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  1. Thats a valid point, but I do think that age and rarity count for something, especially if you want to make a profit. Theres no shortage of people dealing in high end cars that don't care about the car as much as the investment. I'm not an investor, I just like old stuff, and I like cleaning up old stuff. I'm new to old bikes, with just two, the 63' Huffy which when new was considered a low end 3 speed, what we'd think of as a cheap Walmart or Target bike, except that it's built like a tank and works perfectly, and all components made in the USA. With two little cans of 3 in 1 oil, the 63' could easily go another 54 years with the right person(s), and my early 80's 21 speed mountain bike, which is not what I consider vintage, but I find myself looking at it as a project, just for fun. After the Huffy sees the boardwalk in it's natural patina and I try to thank the local that gave it to me, I'm going to completely disassemble it and give it a high gloss finish. The old bike is very cool, but for actual riding at home or during beach week, I default to my modern bike, (cost equal to six of the Huffys' in 1963) just because it's so much lighter and easier. The tech on the new bike is great, but the insane amount of plastic in nearly every component tells me that it will not last 50+ years. All the sudden, I'm scanning the roads for bikes at yard sales or flea markets. Now that I'm interested, where are all the old bikes at the ends of the driveways? I can go on and on, sorry.
  2. He should think twice, if the goal is simply profit. Unless your bike dates to the 40's or earlier, or is something really special and in great condition, you will always lose money. Your son's bike is a really hard sell. It's not old enough to be vintage, and it looks like a typical BMX bike to the Ebay shopper. That bike's value is only recognized by a select few potential buyers. There are likely much better places than Craigslist to sell a specific bike, sites more focused on high end BMX bikes. My 63 Huffy is very obviously an old school classic beach bike, and after restoration I'd be surprised to see a better example. I got the bike for free, and put in a little over $100. For that I got three or four weekends and many weeknights on the deck, bringing an old bike back to life. This summer, I'm taking it to the beach, and back to the local guy who gave it to me, just to show him how it turned out.
  3. I don't recall if it was a deed or covenant, but my parents bought a derelict home and property on Allender Road (Rt 40, north of Baltimore, near Joppatown) in 1982, and I saw documentation that specifically stated no livestock and no blacks. I can't remember the exact language, but I remember being somehow surprised, actually seeing that sentiment on an official document. It was in a folder with all the paperwork, and it's exactly the sort of thing I'd love to have, but it's been lost. The house was likely built in the early 40's. The neighborhood is currently a respective mix of ethnicity and races.
  4. Do you think a commissioned ship, historically named, is meant to represent the times as a social statement? Do you think this boats service record sides with the NAZI's or KKK? How about the Coast Guard men that served on this boat? Do you imagine that the men who served on this vessel, that they might hold that boats name dear, in ways that you can't understand?
  5. Thats a fair point, But I'd argue that the enormity of the event, and that the combatants where American; sort of demands that both sides be represented. See Gettysburg, they do it correctly, from a purely historical perspective. And realize, the Confederate soldiers do not share the same space. The Confederate soldier burial grounds are distinctly separate from those of the Union Soldiers. It's 482 graves. This was a token gesture in 1900, to try and smooth the lingering bitterness. It will be an immense loss if places like Antietam, Arlington or Gettysburg are in some way forced to remove any references to the Confederacy.
  6. I've heard the Mayor and the Gov express their out of nowhere disgust of these monuments. Hogan, in 2015 supported keeping the Taney statue at the State House, and called removing Confederate statues "political correctness run amok". IMO, the sudden urge to remove statues is to eliminate a potential flash point. Sorry about the used car salesman trope. I buy used, and i've been treated well. It's just an old stereotype. But if you're over 30, you should get the meaning without it being an insult.
  7. I understand and respect your position on express toll lanes, but I have to say that as a 35 year commuter down 95 thru the tunnels and around the bridge lately, I like the express lanes, and I use them pretty much every time I do the tunnel. (895) Up to White Marsh, it's just a lot less stressful. I put up with well over a decade of construction, now it's done, and I can afford it, so I use it. It's never crowded, but during the rush it is busy, so thats cars that would otherwise be in the mix. Just from my experience, it seems to work better.
  8. Did you know that widows of Confederate soldiers are (obviously late, as of 1959) entitled to a military pension? Thats mostly a symbolic gesture but there is a Confederate soldier section at Arlington National Cemetery. They are not recognized as US soldiers, but as American veterans. I think thats a pretty logical compromise. "The cemetery’s rolling hills mark the final resting place for more than 14,000 veterans, including those that fought in the Civil War." Given the historical reality of how, when, and who founded our country, name removal will be overwhelming. And with the validity afforded any and all "offenses" it could spread to insane lengths. People like Gov. Hogan and the Mayor, suddenly (dishonestly) sickened by the sight of these monuments they've walked by for years without a second thought, are showing the used car salesman side of politics.
