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  1. I agree. Some get upset believing theres too many young men in already an overcrowded system. The sad truth is that there isn't anywhere near enough guys in the system. The recent arrest of the young teen that had multiple felony arrests, but was on the streets is probably not an anomaly. It's probably common for 10 to 15 year old offenders to have repeat arrests and convictions of felony level crime, let lose on their community. And the reality is that each arrest represents a small fraction of crimes committed. I'd bet your next paycheck that theres a teen out there right now with 50+ arrests. Baltimores system for defining a juvenile uses way outdated criteria and zero flexible common sense. Using the chronological age as the biggest determinate isn't at all realistic in 2017, for violent offenders. A 13 year old with multiple arrests doesn't earn the gosh golly response the system currently gives, just because we played with matchbox cars at 13. If you carjack, assault, or commit any felony with a gun, you should not be back on the streets on a few days or hours. Your age in years should be irrelevant. I realize that treating teens as general population brings it's own problems. It goes back to the root cause. Our hardest hit communities will be screwed after the last of the old school grandmoms and aunts die off. Generations of kids born to dysfunctional teens. It's a colossal waste, and I hope in 500 years we're roasted as barbarians.
  2. Theres big differences in the cause of violence between the two areas. Compare the motivation of the recent teens downtown, committing felony assault, or even the worst car jackers and killers here. The thugs here, have about a 15 min view, future or past. Not the same in actual war torn places. I do get the point though. On the daily body count, we rate.
  3. Hi Guido Just to be clear, I'm opposed to any type of sterilization (which barring some sort of incredible cultural shift, thats what I'm talking about) in ANY environment, current or future. I really haven't "admitted" theres a solution, because up front I say it can't work. I believe, that the cause of a ton of societal ills, is illegitimacy. Institutional racism, coupled with maybe well intended but long term damaging government social engineering has made a monster that now feeds on itself. Baltimores demographics demand that those affected are mostly black, but IMO, Human Nature does not understand skin pigment. As blank slates it's the environment and experiences. My scenario, is that if the flow was stemmed, there might be a way to change the mindset and culture in the interim. It's an abstract unrealistic idea. The lead up and the post reality of any effort by government to sterilize any part of the population would be horrific. The trick is how do you make stuff like delayed gratification (I'm still struggling with that) marriage, education, self respect and respect for others seem like worthy ideas for people that might not see those things in action....
  4. Just my take on it, only an opinion. I lived this first hand with Eastpoint and Golden Ring, and now theres a curfew at the Avenue. Malls have always attracted young people, and that seems to be the demise of malls in this area. The malls and anchor businesses can't survive if "regular" people (adults, adult couples, and families) avoid them. Especially true today with Amazon, etc. I shouldn't speak of the Mondawmin area specifically, sorry. But I think people are pretty much the same everywhere, and if/when the young people get too rowdy, as they do, the money looks for other options. No reason the Avenue at White Marsh would be any different, so they are trying to nip it in the bud with the curfew, but it's only a matter of time before the mall itself cant sustain and turns into something like Hunt Valley. For Eastpoint and Golden Ring, all it took was the real crime and the perception of being a little rough. Golden Ring, revised as it is today, is a big box money maker. Kids don't hang out at these places, and "normal" people are comfortable. Of course families and couples and other normal people shop at Mondawmin, and a local Target should be a Constitutional right. But everybody does not have the ability to pick and choose where they shop. Where they can choose, perception of the environment is even more critical, because those that can, will, and thats a lot of money.
  5. Hi I think the difference, at least as relates to your flying analogy, is that there's no shortage of examples of physical flight. That gives a reference to start from, as far as lift and drag, etc..And we know what areas of the brain create the synapses that control motor function. "unheard of not long ago" applies to so many things we use today, you're right.
  6. Yikes. I will likely be attacked, but folks need to remember, I said "socially and politically impossible". My solution wouldn't, and shouldn't ever be applied, but I can't think of any other. Funny, I'm stuck here trying to think of a way to say this that doesn't come off as instantly offensive. As I see it, the only way to actually deal with a lot of societal ills, is to stem the flow of children born to people that are unable to emotionally support them in a way that fosters kids that have not only self respect, but respect for others. If we stopped subsidizing this, it would put a dent in it, but we don't want to be like India, and have a bunch of street urchins. We can't sterilize people to prevent it, and even if we did, it'd be at least 20 years till we got a balance. Like I said, not politically or socially doable either way. The change has to be culturally, from within the communities currently dealing with 70% plus illegitimacy rates. I don't see that happening without some sort of outside force that makes people not get pregnant without much thought. Baby Momma has become a cultural reality. Non existent dads as well. How can we reach young kids, and convince them to live exactly the opposite of the only lifestyle they know? The only lifestyle their parents, and grandparents know? I'm speaking very clinically, and I understand it sounds harsh. So yea, I guess I don't really have a solution.
