that linking Hogan to Trump doesn't gain traction, so thats good, but I'd be really surprised if Hogan isn't re-elected. I also was certain going in, that Lt. Gov. Brown (and Hillary Clinton) was going to easily win, so theres that.
  3. Hi hst Everyone involved is playing politics to some extent. This isn't something that will sway many votes towards his Dem opponents, so maybe he feels he has enough of a cushion of popular favor that he can act in a way that he thinks is best, with no real need to cater either way. And what he means by "special interests" is not in the same context as you put it. Yours refers to a general interest in education, while he's talking about people bringing in wedge issue agendas that would likely cause distraction. The Current board is a very diverse group as is. (includes a high school senior) I admit I'm a Hogan supporter so far, beyond that, on most issues, if the union isn't happy, I'm ok with that.
  4. My wife has several clients in the city and when you network with those people you see a successful part of Baltimore that gets little attention. There are a ton of small businesses that are doing well. It would be dishonest to say that her safety isn't something that bugs me.
  5. It's been our long term plan for at least a decade. I fantasize about getting irritated by the summer crowd.
  6. I really just think the new homes look nice. Not for us though, if we make a permanent move it's to the beach or hospice.
  7. lol sorry. I swear I don't do that face to face.
  8. Average speed and volume (especially from developments with a lot of left turn out volume) determine the need for a signal. That, and the number of accidents. A lot of the improvements you're looking for are still conceptual or have yet to be approved. Plans go back and forth as they are submitted, with revisions that have to be addressed and it's government and moves slowly. Consider, everywhere you see some sort of roadwork, even if it's not a big deal, a maintenance of traffic plan must be done and submitted, and comments come back, and it's submitted again...until it's approved which can take forever. You just can't go out and shut down a lane with cones and a flagger quickly. "Tanyard Cove" north and south, have been constants at work for the 4 years I've been here and it's a few years from being done. Interesting about the Cove boat slip situation. Personally (and not fair, my wife did 20 years in high end real estate, so we would know what to ask) I wouldn't sign without an assurance, and at those prices, we'd walk without it. There are simply too many developments (proposed and established) to pick from. I did check out the park, but the area was under construction at the time. I do have a newer F-150, with a flashing light and I'm wearing a vest, so no one cares when I drive through areas that I wouldn't do with my wife's car. Honestly, these places are the only times I get to go 4WD for fun.
  9. Sorry, Guido, I'm to old to be standing in front of a judge explaining why I was there. I got it out of my system long ago. Today it's legal shows and events. Also, I'm guessing it's more imports than muscle, more bought than built. I know there's exceptions just as back in the day with the serious people, but when I was in high school, (in Essex) everyone actually did their own Chevell, Camaro, Nova etc...I had the only import car with ability that I knew of. I once saw at Thunderbird an MG with a smallblock, but it was unheard of. Swapping cams was up there, but not unusual, and most guys ( I knew one girl with an insane Charger) knew how to get more out of their cars. Today, you have to be a tech with a computer and code skills to adjust the timing.
  10. Hi Sparky On this, I might be a nickles width above a layman, so this is just my opinion. Existing roads can't possibly keep up with rising development. It's attempted and by adding lanes or stuff like the 95 ETL's (packed every morning, just like the main 95, except it keeps moving at speed till Moravia) I honestly think the answer is with autonomous cars. I think it will be the only option and that we're looking at maybe 40 years? I say 40 not because I don't think the tech will be around to do it right, just that we love our cars. I know I do, and the downside is that every car would have to be in sync. That would mean you wouldn't be allowed to take your original 68 Camaro down 97, or any other road. Tech exists to eliminate traffic signals and make them safer and more free flowing. The legislation and ability of the automakers, and the culture of the consumer isn't. But change is always accelerating. My co-worker just had a baby and it struck me that it's very likely that the child might never actually drive a car. His loss if that happens, imo. In the future ,currently signalized intersections will to detect each cars position in advance and adjust it's speed to allow seamless weaving at higher speed. You might not want to look out the window, but you'll probably be doing something else anyway. It'l take a generation to become cool with it. You can Youtube or Google it, it's interesting. Imagine a caravan of linked cars (trucks is another issue, or maybe not) going down 95 through the tunnels, 3 feet apart going 80. More people would rather commute in their cars than ride the bus. This might be more specific to Baltimore and it's setup, but I really doubt the people in NYC crammed in leaky, nasty, perpetually delayed trains wouldn't rather just hop in their cars if that option was even viable. I commute 95 every week, going on 36 years. I work near the airport so there might be some sort of combination bus way to get there, but it would suck and take too long. I check traffic before I leave the house and in route so I can pick another route on the fly, which is an enormous advantage. I think that if enough people thought mass transit was a great option we'd very quickly reach a tipping point, with roads clogged with buses instead of cars. In this area, I can't imagine the powers doing anything so we'll never know. I have never used mass transit, all I know of it is what I read here and in the news. With that info I'm not willing to give it a try.
  11. Hi Cowboyz If you're employed by a land developer, a road design and study company or a civil engineer, I may have heard your name, but I've only been doing this for 4 years, and I'm just the concept/ signing and pavement marking guy, and I've never been to a meeting out side of the office. I was out on Marley Neck Blvd. today. I wouldn't mind one of the waterfront homes in Tanyard Cove South. Once they're done at Curtis creek I'd have a nice commute for at least 5 years or so.. At the North development still under construction, the road looks like it hasn't been improved beyond a long ago widening from single country lane. That will be totally redone and signalized. Ultimately I believe Marley Neck will be two through lanes in each direction with a two way left turn lane down the middle. (with dedicated left turn lanes at each development) There will likely be bike compatible shoulders on each side as well. Unless a waiver is granted or there's no widening, you have to provide a bike lane. You're right about the racing, and in context and slightly faded memories that for me easily filter out the bad, they really were the good old times. I am so glad that social media as it is today didn't exist.
  12. I'm not a regular on open mic, so I apologize for not knowing. Your son or daughter got married it sounds like, but maybe there are others that don't know...Please, share...
  13. I'm doing traffic studies this week along WB&A at Clarks Crossing Rd. Thats still very rural, and while I don't know whats going on there, I know it doesn't bode well for the people that live along this still very quiet stretch.
  14. Every new residential access point along Marley Neck will eventually get a light. Along the entire length, it will be two through lanes in each direction, and that along with the increased volume demands it. I've done conceptual work for every development you've mentioned, and a few you might not be aware of. Just IMO, it's cool you have memories of drag races ( I grew up in the Thunderbird-Circle era) and kids today, most can't even drive a manual, and think a juice can exhaust on a Japanese car makes it a race car.
  15. Legal immigrants typically want to be Americans. Illegal immigrants just want to be in America. I can't lie, if I were in any of these crap south of the boarder countries,I want to get here too.