  9. The people that named the submarine near the Coast Guard boat had a better idea. "Torsk" refers to fish.
  10. I've just been reading about breakthroughs in quantum computing, and I think that by 2025 or 2030 losers like the two suspects will not be able to rob in the conventional way. Business will not use physical cash, but trade in encrypted code that is useless beyond a specific transaction. No doubt a thieving industry will adapt in equally unimaginable ways, but morons like these guys will not survive. The Trek scene is a classic, but really, there's no way Scotty or any of the others would be completely dumbfounded by the mouse. He assumed it was a cabled microphone, which is tech that obviously predates the computer mouse. I ruin stuff by overthinking it.
  11. Hey Matt..I'm trying to work here... Kidding, you're right. I didn't use the correct term. It's cool at least that you understood my meaning. I'm a big fan of people doing personally and financially well. But if that Girl Scout leader steals 2 grand from the cookie sales, off with her head! Or at least a mug shot on Patch. or with consideration, in 2017, thats a lifelong record that pretty much dooms you well beyond your sentence terms. In 2017, you really deserve it if you are brought down by a careless tweet or post. I am very glad I'm old enough to have enjoyed a life pre-internet and cell phone, and young enough to enjoy what the internet age has to offer. If there were Facebook or Twitter in the late 70's, early 80's...I'd be unemployable.
  12. One of my hobbies is old bicycles. Actually bicycle, since I've only restored one. I know it's a stretch but I'm casting all lines. Does anyone here know of somewhere I might find vintage bikes? I'm talking rusty pre-70's crap. Old bikes, unless it's something rare, are not worth the money to bring back, same as almost all old cars. Last summer at the beach I noticed a rusty old Huffy 3 speed in a back yard and after a few days I knocked on the door and asked about it. The guy said take it, and theres a new hobby. My wife will tell you, thats a real threat. I spent weeks restoring it, keeping the patina of the old paint, but reworking every mechanical part to better than new. The reality is that with maybe 20 hours and $100 +, this bike is worth about $75. Unless you really want a late 60's Huffy, then I have probably the best example...and really, is there a Target or Walmart bike for $100 dollars that will be usable in 50 years? I know Baynesville Bikes in Towson, but their bikes, while priced correctly, are too clean. I'm looking for the rusty bikes for sale on the side of the road or anywhere.
  13. I would expect better behavior from the students of well known institutions like SLA and UTS. Seriously, it's hard to imagine the crimes and destruction this type has committed, beyond their official record. And I doubt that beyond the butt kicking, this suspect will not suffer any official penalty that stresses him. He's likely got nothing really tangible to lose, and probably doesn't envision himself an old (40's) man. Thats dangerous. But for conversation sake, I'd like to debate some stuff you posted, with respect. I for one like to see people that screw the societal norms get pulled up. Bully beatdowns are a guilty pleasure of mine. Theres some cool stuff on youtube that shows a-holes getting what they deserve. I think it's a form of whats called "Freudenschade", or basically taking pleasure at someone elses' misfortune. I think rational people hold this sub-thought for those that actually deserve it. It's not a nice thing, but I think it's an aspect of Human Nature. That said..I don't want a police force that beats suspects, no matter what. I like it better when these morons show a mugshot beating because they tried to rob some MMA fighters or something like that. Not our sanctioned police forces. And the "girlfriend" in prison thing is funny, but it would be cool if we held a higher standard as relates to people under state control. Just IMO for debate, no offence.
  14. I hope the charges are not dropped but I get your point. At least one of the suspects looks like he got his butt kicked.. No sympathy for that guy, that whipping is probably the penalty he'll remember. If it took that to apprehend him, no problem. But the idea is obviously planted (and in some ways encouraged) by the mugshot image, that the suspects had a "rough ride" of sorts. In the current climate, I agree, thats potentially usable against the cops.
  15. I've been to the casinos here, Maryland Live, Hollywood, and AC, but have never been to Vegas. Bartman, I respect anyone's hobby. I'm into scale models, guns, and old bicycles. You clearly love gambling. I have a take on casinos, which may seem rude, but it's my personal take, please, no offense. I'd really like your thoughts. Unlike the print ads for Maryland Live! (which does really well) I don't see people gathered, laughing and smiling either at the slots or table games. The slots seem like a place where stoic, static people sit expressionless pumping coins. Table games are a bit more animated, but the slots..just seems very depressing to me. Typical casino has lots of glitz and glamour, but it seems that most gamblers would be just as comfortable in a dimly lit warehouse. Is Vegas different? (disclosure: In AC, my wife won $600 on a 1$ slot machine. We immediately left, as we had spent about 60$ to get there, and we wanted to take the house on this. Walking out, I wanted to drop a hundred on a single slot pull, but my wise wife said don't do it)