  7. IMO, the problem is that there is an unending supply of victims and predators, supplied by people that cant support their offspring emotionally or financially. I know a solution, but it's not socially or politically possible. How to effect a cultural change? Typically, it's a simple rule. Anything subsidized grows, while anything taxed is suppressed. This reality is screwed up when dysfunction is rewarded, and living right (admittedly as I see it) is taxed. My wife and I had one kid, because we couldn't provide the same quality of life if we added more. in other words, a decision was made based on our ability to provide. I realize that this thinking was not something we came up with on our own, but moreso the influence of our parents, people that were in turn influenced by their parents. We're all blank slates as babies, subject to the environment we are born into.
  8. It completely sucks for the decent people. We're a big fan of Target, and I understand that guys reaction. But a bowling alley? Sort of wizzes me off, hearing such suggestions from the Mayor. Is it possible she doesn't understand why this location is failing? I can't believe that. If Target is pulling out, what makes her think that a different business would do better? Target is about everyman as it gets. I'm sorry, I know I'm cynical, but if a Target won't work, a bowling alley for sure won't. You'd have to be a really bad business person to invest in any place where a Target does not think it's worth it. In many places in this area, people are their own worst enemy, driving out good businesses, leaving the decent people with less options.
  9. Also, incredible theft rates and liability will often make a business reconsider a location. These places are all about bottom line, as they should be.
  10. It's a sad thing for the decent people, but it's not at all surprising. When you have a riot at your location, the effects are long term. Such a disturbance will obviously end the relationship with many potential customers. I saw this with Golden Ring mall in the late 70's, and it's happening to White Marsh mall. There comes a tipping point where normal people are uncomfortable, and it kills the business.
  11. Thats a nice compliment, but to be honest, I had no idea what you meant until I Googled "sagacious". ( I hope I'm not alone on that, but I wouldn't really care anyway. thanks for the vocabulary update ) I just post what I honestly think, Based on my own experiences, and perceptions, and let the chips fall. My point with October relates to the current rash of teen assaults in that area. No disrespect intended towards the countless victims of daily crime.
  12. To keep the predators from pushing people in, or due to the large number of people or their kids falling in accidentally? The harbor started being developed as a tourism spot around the mid 60's. I was there for the tall ships in 76, ate on the Nobska, and had school trips on the Port Welcome. I don't remember falling in the water as being an issue, and certainly never heard of teens pushing innocents in the water. The lack of barriers isn't a problem, IMO, and never has been.
  13. Your stuck thinking like a normal person. These predators are very stupid, crazier than a pillowcase full of raccoons,and you can bet they don't follow any sort of news, and probably don't tune into BAL very often. Auguste mentions January 1st, but really, just look from mid October. Beyond that stuff, really, these predators have no fear of real penalty for their crimes, because there is no penalty. Even if they try it with an undercover, so what? Normal people, when they hear of young teens, tend to think of how they were as teens. These teens are a lot harder, and have done, seen and heard things most people never experience. Stupid, no positive guidance, born to teens themselves in many cases, no real thoughts beyond the next ten minutes, and zero fear of penalty. That is a very volitile situation. I had a friend that lived in a sad part of S. Baltimore. He had a 5 year old that I could see being hardened. He knew not to touch discarded needles, On a walk to the 7-11, a prostitute defecating in their ally yelled to us, "wait! I'm done!", and while we'd play the old 8 bit Nintendo, people would occasionally knock on the door asking for a smoke or money. This was in the late 80's, and I'd never imagined such awfulness, but they accepted it as normal. I'm in my mid 20's, freaked out by the horrors a 5 year old thinks is just regular life. We lost touch, but I wonder how hard that kid was at 15.
  14. In laymans terms, they recreated it. In other words, nothing but info was transferred, but it was exactly the same info, on an atomic level. They take an example, and exactly duplicate it, but the original is not relocated itself. Nothing "disappears" and appears in another location. Make no mistake, I only know what I've read, and have zero background in the science or tech involved. It's difficult to find a site that easily explains it, because it can't be easily explained by regular people. While I like the imaginative connotations, I really don't think transporting a Human will ever be possible. (I don't think we, or even our great great grandchildren will see such a thing) I guess that contradicts my earlier comments about future tech, But the hurdles are really, really overwhelming. To accurately map and transfer the Human consciousness, and accurately reconfigure it is a huge propblem. We can grasp the physical structure, but the fact that you can recall the lyrics of a Captain and Tennille song you haven't heard in 30 years is not really understood. That might be fluff, but it's critical if I'm going to step on the transporter pad. For example, on an atomic level, the bike you order on Amazon, is not the same bike that you receive. Simple cosmic radiation has changed it. Movement and even cosmic rays will alter a few atoms at the least. Obviously not in a noticeable or measurable way, but it's different. Don't even try thinking about this if you smoke the devils lettuce.
  15. An interesting lesson, maybe more people should experience it. I'm not for a second saying there are not bad cops, but this shows the reality of being forced to confront people. I don't really agree with the original posters title for the video, to me, thats just more hype. It's effective on it's own, showing how you only have seconds...